Control Me No More


No control

You used to control me

Now you control me no more.



A leader

You used to be a leader

But now you aren’t my leader.



A bitch

You weren’t a bitch

But now you are queen bitch.


No longer will I listen to you

No longer can you put me down

No longer will I try to make you proud

No longer will I care what you have to say.


I’m free from you and feel amazing

Hakuna Matata, no worries for me

With you gone I can be the true me

Don’t need to hide myself as you can see.


Stressed constantly, trying to prove to you

Trying to prove that I’m worth something

You ignored me, doubted me, degraded me,

Yet I still wanted your stamp of approval.


You are supposed to be a good leader

A leader who cares for her followers

You ignore me and the youngest ones

But that’s perfectly fine with me.


You won’t be helpful to them

Yet they need a guide through the dark

I understand them and care for them

And so without you, them I will lead.


I may not be the best

I may mess up sometimes

But I know what makes a great leader

Strength, knowledge, compassion, kindness.


You must be strong for when they are not

You must have knowledge to give and pass to them

You must have compassion to show you’re there for them

You must be kind to show them you care for them.


These four skills all lead to one you lack

Respect, something you must work for

For I worked for your respect but received none

So I never gave you respect for I had no reason to give it.


So while I will never be as talented as you

I know that those who I will lead will respect me

I’ve worked with them, trained them, cared for them

I am ready to lead them, unlike you who wouldn’t.


I hope you are happy with the result

Those that I lead will follow and listen to me

I can give them more knowledge and wisdom

I can show them how to have fun and get work done.


So don’t worry about me or them

I know they can achieve greatness led by me

For you never allowed them to show their potential

And now you will control them no more.


Okay? Is that the only thing you have to say?

Well let me point out that you obviously don’t care

You don’t care about the youngest ones leaving you

You don’t care about me because I know you doubt me.


You doubt the youngest ones will leave you for me

You doubt my ability to lead but you don’t understand

I can be a great leader, the great leader someone was for me

I will help those I lead discover their amazing potential.


We tried to fix our friendship

Correction, I tried to fix it

You just continued to ignore me

But this just ignited the fire within.


I’m not an extreme attention seeker

I enjoy attention when I really want it

You ignoring me hurt me and started our feud

You are the reason why I’ve been ready to lead.


I should be thanking you, you would say

Why thank the person who gave insults and pain

I built myself up only for you to knock me down

But there’s something I have that you never will.


You may be talented and smart

You may more experience in life

You may even have a better life than I do

But the one thing you lack is what I have.


I’ve always been determined to be the best

I may not always be the best but I never give up

I don’t admit defeat easily as I push past my limits

For I always urge myself to be better than the rest.


I may not be smart and beautiful like you

But I am smart and beautiful in my own way

I may not have as many followers as you

But my followers are honest, honest unlike you.


Unlike you, I will not be disappointed in them

Unlike you, I will build them up instead of down

Unlike you, I will connect with every one of them

Unlike you, I will leave my knowledge behind with them.


So say goodbye to the young ones

Say goodbye to a possible protege

Say goodbye to a new leader
As you control me no more.

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