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Once upon a time... A girl named Belle was thrown into a cell to save her father from his fate The keeper was hairy and Belle wished upon a fairy to help her escape
Beauty or Beast?   Come 'round and hear the story of a lass with nightmares to tell! Although, she was trapped in a luxurious castle, she was a strong lass, her heart pure and true,
Once upon a time, there was just a little me stuck in a trap where there would be no prince charmings or victories. I was all battle out. My name is Belle and once upon a time, I failed. At least it feels that way.
New and a bit alarming, Were the howls and groans - The ones masked by wolves and violent storms. Violent storms much like the ones in Belle's head and eyes - those, which sparkled, now hone.  
“I love you,” she said, as the last petal Floated to the ground.   But those three words Weren’t murmured in time. In time… To save the beast. To save the servants. To help anyone.
I want to be married one day. I want to be a lot, a whole lot, but one of the bigger things is that I want to be married someday.   And I don’t know if it’ll happen. I’m scared that it won’t,
Once upon a time In a land not so far away Where the balance of good and bad Forever sway   But what would happen
Who ever said Once upon a time had to come ahead of the story? It's a pastime.   Maybe Rapunzel never wanted to be saved. She was just a girl. She was never enslaved.
Tale as old as time Repeating again and again. Begining in France Then animated by a mouse. A story about a girl like me.   It's just a small town, One she moved to sometime ago.
Who could love such a beast you might ask But you are wrong to be asking For you should love with your heart Not those brown eyes That you use to see through everything but my heart
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