Belle's True Beast

Tue, 08/22/2017 - 01:05 -- cyescas

Once upon a time, there was just a little me stuck in a trap where there would be no prince charmings or victories.

I was all battle out. My name is Belle and once upon a time, I failed. At least it feels that way.

I was accepted into this pretty prestigious university in a land far, far away. I took all of the tests,

took as many advance classes I could, read all I could and fought my right to leave this poor provincial town.

Alas, I don't think I can. Which is why I am currently blogging before my father's wacky creation destorys the internet connection once again,

bless him. He is my rock amongst this mess. No one else understands, they all wish to find happily every afters in becoming homebodied wives.

What does that do? What is life if not fueled by the search of knowledge, because that's all our brains can hold to keep us alive and moving.

What is is love if not towards yourself to find out the Prince Charming is in fact hiding as a writer you admire and whom died 100 years prior? 

For what is life, but your own course of adventure?


I walk up from the computer in record time as the lights turn off and am met with only the light of the sun peeking through the curtains of my bedroom, father has created another blackout.

I chuckle because this is the only good thing that will ever continue to happen to me. 

"I'm sorry Belle, I know you were typing, hopefully I didn't lose it with the blackout." He speaks concerned just seconds after entering my bedroom.

"It's alright father." I say and sit at my bed.

"Is something wrong, Belle?" Grease dripping down to his elbow. Shirt tattered and facial hair, a mess. He almost looked like a beast to her.

"I can't afford to go to school." I lower my head to avoid seeing his dissapointed face. "I failed the one shot I had and now I'll never leave this place."

"Belle, you are not a failure. You worked hard and I could sell this old place so you could go to school. We can figure it out." He sits next me and places his hand on my shoulder.

"No, I have to do this on my own."

"You can always ask for help."

"I don't like to."

"And you have yet to ever since your mother passed. You don't have to be strong all by yourself. Look at Gaston and his wives, they went to school here and learned a bunch of bologna. Stayed here and have never once expanded their minds as much as you have. Look at them now, all divorced from one another and children everywhere." He points to the children playing in the street, all named a variation of Gaston.

"They seem happy."

"They're not. They don't thrive for success and knowledge like you do. You will succeed and you will prosper and read more books that you have ever since in your life. You can live through this, there will always be a way."

" Thank you Father." And I hold him, because he's all I'll ever have left.

"We'll go to the university and find a way to cut corners to pay off those loans." 

"What would I do without you?"

"Hopefully, just the same, because you deserve the world and so much more."

I wipe my tears and he gets up.

I return to my computer and repost with the following lines:


And he came to her rescue, after so many years of running away. She finally alowed herself to find her Prince Charming, not the person she would come to wed, but the person, who against all odds would do anything and everything for her to see a brighter tomorrow; her father. 

He would always be there to assure that she succeeded towards her dreams and they would always live happily ever after/


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