Blooming. Growing up. Blossoming.

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Thunderstorms sent to water my seeds  Catching me in its streams  Stripes on my face  Waterfalls run down my eyes  Umbrellas sent to hide 
  Breaking down  Feel the reality I see   Grieving goodbyes  Instant lies  I was not enough.   Hands holding tight 
The chirps, the squeaks, the hoots  Bright sunny day  They swoop all around  Up and down  To the ground the sit  Sipping on water 
  I know the waves are coming for me  Waking up later and later  Resisting to get out of bed  Curtains closed  Don’t let that light in
  No, I won't let you break me down Even if you tried with your all your might You can try, you can try  But I will learn to fight Hit me with all your might But I won't break, I will find the light
A year ago, / I would've smiled. / I would've nodded along / and said all was fine.   A year ago, / I would've cried / from laughing too hard / and trying too much.  
The most prized item that is in my possession is one that has taught me many things It taught me patience, passion, and art It taught me to work hard It taught me to organize It taught me persistence
A seed will grow into a bud. A bud will grow into a flower. If  forced open before it has bloom, it will fall apart too soon. If forced to close back and be tame, it will never bloom the same.
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