Breaking down 

Feel the reality I see  

Grieving goodbyes 

Instant lies 

I was not enough.


Hands holding tight 

I lost sight 

Through the cracks 

Lost in my haze 

I thought I found you.


Sweet humble eyes

Your heart empty 

I fill you up 

I’m lost in your disguise. 


Keep loving 

That’s all I know 

Receive what you give,

When given the world 

You gave me pain. 


I build you up 

To break me down 

Beat, broken,barren 

I am left alone. I


Just give it time 

They will come. 

My feelings flow faster

Just give it time 

Your feelings will come. 


Waiting, waiting, waiting 

Months go by 

Just give it time. 


Mind says yes

Heart says no 

Rejected once more 

No longer I cry. 


Cycles of pain 

Only come from your way 

I am enough 

Worthy of the world 


How could you not visualize 

The ethereal queen  

Your majesty to manifestation 

Our dreams come true. 


Thrown away, you let go 

You don’t want royalty

No longer I grieve these goodbyes 

The loss you’ll feel 


I am enough. 







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