A Year Ago (Now)

A year ago, / I would've smiled. / I would've nodded along / and said all was fine.


A year ago, / I would've cried / from laughing too hard / and trying too much.


A year ago, / none of the people I met / or the friends that I have / were in my life.


A year ago, / I was bullied, / I hated life, / And I wanted out


A year ago, / I was Cinderella, / too unhappy to make a change / and a slave to my family.


A year ago, / I was still a child, / fumbling through life / and making mistakes


Now, / I speak my mind / and tell you my thoughts / and make known my feelings.


Now, / I cry from sadness / and genuinely laugh / and try my best.


Now, / I am best friends with people / I never would've guessed / I would ever talk to.


Now, / I've moved out. / I've made it. / I'm happy.


Now, / I'm headstrong. / I have a purpose / and I'm out.


Now, / I am eighteen / making mature decisions / for no one, but myself.


Now, / I am ready for my future, / which is not something / I could say


A year ago.


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