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Absolute breathe in the dawn of effervescence Sweet fluidity of ecstasy perfectly perfumed  In the lap of silence 
When alive  we say so much than thriven trillion words  When our eyes are at their last blink We say a moment of words.  
After seing one book, Named Takadini book, Only a cover book, After I have look,, The book I took.
"YOU COULD DO BETTER EXPLORE MORE" You know you can do better. Explore more! You are limitless, unstoppable and unlimited.
Your armor of light, Is no match for my darkness. No matter how hard you fight, You cannot save my soul's rotting carcass. Wondering if I'm right, I stare up to the moon; Wishing to end this life,
Now or never...   Just a whiff, and then it's time.Just a blink of an eye and it's there.The certain moment, this particular moment,The one you've seen coming for a long time.  
A lot can happen in a moment. It may be dim, or a change that's brilliant. The end of one life, the start of another; A war waging between sister and brother. Sometimes it's a small change, sometimes large, 
When Friday nights become Saturday mornings. The dew glitters on the grass like a fallen chandelier, casting shards of liquid sun. Coals burn in the fire sending smoke crawling towards the sky.
Some people change because of pain, for better or worse, We all possess a light side within us and dance in it in the best of times
We only take deep breaths when we're told.Like when we're in a Drs office and they're checking for a cold.But, what about the deep breaths when we're gasping for air,when our brain says breathe, but there's no oxygen there...We'll think of all the
   In the moment/
I hear it, a slow pitter patter It's dark I see the light from the moon shinging in through the windows The street lamps are lit I press my cheek against the glass It's cold
Put down the pen for just a moment.  Writing doesn't feed the poor.  Pamphlets cannot house an orphan, Fliers don't eradicate gore. You're offended by middle fingers, But war and famine are okay.
  Hey! I’ve realized that You are a Venn diagram, but You would never tell me that. Hm.    
A picture is worth a thousand words But what’s worth even more Is what a camera can’t capture
I live moment to moment Heck, I am the moments I am that moment when you're in the middle of texting someone and they call you
Wet hair Bright eyes You say “Because I love you” And I ask “Why do you love me?” You reply
You show up Blowing smoke rings And making light in the dark Like my all-knowing caterpillar, Full                                                                  Of intelligent euphemisms Cleverly
In an instant, I caught a moment, That fell off from time, But the instant was gone, And with it, the moment, Leaving me staring, Into emptiness. #free_verse
March again; Revive; Awaken!Build atop what has been taken,Find your mantra, young disciple:"Do not tarry; carry on." -
The organic perspective can never be wrong It's fluid in nature, persistent and strong  From cerebral creation comes synthetic thought Disguised as true nature, we notice it not
Our world: consequence, disease, reward, and inconvenience.  Smiles and laughs that entail crying--  And without even trying-- we acknowledge those who are dying.  Respect for the lost is given without proximity,
An old truck, Two old souls, A shared moment, On an old dusty road. A cold night, Deep in contrast, With the two warm bodies, Forging what shouldn't be cast.
Forty cents for some paper 
Ten minutes is ticking. Can't find the time losing such minutes. Close to such hours I wait patiently, for my moment to shine. I ask myself when will that be?
wecan’tlive aheadyet wecansummonthe pastwecan’tstarta newlifeyet wecanend itthe pastmay beyour enemy
why don't people just stop and listen? to the crickets chirping on a cool night. to the slowing breath of the one they love, laying beside them.  listen to the air around them, for it's silence is loud enough.   
What we are
Tonight existed an icy one, nothing occurred truly stature absent; we clashed at the crowning of the peek witnessing for the yesterday's mantle without a real sense of direction.  
There’s a moment. That moment. Just one moment that happens so rarely That when it comes people think it’s nothing It’s just something that happens Occasionally. But it’s more than something.
No one sees and no one can find What I hide beneath this facade of mine Constantly wanting for what cannot be Constantly wishing for a better school, A better life, And better friends
Our eyes met over  and over and over again. Ocassionally our glances interrupted by a body or two blocking our sight. We were exchanging shy smiles out of politeness.
Fingers intertwined
I feel the pressure of the walls of this box pushing from each side, increasing, squeezing, and as it gets tighter in here, the pressure builds builds into an atmosphere chaotic enough for lightning
Our footsteps like a discord home For dying leaves and infant blades We trace them back to winter world When wind was chance and chance was change A single line converges here
I just want you to notice me  
There is this moment,
  My Lovable Sweetheart             Starlight eyes             Never leaving mine             Against your thighs, like pillows
What would I change? Some things bigger than the Earth, some things as small as a Moment, Some things you may never have Thought of. The smallest Moments can change the most.   What would I change?
Life is unfair The adults all preach it But it takes so long for you to believe it You ride the waves Until the board breaks
You say you love me when you're on your way, not there yet, but you're coming.Release your poison on my spread then tell me that I'm stunning.The humidity overwhelms any chance of fresh air.
It only took but a moment, For those planes to crash. All those innocent lives went, And the people turned to ash.   It only took but a moment, For their wedding to occur.
He sits, waiting Waiting to seize his moment Seconds feel like hours Why does time go by so slow? He feels his heart beat
The cool summer rain Falls in soft sheets Enough for umbrellas, but not for raincoats; Enough for me, enough for peace.
  Life is a control We hold the power over ourselves in our hands But there’s no anytime use power button Although there is that little button some people resort to When they just can’t handle it anymore
Heads are turning on an axis As they’re dancing lightning flashes Round and round their spirits go, Rain drops falling on their noses.   Wishing it would never end Thunder crashing out again,
Friends, what are friends? the ones that stick by your side the ones that are real Friends, what are friends? the ones that will never leave you alone the ones that will come to your funeral, when you're gone
Who peers out the window waiting in fear for A moment? A moment that confirms eternity- inferno or haven
What's in a day that can't be found in a breath? Going for more but coming with less, Finding that what you have is not what you thought, Still forward for fear that if you stop you are lost.
Life is so precious Don’t ever loose sight of that Of the small things Those that are worth cherishing Turn up the corners of your smile
Spread like thick mist of perpetual darkness, The harbinger, the evil, the snake, mischievous. Slithers. Spreads the black cloud of human error across the deep souls of mortal man.
A moment A moment shared I saw you in that moment We saw A moment shared A feeling A glance A man sitting at the bus stop I passed him I saw him To find yourself in that moment
I have a vivid memory. It's not black, darkness, emptiness, but instead, a total lack thereof, devoid of anything. I can't perceive how alone I am, if at all. Something is watching me.
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