My Bass Taught Me That

The most prized item that is in my possession

is one that has taught me many things

It taught me patience, passion, and art

It taught me to work hard

It taught me to organize

It taught me persistence

My maturity grew

from learning



I was fourteen years old, and musically empty

I was impatient and innocent, and young

Music just “was not my thing”

and I heard the song

that made it click

I wanted music

wanted to



I received it in the mail

Opened up the faded box

Stroked the shining bass

Bright, glossy purple

L          ong, graceful



Tears, blisters, blood, and frustration

I never gave up

in desperate frustration

but I

carried on


I’ve grown so much

in just three

musically invested



Music theory swims

inside my



I understand



I used to give up when I didn’t do well

I used to want to reach the destination immediately

            I didn’t value the puzzle, only the solution

            I didn’t appreciate hard work, only success

Learning was just an annoying step

on the way to talent

but now I see

the value in


all that



all that



my bass taught me to

love it.

My bass taught me to

value the



my bass taught me that.

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