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You make a library sound like a city, You're right at home in the deafening silence I drive through the night, looking for you swiftly You're a ivory tower in darkness, beautiful and reliant  
In life's vast tapestry, where shadows loom, Amidst the storm, within the gloom, There lies a beacon, small yet bright, A glimmer of hope, a guiding light.
 I paint the shades of lifeSo many mockers in plain sightWith faith, I sail past sorrow, sourness, and strifeIn stanzas, I navigate the high waters of life I paint the mysteries that were revealed to meby The One who holds the foundation of the He
The word “striking” has multiple meanings, both beautiful and violent.  I might tell you your beauty is striking; although subjective, I seem to think you’re favorable. 
Trust me: all mothers are incredibly special Wonderful, beautiful and phenomenal Without mothers, there will be no living
The month of May Exists so we can love The beautiful flowers of nature
People think of beauty as looks,  which will always be temporary.   You see her from the outer view and say she is beautiful looks-wise, which she is, but you do not see the beautiful side of her that I do.
He is deformed but she doesn't care in the least.When it comes to them, it's beauty and the beast.Everybody calls him a monster and it's so unfair.He doesn't even look human but she doesn't care.
I have never seen an ugly flowerFlowers are always full of grandeurFlowers are known to be beautifulAll the time, that's stupendously wonderfulAll flowers speak a beautiful language
Je veux être connu sous un seul nom Comme Dessalines, Christophe et Pétion Comme Pelé, Ali ou un grand champion Comme Edison, Jefferson et Washington.
Lit by nature, a flame of beauty burning fiery in her eye.
                                                              Tocaré todas las campanas Para tu cumpleaños Saldré de mis bolsillos Bonitas joyas de las hermosas calas.
Meu amor quando você sai Quando você vai embora É minha lua indo embora É meu sol desaparecendo Eu não como
  I wish i could stop the butterflies flooding my stomach and stinging my heart are they bees? the sweet and sour sensation i love to feel   the sting reminds me that i cant say
To me you're the sun,And you're right that it's fun,Now in exactly the way that you'd think.Like stretching out just right,In a puddle of light,With a snack, a book, and a drink.
                                          Femme, tu étais si belle. Tu étais si jolie Tu étais si polie, si jeune et pleine de vie Tu étais si magnifique. Tu étais si gentille
Mulher, você era tão linda. Você era tão bonita Você foi tão educada, tão jovem e cheia de vida Você era tão linda. Você foi tão legal
Yellow flower, grieving flower, pale flower,
"She's skinned in night portray. Only the light comprehend her. They said she's beauty, and power, for the treasures hidden underneath her skin, of no measure, she kin with pleasure. Her mind make
It is your style It is your smile It is the charisma It is the aroma
                                                   Eu vejo Sua beleza em seu sorriso Sua beleza em seus olhos Sua beleza em sua cadência
Veo Tu belleza en tu sonrisa Tu belleza en tus ojos Tu belleza en tu cadencia Tu belleza en tus fragancias.  
I see Your beauty in your smile Your beauty in your eyes Your beauty in your cadence Your beauty in your fragrances.  
  Je vois Ta beauté dans ton sourire Ta beauté dans tes yeux
Querida, eu acordo nesta linda manhã de abril Tão forte quanto um leão cativo, mas apenas uma coisa Que me preocupa: você está longe de mim e da minha ilha
I see your face each and every day, Familiar, comforting, peaceful, beautiful, I remember you in days gone by, A lifetime it feels has hurried on, We have and will grow old together,
I'm writing this
Her drive follows the rev of the wind  Her faith and love, the wave and tide of the sea. Planets teem to her company when ecstasy calls She knows the chronicle of his madness.
Absolute breathe in the dawn of effervescence Sweet fluidity of ecstasy perfectly perfumed  In the lap of silence 
Running in fantastic lines Agreeing with the magical future In the embrace of miraculous now We dream to heal Life will be wholesome again 
Today I decided to bring the maker into everything He was the one who installed me in everything  how can I keep him from anything  it's either him or nothing.
The world is born in the sky  The end is at the breath of the sea Each dream on the waves is taking high a star at a time
Singing waters sweetly save the world  With each glee of ready drops to sing along  Out there, there is a beauty of a world 
Shocks made pulses of her beauty  Each throb tenderly sweet from Earth’s syrupy bosom  Around Earth's Loins of infinite fruity bloom  
Her valves feed seeds of the sky to keep both hips  Once more great four around numbers of fierce giants 
Hart’s heart stops  Hart’s art lives after him Hope unendingly bleeds through veins and channels Hart’s home is the muse
Fine taste of life wakes in palms daily  Full seasons soon explore their chance to purpose 
Days joy charmed her to merry Never have I found curves and curls spin to glory  Every course of aura sailed to eternity 
You're youngYou're strongTime will crumbleTime will humbleYou, You and you. You're beautifulYou're powerfulTime will fadeTime will get ridOf you and you.
With all the suffering and fighting And all the pain in this world You left this earth  And despite all of the broken dreams  Despite all of the struggles and burdens Despite all of the weight of this world
I am not going to wait for you to get illOr to die to send you bouquets of flowersRight now is the time to make you feelThat you're loved amid the rain showers.
When a woman loves youYou can do nothing wrongYou can charm her with a songFrom you, she hardly needs a few. When a woman loves youThe world looks beautifulEverything is wonderfulWhen she adores you.
Sleep muffles me, it’s like thinking through cotton The air fills with burning gold, the ruddy sky blooming  “Why must I do this?” I think as I hit the snooze button
The sky still whispers In slowly moving slumber Falling, I listen 
Mulher, mulher, oh doce mulher Meu amor, meu berço, meu começo No meu pequeno diário Todo dia é um dia feliz Você é minha alma, meu pilar
Woman, women, oh dear woman My love, my crib, my token In my daily diary
If you plant the seeds of loveYou'll reap gorgeous flowers of loveIf you spray the seeds of hateMany plants and treesWill blossom flowers of hateAnd you won't like the fateNobody enjoys death and miseries
Es una otra primavera Es una nueva temporada Un otro día de lluvia ligera cayendo Un otro día medio soleado otra vez
Walking with the crowd, alone and down,That's what happens when you are not able to be found.  Emptiness resides inside, silence becomes vibrant,sometimes I become a clown, or just get drowned,And happiness is nowhere to be found.  Smiles resist e
                                                              At my prime time I surely rhyme I write countless sonnets Like numerous poets
If you're writing about girlsYou're talking about gorgeous pearlsHappy love is in the air. If you're dreaming being in heavenThis time of the year, you need no reasonTo yearn being in love. If you're hearing melodious musicYou must be feeling very
A pretty pink caterpillar plays her part perfectly She knows what’s expected of her Though sometimes she wonders… What if she doesn’t want to be pretty and pink?
                                 My friends, the most beautiful poems Written with sweet words are surprisingly new My saying is not to bugger neither Alfred de Musset
Betty M. White was an ingenuous comedian A hilarious lady and a great actress However, this classy quasi-centenarian Was ahead of her time. Nobody could mess
Sunny Days  Ice cream  Long bike rides. Giggles ringing through the air. It was fun. A time of simplicity where worries were few and far between. 
El color es irrelevante A mí Es la belleza natural Que es absolutamente Deslumbrante e importante A mí
Color is irrelevant To me It is the natural beauty Which is absolutely Dazzling and important To me
Why limit oneself to a single colorWhen one can enjoy all the colors of the rainbow?Look up and gaze at the stars. The clouds are lowBut only two colors are breaking the door.
I met with her in a field of blooming wildflowers. She stood there in her sky-blue dress Amongst the sage, And primrose, Bluebonnet and paintbrush, Dandelion, And the tiniest white lilies.
So there you go You finally got your wings You’re as free as a pigeon in a parking lot Blue-grey with just a hint of shimmer Fluttering aloft for only moments Before settling back onto the pavement
                                        For Matt.   
i  saw a little leaf to whirling in the wind,didn't want to fall from the treebut the leaf keeps falling over,i prop it up, it falls again .At the end, the heartbroken leafleaves a tear when it falls
After time,people will say,in those years,  we lost the meaning of we,we lost the sense of universalityfound ourselves prisoners into ego,in a long soliloquyand the infinite life reduced to i,  
The moon resembles a fat, golden doveperched on the dark horizon—wings stick out of the clouds.
ROMANTIC EMOTION Only the eyes 👀 of realist could see the intensity of such beauty in her. I see beyond facial expression. See--- those teeth creates romantic emotion. #C9_fm
Happy as a butterfly Smart as a bee The sugar to my tea You were there for me You watched me grow And begged me to dance As I jumped for the stars From my heels to my tippy toes
Of Course Nature PLUNDERS... And Can Be THUNDEROUS... !!! But It’s Also... WONDROUS... !!!!! And Is Clearly Something That Helps Us To LIVE... !!! So To Go AGAINST That’s Clearly NOT A Wise Plan... !!!
The third and last poem in my final project assigned under the ELA 12 poetry unit. Dated 10/22/2019  
Shifting shallows, Shifting shadows in the shallow deep    Salt from my soul seeps through to swim with her sadness...  
It is a transcendenceof space and time.A place to dieand be bornand liveand learnand lose and gain.  
Home   Wherever I go, I take with me a home that I don’t need to tow; It’s mind and heart and bone. Every minute I discover
with beautiful words, we glow like water makes a plant grow. with a little mistake, we're forever scarred, like that flower in your backyard, exhausted, worn out, dull. when we can no longer take
For decades, society’s idea of beauty has been a high culture of cherry picked aesthetics of how to look, how to think, how to feel, and how to act.  
The waters of Chenab sing of peace The valley of Chitral heals my mood I live on peaks of the mighty Rakaposhi The woods of Kumrat are my friends of solitude
ELECTRONIC SENSATION Somewhat astonishing, sort beauty, pride of humanity. Fresh and fly. Electronic sensation, 'gaped' That posture, exclusive structure.
  Lad's reveries on mountain-toplet memories escape nonstop.Astir from dream-mares wogging pate,fog's arms around his slack slow gait.  
She has arrived, she’s beautiful, scarred, humbled, and wise. Most of all this woman is alive. She walks with a hint of pride, but not too proud
True feeling is as a deep well you can't run outta affection. To the shark of my heart Yur the dream I just woke up from, yet the vision I just ken. If wishes come true I'd wish to choose you
Sanely baby, and certainly you're that which my heart ♥ craves. My soul traveling on the highway reaching you. My original copy This Lovecraft is unstoppable. For the sparkles✨in your eyes dazzle.
She has arrived, she’s beautiful, scarred, humbled, and wise. Most of all this woman is alive. She walks with a hint of pride, but not too proud to admit her missteps. Mistakes and lessons dance in harmony a 2-step.
Autumn flowers   Flowers withered by the march of time and season Yet I find it very vivid to my heart and reason Displayed in plain, on the table - a craft made Where the wandering of my pen is inlaid
Some say beauty is only skin deep Your person shows that yours is more So when you lay your head to sleep Know you’re beautiful to your very core  
Ya Know... It’s A Beautiful Mind... That Provides Clever Rhymes... About Life And Mankind... That Are Wise And Refined...
Sweet Septemberbringing with her autumnbrightening the colorsmaking the world colorful. A month to harvesthoney and cornand flowers in bloom. A month devoted toThe Mother Maryand month for the Holy Rosary. Sweet Septemberthe seventh month in a Gre
I want to tell the stars that I'm sorry. I'm sorry for the nights I couldn't see. The nights they couldn't see me. Jealous clouds often hiding their beauty. I'm sorry for the nights I stared,
You are what words can't describe Your beauty makes flowers Your voice makes music You a rock in my world, yet so soft like raindrop You a river that flow in essence and softness
The stage Where smoothly stuttering movements Are their own brand of finesse, Is the stage upon which I wish to waltz  For the rest of my Audaciously authentic, Dazzling days.
Mirror mirror on the wall, You’re not thin, pretty or tall. What I show you  Makes you feel small. My aim is to break you  Once and for all.
My reflecting face in the mirror Reflects your face in my eyes When I feel your shadow occupying my lonesome I can feel the lows and highs
I have no distinct poetic agenda Upon the earth I wonder, With a curious mind that can't help but linger  They birth thoughts that haunt me
breeze like soft hands brushing hair out of my eyes   dandelion seeds float through the sun-bathed sky light as feathers   soft earth below my feet is humble and grounding  
beauty is perpetually imperative to my existence.   i pride myself on the fact that i can view even the ugliest things as breathtaking and groundbreaking,  
I don't think they will ever fully understand how special you are. In the darkest night, you stand out like the brightest star. You are beauty described, joy defined: You are sweet, cheerful, friendly, and kind.
Amaka,  you would have been a topic for debate in Academy and Lyceum    A subject of intellectual discourse amongst those who sought after the hearts of Aristotle and Plato
They ask me, the ones that are curious/“Hey, where’d you get that scar from?”/I sometimes have to take a step back, pause, and just look at exactly which scar they’re asking about/Can they see the ones beneath my skin?/Our largest organ is our ski
I wake up to see The sun staring back at me. Beautiful colors.   (A Haiku)
A passing thought while strolling through the dale. With their limbs , on hikes , I’ve bumped my head. Roots caught my boot ,on the floor splayed I spread. Passing glancing, perhaps giant nemesis they were.
Make it stop. The rasping of my heart. The uneven breathing that manages to escape. I don’t like the dark. As the rain slips from the roof, a soft pitter-patter. I reach out my hand—emptiness, is that you?
Let my garden be a song to you, When dawn wakes the bird to praise. Let the woodpecker hammer out your glory!
Let my garden be a song to you, When dawn wakes the bird to praise. Let the woodpecker hammer out your glory!
We enter your home. The Lord in Spirit , Inside my beating heart, And wish you peace. The troubled world surrounds us. But we have and advocate, He has overcome the world.      
Did we design the seed? The little grain of Hope. Did we comand to grow? The little sprout of Faith. Did we create the Light? The ray that makes it grow. Did we command the rains?
Do You Ever Take The Time To Just Recline … And FEAST Your Eyes On … " The Sky At Night " … ? Last Night I DID And It Was Quite A Trip … !!!!!
What shines brighter under the scorching sun than the soft, clear, glossy dark skin of my African lady; Adebusola
The world looks up at her,  She shines, supernova, stardust. Spectacular in her grace. Watch her as she tiptoes, Dancing, gliding, glowing. My constellation, my muse,  My zodiac.
I grew up being told I was beautiful. Typical white beauty. "Oh, you better watch out when you're older, the boys will be breaking down the door." I grew up thinking I was beautiful,
Nobody can see the light in my life. How Magick overtakes everything That I do every second.   I look over lands so vast And oceans so calm
Here are two souls both now intertwined, And united they have weathered alot. They've handled it well, not loosing their minds But that is not saying others have not.   
At sixteen it was no longer just me. I would no longer be all alone. I could see myself in another. Her name as beautiful as the day she was born.  Without her I would not be here, nor there. 
I agreed when she called the world ugly, When she whined it was a washed-out warped place. Said I hated when weather was sunny, Scorned sensations of summer on my face.
My hair used to control me. She was not kind and was so rude for the world to see. Because mine was not like everyone's that I wanted to be. Growing up in a majority white school, only straight blonde hair was cool.
What titan war Erected such peaceful giants? What earthly force pushed forth The jagged piers that pierce my heart? Without motive nor vision nor chisel,
<p>Living life without a careDon't even worry about my hairHomesickness snakes throughout my skinBut every day is a win</p> <p>As a person, I have grownMore than I could ever have knownI have become braverEvery day I feel less a
Living life without a careDon't even worry about my hairHomesickness snakes throughout my skinBut every day is a win As a person, I have grownMore than I could ever have knownI have become braverEvery day I feel less a stranger I pass landscapes f
 I'd like to be like Selena, red lips, confidence, heart of gold But it's hard, since I'm shy and I know that I never could be quite as bold    I'd like to be like Diana
Her touch is the wind,  fleeting, quiet Her voice is poetry, every single word settles
That bright light of happiness Since when did it shine so bright   Your Character, your Demeanor, your everything Brings such originality to my life   A flicker of eyelids -- a bee
Colors in the clouds Illuminated by sun- God's coloring book
Mine, the color of salted toffee Hers, a delicate cream The perfect layer of latte foam That lowers my self-esteem   Or maybe it's more of a porcelain white Only opinion knows
A world once beautiful, Now dreary and pained, The grass still grows, But dead the living stay, Trees aech up to touch the sky,  And down to reach the river's underside, The flowers are quaint,
When she looks in the mirror she sees something strange she doesn't see a normal girl she doesn't see an athlete she doesn't see a musician she only sees herself
There I was, sitting. Chest deep in freshly powdered snow as the flurries nipped at my face.
The quiet of dusk in the after light The sound of rain when it first begins The warmth of a hug long needed The peaks of mountains I have never reached The sound of gravel crunching under my shoes
From the moment I wake, Brrrr Brrrr-- snooze again Soft carpet under foot Ice cold water drops kiss my face good morning Breakfast smells waft towards my nose They tantalize my feet down each
... " I Just CAN'T SLEEP " ... !!! Because of THE HEAT On The Third of July ... The Sun's Up HIGH And Shining BRIGHT ... !!!
I want to capture certain vocabulary in the shape of you.    But those words should be free from humanities breath. Our scarring touch. 
beauty and grace,  may they make you feel great. my career is my passion for these loans make me sad I would greatly appreciate this forever beauty in strength
Beauty is The freckles forming constellations On our bodies Thus proving We come from the stars   Beauty is
Icicles drip from the crisp leaves of century-old trees Snow piles as pure dust like white powdery rust The night whispers  The owls hoot into the dark
Icicles drip from the crisp leaves of century-old trees Snow piles as pure dust like white powdery rust The night whispers  The owls hoot into the dark
FIX Sorry I forgot to note, Attimes i wish I could be nothing more than a quote, Don't mind the energy it's just another eulogy, Sung by the cranky components in this broken heart of mine.
The world is full of sights to see I just hope to experience every tree All the flowers, plants, bushels, and greens  are beautiful creations held held in high esteem  The people I meet keep my spirits high
Girls ... DISTRACT ME ... !!! Do They Distract YOU ... ? There's SOMETHING IN The Way They MOVE ... !!! They Look SO GOOD In ... " High Heel Shoes " ...
BEAUTY So everyone what’s to look beauty right? Even the ugliest girl will still stick things on her body stick lip stick and make up her face first before even make up her mind see ,
Beauty can blind you, from true loves purpose The physical appearance, can curse you repeatedly
dear jd, veronica is hanging from the top of the bell jar, and her heart was poisoned with antifreeze. what are you going to do when the vault of your secrets destorys itself?
Beauty... It's the innocent capture of God's interpretation of perfection... Untainted It's the personification of truth in it's purest form that lights
O my sleeping beauty..!! Wake up my sweety It's not good to sleep all day long Being unconscious about what goes wrong O my darling..! Just get up And don't fed up
When I sit down and look around, The world around me seems to dance It dazzles and gleams, shinging and profound And when I need inspiration, I take that golden chance.   I sieze the beauty by the hand
The Eagle  Swooping, soaring, over branches And under sun. Silent, graceful, over branches And under the sun.  
Fierce as the tigress Pure as lilies There’s a fire in her eyes Tongue like a blade yet witless Bleeding heart that’s chaste as ice
I wake up in the shimmery light Of the early sun’s sigh. The rays pour in through the open blinds Tiny crystals dance and flutter to and fro Another morning in darling Arizona.
Love is a complex and interesting thing It amazes us, no matter how we swing It can save you from trouble, free you from pain, But sometimes, there isn't any gain.  
The beautiful heat,  The scent of Ambrosia, The last affront to the Gods, The oozing delight, That which granted mankind ascension, That which the Gods envied, That which they descended for,
There’s beauty here in decrepit things Decay giving a face to objects Once pristine Rusted metal, the color of autumn leaves Uninviting in its’ old age Creaking hinges like so many locusts
I do not want to die.    A temple alone  Gods so beautiful and worshipped  But I so beautiful and cursed  Do they hurt? 
There is a beauty in the souls Aphrodite could see. She could not understand how They could not see it themselves.   It saddened her, The goddess of beauty The goddess of love,
Coleceanth  Have you seen the rain at night Lumined down by city light? It pounds upon the asphalt here Makes fountains clear as crystal tear.
At the dawn of creation, as the gods formed a hundred million galaxies, there also formed with them our blazing and bold sun. This newly formed orb began to rise from the horizon line of our Earth,
Aspects of A Floral Being  Uncomparable to blooming sun’s rays,   A Art of harmony in full brightened cheeks:   B Brush of bristles constructing elegancy,    A
She's got glossy black hair, An hourglass figure, Vibrant blue eyes And thick velvet lips. She is skinny and tall, An envy to all, But she Is no more than a picture.
You can see the very skies in her eyes She's an angel floating down the runway Adorned in roses and turtle doves Behold the fashion of her love  
Prologue:   Beauty was never something I set out to find; It was simply thrust upon me. Without regard to who I really am inside,
The representation of the legfall too short when comparedto attributes above the waistor that region of booty fame  
Alarm rings; It’s time to wake up. I view myself in the mirror. Why can’t I look better?   My head is a war zone.
She's the midsummer's flowers, The prolonged days hours. My reason I search for an immortal diet Just for a glimpse of her eternal souls quiet.
She lived in deep watersWhere someone once sleptHer breath ran out  Waiting to be found"Life is short," she said.before her flesh fell into the ground She is in your gardenSoundly sleeping
I walked outside, thinking that everything was gonna be alright. My eyes filled with pride, helping me through this joyride. The trees are red, mixed with tints of orange and yellow.
Sweet sage. Tears. Hands clinched around another's as we sink, slipping below the original position. The land shifts like dreams. Massive. Mother loves and cries of her blessings eternally. Cycle Synechis.  
Delicate sadness Clinging to your lips like honey that flavors every word with sugar They will try to kiss it away But it only flows faster    [R]
Path to the Heart She's the wave just ere it reaches its crest That perfect moment as it picks you up, right before it breaks into a beautiful surf, Reflecting the world in her eyes.
Acne dapples your face just as stars blemish the sky. I’ve seen you look in the mirror to ask yourself why. You seize the concealer, yet your smile, still wry, because no one picks up a brush
If you could see my face right now you would be scared. I haven’t looked in the mirror in 4 years because if I do, I’m afraid it will crack. I’m tired of this life that I’ve been living.
When you're rushing back and forth in desperation,You will find me  When you're so in over your head at night under your blanket,
Waves crash gently upon the shore as the tide roles in-n-out. A semi powerful breeze cools the air Standing 4,081ft up, I open my eyes to a 360° view of the Green Mountains. Wind rustling the leaves of the trees.
Goodbye and thank you to the Ocean Thank you for the memories The nights of walking along the beach The waves as they crashed at our feet   Thanks for the breeze blowing wind through our hair
The girl with silky smooth hair The girl with a messy bun  The girl with no hair at all She is in all of us    The girl with designer clothes  The girl who wears hand me downs
The Greek Goddess of gorgeousness grounds herself in American society To see what the social standards could be Bullying breaks the beauty into a blue barbie Attemping to aquire an acceptable acknowledgement
Never leaving time or space; Always evolving but never a race. We see them for their fabled powers, But inside us their strength flowers.  
Those rosy cheeks, And small delicate lips, But what a geek, That pointed, flushed nose, The glassed over eyes, Bullied for rugged clothes. Her small frame fragile, And her life a huge mess
The snow gives wind a body As it drifts above the earth. For a moment, soaring free Before descending to its hearth.   How strange to notice the air Become a corpse void of breath,
Looking up into a summer’s midnight sky is like gazing into a blanket of diamonds. It’s beautiful and breath-taking… Stars scatter across the endlessness like pixie dust. I am only a child.
Warm salty tears rolled off of my cheek and melted, The colors were blurred as my vision was hazed, The cold hard floor sent chills through my back, All was stuck in the glow of pain,
I look in the mirror Reflecting back I don't like what I see Group of girls besides me Looking pretty Why can't that be me?  They try to reassure me I see the lies through their teeth 
As a young girl I'd "see" That the little white girls around me Were what I should achieve to be   Straight hair, colored eyes And skin shades lighter than mine
I felt hollow,  out of place, different.  I felt like an alien.  I felt like an outsider.    I was color and they were white.  I was curvy and thick. They were of 'normal' shapes and sizes.
Ever since I was young, Peers would tell me I should model Ever since I was young, Family would tell me I was mature   When I watched TV,
  The city street is their territory And we are their prey. I used to not mind it so much. Their stares. And their piercing howls.
The world through a child's eyes Everything is so beautiful  So new So innocent You grow with others Learn new things
The world through a child's eyes Everything is so beautiful  So new So innocent You grow with others Learn new things As you learn The world shifts a tiny bit Seeing the ugly
I’m so drunk. On the Whiskey that is the vibrant wildflowers. On the Vodka that is birds chirping in the morning, awakening my sleepy mind with joyful melodies.
Beauty Lies Within   At least that's what they told me.   "It doesn't matter how you look As long as you got a good personality."   In this new day and age, It seems as if Beauty is just 
Trees, breeze, ripples leaves. falling down, to the ground. to rest, add, to the rest.
all it took was seeing you once, i was in love, not with someone. instead, with an image, for the first time it did not diminish. you stay on my mind,
As my days go, I keep longing for you   Not only you, the feeling you’ve left   You’re leaving my sad thoughts as see through  
Your eyes reflect the light of a thousand stars Your hair mirrors the golden rays of our sun Your heart burns with the heat of a supernova You are made of stardust.
Sixth grade, middle school,/
Sometimes, I try looking through you to see if I could find a glitch, Forgetting you are not transparent. The roses of Eden are not sure to define your beauty, It sounds like I'm exaggerating.
I believe in not asking favors of someone you wouldn't do a favor for. I believe in the sacred entitlement of a friend, And lastly I believe in honesty and loyalty.   They say the world works in mysterious ways,
Biting wind makes music against my skin in the way my mother used to trace her fingers across my cheeks. The place where I stand on my own two feet, brought higher from the solitude,
She laid down in her light pink bed Her body of gold glowing a little less than usual. She cried sparkly tears, Blew her nose into pearly white tissues,
I am sitting on the rooftop, my legs hanging freely off the edge. This is my favorite place to go. I’m sitting on top of the world,
f l o w e r s  i n  t h e  f i e l d   j u s t  a s  b e a u t i f u l  a s  y o u    t a k e  n a t u r e  w i t h  y o u
We grow up thinking, That Everyone can be  Considered Beautiful. That they are, with a matter of fact, Beautiful.   Ignore the imperfections, They are what  Makes you perfect.
Then   he took the respect she had for Herself  and the wonders from the earth around Her he took her her kindness  and what seemed, the air from Her lungs he took Her curiousity 
i read this somewherei have a thousand things to tell youand thousands reasons not tothat really hit home  
Roses are red, Violets are blue, A beauty is amazing, And so are you.  Orchids are white, Ghost ones are rare, Tresses are blonde, And so is your hair.  Magnolia grows, With buds like eggs, Muscles are smooth, And so are your legs.  Sunflowers rea
Still as the un-awakened beat, Until the soft stirring of the symphony takes hold,  A soul no longer held captive,  But is free. Trying to hold back the memories,  But is letting the hidden emotion flow, 
It's Snowing In The Forest By : Brianna Garcia   Theres ice in the water it really goes deep  Theres fire on the stove theres salt in the sea  It's raining on the leaves
To hell with what cinema says, Nobody wants pieces and shards and Broken glass is intimidating And a waste of time.   You get your hands dirty and cut
I spy something blue Don’t be sad, I’m here with you   I spy something sweet You make my life complete   I spy something smart I love you with all my heart    I spy something funny
one sliding foot draws the lines of the melody the toes curling in passion and fury the muscles rippling and tensing up the calf  
I’m just not the same Where’s the picture for my frame Where’s the candle for my flame  I just am not right  Where’s the sun to bring me light Where’s the pen so I can write  
They sit by the window watching the snowflakes land on the large pile which was once luscious, green grass.
Only One!   Ectomorph= Tall and gangly Mesomorph= Average Endomorph= Short and fat  
The mind is such a simple depiction of what reality imposes the heart and soul. Giving your heart a reason beat while still wondering about the advantages and stepping stones of life.
Our true love began with dedication Our mutual feelings we do impart Your love leaves me with a bright sensation To you I grant this gift: my loving heart   Compassion spreads its wings like a white swan
Death is sad. Death is beautiful. Death is gory. Hearts are broken. Love becomes extinct. It is inevitable. No one can hide from death. However, people can run toward it because running from it is the beginning of the end.
Average, Normal, Typical, Who has the say to define such? Who has the say to define beauty, class, status? All is crafted and twined by mankind.
When I met you You looked down, And smiled at me. That’s when I knew I was a goner.   When I met you You didn’t know
I can almost hear the whispers in the back of my head, Those taunting sounds that I despise the most, Cheeks reddened, eyes shut, fighting away the tears, Desperately trying to find my breath,
I can't help desires. They will come from deep inside, With no way to hide. I don't wish to disgrace them, But only to keep them calm. Rudy Valle
Water droplets fall from the sky, flowers yell with excitment, people scream in sorrow. But little do they know what makes one grieve could make something else grow.
Inner folded prematurely molded  time is tempted  to be bolded small strokes of gentle wires to the face  The frame evokes a forecful fire  at waters pace
You were perfect...too perfect, Your warm smile sheltered your bitter words Those deep blue eyes focused far beyond me You only confirmed my greatest fear:
I am the Antigod low-bar bastard legend makers all shot so low antichrist best you could do pathetic   I’m
Mirrors would always tell the ugliest truths Reflection found in front face camera or frankly placed in front of bathroom sink faucets fed the unacceptable attributes Unallowing any filter or photoshop on face or body
Hi, I’m Mentally Ill but Is this actually a surprise?  I mean were you not able see past my fake smiles, my fake laughs and the fake face I put on each and everyday.
Armies of men fall at the feet of Beauty, and we're taught that women are weak.   Men watch their brothers transform into monsters, and we're taught that real men don't cry.  
Confidence doesn’t like to be around me. He disguises himself, as Ego, then bursts out of my head.  The minute I catch him, he disappears.   Sometimes, I call for him.   
She lays there hoping the day will grow bright laying in the dark she’s almost afraid of the light that’s going to shine through the curtains soon planning in her head how and why to get out of bed when there’s so much dread
She lays there hoping the day will grow bright laying in the dark she’s almost afraid of the light that’s going to shine through the curtains soon planning in her head how and why to get out of bed when there’s so much dread
I whistle a tune  unbeknownst to all subjugating aerodynamics take flight in the V, they quack no? I chose the letter G   I hum a melody that pricks the ears of Grays shall they
Bitter and hot, the coffee slides down her throat. Soft, tired eyes stare at nothing. A distant intimacy envelops her.   A mother scrubs at a stain on a shirt.
A beautiful bird Shows off her ideal look It cloaks true beauty
The forest greeness I have seen from my warm home Creation of God
  My oh my, what is this deadly sensation? A sickening feeling, oh how I detest it. Like a chemical reaction, I feel the explosion Of a million thoughts, the mind's at the limit.  
I Am A Pine   You had me believe you were a beauty  A seed, a flower, a fruit, a sweet, to me you seemed  Your dark branches enchanted me but you aren’t the wise tree you seemed   
when you say my name, you say it like a poem you will never write.babylon boy, when i whisper your name in the pale moonlight,
Looking at you Is looking at the wrong side of a rainbow Seeing your backwards colors from space Watching a world in awe of your wonder
Beautiful black diamond with a shine that puts the sun to shame. You glow like the translucent golden streets of Heaven what I should call you by name.
Nature is the biggest inspiration we all have And we destroy more of it every chance we get We exert the same lack of respect and love onto this land
I love you,  and each and every thing, you consist of.  You say, we’re all made from what formed the stars,  but there is no light, nothing to shine out through the dark, without her. 
Love is a song, the most tender kind. A gentle stroke of give and take. A feeling of confusion, an adrenaline rush coursing through your veins.
She fell in love with the people she returned because of them because she wanted to love them better and she did. Though she also learned to love the moments of the sunset over the lake
You have changed me That’s for sure To everyone You have allure You make the fine lines disappear Give me guidance Give me fear
Coffee colored roots burgeon up from the hazel chocolate soil that has been dispersed throughout the thing we call time.   As the roots and stems begin to develop, an alluring plant is born,
For the man with a son who still looks like a child himself. he writes silly notes and always has candy in his pockets. How can somebody so young have the eyes of an old man.  
Silence. Pure and refined silence. I struggle to find meaning in the sounds. To make music is to paint a picture with no canvas. A lone hand embraces my soul; Gripping me, carrying me, holding me.
There's a definite gleam in my eyes,  the moment they set on you. A smile comes across my face,  at the phenomenal view.  The glow from your skin,  it brightens the room; The curves of your body
dusty covers star crossed lovers   paper cuts open and shut   i go through them so fast know the feeling won’t last  
In Fall, there are orange leaves on all the trees. It's the season of my birthday and Halloween. It's very dandy to get all that candy.
Ode to Space: She is the stars, the planets, and the moons She explodes life and sucks it away Her stars burn bright cutting through the dark
I'm tired of the lies AND misconception Long to be held, seeking attention Covering up my discontentment I've ran out of makeup and forgotten how
“How do I grow?” Asked the rock to the tree. “I want to have arms, so I can move and be free.” “Is that what you really see?” asked the tree.
The sun scorches on the fine, coal-black sand Sitting there are many birds popping in orange, red, dark periwinkle, and green This is my cousin’s beautiful and tropical homeland
I observe & your face says it all When I’m pleasinWhen I’m teasinWhen I’m eatin..Juices like honey Natural & raw 
"No I'm not" She answered. "My forehead's too wide, My eyes too far apart. I don't exactly look very smart. I mean I am. Maybe. But... My lips are cracked, My hair too dry.
I have been told that to be loved, I must be: Clean. Unscarred. Perfect. I hear these words inside my head.
Books and bags define it as price tagsMoney for short skirts and heelsFriends and peers define it with jeersAs whoever can eat the least mealsThe jeered have fear that they'll never hear
I’m angry, Because I am sexualized.   You pretend to be a good guy, But you only look at my body, My “BEAUTY.”  
My most feared tormentor, that hushed sentry Guarded in its webbed domain, transfixed by its prey, Whether it be me or a sly housefly grappling against its threaded prison.  
In this world I do not understand I have found there are many things to love The earth, the wind, the sky, the beauty and everything that exists above   There are many things to love
Oh, the lessons I have learned, from the mountains I have climbed; Oh, the lessons yet to come, from all I am to find.   I have learned of more than I can seem to recall—
Who can see the Lord? Our creator invisible. Like the winds only heard
Your scars are not beautiful. But you are beautiful with them. You were beautiful without them, but you have a new kind of beauty with them, because they speak of how much you have overcome.
he asks me, “what has poetry taught  you? why is it so important?”   i ponder the question for a moment and  think about the women who  came before me, the poets who have inspired my
We are not exposed to reality until we meet Light.  We’ve only met Darkness and he was twisted, but our comfortability kept us yearning for his touch... his embrace. 
The words It blurs My eyes are watering.   The words It jerks As it shakes in my hand.  
To be free in me, poetry has taught me To express the light in me, the God in me, the beauty in me Shining brightly through me All these, poetry has taught me
My lips are not soft, freshOr new.They are dry and rough,Scarred from self-infliction.
In the midst of a cloudy year, we write to our spirits and ask for salvation. Blind to the beauty that prances around us,  waiting for any sign or life within us. We send letters to our minds,
Poetry is the essence of ones mind,  it is the whispers of the soul. Poems speaks words so loud, you can feel the raw emotion. The words awaken my spirit  that affects my mind, my body and my soul.
The thermosphere is showered with stars Sprinkling the inky infinity with transcendent luminescence Deep crimson to brilliant sapphire, they radiate Forcing even souls of malice and anxiety to eternal serenity
Your mind, works in a  Peculiar way. Filled with many Gears and Parts, That work in harmony. To produce such Beautiful Inspiration.
Each night she vacates to the universe in her head, illuminated place     that fills the dark vacancy she feels down on earth Unsecure   
golden girl you are more   your skin smoother than the finest belgian chocolate it glows like
I found it very hard to relate and reciprocate my feelings in a more intellect way.  So I took a moment and reflected on the women in my family that inspire me and how beautiful they are to me.
Do you remember when we use to hang We met in the 5th grade You were singing this ominous song Drawn to you , I felt your presence  You're very powerful The fluidity of your words
  Soothing, gentle winds blow                                           through your cold gray castle                                            Yet you say there is no peace  
A poem is like a pair of glasses Lenses I can flip down Rose tinted, perhaps, but With them on, I can see flecks of gold among the dirt
    i blind those that blaspheme my   omnipresent and invisible nature.   to my shoving nudges   you deny and you tear   and shield your eyes from  
The colors of the wind in the sky, listening as your life goes by to the gulls in the air to the people who care.   Purple is soothing like the waves of music.  
It twinkles outside, Glistening as it falls down. Beautifully cold.
//   i was your flower.  you watched me grow and admired my beauty all while knowing that you were going to kill me    //
You are all the beautiful things in the world  
Color it blue, With the words of color. Be creative. Use many shades. Show them the truth. The color of stability. Of calm.
Listen to the whisper of the rocks, telling their ancient story.  Listen to the murmur of the river, speaking of past glory.  Listen to the sighing of the winds, declaring the old ones’ coming.
I don't care who you are you need to read this or let me tell you so you can hear it for yourself   Hi, my name is Beautiful which just happens to be who I am
Poetry teaches unteachable lessons Things you can’t find in a textbook or lecture The beauty of words, A universal language Poetry— friendship, a means of connection
I stare into the mirror, crying at what I see The reflection looks like me but I deny its existence It is not me I see because I do not like what looks back   Images haunt my mind of past persons, past beauties
Speak softly into the chambers of my heart. Never let go as you kindle me like a fire on a frigidly cold winter night.   Touching your raven black hair, running my fingers through like a comb.
The woman's tears were beautiful; the rarest things tend to be. The less a fragile soul is seen, the more tender and sweet it seems.
What a beautiful weapon she is. She's the sharpest edge and the prettiest sight, The softest, sweetest bringer of night, And all with a teasing kiss. What a beautiful, beautiful weapon she is.  
I refuse to submit to the brainwashing of Faith.  I am liberated through The world;  I am limited by Religious culture. To live, I thrive off of beautiful things like
I don't need Humanism  To be good, I require only God.  I don't need man-made distractions such as Technology and modern advancements  To live, I thrive off of beautiful things like
How the world is against feeling numb! The towering trees demanding awe,  The twittering birds crying for attention, The fascination one feels from looking at a lake. How beautiful the feeling of being in love,
Because im Beautiful I will know my self worth Because im Beautiful I won't care what they say Because i'm Beautiful I don't have to call anyone else "ugly" to show I'm beautiful Because in Beautiful I will Respect myself
I feel like the clouds are in the sky I feel like it is a gray day  But I look out my window and notice the light, the blue skies, the bristling wind The chill still seeps in through the windows
Girl in the mirror Why do you frown? Do you not see Exactly what I see Smart Kind  Beautiful Self-doubt Anxiety Isolation Is this your daily norm? Who hurt you so? 
How are you so stupid, so naive? You brought this on yourself. Walked in a locked room with no keys. Don't bother blaming anyone else, Don't cry, beg, or plead. How do you expect to get out?
In the stars In someone's writing Music Theater  Feeling A privilege Wonder  Fills me up Stronger than most emotions I can't help but feel like a child  Gazing at the clouds
And the Gods came down   They fell to earth like raindrops Quick and hard
Dear God, Thank you for creating your masterpieces, trees. Oh God, how nice are Your trees, with branches reaching out to You, with leaves that gleam in the sun, with roots made to gather
To my dear old friend,  
Dear rose,   A hero that carries us all— Willing to caress us with a tender heart. Your sweet embrace is what holds lost pieces together.                 The Valley of the Rose.  
Dear, my aching soul.   Cold is summer, without her love, dim is the sun, without her eyes, blank is the page, without her touch,
Chocolate girl, love your skin Amber glow radiates from within Your blackness, of which others are ashamed Is your refusal to conform or be the same  
Every sunset has its own  beauty on their canvas, Every color has its  own meaning in their art, With the day just ending, Sunsets remind ourselves there's always something good 
To the bystander, What is the use of a camera when it tapes a man falling? Or when it films a woman drifting to her doom? As her limp body breaks as she breaks the waves beneath
You are beautiful. Death has covered you in a halo, like a saint.  
20 November 2017 My Dearest,
A fragile beauty in death can be found In the water, earth and sky: Creation singing "I'm homeward bound!" As it shrivels and withers and dies.  
Dear creator, 
Look around you weary traveler I promise it is grand If you could but shed The sadness with you stand   To grief filled eyes The rain mirrors tears But brighten and be wise
Monday was dreadful. Slumped over on his desk as regret stirs up in the pits of his stomach and yet it was only 7:05 am. Going over his what-ifs, should-haves, and buts.
Upon the high cliff lies a flower. It is more than any ordinary flower. This flower bleeds with every color of the rainbow, Stars of crystals dotted on its petals and glistening in the sunlight.
Dear life, You are beautiful. All of the trials; all of the struggles. She just lost her unborn baby due to violence. She had been hoping for a girl. 
Dear Father,    Where has she gone? When I came out to her, she wore a black-lace veil and mourned the death of her grandchildren   Little, little mirror
A twinkle in a kind souls eye,Lights smile with a single try.Sheepish grin, unsure of speach,A brush of hand, while just in reach.
  My heart is not of men to others take, Nor battle for deceptive perjury That swear the men that thee a statue make, Else I become thy victim’d sorcery. The army of a thousand perfect heavens
True kindness is a gem You only experience it a handful of times in your life When you experience it, it's like a rose Or maybe, a rose garden
This morning, I noticed something I have such beautiful eyes Which is weird I've never been happy with them Nor sad either I haven't felt any sort of feeling with my eyes Until I looked the mirror
Dear Acne, Because of you I can barely stand to look in the mirror I see my facial landscape Patchy red plains meet blackhead hills.
People don’t understand that words can be strong and once they are said, they can’t be taken back despite how many apologies are made. 
A beauty it is To not be able to feel the emptiness That engulfs me--yes, beauty.    05.28.16 - N.N.
I want you like cream, for the coffee I wake up from, I want you like a dream, I dont want to wake up from, I pray night and day, that he sends you my way, I'll make you the queen, of my world and my space.
Love knows no bounds so show me something boundless, take thy blushing lips and breathe unto me the wandering love unkept by the cage of your breast.
The wind blows softly, guiding small snowflakes on their dance through the sky.
Dear Numbers, You represent that which words can easily explain.   You represent something lonely and lost.    You are solitary objects that only result in a continual pattern of more numbers to be defined. 
It’s the smiles you send in the dark. I know the patterns of your breathing to know it is you.  It’s the warmth you radiate in the middle of winter.  You gave me fair warning. “Don’t come any closer”
Dear makeup wipes, You cracked the warm beige – no medium – foundation And chipped at it With your chipping fingernails, Whispered in my ear that you loved the toxic red armies
Enormous, silent flashes Fill the arid night Lightning so bold it reveals clouds For many an arid mile   One, two seconds apart A jovial dance Performed on a stage
Pieta Pieta The death of your son fulfilled time. Your praying face shows the peacefulness of the moment. Mighty is your love,
Dip me into the night sky let my hair flow with the stars. Your lips meet mine as a comet flies behind your eyes. Place your hands on my waist
blooming from my darkest parts begun the change in my heart shifting with sunshine my flowers are growing, wisdom and knowledge flowing showing me my power & potential
All I wanted was to be perfect.
Dear Society,   Why is it that when I look in a mirror, my mind zooms             in on                              my flaws like a killer? It looms on my imperfections more accurate
You know what I see? I can see a beautiful, invincible, perfect, radiant, sweet princess. Why can’t you see? It’s right there, quite plainly. You just need to open your eyes.
Where should I begin?No one wants a world tour where you see all the ugly parts,So this won't be much of a tour.But let's pretend that in this world -Me -There is no ugly.
dear boy i almost gave everything to, i am not a glistening bar of solid authentic gold, i am not a crystal clear 50 karat diamond, i am not a smooth pearl that shimmers in the sun.   i am a ruby.
Tell me what you want,And I promise I won't give it to you.   I know, it's harshI know, it's not what you thoughtI know, I love you  
The truth is, I can read everything you've gone through on your skinThe lovely poetry that resides within you spillsIt spills in the form of scars, strechmarks, bruisesIt is overbearing, and it is all of you
List of Things You Do Not Understand:  
I once saw a picture of a couplewho were as happy as can be. The white gown, alstroemerias, and uniform made them prettier than you and me. Their smiles were crimson like fruitwhich attracts all at the height of spring.
She used my fire and burnt me to the ground. Everything was burning to ashes, nothing was ok everything was falling apart, and there was nobody, but then you pulled me out of the fire.
A toe balanced on a wire as thin as reality, a fine veneer set over something we can’t bear to imagine The universe swirls around, unknowing and uncaring, infinite
Let's start a fire Let the world be wrapped in flames We'll watch the destruction grow As we sit in silence On a gasoline soaked field    Find the beauty  In the illuminated clouds
(This is a reverse poem. Read starting from left to right all the way to the bottom of the poem. Then, read from left to right from the bottom of the poem to the start of the poem!) You must never change yourself for anybody
So close.Close enough to admire the part in your hair, Close enough to study the creases of your face, From years of laug
Before you cry Evict your emotions and let them play Among the demons that call you friend Unsightly before those you love Terrified at the hands of your captor Imagine a better world
Girlfriend, Dear girlfriend, Your inner star shines brightly! Deep beauty is great.
Bitter Sweet Exhaustion   I wish I would have known I wish I would have known That beauty is a just shapeshifter that turns into the nightmare shown
Dear Beauty,   I wish I would have known I wish I would have known That you are just a shapeshifter that turns into the nightmare shown
In the warmth of the brilliant, early morning sun, comes a shadow only I can see marinating in its holy scent the delicate gradations in between. It is a virus, a pathogen particular to you, but, as well,
Nobody wants to see beauty. In the uglyIn the sink, in the suffering dailyIn all the days before they die,The moments before they sleepSomeone is taking awful chances with chemicals in their body
To my future daughter, I had hope to never have you, but don't think of yourself as unloved or unwanted, rather you are my miracle, my salvation.
My hair is long, which is nice, but I have too many split ends, My natural hair is wavy, not straight like theirs in my defense, I’m short, I could never be a model, I don’t have the body for that,
The ship had sunk beneath the sea,. And from the deep, it beckoned me.   I followed suit, beyond the foam, to the place it made its home.   And as I gazed
a woman so full in her figure and bright her mind is the most beautiful presence on this celestial rock (her curves so soft) my hands stroking her thighs and gripping her waist she (moans)
I thought the sunset was beautiful, Until I thought about you.. Then I remembered the darkness that comes with a setting sun. It makes sense to me now though,
Blonde hairBlue eyes“Beautiful”Bodies as frail asToothpicks. But the standard they set,The standard seen as the normIn this society,Drives us to believeIn false beauty Are these the women With whose bodiesShe fell in love with?Doesn’t she knowThat
Am I Am I beautiful? I know you tell me everyday That I’m more radiant than the sun But I don’t believe it for a second That I’m even remotely attractive   Am I Am I smart?
There can only be one opinion, right?   “Because I love you.” These are the precious words: Full of hope, promises, and happiness,
Suddenly I became ur reflection in my mirror.Suddenly things have changed when the worlds' issues grew bigger.And overtime I mesmerized about the shit that i was sick of.Putting in work for people who couldn't care to even pickup.My moral benefits
The letters that he wrote me are from a  ripped out pages of his notebook.  The edges are not jagged ,  they are soft like flower petals.  Maybe you only call my eyes  Beautiful 
To whom it may concern: Love for the earth is not a feeling to be disregarded. If you have ever spun around, trying to take it all in more fully,
This is Me and How I Feel: You ask me to express myself & let you in But the truth is I don’t know where to begin I guess the best place to start Would be with my heart When I first met you My eyes were cold & my heart was blue My heart wa
there is nothing more resilient than a flower with bright and reverent colors and soft dew sluggishly moving down the petals as the sunlight beats down on the delicate
In some places, scars are  The most goregous, glimmering things you've ever seen.  Intricate designs telling of forgotten pains  And forged of blood.  They speak to the strength of their owner. 
She’s so lovely on the outside   Gleaming with beauty  on the outside   masking    She's so ugly on the inside   Radiating with hate  on the inside  
  He tells me lies, but shows the truth. I ask him what he thinks somewhere hiding near a wall I whisper  Who's the fairest of them all?   Your toxic glass draws me in
a hunched and squeaking thing stalking you from mirror’s edge. perching with slender spider legs and teeth. blinding white and fragile as eggshells. clicking it’s tongue behind the light-bulbs. whispering
Do you ever Stop To think of the characteristics In a red rose flower?   Beautiful Palette of reds Silk Petals Positive phototaxis To the wondrous scent.  
Plain moths. We follow the light Never daring to touch it Filters on our eyes, Seeing things That are far from the truth Oblivious to realize the facts.   She came swiftly then.
Love is beautiful like the ocean It captivates you in its waves Of passion and beauty It should not captivate you In fear or pain
Her hair falls gently against her back, Her smile curves perfectly, Her eyes emeralds, She is beauty- Beauty is she.  
This overwhelming tension is so blissful. How your soul is not resentful. You're the definition of freedom, unique spirit that's so seldom. Exterior of a goddess, superiority on every asset,
they never saw the real me the one i hid away in my closet buried with the things i hid from society tied her up and taped over her mouth so no one would hear her scream   i remember being happy
Because I Love You  I will see you Not physically,  But for who you are. I will see you  In your darkest times When the world  Is nothing  But a pool of quick sand Pulling you 
You are crisp summer grass, the crunch of fallen leaves You are dandelion tufts floating on a spring breeze You are the muffled crunch of winter's icy freeze You are the sun and moon, the mountains and seas
Life is just… by Vir Singh   Life is just dull, Just lifeless If your thought isn’t in mind. Life is just meaningless, Just devoid of beauty
Life is just… by Vir Singh   Life is just dull, Just lifeless If your thought isn’t in mind. Life is just meaningless, Just devoid of beauty
You’re nature’s love   There’s music In every particle of nature Feel it, feel it, feel it; The whole nature imbibes in you. In the words of Shakespeare,
I am a piece of art. The color of my skin My eyes color and size My hair color and style My size in weight and visual My height, short nor tall I am the art of reality.
Everyday girls stand on the scales, and cry. They look in the mirror and cry. They look at themselves, see themselves as fat when they are fading away to skin and bone.  
I never understood love Thought it a lie A lie like all the others The ones about Sticks and Stones and Time Heals. Guess what's what happens when you don't see love at home
Did you ever imagine That luminous smile you wear around lips, Consummate charm and glow on face – As if you have been in samadhi for Ages, As if you are an angel-philosopher –
I like to pretend That my heart is whole. Truth be told, Its an endless hole.   My pretense is only broken By Joy and Beauty: By flowing rivers, And blowing winds;
I cower in darkness, 
Sanity reaches out her hand  To stop the unstoppable comet, Singed flesh to show For the one she saved.    She was damaged  But she was whole.    Is there only happiness 
Joy and Sorrow, Light and Night, Thou timeless rivals, Thy quarrel shakes the human Spirit, Thy battlefield is the human Heart.   She is the Light amidst my Shadows; Her smile consoles me,
Aurora is the definition of beauty- skinny and p-r-e-t-t-y. Who needs a personality when men will fall for your appearance?   Ariel is selfless and brave.
Once upon a time...There lived a beautiful blonde babyWith skin kissed by the sun Her black is more beautiful than goldAs the story
The pipes played as the piano sang along its keys, while twelve ladies danced, Travelling across with unprecedented beauty. Step by step. No falter could be seen. Elegance and grace surrounded the sisters.  
Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful maiden name Snow White She resided in a house with seven dwarves Her skin was as white as snow and  her succulent, candy cane lips were as red as blood. 
Once upon a time.... There was a scary yet brave Vicious and smart beast. Who preyed on the innocent That wore their hearts on a sleeve.
The wind whispers softly to you, calling your name. The warm sun warms your body  like a flame.
Through the breeze A slight scent of mint The Sumer didn't even make a dent In the column of cosmic debris Hollow leaves with colors that bleed In Autumn the colors turn red To awake the barren lake
Words are beautiful,Singing softly to tuned ears,Lighting my tired heart.
The Beast was mean, but then he turned kind. I came clean, I wanted him to be mine. Happily ever after, you say? Maybe so. But each and every day, I wonder if I should have said no.
In a fertile valley in the heart of FranceSat a small village, nestled inFields of golden wheat that reached for the sun as far as the eye could see.A ways off a river gurgledPast it a forest, tall, dark, and storied,
True sweetness is often hidden in simplicity. The rose that comes forth from a simple seed. Simplicity lies in purity. And because purity is not restricted to virginity Nor to femininity.
Life blooms all around you Under your bare feet Above your head   Birds churp  Insects hum The wind whistles Such beautiful music   You walk along  Guided by dandelions 
Bruh, I know your up but it's getting late I got to make peace with you Hommie I have bitten off more then I could chew I'm sweating from the new day's sun now I know your in for a bit of fun
It was in her darkest corner that he found her light. She lost it so long ago from this broken system of society. Trampled, beaten and abused all she knew was pain. The beauty she once seen is since long gone more of just a faded memory.
Hair. My hair is beautiful. I have the hair of a princess. Long and flowy, and shines in sun; perfect in every way  I deserve the hair of a princess. 100 brush strokes every night
As I sit there stroking the strands of lickorish silk from your head,   I think of our future, the things we would do, the things would see,  
  Once upon a time they made me a queen he said it was because my skin glistened with a sheen unmatched by others it was the glow of youth that made me your stepmother married now and praised by all
Did you see the Fire dancing light likeSunbeams and ants we All are taken little by Little did we Know that everything happens For a reason you doNot remember Those icy frozen days and 
From the Boiling Point In the Glory of Morning Faced with a Stairway to Heaven We Travel with Gulliver In Overland Trucks None shall be caught in Hades’ Toilet Bowl For we feed on manna
fly into your honey, free does your soul rest with the trees  can you hear the fairy angels calling, whispering to me I am 1nce up on my time I come to earth I offer rhymes
1. Until death comes; We may never realise the true beauty of life, The treasure in a simple hello, Even the luxury of a warm hug; May to us; go unnoticed.
Once upon a time  not too long ago  I came in contact with a magic mirror  and we exchanged "hellos"  "Mirror mirror on the wall why don't I like what I see in my reflection at all"  The mirror became a bit sad  And took awhile to respond  But soo
Why must my own reflection Show so much hate and defection? Mirror Mirror of the wall,  What makes makes Snow White The fairest of them all?
Enigma Light of illumination filled the tiny vortex of my mind A world colored river earth cloud and storm Forestry crosswinds and fire
Contrary to popular setup,Beauty isn't on the outside,It can't be found in clothes, money, or makeup,Or in color, shape, or size,Beauty isn't in hobbies or even sight,
My sisters name is Ariel, I am sure you all know her. She has such a soft heart and I've seen her conquer. We live in the ocean and she fell in love. She ran away to go live up above.
Lines composed during a walk from Highgate to Hampstead Heath  1991   It has been a day for wandering beneath this sky of early spring
Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me?  The Prince used his words as amo, through a computer screen he shot them and laughed with glee, 
a day a month a year thats how long they've known each other  it started in deep winter  it was still an adventure  they never spoke about the future  they never spoke about the kids
The beauty holds the rose in beauty. Lush petals bloom and glimmer in her fleshly palms, and the dew drips, drips, drips to the stone floor
Beauty is not their term to define.     70, Is it the curves I lack, Or the bones that poke down my back? Puberty,
assesment  assignment  we're both out of alignment  because power can be blinding  in this untouchable finding  potentially binding  this silver lineing  that sends you flying 
Tale as old as time Repeating again and again. Begining in France Then animated by a mouse. A story about a girl like me.   It's just a small town, One she moved to sometime ago.
Will I ever find a boy who loves me as I am?   But how long will it last before the beast inside reveal?   Can I learn to tame before time makes its mark  
The tree of life is torn Between the darkness and the light Unable to conclude or choose Which is morally right
Roses are red,  people wilt too,  Cinderella is fading away.  She works day and night,  to her sisters' delight, on the filthy ground like a slave.  A knock on the door,  a man with a letter, 
Her eyes are diamonds, her lips are ruby red, her skins like chocolarte, cant get her out my head, her beauty is more mysterious than the darkside of the moon. In the moon i see her face,
In the avenues of thought you stirred up ripples And waves, and raised all the dust that had settled On everything that sat within the circumference Of a space between two meanings A tale of two cities
I was just sitting having a cup Of coffee suddenly ! Your spirit came to me Oh, so strongly No, words can describe it I let it lead me as I will in the future also These inner feelings of yours
Sparkling Array Of Elegance at first the brush stroke came to tight nature is the canvas in the vast expanse of space its twilight sun has tainted my inner vision birds, ivy & moss
She's beautiful but not in the traditional sense She is beautiful like when lightning strikes the sky for the sky's wrong doings She is beautiful in the way beetles exoskeletons are
Night People it was starting to rain on the night that we first decided a choice to visit a nearby cemetery with friend sadly a few attended there was a crypt in a center of the grounds
Medusa she open her heart wide to the vast illusion called life in a variation of a dream she will scream the twilight sun has tainted her inner vision, hands, face & lips...
A Perfect Rose Early this morning I saw a rose. This rose stood alone. It was perfect in every way.
When Darkness Falls When darkness falls there is no day And all of the night's friends come out to play The ghost was bored so he called his friends
Falling Falling in the dust on the ground A way to explain with hip hop beats in my brain Staying up late at night just chilling with a flame This is a roll up so what's the hold up
Classic fairytales are like garbage   They reek of rotten apples   Pungently infiltrating the nostrils  
Questions of Destiny Listening to bass out my window Wanting my heart to console Waiting for Mr. Wonderful, Yet feeling so sorrowful
Prince Oh lets see if I can remember My memory deceives me...the past has been long forgotten The present at ends-deadly Oh but the future !
You hope and pray for pink, but the outcome is black. You contemplate on what life is going to bring you tomorrow. You tell yourself you're pretty knowing that it's an understatement. You're beautiful.
The Persistent Quest I've been searching and searching for something I had lost And I vowed to keep on looking, regardless of the cost
A Lonely Man's Dream I wish I could write a love song A song that would take away the pain A song about a very lonely man Too many times hurt and used for someone else's gain
Blood Upon The Walls The leaders of light are now all sleeping no more will they stand proud above the dawn And the murderers who left the crowds all weeping Remain alive to cast hate on and on
Song Bird Delight Sweet fragrant melodic tones Through the trees they go Searching for tiny food to fill there beaks Singing beautiful songs of delight As a beacon of hope in love's fruition
Lord, tonight there is a lot of hurting people inside. Show them Lord your presence in there lives. Father God, to the women who is deciding whether or not to abort their child.
Elements Of Love Come be with me We will talk If you listen, I will hear Come walk with me We will move If you touch, I will feel
Twenty-second hour, 
Games People Play The games they play are so real to them It's a shame dreams fade & go suddenly dim No matter how long they try to pretend Sooner or later it comes to an end
Prayer Time..Anybody Need Prayers Come Close...Dear Lord Jesus Christ, help us to discover new insight into your word. We surrender fully to your Lordship.
The uneven rocks give this hill character.  Though storms may erode them they are still strong and beautiful. Etched into their being is lesson after lesson. Every curve tells a story. Ever changing. Ever growing.
The Decision When I was young I looked at life differently Through a small lens of scope Now that I'm old let the truth be told... A lie is still a lie and the truth a truth
Once upon a time there was a prince,  Ever dwelling amidst despondency and rage, Those breeding his soul for persecution, and since It dug its way into his chest, against his heart war will wage.   
I am wonderous, as is that fly in the kitchen.Filled with curiosity, but crushed when not welcomed.  
Poetry Poetry is like a small blue and green striped ball suspended in the air on a string and behind it, on a black wall, hangs an old mirror
Leaves Of Life My life has been just like a book The first pages unsoiled, clean and slow Then gradually quickening as henceforth I grow My ravenous mind was greedy for life;
So much of me that the world cannot see, I have to try to see it as beauty For if every condensed thread of my being were to unwind to the world Might I as well not exist? Questions to these answers may not unfurl...
I was taken advantage of. I gave you everything you could ever want.  
There was a moment in time      When all was right      And everything rhymed   The sun shone bright   Cloud fluffs dotted a gradient blue sky While a child was born into her father’s hands
In my youth it was hidden the color of my hands the sun on my blonde hair the glisten of my green eyes and the accompanying announcment to society of an all american girl who had everything she wanted
As I watch the setting sun I think of how our end will come Will we go unnoticed, forgotten in silence? Or will we go in history, like the greatest stories? We battled and fought, for this future we sought.
Blood is redAnd tears are blueMixe​​​d, deep in her heartLies a purple bruiseI've spent way too longThinking of youSo much, that it's started to vanish
Orange peels roasting on the hearth, My brown feet, becoming one with the earth, It slithers up my ankles and around my waist, The beautiful woman, the touch, the taste.   Her snowy skin, cold as hell,
When I called her beautiful, I didn't just say it. I let it flow from every pore in my skin, every square inch of soul.  The word flowed swiftly over my lips like a waterfall, 
Ever since I was a child I knew what it meant if you could catch a star. Happiness, warmth and light. Things that most people in humanity, including me, can only dream of.
the grass flowed with the breeze rubbing off green on my scraped knees the scratches itched and burned but so did the sun I later learned
Uncapturable Beauty   I’m thinking of you, though we haven't spoke in a while I look at your photograph and can't help but smile
In a world where nothing stays the same Either for better or worse America could either lead to fame Or it can lead you to a hurse Aren't they both the same? They seem to be a curse
America is the land of the free, But sometimes, we are not as free as we think. Our votes don't matter; The electoral college ensures that. Our women's bodies are subject to men's whims,
You don’t know it, but sometimes I sit upon the branch of the highest tree at night to catch a glimpse of this transient life we have on earth, and take in the moon and the stars and all that surrounds me.
God tonight I pray for musicians, artists & poets. Lord everyone who takes part in the creative arts. Actors in the theatre Lord we pray for a tremendous blessing to unfold in their lives.
When you look at me You don’t see the reflection I see These rugged hands no one holds No one bold enough to make a move To love like you do These reflections are mere contemplations
The trash, I see, like sand on your green grasses Littered so far, so wide, it’s like the stars in the sky Do they not see your beauty? Do they not see their cruelty?
Satan rules this evil ruled system. He lurks as a deadly snake waiting to deceive you. He goes before God continually as a prosecuter looking at every single tiny move you make. So he could have some basis of framing you for a sin that you did.
She imagined a room with no doors or windows, a cold stick to the floor as she sat wondering what it was she’s looking for, are you in or out? She is a reclusive shoreline that can never reach the breeze.
America Where they say to be yourself But "yourself" should be beautiful So you make Yourself Only you know you will never compete  With the image on the screen Or the perfect aesthetic squares
This silver light does shine tonight. Your celestial body illuminates so bright And brings this will of mine to fight.   As the moon doth draw a curtain upon the Earth, So does my heart for your gentle mirth.
Many people look up to the night skybut they always look with a blind eye.If only they would open up their eyes.They would see the beauty in the sky andthey would realize what beauty needs to rise. All around us; So much beautybut none of us seem
Music makes me think of you. Smiles make me think of you. Poetry makes me think of you. Laughter makes me think of you. Nature makes me think of me of you.
Surrounded by so many faces,a sea of people,Each one unique and different from the other.Each with his/her own storyA unique pastA unique futureBut each has had their fair share of struggles,
I never expected to love you. I never thought I would even become friends. Ask me 2 years ago, I may have even called you ugly, With your short stature and uneven teeth. But oh how things have changed.
Inside my purse I have A mirror, reflecting my imperfecions My phone, a constant reminder of others highlights My makeup, to cover my insecurties   Inside my thoughts have A strive to be good enough
Like the sunsets fading, lost in the vast horizon, as we chase after the unknown. Those sleepless nights we spent, counting the stars sneaking away from reality. Who would have ever thought that time would soar, as we realized how most was spent, 
She has the name of a season. My least favorite season, but she makes it adorable. She has the most beautiful, mesmerizing eyes.
When one looks into the mirror, they find Satisfaction, security. I saw Disappointment, disgust, all of my flaws. Muddy-colored hair that’s never defined, Irises lifeless, never do they shine,
Green, lush grass, humble in its tone Bleeding skies, sunrise, the sun wakes up and moans Brown trees, green leaves, warm breeze, it's here The perfect day, to wash away, all stress, anxiety, and fear
The end seemed close by Paralyzing and choking My voice imprisoned But the beauty of novels Freed my voice and expression
There was a wood by my house you and I used to meet at. We would wait until the warmth of the glowing sun had gone So that you, my first love, Could wrap your strong, loving, embracing arms around my delicate, tiny body
Faith & Confidence: Real Within Ourselves   Worry not, for tomorrow Will be brighter---- The sun shines in Your corner Dare not with uncertainty Dare with a dream  
Angel in the gardenI see your golden wingssense the sweetness of your gazeas it envelopes me todayNight has clearly left usthe stars and moon set downthe sun has cllimved her ladder
    Iliana Torres January 2017  
The world is kind to let you pick your own poison Misery holds you underwater like an anchor Courage seeps through our skin, burning us alive Truth is a deadly pillow with a silver lining  
Why dost thy beauty grace this barren earth? Sagacious saint, silently solemn, blue Cursing the breezes and lacking due mirth
Sometimes I wish I was skinny and pretty. Sometimes when I look in the mirror I want to cut the fat off! I hate how being fat your discriminated, I hate how being fat you got to have a hour glass shape. Why do I feel this way?
A feeling, a fluttery whimsical feeling, shot through my jaded soul upon the sight of the mare.   Her crème coat is sliced and sprinkled with jagged ribbons of scarlet,
The flower that blooms in adversity, 
Emotional healing and heartache, /  Her Mother coddle her as if she was /  Seven years old, /  Red plump cheeks, /  Streams of water spilled down /  Hitting the tongue in a form of /  A salty back-slap of /  Betrayal for not being able to /   Hold
Lightskin was my dream Ignorant to my beauty My reflction was my nightmare But I lived in darkskin  Brown as can be My skin was my hated reality How can I live with such low self esteem
                                                      I will Constantly Grow A year ago…     I was finding myself.      I fell in love with another soul.
Cotton candy skies surround my brown eyes I can't miss a thing so I try not blink The beauty stuns me The colors of a sunset are so jaw dropping, it's almost criminal My eyes never wish to look away during such times
Things are good, I'm happy yes, you're making more money than most people your age Im doing well, doing it without school too School was never  for you anyway I'm close to my peak Here she comes who?
Mirror, mirror can't you see? What lies beautifully and elegant in front of you? Who is she?  She looks into the mirror as if looking at someone else as she rubs her hands through
Passing on the banks of the river, bluffs on each side rise to reach a low sky. Covered only in scraggly bushes, rock bare and brown slopes and juts above the banks. Rock gives way to trees, a puffed blanket draped
His hair spills around his face like a halo of curls His eyes are dark and careless and captivating They are black holes and I am falling, falling in His laugh sounds like a waterfall Rushing out Spilling out When he laughs his whole body laughs S
That boy was only 17 Lyrics coming out from his eyes Those hands Those eyes His guitar, my ukulele
To her people were art. Their body, their face Their mind, their thoughts Their secrets, their souls.
It was the way she looked At the world that made her Eyes so beautiful As beautiful As every sunset and sunrise you will Ever see
There are so many little things that no one notices. The fresh smell of rain. The warm atmosphere of a summer morning. The happiness in a bee's buzz. The loving way that person looks at you.
I would compare us to the Beauty and the Beast, but I have not such low self-esteem   so as to compare my countenance to that of the beast,  
I’ve traced the veins up your arms The angles of your jaw The slope of your cheekbones The basin of your forehead The curves of your sides The length of your limbs Over and over Again and again
Hair as everlasting as the sky Words with the power of worlds Thought as the depst of knowledge Beauty with no bounds Skin as that which holds stars Royalty.... Royalty....
I was the type of person to immerse myself in hate.  I was a first rate lover but had horrible traits. I found myself uncertin why everytime i'd pass a mirror i couldn't help but fear her.
There are feathers here. Light, beautiful, no one can Trust them, they can betray You, but they're beautiful.   There is cold here. Excuses wrapped in Coats that will never
Chirping together with singing, I awaken to the act of being Calling my name to begin the day. Calling me away  From the past of yesterday.   While all my problems fade
Five A.M. And the world Is fast asleep My alarm clock Blares And wakes me up While yours Prepares To go off In an hour My tea pot Shudders
A call of affirmation An air of great suppression Awoken by the stream of light Which beckons me to my day's plight A screaming alarm It means no harm But morning is dreary And I am weary
They lined the station like tchotchkes placed in careful disarray, Here between F and 13th, Red cheeked and frosted breath, Bare porcelain angels waiting on the shelf of a Goodwill.
By: David Avery The universe is full of magnificent things And there is no way but journeying through the World, and opening your mind, to see it. Awe-some things like the sunset at night,
When I wake up in the morning, The very first things my eyes see as they open Is a blue like an aged Forget-Me-Not. My mind is a blank slate, hardly able to be written on
My mind is what some may call dark despite my efforts to brighten the dull cluttered space that I have created inside my brain it remains somber and dark,
On a day that is hard look at the sky. Sometimes it makes me wonder, why? it makes me feel small: the whole universe it fills me with wonder: and I feel good
Despite what happens We will all die at our time Enjoy life's greatness
Take off your make up Be who you truly are Show off your blemishes And don’t be afraid
Take off your make up Be who you truly are Show off your blemishes And don’t be afraid
I get up in the morning because I’m angry Angry at the world, angry at the people in it Angry how the color of someone’s skin determines how they’re treated
roastingwinter mealsjust beforethe snow hits,the dry chilling airencircles us twolittle penguinsin our black overcoatsas we smellsweet sugars formupon the darkening skin
It might just be the perfect day, It could also be the worst. But does it really, really matter? Of happiness I constantly burst!   It comes from the warm cup of coffee
Love, what have we here? This is the stuff of dreams, the magic of the stars. This is the beauty of the skies, the song of the heart.
I used to think I was drowning in an abyss of my own loneliness. That darkness used to consume my heart and soul. My eyes would continue to close as my head dosed off in an eternal slumber.
It goes unseen by herself. To everyone around it's obvious But she can't see it. Some people are envious of it, Others hate her for it, And a few,
Clouds may hide sunshine, but they bring me smiles. showing beauty and grace, never defiled.   They give me perspective, prove that Im so small, yet strong enough not to fall.  
After a couple years with you I realized that my favorite color isn’t purple   It was brown   No Not any kind of brown  
Listen to me.   You are  worthy.   No matter what.   I promise, even if you never looked like this by choice, it doesn't matter, you are
The glossy magazine In the library  Is screaming.   Cheekbones! Makeup! Perfection! Pretension!   Be fake! Be beautiful! Be loved! Be sexy!  
It's mean when people make money from miseryIt's mean when people make money from my miseryIt's mean when people make money from your miseryIt's mean when peopl
A step out.  A storm in.  A single drop of blood. One of them, will win.Thundering blasts. Compulsive fasts. Murmurs inside. The skin, opened wide. Sex, oh no, agony and hatefuck,
“You and She are Her”   She’s got her feet on the ground, but hear heads in the sky Her heart so dope, and her soul is so fly
I was stopped by a man in a room made of gold He sat and told me his life story yet he couldn't look me in the eyes as he called me beautiful   We were both looking for "God" in all the wrong places
Be still, my heart, "I cannot," she says, "I have been cruelly broken, and I am in too many pieces."   I pull out a pen and tell her to bleed. Bleed onto paper the thousand words,
Bleeding ink  crying out a lullaby of pain  red fiery hair  they say she's insane  burning inside outside's much the same she is what we call beauty  is she real or a game 
A friendship so beautiful, The world's eyes are forever searching, But fail to find, rendered sightless by greed. The hatred tries to bleed into, incompetent.   A home broken like an ocean floor of glass,
 Get in the car. Drive for a little while. Among the dusty plains. It's a place I call home. Don't know anything else. Purple ringed skies. In the air carries no lies. I can breathe easy tonight. The radio is real loud. But it soothes the soul.  A
I am just a traveler in want of a little rest I had been blending through a city of the oppressed Dimming me down to the filthy ground Screaming at me, they surround
You can ride life like a tower that holds          you high with the night in your hair. You can drink in every hour and breathe           and sing to the infinite air. 
Strings of me are what girls want. White, pure, and ound. Though as I lay upon your neck, I never utter a sound. I come in many sizes, Pulled away from the sea. From an oyster shell to a jeweler,
This is what I have left, The last connection to who I used to be. I write to remember, I write to forget, I write to find where eternity meets the end. I write about hope, Long since lost
There's a battle out there- this world's got a scheme To take the 'you' and replace it with 'me' That's what they call the Hollywood machine- It just starts with one flaw may never have seen
she brings the rain. and I just wanna dance in it. 
one of the saddest things i've ever known is the weighted feeling that comes with understanding there is some no so much beauty in
Looking in the distance Towards the judgemental figures Hiding in the crowd from their cruel jokes Eyes like fire burning your skin from your bone
You can call me out my name, but I hope you don't do it for the fame. Because beauty is something everyone is given. Skin is no more than just a sheet to cover the true beauty within. Nestle Crunch Bar, oh so clever
Ah, how misleading.           A beautiful creature with an icey grace.            Soft glances and a sickly sweet smile,           Beguiling words and cursed happiness. Whatever created this shadow?
We are not the same. 
We have different goals,
 different wants, different needs.
Black words on a white page
 distract me from thoughts of you,
 and smoke fills your lungs,
 like a daily medication, 
to avoid the hurt and anger.
I see your mask. Worn wearily everyday to protect your insecurities.
She used to tell me the skies were beautiful.With not a single cloud in it and fluent shade of baby blue.In her mind, clear skies represented beauty.
Activist, Conservationist, Environmentalist Veterinarian, Psychologist, Ethologist Poet, Writer, Singer Baker, Designer, Entrepreneur Mother, Daughter, Friend
The more dirt you throw on top of a forgotten beauty, The more difficult it becomes to find. Because then it gradually changes, Disguised by the rotting filth that scuffs out it's light,
Is my black beautiful? I live in a generation that's cleaning up the mess the previous had made. Striving for equality, justice, but one thing doesn't seem to change.
We went from wake up and dress up to taking our time to impressed looks but what evey girl fail to realize is that the only beauty that counts
The beauty of the world has been masked with a false sense of acceptanceYou are designed In his favor and you aren't even smart enough to accept itWe simply continue to reflect on the irrelevant and neglect what's most import
Mirror mirror on the wall,Tell me does he love me at all?Mirror mirror hanging there,Tell me does he truly care?Mirror mirror I see you,Tell me are his words true?Mirror mirror staring back,
Beauty is a broken mirror.You try to pick up the piecesNot caring that the sharp edgesPierce your natural skin.The rough edges scar your body; They create jagged lines across something Already beautiful.
In the summer dawn I took to the mountain and field, Hopping the creek, and breathing the spearmint yield. Passing the pond, I startle the heron perched in the pine,
I am a Goddess, At least that's what she's been told all her life. Her hips sway with the breezes that follows through the trees, As the ground kisses her heels as she walked on by.
Gold Diamond rich with them carats Bold red lips and them plastics Gold Blood dripping it's a classic American Dream......
I walk along, head held high, No single man can touch my pride. I am alone, but my heart is full, Not a single moment I feel dull. It was not always like this, I used to hate myself and diss
When you feel that breeze on a Sunday,When you feel the world flowing,There is a feeling of peace.  When you wake up to the sunlight's kisses,When you stay up to the night's rhythm and blues, There is a feeling of harmony.  When you lose to a fami
ICARUS - a stiffened dream of humanity in his desire - to fly Space ships and airplanes is not full of human feeling that this dream has come true Our mind want to traveling around the stars and distant worlds
Dear nine yr old me You are a Nubian princess Wear your hair Dark and lovely A crown of curly wool On top of your head Do not pale in comparison To the brighter or whiter Your skin radiates Glows as bright as the night sky  Above a flourishing Ede
You see a forest they look at you the same Everyone... All they see is trees I do not see trees For I am blinded by the leaves of them I appreciate being blinded
     Your beauty. I see your beauty      in the middle      of the the room, like flowers cropping up      in the middle
There's something about surfing at sunset. Maybe your hands feel like ice cubes. Maybe your ribs ache against the surfboard. Maybe your arms hang, limp as noodles.  
Girls are meant to be pretty and nothing more For some, they must wear makeup in order to feel whole They put on a full face for a simple trip to the grocery store To conceal, brush, and blend the pain in their soul
Humans are Ignorant; Illiterate and Inexperienced. We live in a world Poisoned by Greed.
Some might say the color brown is boring, bland, too close to black, but if you knew, you would understand; because it’s the color of his eyes. They’re not just ‘brown’.
I stepped off the plane into a new land, and new language, and new climate, and a new culture. It was humid in Hanoi.  It was dirty. Dirt sat in the streets and people sat on the sidewalks.
You have always puzzled me You seem to be nothing more than a beautiful face With blue, bashful, stormy eyes
Her heart as deep as the ocean She is mysterious like the other side of the moon Her intellect as bright as the stars Her skin glows like a million suns   She is as fierce asa cheetah 
Dark black is my colour Don’t confuse that with another Like rich black oil flowing In seamless precision   Don’t stare at me because of your decision Don’t be perplexed because its your own confusion
 I am a contradiction, A perfect contradiction. On looking in from outside, I think I'd pass inspection.   My nails are neat, each hair in place. My clothes the latest styles.
All she asked was a simple favor A few words to end the problem She did not intend to be the reason The reason why there is blood
Sometimes when i look in your eye's I see the solar system other times when i look in your eye's it's like your soul is missing like night and day
  She has beautyNo Pride She has beautyShe just doesn't know it She has a smile She just doesn't show it  She never talks Only silence She traps herself From the violence  Is she real? Does she heal? She stares into the mirror Faces her fear  Dark
Today as I went about my Saturday ritual of housekeeping, I found my lost love for the laundry and the orange peel therein And again at midday for the sanitized scent of the dishwasher
Poetry, building up inside me. It fills me up until my lungs explode, It’s love, that brims at the seams as it sloshes
She used to trace her eyes with a path of blackI assumed it was to grab attentionShe would perfectly fill in her acne scars’ gapsMaybe it was to be the best additionBarbie dolls, and Maybelline models
Smiles are sunrises and spring flowers. They rise and grow from the joys of life. So smile.  And bring beauty into this world. 
The cold barren treesNo easy sway, but staunch in strife.No green from the leaves;No signs of life.
On the night of dying days Night men smoke their hours away Beauty queens take their light of day Succubus smile succubus kiss Succubus giveth death to unborn kid
There's this thing called beauty. It's something you were taught when you were youngerand your mother, or your father, or your grandmother would say"you're beautiful."And you believed them.
Lipstick, eyeshadow, who am I now? mascara, contour I always need more   ribbons and curls diamonds and pearls
The most exquisite thing you can be is nothing but yourself Yet most people are sham these days Splendor doesn’t rest in appearances Beauty comes from the heart The morals The noble objectives of a person
“Evening Suns” Twilight sets as a black night approaches Stars twinkle passionately “Morning Stars” Crack of dawn greets us before noon is here
Shall I compare thee to a winters night? You're darker by far and more pervasive The chill in the air kills any thought of staying out longer Rushing me inside to drink something hot and cuddle down
See through the eyes What falls in-between Touch with the tips And feel the breeze Taste with the lips And smell through the pits The tears I bleed And what nature relieves  
Today I learned that in France having a gap between your teeth is believed to be good luck   dents du bonheur good luck teeth   In France this "imperfection"
At 5 years old i thought i was beautiful. I went to school and heard them girls talking. At 7 years old i thought i was ugly. I went to school and people agreed. At 9 years old i thought i was okay looking.
I am a woman. My stomach is not flat, but my skin is soft. My lips, they whisper Gentle soothings through the night. I am a woman. Hair shows itself upon my legs; My breasts are supple;
Self worth is your swag Don't let your confidence lag Cause them haters want to eat you Deep inside they wanna be you The essence of what is true to you Self confidence is attractive
She peaks like swell in the ocean and crashes into the sand dunes. She soars with the pelicans and falls with rain. She is the orange sunset glimmering across the river, only to disappear over the west when looked upon.
I really tried not to love you I tried to find other joys in life instead but you stuck around, and not once did you leave my head  
As I was staring up at the skies the wind blew you right through my mind I looked at the gaps between my fingers and realized your hands would fit perfectly into mine
I have been put down In the harshest of ways And I cannot frown Because it is not you who deserves the blame.
Dazzled in wealth with milk and honey flowing, I look to my face   Silk from head to toe no corn in my row but my emotions have no place   at the mountain top, success on the clock with no sense of direction
In the night sky The star’s twinkle To the rhythm of my heart The man in the moon Sings me to sleep With the sweetest melody Made of light and convex beams   Colors dance in the daylight
This watch staring up at me It's face whispering, you can't live without me repeating again as eras pass over every chance to be triumphant    Mozart spent endless nights 
This is a poem that my friend, Veronica, and I wrote. Hope you enjoy! Your feedback would be greatly appreciated. (:     Thick   You called me that Tonight. I opened myself up
Beauty is... A waterfall trickling into a small pond, Moss carpet cushioning the animals as they drink, Where people have not roamed Beauty is... The enchanted forest that comes alive
A Krazy Kahlo and Picasso By Lauren Ward   All I Need Is a Painting. A Picasso. Or maybe a Frida Kahlo.  
Hidden Beauty |~Taylor Freeman~| Losing someone is extremely difficult. But when they are close to someone so young that’s the worst. Our father was killed in war;
Everyone wants to be beautiful. Nobody recognizes true beauty until it's gone.   It's just like the old saying, "you don't realize what you've got until it's gone". It's the same for beauty.  
Foundation, eye shadow, eyeliner Some of the products used by many  The clothes that society says look good are designer Am I the only one that finds jeans on clearance at JcPenny? 
Sometimes the birds will sing on Sunday Sometimes the birds won't sing Sometimes the flowers bloom early Sometimes it snows in Spring   Sometimes the sun sleeps at twilight Leaving a painted sky
We look in the mirror and see nothing but flaws We tears ourselves apart because society defines the laws   Bags under our eyes and a nose too large or too small We are completely appalled  
  Oh, your majesties, you stun me to the core with your glorious beauty. The eyes of an old sage, shine infinite wisdom, pouring into and over, everything in your paths. Oh, how I wish 
Paint me perfect on your wall. Deep wine lips, erase the flaw. Pearly white teeth that I have always hidden. You’ll see a smile I view as forbidden.
Something in my heart is suffocating Alive still, but slowly fading This feeling of something dying With constant pain and trying   Why won't someone love? Why won't someone care?
Frigid, icy shudders Heart so close to dead Yet with her hand my chest it beats Warm skin against frostbitten lips A summer kiss to dull my winter sorrow Her laugh could make the flowers bloom and birds sing
when i say you are beautiful i am not forgetting.   perhaps in beauty nature boasts the pain of life   and within you uncorrupted lays a secret garden   and within you
Find the beauty in everything As nature takes its course Let nothing stand in the way Not even the fierceness of a tender force Everyday is a blessing Another opportunity to make your life grand
Her hand danced on water Her feet like a ballerina's That smile reflects beauty Her skin flawless How could she be real? Did she come out of my dreams? That waterfall hair Deep blue eyes
I am going to live I am going to run with the stars and Scream at the sky   James Joyce will hold my hand And we will walk in a connected world As the trees mutter a familiar tune  
Dear Society, do we exist anymore? The moment we come into this world you grab hold of us like prized possessions The clothes we wear, the games we play, the language we speak, you control
I find my mind will change itself. My body will decay. My thoughts, my dreams, my aspirations turn to low vibrations and whither away. All of these material things that some hold dear to Heart...
Your Beautiful  Your Inteligent  Your Needed  You told me these things when I was young I never belived the words you told me  I threw myself down  And told myself I would never be loved  But 
He pours scalding water over your wounds boiling you from the outside in.  His words are poison soap grating off layers of the world
I found myself relapsing last night. Again. Sadness came about and held my throat with both hands, and when I stopped sputtering and gasping for sweet air, self-hatred was registered in my heart
The clouds part to reveal the stars, but the clouds themselves are also beauty; black grey grotesque scowling at earth crying furious but beauty - and the stars are overlooked, shining dully and ignored glitter, for clouds are the beauty expected
Words are an art concealed by sound and expression.  
I look out of plane view At a mountain range anew They are so beautiful That words are to dull To describe the pull That they have on my soul
A mist of sawdust moved by the exhalation of a sleeping craftsman With a start he wakes blinking in the late afternoon sun that slinks its way through the drowsy shack
All I need is a stick of graphite.  Dark and black as the night sky itself, when no stars shine and the moon hides from the horrors besieging the world.
Beauty in you. We are all human beings. Beauty is what is all underneath No makeup to hide the shame that is inside  We all make mistakes,but we have to still try  Fight to believe, dream, and achieve 
Dear Kiersten, I hope heaven isn't just full of angels. I hope there are abundant ladybugs, majestic horses, and cuddly dogs. I pray heaven is filled with beauty and song!
In your colorful irises, The universe resides…   This gigantic beauty that encapsulates our existence That that gives us feelings of timidness and distance, Is veiling its beauty with mystery
  If you see me drown alone See me standing on my own In a world of complications I have intricately sown   If you hear me in the night Shedding tears over a loss
On an island In outer space Across the world I couldn’t stay There Here Anywhere
Beauty: From Me to You Dear lover, I wish you could see the beauty in yourself The constant radiating aurora No you don’t need any Sephora
Between my fingertips I hold the key to self destructionWith no instruction but to inhaleDeep and fast to make the head rush last and with destruction in handLooking around I suddenly noticed something
True Love There are lots of kinds of love Platonic Romantic Familial Love you have for your pets Your favorite band Yourself   Love is something special
One day I wore red lipstick to feel beautifulAnd when I say red I meanthe color of a ripe strawberryThe color of fresh oozing bloodThe color of fire trucks wailing to extinguish the fire
I pass her everyday, always there, always perfect. But I'll never be like that. I like to eat. My skin is messed up. There's bags under my eyes. My lips blend wrong. But there she is,
I am a Egyptian queen 
Gradually gray transitioned to soft pink and lilac, The clouds finally dispersing after everlasting months of bleakness. The fingers of the sun stretched out sleepily, clumsily
What is beauty? The answer has alluded us for years, The question creeps into every little girl's fears. "Am I good enough?" they think, teetering on the brink.
In my darkest moments I had always stood alone, My pain kept within the confines of my mind Or spilling blood on my wrists. I had seen people loving and hating,
If I am not beautiful, Will you care to see What lies far inside of me? If my skin is not tan, Will you care for my mind? Speak up young student! Are you creatively blind?
The pain and harshness of thorns can overcome the beauty of a sweet-smelling rose. Known for its eye-catching appearance, the flower never loses the sharp defects protruding from its vines.
I can’t live without her. She is the one who has carried my compass to the top, and took my air at the floor. She loves sad songs with happy melodies.
This one goes out to all of the girls sitting in the audienceWho have had their heart broken! Come on! Raise your hands!Don't be afraid to admit that some guys just deserve to go to Hell!
People are like apples picked from a tree,The beautiful ones with no imperfections are picked first,but that makes them bitter and unripe. The bruised and dented are picked last,but that makes them sweet and delicious.
  Here in the garden, kaleidoscopic. Here where I took and ate, saccharine. Here she was born.   Let me go  Please stop it.    My veins crepuscule. Eyes dark  Lips dark
I don't remember the first day I saw this portal. This portal that showed me what the world saw. The image of me that everyone has an opinion for. Where is my opinion.
It doesn't peel away, but I can take it off It makes me feel beautiful But I can wipe it with a cloth. Compliments from boys all day Somehow boosts my confidence, but It's not me, It's my mask they see
You are                                                Ugly. Lose weight.                       Lose weight or no one will                                              love me. The other girls are 
Life is no fun when you're counting it by the hours Life is worth living when you’re gazing at this flower Of what has become and what’s going to be It stands bright and strong after stung by honeybees
I am tourmented by the pages of magazines. Beauty is only skin deep. I cut out pictures, piece them together  PERFECT! body and frame
The flower that is fertilized with toxicity, will bloom with toxicity.
I’m the ugly brambly bush I sit in the dead field With all the dead grass I’m surrounded by weeds And no gardener dare tend me  
girl in the bathroom paints on her facecovering the spots on her skin hoping to be like the otherscover it for the mornings but reminded by the night timeknowingly she changes her looks
Can something really be beautifully  tragic?Is it possible for a being to be gracefully destructive?How can a life be insignificantly worthwhile?
The wind blows  the wind howls  Mother Nature cries while we tell lies hungry greedy men  killing her children leaving her raped in the dust only to feed their lust for power and money
I AM A WOMAN i have faced with many challenges and trials i have been through discrimination and bullying i have failed i have made mistakes I AM STRONG  i have overcome the odds
Beauty Many different conceptions An individual perception Yet shared Magazines,
I see her as she stares up at the skies  Beautiful, with crystal blue eyes She looked like a sunrise  extravagant and full of promise    To know her is a gift 
beautiful people beautiful smiles beautiful broken stares glossy eyes painted faces sculpted brows bony chests hungry hearts daydreaming minds
I had the best dream ever. Sitting on a basement waiting, cat-and-mouse for a change. Unexpectedly forth came this beauty, that took me out of my cage.
If you let me, I'd like to clutch your forty-five pearlsA flawed, blinding foreignnessAnd if it's possible---the descendant of Emily DickinsonBut have you really locked yourself away?
As I wake up to the morning sky, I look upon the sun and ask myself why. Why the sun rises with such fullness and brightness. Some see it as just a star, others as God's gift to the righteous.
The first time she fell in love  was when she saw a piece of paper and felt an urge to spill her heart out. She wrote new realities because hers weren't so sweet. She sees the world as it is:
What really matters in life? Family, friends, religion, money, fame? The list goes on, but life doesn’t. It’s important to not feel foreign in your own skin
Limp blonde hair falling in her eyes Parted red lips releasing a sigh   Her skin looked like porcelain As the cold began to set in   A sense of freedom in her eyes
I am constantly told I'm pretty. For my skinny. my natural beauty. Who am I? I am Savannah Pehrson . "the nicest girl with a bubbly personality".  The girl who believes in inner beauty. I go to school and see what we all see. Pretties.
Pain brings the saddest days or the happiest moments Pain of sacrifice is more bueatiful then a childs pain turned into a starlit lotus If you lose pain you lose focus
What beauty is to you, isn't what it is to me. They say beauty is your skin, pale and fair. They say beauty is in your eyes, they tell all. They say beauty is your mind, strong and smart. 
Ugly as the mirror fragments a mask upon my face No, Ugly Like the shattered remains of a broken moon admist a nighttime eclipse No more No, Ugly
A generation of beauty, wasting away into darkness, the beauty of a smile, the uniqueness of a beauty mark, fading away,
Often I look up to the Skies Relishing the beauty it holds Adorned at night by twinkling Stars And daily by the fiery Sun The full moon so enthralling The wavy Clouds so gorgeous
Those winter leaves are wanting me I used to be a quiet girl I used to sit in nature, hidden from the world Those winter leaves are calling me Pushing me to be the best I can be
I press my forehead against your cheek,A hypochondriac child desperately pleas with fear,“Am I sick? Am I sick?” 
At first I was lost at words. Words to describe such beauty I’ve seen. Her looks and movements were unreal. I asked myself, “Who is this being?” Because I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.
“Gather Ye Rosebuds While Ye May” By: Wardah Elghazali      Picking roses One by one Two by two   Beauty was born And Beauty will soon die
Hunting another calloused hand to hold I became lost in worlds of temptation, Used for beauty, hollowed, taken & sold To the pursuit of my validation.   Growing my muscles, both body and brain
Do you like my Pretty little mask? It smiles and it waves. It hides the girl underneath And fills so many graves.   So Many girls both near and far, Want my mask of sin.
Jazsmin jaz - man     noun      f  1. A blossoming flower that will always keep growing She silently developes within the faith of her blooms
From the day you looked in the mirror you questioned your flaws ‘You’re a beautiful girl” replayed in your head but your eyes wouldn’t let you believe
The Ocean                            I sit on a patch over looking the ocean                                    my body quivers like it full of emotion
Dear lover, ​I write a lot. There are words scribbled on my palms, my arms.
Waking up to you is like discovering a foreign place. I trace every birthmark on your skin to find your face. I was a vast land, long forgotten and claimed my none. Curious eyes reached beyond the horizon, it had begun.
She is mint green and soft baby blue
At that very moment I wanted nothing else, I just wanted all of him to myself.
People judge by the mirror's expectations. They don't look inside with appreciation. Maybe people aren't always outwardly beautiful, But that does not mean their souls are dull.  
I ate too much chocolate, they said. Eating too much chocolate, makes my eyes and hair brown. Just brown. But I wanted blue eyes and yellow hair.
As we drift west 'neath cotton wisps and buttes, Cerulean and pearly white combine To mock at spinach-green and call it mute, And point it to the highway's yellow line.
I crush me between my fingers and palm, squeezing tightly - relentlessly Into my balled up fist I threw the things that make me me.  The bad things -
Beauty is never a careful color Its an angry amber, a vibrating violet Courage is never a planned step Its a shaky bridge, a broken ankle Truth is never a smile and a wink Its a broken dream, a sober triumph
The Stream Life is like a stream
You are beautiful
"You look so pretty!"
You tell me who to be, and then refuse to walk Along the beaten path you carved for me.  I stumble along rocks, and smell each blooming bud.  Why do you make things so sweet and empty?  
My name is curiosity Hope is my cousin, and fear is my mother
I sat quietly outside idling by, when the image of a woman caught my eye. My eyes fixated on her dark orange dress with a skirt that went just past her knees; not such beauty has any man ever seen.
She walks with pride, showing elegance within each stride.
I wanted to write a poem for him  
Haphazardly beautiful rocks Spewed onto the Ground bright and Safe through eyes of Blue Shade so sweet to eyes of brown red eyes see it Dead, Rustic eyes Move fast and catch a glimpse
I am beautiful. Some may choose to call me “vain” or “conceited” for this but they don’t understand. I choose to call myself beautiful because sometimes I fail to see it.
She is strong  She is more than just a pretty face  She is more than just a girl that takes up space  She is a girl that sings her own song    No one asks her name 
I was a mummy   My bandages unraveled My heart disintegrated Into bits of dust and ash Of which particulate the atmosphere I have burnt in the fire of addiction in my family  
You ask me who am I I’m the expression of beauty seen only by few, the splattered paint people call art
As they run and gallop through the countryside, Their manes and hooves seem to glide. As fast and fierce as they can be, No other animal seem so free. Their love for human kind shows their big hearts,
I fell in love with an artist.
Forever crow another one Chips and chirps of unseen ones The voices I once heard begin to fade As the voices die down Mother nature begins to speak Her whispering soul flows through the trees
I am the Sun. I am every ray of light that strikes The Earth. I am eternal. Even amidst the cloud-filled sky, I am burning ever bright. And I will continue to burn,
I am I am nothing but I can eventually be something I am two eyes and heartbeat and mouth that is full of words I am the heart that beats inside of me and the blood that pumps through my veins
You say you’re not not deepBut your eyes have a different storyThey tell me you want to enjoy life and make it funnyYou want trust again but afraid of failure
The beginning was harsh Lava everywhere and with no life form Thunderstorms braking out eveyday Tornadoes hitting the ground tearing up the lands Tsunamis covering the lands Hail dropping from the sky
I wrote a poem about a girl, And I though that I'd share it to the world. So That it would bring hope to the ones That are heart broken, And help them to find words that are soft spoken.
I sit inside and Let the world hurry by.  
The morning sun rises peacefully  and the birds begin to play. The soft glow of pink and red turns 
Why, in the relentless progression,
On airy cliff side sits the falcon’s nest, A perch of splendid vacant seaside view, And in it does my youthful spirit rest, Absorbing breath of air and sky of blue; While body lives the life of down-below,
The lens of her minds eye is tinted  
What makes beauty? Do you have to have a skinny waist? Do you have to have expensive taste? What makes beauty?
If you could paint a picture, what would you draw? A dark night full of mystery?
Oh lord, look at the moon
A Simple Seed Existence The seed everyone shares Ignorant and seemingly unremarkable it grows
Some foundation, some powder Don't forget to line your eyes And paint your lips And just a little bit of blush And cover up that pimple That eye is a little bit bigger than the other
When God creates His souls
Beauty Simplicity Bliss a cheek, the air, a kiss. Each simple wonder works, to bring somebody perks. No wonder power weakens, and jewels, and money speak too.
Our journey is about to begin The trek is high The time is nigh Up we go over rocks and rubble A few do fall A frightened call But still we climb; higher and higher One final leap
Call it beauty Call it beauty when the stars blanket the night sky When the birds sweeten the morning air When the rain rejuvenates the fresh soil When waterfalls look like falling pristine sugar
There’s something glorious about being a woman Like the feel of Saturday mornings when you don’t have to go anywhere And the sky is painted with lilacs and periwinkle and you wonder “Why do I ever go to Sunday school
Life descends upon us unawares living is a beauty so beguiling   As a human subject to her whim how could you not embrace her smiling?   To awaken with such potential
People say that white is pure But I have found that green is far more unadulterated   Until now, I never noticed how one color could evoke so much fulfillment  
Life is short, but life has offerings. So many offerings, that so many don’t learn to take. From a young age I was offered beauty and pain. The pain wasn’t a choice, but the beauty was.  
It did not feel like it should be snowing, but it was. The air was almost warm, my jacket was open. Walking along the dark dirt path I saw
feel beneath those cuts your soul radiates beauty battle scars come forth
Up before dawn, with curtains still drawn
The Old Masters paint ladies with rough horsehair brushes and treat them with noxious turpentine.
Alas; woe to my eyes--    Let them not see.   The object of my affection   Cares not of me.  
Laying on the floor At the bottom of a pit Created in my mind All the light drained from the world.   A rope fell to the bottom Brushing my hand Begging me to grab on.  
Hello! Attached is a video I made for my poem, if you could watch that as well. Let it load a little if it doesn't work right away. Thank You, Enjoy and Share the Poem with others!
Time passing               Seconds               Minutes                                            Hours                                                          Days and Weeks and Years
Why is it that Mother Nature Blesses the winter With an ivory coat and Blesses the spring
Deep and rich,Smooth and clear,A masterpiece painted for the ears,A sweet perfume to the listener.A silvery song,A tenor or base,The loud radio announcer,Or the soft-spoken artist.
Recall the days, not long ago, When you were but a pup, And all the world was marvelous, Nowhere to grow but up.   With each new dawn came new delights, To learn, to act, to feel;
An understanding friend
Left and right,The Music flows.Forward and backward,
I see instruments singing, the noise of the universe,
Without Her I would be alone,Without Her I would be lost,
Standing on a hill Feels like I am queen of the world The city lights dance before my innocent eyes The whispers that float to my ears You are beautiful The world is beautiful If only we could see
Her touch is a push and a pull, It'll have you losing your mind and at the same time heal your soul. A savage she is. She'll claw you like a piece of meat, While the beast in her kisses your lips.
Pain, pain, so easy to feel, so easy to see
Beauty A misunderstood, hopelessly articulated, constantly changing concept The true meaning which has died Buried under social media, magazines, models, makeup Under designer clothes and fancy cars
The descending sun casts brilliant hues of orange and red across the sky
I need to find a place;Where the music will flow,
Once in a blue moon,On a windless night,
Those pretty little faces that you see
  The wind pushes against my window as if it’s aching to get inside 
Do you see beautiful? Do you... Well... Do you see beautiful in me? Sorry for asking. It's just, Maybe beautiful is A choice, not a birthright.
All Around Beauty Natural and Real Unadulterated By Man's Dull Existence Butterflies Birds Even leaves Hold powerful significance to the  Watchful eye
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In the hanging garden. Death. Death is calling. It wants. It needs. For me. To be set free.  
Wily charms of erected façades placatethe dissimulated crowds of unreasonabilitywaiting to laud falsity to heights unwarrantedwithin this impossible dream-of-a-life covered by
So many photos that compliment your curves until I compliment your curves.. "Swerve" you say I've somehow fallen into a pool of not acknowledging your worth..
I find beauty 
She walks within, she walks without She shines in the sun's rays And she shines when the lights have gone out   Radiating warmth she glides towards us In her wake is love and joy
one of the scariest things that i ever came to realize was that it was my natural instinct to kill what i found to be more beautiful than anything else. no one pays it any mind when it's just a flower.
Beauty fares away like a boisterous laugh after a well told joke but after the punch line
In your anger, you're glorious. Metaphoric muscles flexing. Jaw popping.And through it all- Your eyes burning.   
I came here with the seagulls  I’m a born city-dweller  but the water crashes
Just like the lines on splintered wood,
Life is worth living because of these.     Strum of coastal breeze, sugary and smooth,       lock of hair that flits away from my face.                Rustle of leaves, slight and drifting,
The snow dances down Like prima ballerinas, Floating and flitting. It lands with not one small sound, A lull, then orchestra swells.
As a young woman it seems my body serves threat to my soul. My body making up me; unqiue. Curved and straight and flat and wide and thin and all, is my own.
it's hard to be aware of the moving world around the whipping and rushing and tripping and gushing it's hard to stay with your feet on the ground   and it's much too easy to lose that footing
Your skin, it breathes Your hair, it speaks, Your mouth it loves. You speak gods into the minds of men and your silence shakes the Earth that supports you Its hard to feel awesome, when pain lingers
I always used to see rainbows as a kid-
How easy it is to lose what we cling to! How fragile, these shining lives, how easily extinguished, yet how beautiful.   Our bones - reliable, powerful, wonderfully crafted, are but toothpicks 
us black women, like samples at a grocery store set out to be picked over but is  never fully paid for .
The past is what is said and done The pictures that I used to take weren't for fun It is hard to believe because you can only see the outside Where I can use filters to cover up and hide
Hummingbirds Hummingbirds give me hope I see them buzz, they rarely mope. When I’m tired and blue Few creatures point directly back to you. Those Hummingbirds that do not sing
I love you, don't you know that yet? You are my rock My moon My sun My ray of hope  My sunday morning The weight that holds me together You are the main star to my night
I needed
Your eyes brighten my heart, your smile takes my inner child and caresses me, soothes me, if my eyes rolled back and I melted into the very essence of your soul, I could not be happier to be inside such a wonderful image of beauty, happiness and
Through the glass I look Searching for some answer Faces slanted into an opaque distortion Everywhere I gaze
how could someone so beautiful  so gentle and kind,  be a murderer?    well here's how:  she tells herself that she is hideous,  that she is nothing.  she slowly kills herself, 
I'm cold. A chill in the air. Wood fire dwindling to smolders. Ash crisped cinders to share. Cotton between our shoulders. That endearing musk of burnt wood.
I've always been told that I'm not good enough I'm told that I need to change to fit in But I just respond with "Nah, that's not me"   I was at my first party and someone handed me a drink
eyes wide ingesting everything ravenous retinas resolution high wind whips blurry hurried blinking bliss air warm thick breaths breeze blue sun beams vast view  
People always wonder why the greatest & most loved people leave us. We are all flowers in a beautiful a garden. Some of us more beautiful than others, whether it be because of our actions, or simply our hearts of gold.
someone asked me the other day when i told them i was gay if i could really truly prove it and i knew, that i could do it   i know from the way i describe the way her hips swing from side
Why must , in every picture, she look so beautiful?
You are a masterpiece. 
When will some one find and keep me? They all see a piece of me and not the full me. I'm either intelligent, pretty, funny, or anything else that people see on the outside.
I sometimes I wish was blind and in a perfect world as you as my image.
Beauty cries out To the young girl playing princess, To the teen girl scrutinizing the reflection. To the mom who weeps at a morphed form. To the one in the wheelchair… To the book worm… To everyone.
Deep within the earth’s core A pool of magma dreams to soar Beyond the darkness Because although this pool is very bright ---- It is only their own light --- And they want more They crave more
He moved here for people like me From an old place called Italy But never lost sight of his family And wanted them to see what he had He didn’t want them to be sad He had a son Only one
No filter No control. I don't choose to look like I do. With dead eyes. And an empty smile. No filter No control. I did not ask for this. My frame too large for photo encasing.
Ignorance is such a beautiful thing, But oh how toxic it can be. You poisoned my mind with words of beauty, Songs of joy my heart did sing,
There are 26 letters in the English language. There are thousands of words There are millions of sentences and you control this entity with your one mouth To build empires To tear down nations
They say if I want to fit in Than I should Walk like them Talk like them Dress Like them They say that beauty
I was talking to my little sister yesterday
The path has never been a straight one, 
I'm Daniel at warFacing the tallest of the GiantsMy rocks won't reachMy voice muffled in the echoes of silence
That beautiful girl with her eyes that look like they belong on a painting those eyes that could stare down anything and anyone  they look right through your's and see right into your very heart
Who am I with #NoFilter you ask... You may see a  dollar all wrinkled and torn and then that perfect straight crisp dollar but they both are still dollars right? Filters just cover up the imperfections on the outside.
Whirl your pointed pines 
I'm a china, glass doll girl, people think I'll  break.   Problem is they don't know how much I've already had to take.    And putting me on a shelf was never my idea of fun.  
Kim Kardashian. Taylor Swift’s new guy. Magazines and Social Media  flow in like the tide,
Hair tied in knots, Lipstick smeared off, The room that I'm in, Littered with cloth. Homework undone, Bed untidy, Finding myself, Dirty and grimy. I take a step back,
Her beauty is a flowershyly peeking its head above ground,but bursting with color.Hers is thegentle touch of the spring breeze,the placid clarity of
I have seen the moon How many times have I seen the moon? One hundred? One thousand?
Seeing the sunrise peak from behind the city skyline The mirror image in the soft waves below Feeling the the sun's warmth brush against the back of my neck During a beautiful winter day
I sit in a room A dark and cold room A lifeless,
 dank room   In the corner I sit I sit and wait I wait for hours From days to week  
I am an explorer
In a world where people are periodically posting pics and sending selfies to fellow citizens, there is a surprising amount of self hate surrounding the subject.
Friends are those who claim to have your back
Strip me of my mocha colored skin  and my velvet coursed curly hair,  and tell me darling...what do you see?    
Lights. Curtain. Action!
Fiametta Under the layers of our years, Beneath that wizened crust,  sleeps the ageless spirit that once set fire to our eyes.
                                                                               #NoFilter I'd like to think of myself as an artist whose canvas is
A million selfies, now a million and oneI've sent to the eyes of the man who held the gun.The gun of the happiness I asked him ownOn account of the interest and affection he'd shown.
I rub my eyes, Eyeliner, Mascara, Streaks my face.   Makeup remover, Wipe, By wipe, It disappears.   I continue, Foundation, Concealer,
Ordinary. Is what we are without all the excess Is what the world looks like day to day
Before the mask an urged facade we were shamelessly us but they found it odd   An idiosyncrasy  among their "perfection" trying to fit in  there was a disconnection  
I am full of hormones, emotions, and fears. I’ve hidden behind a mask for years.   Not a literal mask, like the one Phantom wore But a more subtle one—that made me seem adored.  
When you look at the world What do you see? Do you view your food and friends in Mayfair and Valencia? Your wasting your time deciding which accent makes your skin look tan
Exposed Naked Vulnerable to insult With his x-ray vision he saw through my imperfections And looked into something beautiful. He saw parts of me I kept hidden. Things I threw into a box marked shame.
I am a girl who puts on makeup to feel beautiful I am a girl who put extensions in her hair to feel wanted I am a girl who wear pretty dresses to feel girly
You look in the mirror, Begin to apply the corrupted judgments of society upon what you see. But what the mirror doesn't reveal is what truly matters.
Beauty is being kind Beauty is being lovig Beauty is being compassionate Beauty is being understanding Beauty is being true   A pure and real self is who you are
Life without filters is beautiful,
Flawed your a beautiful creature With thorns of purple petals that tend to flow to mellows of sweet shallow melodies and you tend to have the sweetest n
She told me "you will not be much of anything, People just look right through your frail bones You will never make much of a difference because You will end up very cold naked afraid alone
I don't recognize my own reflection anymore. That sad, broken girl in the mirror can't be me, can it? How did this happen?  How do I fix this? That's it. No more selfies.  No more selfies will I post,
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I'm not as skinny as I'm supposed to be  and don't have flawlwss skin.  My laugh is a little obnoxious, but hey this is me.  I don't cake my face with makeup  to live up to the "beauty standard"
I am beauty. I may not look like it I may feel like it
I saw a river in her stretch marks It was beautiful I knew if I travelled long enough  I'd find her delta The place where she began.  Her ocean was so wide I'd never come close to knowing her depth 
Beauty cannot be measured, Nor can it possibly be the only thing that matters, But perception is reality, And what the human mind believes instantly morphs into truth, I am a slave to its tyranny,
                                                        Without these filters I Am Human. The pain that I feel Emotional or physical Is real The laughter I have
The tablet hovers before my face And captures it with an audible click a still reflection of me will join a sea of photography and my lungs are about to be flushed with eyes that are thirsty for their
The tablet hovers before my face And captures it with an audible click a still reflection of me will join a sea of photography and my lungs are about to be flushed with eyes that are thirsty for their
Maybe I'm crazy and insane. Maybe we are not the same. But now I know what I see. Every time you look at me. It's innocence, That light. A light that shines through any dark night. And tho you are far away. These words I still have to say.
I am the better side of darkness and the dim side of light. I didn’t KNOW my blackened heart had a sense of what was right.
They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but what if that view is fallacious?
Hands swiping the screen Hot, sweaty fingers ruining the perfectly delicate smooth glass shield of the device Two pairs of eyes, feeling the burn of the blinding light
So interested in what people think and see I ofen forget about the real me. The glow of my pure chocolate skin, the way the tip of my chin caves in. 
I've try to convert if I can The will of the canvas at my demand So many different ones to counsel in Purple, red, yellow, blue or green
A six year old girl ran to the bathroom And stretched Scotch tape from her eyes to her ears To make herself as pretty as girls society consumes To hide her insecurities, and fears
This poem deviates slightly from the suggested topic explaining, instead, the psychological state of adolescents and women in this day and age who aspire to a level of perfection that doesn't exist and how the failed attempt to do so leads to
I see me Not a me I want to see... but a me that I can't unseen A me that is viewed as incadescant in the eyes of the profane A me that sins to fit in with people that believe
Tick tick tick A silent wish One owned by quietness Tock tock tock
Jesus walks with in me day by day When I show them the real me they say it's not okay They say it's weird and awkward to show who you really are
I'm not afraid of my shadow, Or the satin woven black Of the night sky, Words it lack. I'm a heavy breather, Fantasiser, I believe In the Northern light. But strap my arms Behind my back
Paths.Straight or sturdyCurved or dirty
Click! Another selfie taken Click! Another selfie deleted. My eyes are too big My lips are too pouty My hair is too curly Click! No! It's not perfect!
15 likes.  20 Likes.  Not enough. Not enough.  Is it my nose?  My Hair?  Why?  Why don't they like me?  Why am I so wrapped  trapped  tangled  my confidence 
Defines not the whole of my being. Hosts the absence of vitality and worldly beauty. Yields contrived images of darkness and the unknown. Fulfills past shadows of forgotten spirits.
Red locks of fire Framing my expression Eyes of changing colors  From under the earth to the green above Legs of a gazelle  Nose of a boar Wide grin and sparkling teeth Pristine and perfect
When you see that pretty lone flower you pick. When you see the random round rock you kick it. When you see me you see nothing different,
The Skin I’m in The Skin I’m in doesn’t mean I am covered in sin Or that I am corrupt from within born into a life of violence and rage. That because of my skin tone I am an animal uncaged.  
Another long day Pretending to be
When I take a picture   I smile and stare at my relfection.   My mind wonders if they will like it   if they will see me the way  I see me.  
Your eyes are like the ocean full of secrets someone could get lost by staring to long some people enjoy them yet some people never have yet to experience them
“I’m so proud you’re my sister,”  “because you’re so beautiful!” His compliment attacked my stomach,
I love TV and all its perfectness.
I am whoever they say I am It is unfair to let a person judge themselves. It is the world who shapes us without filters. We sit here studying books all on our shelves.
What do you see,When you look in the mirror?You see you,And I see me.We are different,That is perfect,And how it's supposed to be.
Who wants to be like me? They say I am not popular They say I am far from perfect Without the makeup Without the filters I am me And on the inside I know that I am perfect
"Feminism" is taking over, and wow, they have a point. Men can do what women do and women do as men. But is it really feminism...   When we tell a girl that she ought to wear pants
Without filters or make-up, I am like a flower that grows with natural beauty. I am my own mirror that reflects my true skin, I`m a beauty that is priceless. I`m ordinary pretty.
My grandfather's smile leads me forever
Big brown eyes, Maybe too slim,  Maybe too loud,  Hair too long, Maybe too out of control, We see how the media depicts us,  Women especially, No,
Right now, I am breathing uneasily and imperfectly, similar to how I carry myself. My breath and my own piece of mind. These are the things that follow me around.
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.  That's society That's life Where are we now?  Make up Filters Editing Is this beauty?  Chocolates  Roses  Are they cliche? 
A wise man once said, "If we could physically base peoples apperances off of ones personality today, who would we consider beautiful?" I would argue that our perception would stay exactly the same
Underneath I have a dirty heart You all will fail, so I can win I am not clean and cut like my selfies But I am rough and tough like so many I do not really care about you So what if I lie and say that I do?
Ruddy, thats what they call my complexion A mix of pure white and dots I am calico The contours of my body are softly proportioned  a little extra here and there but I am muscled  I am strong  
Amaro Rise Valencia Umm, Saturation let's make it 10 Warmth 41, there done. #NoFilter #AllNatural But how is it that we go ahead and fidget with the icons on instagram 
The Authentic Me by Hunter E Jones   Does the selfie define me? Am I worthy? Am I pretty?
I watched a bluebird on a window sill She sat there placid, calm, and singing. We shared the morning sun out in the chill, We let its rays shine down on our faces; freezing.  
   Love is the feeling of sensations. To hold a pain in your heart for someone, To capture that pain- Only making it whole when the lover is present. It is the emptiness in the chest,
You can see it. A grey mass with the weight of Universes. Skyward, we travel to lands beyond comprehension. Skyward, we travel back home. Skyward, we travel to the land
I am a perfectionist with a capital P. Let down if I get less or equivalent to a B, because I want to be the best that I can be, and yet, I can never seem to keep my room clean for more than a week...
Illusions casted Childhood memories awake Clear lenses of me 
If I told you I wore my heart on my sleeve You wouldn't believe,  because its barely a heart.   It's bruised and its scarred  From all the places its been marred by my own insecurity.  
I woke up like this.
I am a woman who can do it all Even though I am so small I have so much potential  because I know most of the essentials
In and from this world what do we really want?
Makeup and picture themes Time well spend
Come up with a poem of you, they say. Who are you? What should we know? To begin with -- I am a simply intricate girl of 18, with the future on my mind and a reminiscent heart. My soul resides at home,
Sometimes the cloud makes it hard to think There are thoughts rushing through my mind People telling me who I should be What I should wear  How I should look   I think I'm not good enough
I am flawless With the pimple on forehead
Every second of every day The world is telling women how to behave Wear your hair like this, your makeup on point And if you're over 110 pounds Get your ass to the gym
My life has never been perfect but what is perfection?   Is perfection when you're always happy
I am a fleeting fragment
  Rarely do I see stretch marks, bruises, and scars in the media The absence of flaws on models and celebrities is extremely concerning It implies that imperfections are a shameful appearance
Human 2  humans are such fickle creatures  they can never decide they go into something thinking one way  and wanting this then by the end thery're thinking the complete opposite 
Oh how rarely Do we breathe so very deeply That the depths of our souls Are revitalized.
The world is filled with pressure  to be something you are not for their pleasure 
There’s something comical
Early mornings
I can see the world above 
....... But what if Beauty was a book Not to be judged by its cover but an inward look Much like the "fetridekyi" which doesnt have a nice appearance but we the Ewes still cook
the words didn't come easy when i sat down to ... write I almost claimed writer's block and gave up without a  fight "no filter", my topic a pretty broad umbrella
Energy, Great, Cute     Why do I need a filter?  Fun, Sarcastic, Sweet     Why do I need to be fake?  Nice, Helpful, Talented?        I don't need a filter to live. 
If you asked me to name your beauty, I would say you are a sky.  
Who am I, through a completely organic lense? A lense with no skewer or sharpener no falsehoods or pretends   What am I in an entirely natural glow? A glow that eminates my true personality
Blank canvases that inhale and exhale with motives to live. That's all we are painted by Biology a gamble in the darkness of who wins the lottery of appeal.   Sometimes we are created
The leaves slowling falling down So many leaves on the ground Branches swaying back and fourth The wind moves them and makes them free The trees look so alive They move and they breathe
Blood as red as a rose They said death was something that you just chose Truthfully it chose you
Perfect this.
During my birth and in my life I didnt come alone: I came with a wife
You are the waves of the ocean, Unapologetically crashing to the shore, Then seeping back out to the sea, To rise and fall unyieldingly.   You are the trees in the forest, Radiant and confident,
Remove the filters that surround our lives.  Don't sugarcoat it to the ones outside.  The world as we know it can be harsh and cruel, so let's not pretend that it always looks cool.
I am not the shade of my lipstick.Instead I am the
Let's face it, reality is pretty boring, several hours of brain torturing; grades, test, and jobs only create worrying; what is all this that we spend our time juggling?
When it comes to how people view themselves you all have a blind spot. When you look in the mirror you don't see the same things I do. You see mistakes & flaws. I see perfection & beauty in My making.
The harmless freckles that cover my face, The numerous scars on my cheeks and my waist, The extra skin that exists on my thighs, The obvious bags that surround my tired eyes, The size of my large and annoying ears,
when one takes a scroll through my instgram feed they see a girl who is a animal lover,music lover, food lover and a make up enthusias but when I the stop posing
I am flawless from my head to my toes No clothes or filters can better what’s already gold I shine so bright and I don't need to be told For its my beauty within, that makes me so bold
Who am I deep down? Am I flawless, or am I hidious.  What do people think of me deep down. She is perfection, she is distruction. But deep down I am just me. I am me. Not you or her or him or them.
This is me Unedited,  Unfiltered me I am the cries at night when hearts break The anger when it's broken I am the fear when the world is coming down The tension felt when it's falling
I haven't ever told anyone this But I'm scared to look, In the mirror anymore. I'm scared to raise my eyes to see the reflective world, Because the one I see, Just isn't me, her eyes are black-colorless
Will to love the wrong person Their ugliness never seems to bleed
I am a teenager I am reckless I make mistakes I stay out late and do nothing I am on my phone all day    I am a student I have 3.0 GPA I am a leader I take too many AP Classes
GoPro cameras and Selfie Sticks, our ancestors would be horrified. But it doesn’t matter because fabricated images, and fraudulent stories are glorified. What’s wrong with putting your best self out there?
Once when I was seven, My mother came home with a doll. It had blonde hair. Blue eyes. A narrow frame. She handed it to me and she said, "A princess for my princess."
Hashtag “no filter” Hashtag “no edit” Dear valencia and sierra I owe you the credit   Blurry pictures Red eyes And blemishes galore Dislike, mean comment, take it down Good Lord!
I am BEAUTIFUL Through glasses and worn shoes that have been forgotten, I stand as a woman who is looked on as beautiful, Through torn clothes and worn hands ,
I am dark eye circles. I am nothing but gross, winter skin tapered onto a bored face. I am yellowed teeth, and thanks to dad, hideous manbrows.
Waking up every morning, I take a look in the mirror in my room.   She stares back at me, that girl on the glass. Her eyes have much to say, yet they remain ever so gloom. Is she waiting…hoping for a chance?  
Highly underrated  Highly anticipated  Got one goal that is being the greatest  Prove doubters wrong when I make it  Been plotting this moment since my momma was pregnant 
Seaglass is just a wish Worn by capricious Waves and then tossed carelessly on the sand, where we find it. Or do we?
If it isn’t my skin, then what shall it be? The two arms and legs that extend directly from me? That enable me to run past the wind, and jump the hurdles in front of me.
I wonder what I can give, as far as wisdom goes,   for I am somewhat young and have many years to live. The cool Autumn wind blows
If I must confess
No knows, why the sequoia stands so tall, From below, it’s just another tree, But through the storms it never fall, Stretching skyward, and free.   It isn’t adorn with fragrant flowers,
A pearl, Dipped in love and frosted with perfection,
Her hair is a mess, her eyes are swollen
Beauty is as thin and temporary as the Skin cells we shed each day, so Pull out the X-ray and take a deeper Look, for true beauty lies within  In the muscle that gives me strength And connects the
Beauty is as thin and temporary as the Skin cells we shed each day, so Pull out the X-ray and take a deeper Look, for true beauty lies within  In the muscle that gives me strength And connects the
i woke up like this, sun in my eyes sqinting towards the day ahead. beary eyed and a dry mouth with a side of drool a disheveled mess with a good morning sounding like a grunt. 
Flawless? I wouldn't think so.
  I am Invisible, Determined I wonder when I will be heard I hear a faint whisper I see a hand held out
In my fantasy I can do anythingI dream, I fly, and soar through the skyThat twinkles with the mesmerising stars of the universe
I'm not that perfect valencia skin beauty I'm that beauty that can be a pizza face I'm not that small forehead lucky individual I'm that five forehead cutie Is it okay? Is it okay?
I was born beautiful. Society will tell me different.    I have curly hair. Long, tangly, brown, curly locks.  I grew to hate my hair.  I was 5, already craving to use a hair straightner. 
Not good enough? What is “good enough”?               Will I be “good enough” when my hair is down to my ass And my eyes are altered to turn blue from thin layers of magnifying glasses
Why does everything have to be based off a tragedy. Is it not advantageous enough to just have a beneficial life anymore.
Each and every day of my life, I search
What is considered attractive? How is beauty measured? Aren't we all special as individuals?
I don't know what I want
When people look at me, they don't see me. There's a girl who's put together on the outside, With makeup and hair done to a tee. But deep beneath the surface,  I'm insecure, I'm broken,
Birthmark. Stretchmark. Scar.   Round cheeks. Flat cheeks. Fat.   Muffin top. Hair on top. Stick.   Dark skin. Freckled skin. Pale.  
My sneakers are covered in mud, my thighs sore from the wieght, I keep pushing myself, an image flashes through my mind, a model from a magazine, I think of all the ways I could improve,
My buck teeth are beautifulThey make me look like a bunnyMy one hidden dimple is gorgeousIt pops out when something's funnyMy pale skin radiantLike ivory pearlsMy strong assertive voice
FAT, TUBBY, BIG, CHUBBY, SLOPPY, GROSS, SMELLY All depictions of a full woman portrayed upon the television of society Blinded by our true beauty, so let me regulate for a moment
Fresh out the shower Kinky curls so soft and bouncy Flowing everywhere as it dries Creating a giant afro of curls   I look in the mirror and lather on lotion I get dressed and grab my phone
Beautiful? Maybe   Always thinking of the right words to say It would have been clearer if I said it my way Every move is in need of some thought Always unsure if they get it or not…
I trace the outline of love with your hand: A feeling that can come in many forms; Someone strong as rock simply turned to sand, A new protection from the passing storms;
I look to the stars above: I see the galaxies, swirling In a brilliant array of light- Now I look at me.    I see two eyes Colored with the heavens' imagination. I see freckles,
I try to control myself But the temptations are hard My thoughts are to strong My mind is long gone   I try to control myself But not when everyones there My eyes see all wrong 
Nature is a mystery, but I am unique. The world spins around in an orbit, but my head spins through imagination of wild stories. Out of boredom, the weather becomes a hectic storm,
Beauty a subject spoken and thought by many, understood by only a few. Society has distorded our perspective on beauty by promoting make-up and surgery, they want to change everything that makes you, you.
Cry your final tears now,don't hold it in For tomorrow holds another chance to live again Keep your head held high in confidence and pride Just let go, relax, enjoy the ride Things will pan out in the end
Where the air flows fresh and crisp And life radiates shades of green And orange and red and colors That run deeper than the scars Of the Earth; Where the grasp of man halts, Giving way to nature,
I'm addicted to beauty, Addicted to destruction. I'm addicted to pieces and broken things Because I'm trying to find my "whole". I'm addicted to the sunrise, And to the moonrise,
Would a filter be typing? Would a filter mean no erasing? Does that mean I can't correct my grammar?   I'm going to give you the realest me there is, no bullsh*t.   Well, to begin, my appearance.
I am more than the 4C type It does not get me where I’m going in life The kinkiness does not exemplify what I am capable of Just how I present myself out of love  
You know perfection Is a man-made word Because it is shallow. Though its implications are potent, No poetry projects from its reflection –
Immaculate, impeccable.
I never really understood why Instagrammers hashtag #NoFilter As if it were some kind of excuse To say “Hey! If you think I’m ugly, it’s because I have #Nofilter.” I find it rather unnecessary to
Age is but a state of mind, Ignorance is bliss but makes us blind. The true beauty hidden in plain view, To be plucked from a tree and birthed anew. A Juliet in every Apple's seed,
When I close my eyes
Perfect sunkissed moonlight hides the lines of my imper
Months of endless preperation Perfecting the smallest of things Weeks of no sleep Putting your heart into it all Putting your soul inot it all All for a crown and title   They said
There I was Here I am Now I’m there Now I’m gone How can I tell who I am? Each day a new me is born. So sorry, There is no answer to who I really am Just one to who I’m not
I'm here to be born. I'm here to learn how to speak. I'm here to learn how to walk. And I'm here to learn not to be weak.   I'm here to listen to music. I'm here to listen to the birds.
I woke up in this body Without any glamour whatsoever Loving myself forever Without idolized beauty Sounding a little bit loopy I woke up in this pattern Without a round tootie
 You can't tell me that everyones not beautiful.  You can't tell that your imperfection don't make you beautiful. you can't tell me that a beauty, a gap, or wide eyes aren't beautiful.
Remember when girls went through that "selfie" phase? It was like for every picture of their face that they posted The hashtag was "no filter" Followed by a billion heart emojis and smiley faces
We are skin  We sweat, we breathe We sing, we dance  We laugh, we love  But we are skin  Painted Exposed Vibrant  And soft  We are judged  Not by the likeness of heart 
life is not perfect, now isn't this true and believe it or not neither am I or you but perfection is not everyones dream friendship and love will mend a tear in beautys seam
Although our faces may stand behind a electronic shield, Hidden from reality, We can still detect the truth if we were to peel, Peel the colors from your pictures and disocver the unreality 
A smile speaks for itself. It can make people melt. But can you see what’s going on inside? Can you see their true self? A smile holds a thousand words. A smile can hide away what they truly feel.
Get up in the morning Straighten your hair Put on lipstick You can’t shop there   Your “suggestions” are the foundation of insecurity My mind corrupted by the way you think of me
When I look in a mirror, I don't see that girl in the movies, the beauty all the guys are after, or even the nerd, hiding a banging body and gorgeous eyes behind wire-rimmed glasses,
 Ode to Darkness   You have existed  since the beginning  of time and for too many years and to too many minds have been misunderstood  
Clean? Clean, clean, clean... clean... one more time... just one more... twice more... thirce more... I swear I'll stop... soap, water scrub, scrub, scrub hot, scaulding 
Green sap oozing from great gashes  in trees into paper, furniture, and houses all for human needs like the great stashes of black oil oozing.... into lakes, rivers, and streams
Remember to be kind You musn't hit boys You can't wear pants Only boys wear pants Young lady, cross your legs Always smile and be sweet Girls are made of sugar
I see Him in the smile of a child
Sub-zero temperatures,
My skin. The skin you want to mark. Why should I let you?
Stop Mirror Stop Why do you act like a cop? Giving tickets for doing wrong You are supposed to make us strong But I guess mirror, you make life feel so long Stop mirror stop Controlling our minds
Everywhere corner of this crowded room is filled with images of photoshopped beauties. Every rack is covered with girls who drown in perfection. Every man by their side is sculped by angels.   
I am Flawless, Just open up your ears, I am Flawless without photoshop Now wait, this will make your jaw drop, You look inside the shiny magazines at the glamorous models there
Paradise lies in thy eyes,Beauty sleep in thy body.For each time thee take to smilethee takes I to a utopian isle.Ay,
What is beauty? Do you know? Is it the brand that you rock or the girls you see in the music videos? Society has confused the real meaning of beauty.
I woke up like this.. cracked, saddended. Each I day I find things That make me wonder What is "beautiful"? Is it the clear skin, The perfect body? The short answer is no.
Pick yourself apart. You won't look at yourself as a whole. You will detect every flaw. You refuse to embrace every stunning compliment. You desire to
“ You don’t need a filter.”
From day to day we fight to see the beauty behind thee, these cuts we cover dust to find the strength within the idea of we, anger leads to failure to go where we strive to be, denial of hope in the beauty we do not see,
why cant i be enough, turned asied like a stray i cry why arent i enough. he stands over me tall with hes head held high no hesitation just pride.
Then the wind blows harder sending drifts of snow across the cracked parking lot The stinging air slowly turns my face red as I trudge towards my destination
Blissful years gently sway by I’m just dancing through life average life for average girl but one blistering winter night
Full of Flaws Practice. Every single day is devoted to rehearsal and practice. Keep your chin up and smile wide, don't let it fall. 
See I have no filter, because I declare to be remembered,
Myself: who am I? Should that be a question or an affirmation? Who I am... is wonderful. I cannot be anyone but myself.  It is funny to wake up every morning being the same person...
  Flawless is born in my thighs that stretch wide and thick 
You Are Beautiful Yes you! You are!
Flawless simply a word of perfection flawless what everyone wants. be aware dont be scared  show ur inerself.let  the be what makes you makes you flawless
She looks into the honest, fogged mirror And she sees a person she’s proud of She sees the deep lines stretched upon her forehead Symbolizing the wisdom of her old age She sees the dark circles hugging her eyes
My hair, long and brown My face, straight and concentrated My body, short and ordinary None of it matters I can get through Whatever life throws at me My strength My desire My dedication
Baby steps, I keep thinking Baby steps. Take deep breaths and make baby steps Delicate baby's breath Those soft white blooms are how I characterize This renaissance This cheery light perfume
Here I lay, for the third day The clothes i'm wearing have yet to be washed My hairs in a bun My makeup flushed  Having no desire to get up Here I lay, day after day
She's pretty. No matter how she styles her hair, No matter what clothes she wears, As long as she smiles. So am I.
 Her Salted Kiss Scars, scrapes, bruises. inevitable remarks that tell a story her salted ocean breeze whispers in my ear
It lurks within the waters, to bring him back, been away, but can't turn around. 
She was beauty her curves were delicious the way her clothes stuck to her skin whispering to them She walked with a dropped head she didn't know every step she took She left the room breathless
She's a different type of girl, under all that founation, eyeliner and blush, you may think she's an open book but oh how she keeps things at a hush!
I wake up and I know me
Discolored Skin and Acne Marks..... I am BEAUTIFUL! Stretch Marks and Scars...... I am BEAUTIFUL!
Beauty is the light that shines from the sun and the moon The moon that guides us through life to find our destiny The destiny that led me on a journey to you
I am a Natural Beauty Them contacts, I don't need Them lashes, I won't wear That makeup it looks nice but my perfect Natural skin it don't fit right wit Because my Beauty is Natural Yes I have a Natural fro
Everyone tells me how beautiful I am, and yet I don't see none of it.   All I see is a hopeful girl holding on to false promises and dreams.   They gather around a
You say my eyes reveal my soul To expose what lies within …but what shines through The careful mask I wear just for you?  
Snowflakes twirl and dance in the air Softly prancing as a mare Beauty swirling in the air Softly landing in your hair Unique serenity Blanketing the ground
Some White, Cream, Tan, Buff. Pink, Red, Brown, Black. Chalky complexions, solid skins.   Some room in between for no invasion of space. Stacking and stacking— too much to even count.
With big eyes of brown  That could never tear anyone down‏
They say that beauty
Who am I?
I am me with no filter I am pure with no filter I am myself with no filter As beautifui women, men, and couples descend across my Facebook feed I stay pure, and unfiltered
Each morning my face looks at me, Some days with sleep still in its eyes. And, though I like the face I see, It's time to put on my disguise. The brown eyelashes become black;
I am a beautiful woman But my mind body and soul Is confined by the powers of this intertwined worlds Of what we call social media. The filters of normal, Kentucky, slumber, and rise
When I was young
What is it that you see when you see me?
Mirror, Mirror, on the wall. Who's the fairest of them all? Don't be scared to look at your reflection. Everyone is different, you're the perfect complexion.   Even when your hair is a mess.
Mirror, mirror On the wall.
My eyes are blue, like the sky at night when the stars are out, illuminating the distance between Point A and Point B, but they never cease to shine,  even when the day replaces the night, 
We are advertised ideal appearances Activate dejectment to our natural being Exposed to others belief's and thoughts It keeps us blind of what we are seeing
I am as unique as a snowflake, And my flaws are what make me one of a kind. If I stay true to myself I will not break,
Life is like a mirror, you might be unaware of its features in the future, but you know to never want to change that reflection, because the past glimpse will make
  What is a miracle?    Most people never experience them because they are to naive to understand them  
Mirror Mirror Mirror, Can you really see me? I see my flaws and my mistakes but that dont really be me. I wanna show you the truth but I cant even believe me.
  Think, we are living on this speck of something in space.  Only this speck of something radiates love. We are able to find love in this place.  We are able to discriminate and hate. 
Looking towards the future Reflecting on the past Seeing the person in the mirror with new eyes Worthless and hopelessness has left the frontal lobe Walking down the enlightened path Awaken from the dead
I look in a mirror and see nothing I take a picture and see a plan face Only when adding a filter will I feel like something When I add filter I hide the dark tint on my skin Making it my very own filter
I am so fucking flawless, yet no one cares to notice. The words I can say make me seem outspoken. If I was on survival island I would never be out voted. Know why? Because I'm that fucking flawless.
Brown, round, full of love and happiness My eyes, my eyes They see so differently From you, from he, from she No one, no, no one can see What I see  
Aye, that natural beauty tells a story show my power and courage to not be like others Show off myself because theres only one of me with added enhancers we are all the same
My mother is a bird, Her voice is music, her eyes are bright,
The day has begun and I'm still here, Awaiting for your presence to bring me cheer.  
I only have one shot at this, So I want to do it right. How does one take a selfie, Depicting an authentic sight?  
How much better it is to be told you have a beautiful mind. Not just your appearance, but your thoughts that scatter and mix and create. Your feelings and beliefs and your emotions.
I am not perfect, for I am human,I envy, I hate, I love, and I fear,What worth can be seen in my living years?
Our youth seems to be caught up in a rapture, where Perfection is the bind Daring to Be Flawless. Outer beauty, wealth and name brand clothes
Today I looked at myself in the mirror Ever day it gets a bit clearer I am flawless My eyes are brown The best in town Nothing can compare I am flawless I was born with them
I want to be the BEAU and the TY To have a mind, body and style that drives Mothernature wild ...could I have an addiction, maybe But it's still me they see
Prude. Censuring. Perfect little girl. Am I a prude when I dislike foul words? And promiscuity is not something I adore: But how can I be perfect if you claim that I’m a churl?  
Thick thighs, hazel eyes, the voice of an angel. In her own lane. Makes her own labels. We see you! We see you! Bow down bitches! Beyonce coming through.  
What is flaw? Is it what makes you different from everybody else? Is it what you lack? Is it your potiential to go further than everybody else? What makes me flawless? What makes me flawless?
Every night I will Rise into the dark lit sky like a flawless star   Flawless like rubies  Precious as the red bright sun For the world to see  
I wake up every morning asking myself Is that really you? Why was I born this way? all these flaws I see in the mirror looking at myself could I change these flaws?
I asked him once if he narrates things in his head The way that I do The way that We. Do. "GIRLS," society screams, "LOVELY, LONELY, UNKNOWINGLY BEAUTIFUL GIRLS!"
My face is not my canvas I can contour I can paint I can outline I can manipulate I Cannot tell a story I Cannot move others emotionally I Cannot be studied   My real canvas
Yes honey, I woke up like this Better yet, I was born like ths My confidence is hard to miss
I want you to see the part of me that glass so often hides. Scrolling down your Instagram feed, you would barely even recognize me.    I want you to see the part of me that is hidden by makeup
Behind all that editing lies a young and beautiful girl, full of beauty and imagination
I see the illumination ofdesecrationof the human kind,but when they turn off the mic
I am perfect beyond imperfection Nothing can comprehend this lesson That the rise and fall of every good king
We drove past the meadow 
My photos without filter shows the beauty of a person and how it doesn't need to have additional accessories.
I stand tall with my head held high; Shoulders back and ready for the ride; Watching eagles spread their wings; Listening to the Angels sing.   I see myself in my mind’s eye;
The truth is hard to swallow; resting on the tip of my tongue. It aches to be accepted and it longs to be loved. The truth is hard to find and hard to see for what it is;
Girl to me your beauty is constructed ingenuity conducted by the command of our God who makes no mistakes if I could describe your love I'd say it is a river a giver of life giving the right substance to live off like
I have scars I have demons I have flaws But these don't define me What I have conquered, That gave me these scars, What I have vanquished, That created those demons
Who am I? The one who hides her Face behind her hair
  “Sun Kisses”
Small since before birth,
There are days where I start slow and finish fast There are days where I start fast and finish slow But regardless of how I finish, I am still standing Alive and Kicking, despite what life throws at me
I stare in the mirror and what do I see? My flawless self staring back at me I don't need makeup or any type of weave I just get up, get dressed, blow myself a kiss, and leave
I hope... Because I care... Because I love my friends... Family... Neighbors... The powerful message... Jesus taught me To love your neighbor as yourself If it wasn't for that
Flawless sin Covered in Dark Skin
We all have dreams to strive for   a goal to reach to reach for   we just have to wait for the right moment   to get success like the Romans    
Watching Christmas movies in July. Singing off key to the radio. Expressing my feelings all the time. Crying just to cry. Loving  my dog like she is my baby. Lauging at the wrong moment.
If the whole world were to look up at the same cloud, what would they see? If I peered through stained glass, do I still see the same cloud? Do you see me as I see me? Meek.
So many things happening around me and it just amazes me how God just continues to keep his hedge of protection around me and to bless me.I sometimes wonder about things that happened to me in the past and how so any people have walked out of my
Strange, different, unique Words people use to describe me But this is far from reality or at least so I believed Looking in this mirror and thinking of life I have begun to realize
My giant freckles are flawless. Now that I think about it, so are my huge feet. Hey, what's so bad about it? It makes me unique. Yeah I may be different, but that's part of the game.
Storm clouds brush across a puddle, 
I’m a content creator, Not a content replicator, But when I was younger I wanted nothing more than to fit in. But when I grew up, It turned up, That people liked me more when I was different.
My hair my nails my tan? All rockin'! But how might you ask is my body not shockin'?
I am me and me is I. Both the same person but diffrent at the same time. I is out going and loves to talk. Me is shy and likes to be alone. Both so diffrent yet both are the same.
First snow
They say I am too much of me,
I am a beautiful vase. Society glances and admires My elegance, my collectiveness, My flawlessness.    But this one, simple glance Does not allow them to see
From a young age, the objective has been beautyA beautiful body, a flawless face was what I aspired toMy course with preset to a perfect appearance As I grew, I learned my role well
If she told you she was flawless, she would be lying through her slightly crooked teeth.
You flawed up, they’d say You a mess up, they shout Hair a mess, tears were more, they were cruel They couldn’t care less how I was hurting to the core, they were cruel.
The screen fades to baby blue, My heart expands to a beach ball.  I did this. Me.
My beauty is flawless  It doesn't cost more nor cost less My beauty doesn't come from the magazines of Ebony and Essence My beauty comes from how I grace others with my presence.  
These infernal steaming pools, housed in rust encumbered riveted domes, Constructed by prison masons posing as scribes, Spout their plumes of water rising to eclipse skylights, fogging up the warped cracking glass,
Beauty is in the Eyes of Society Growing up, I was never skinny; my skin was dark and all I wanted was to be pretty. I was 10; looking at magazines, seeing all of the skinny girls
When I was younger, I used to think that I was overweight Because my parents would say "You should lose that tummy of yours." I'm sure they meant well. My biggest influence didn't come
Is it natural? Yup You're telling me there's no weave or extensions? Yup Well then you must be part white or something? Nope Seriously, you're fully African American? Yup But,you have a perm then? Nope
Who am I? You should know who I am. Standing tall, with my head up above. Looking beyond the present in hopes to build a future so strong no one could even grasp the concept of going backwards.
I'm not sure how to wear self confidence
The blood seeps in Through the cracks on the walls And it penetrates  Into my spirit Evolving my state Into a more impeccable union   Listlessly it closes in On the lion
On which hour on thy social media, thee wilt findeth a miniature of oneself, But what lie beneath the mask, the true visage? If thy mask be uncovered, what wilt thou findeth in thyself?
The earth fed us through our feet as we stood in the grass. The rain quenched our thirst as it dripped into our trembling hands. We indulged in luscious conversation
Eyeliner, lipstick, foundation everywhere, Nowadays it’s a necessity because I want to compare. My bare skin, my naked face, Just doesn’t seem perfect unless a filter is in place.
Break the lense
Truth be told Sometimes I have no idea
I'm perfectly and wonderfully made  
Why am I kickass?  My grades are quite high, for me the girls would die, I've got luscious brown hair,  when you're older you'll care, I jump high for my heighth also, I'm white.
i am beautiful. not because of the products in my hair or the make-up on my face,  not even because of the clothing on my body. i am beautiful because of the words i speak and the love i give. 
Today, I woke up and I saw myself. Not the person I usually see Not the girl that has to be dressed up with hair freshly done to be beautiful. I saw myself.
You sit there with a blank stare on your face. You smile but you want to cry. You talk but you want to be quiet. You pretend to be happy but you arent. Youre broken. You cant get away from it all its as if a current is pushing you under water.
Searching here and there, striving to find bliss... Went to friends and colleagues,  they said get rich; enjoy luxury,  pleasure is the mean of bliss... Not really!!
I look for beauty, love for beauty... But don't really know what is beauty... People say what appears in face and body... Good looking that pulls towards you is beauty... Is this beauty?
You are Perfect being you    Be crazy, be happy, be full of imagination   Dont hide behind filters, show the real you    Embrace those moles, those scars, let your flaws run free  
They see my faults; I see only beauty.
I have had braces for 5 long years.
I put on my make-up and pick out my shoes; the perfect pair to match my shirt. Because that was what I was taught to do In a World where looks are what seem to work. They say my hair is much too short
The world is a mistress of beautiful things But the harsh reality is It also holds ugly things And we have ugly people posing as beautiful people And they press the buttons Leaving the rest of us in poverty
I am Photogenic, yes capital P
As I sit there and wonder a world beyond all of us  my mind begins to see images, and I close my eyes. As I step into the shower and feel the warm rushing water against my imperfect skin
No filter and no makeup, I feel naked It's hard to admit, I'd rather fake it, Pretend like I'm okay, With the small acne scars on my face, The way all my hairs don’t naturally fall into place,
Who am I beyond the mask?Behind the facade is a woman.Why I am no different than you.
Never did I think the world would see me Behind the flowing stems of roses
The wind is talking The change is coming The clouds are dancing And the sky is smiling The sun is bright It’s shining down on us It’s lighting the way For us to walk straight
Butterfly change Let your beautiful colors be seen Let your wings go free It’s time to come out To share your beauty To bring some joy To spark some fun It’s time to fly high in the sky
The controlling controller roams in  her controlling world, thinkinking highly of the crazy cool adventurous odesseys  she embarks on.   Her blanket is her cape to escape 
I think I am beautiful, In a different sort of way. I always keep them laughing, And they just want me to stay. My face is something of my own, One alike you'll never see.
Every morning there is a bucket of bricks on my back. It slowly reaches to the top as the skinny and the fabulous come in from their room of perfection.
  I pieced together the clouds in the sky  and they were so perfect  God asked me to paint the night  So many stars, I broke the sky  I broke the sky 
Define perfection 
I have many names.Some call me Aphrodite or Venus,But you know me as Beauty. Don’t listen to what others say.I am not vain,Only aware I am what God wanted in Eden.Am I wrong for enjoying what I was handed?
The beauty within yourself is based on conciousnes  Most people seem to always brag about what they have,  Others just tend to whine about what they don't, I'm more in the midle.
The beauty within yourself is based on conciousnes  Most people seem to always brag about what they have,  Others just tend to whine about what they don't, I'm more in the midle.
What is behind it? The void The abyss The unknown Behind it is whatever it pleased to be
My thighs stretch out across the seat when I sit.
Who am I?Friend or foe?
what makes me flawless?
I am strong
I'm Flawless Not because my skin is clear or my body is perfect  Cause I'm Far from both ..  But  because I love.. I love hard ..  I'm flawless cause my loyalty runs deep 
I used to think that because my legs weren’t Twig thin That I was ugly That no boy would ever find me Beautiful enough to touch That no girl would ever think I was prettier than she was
I am the girl that wears a lot of make up, which hides who I really am. Eye shadow, eye liner and foundation, I wear it all. The make up disguises who I really am;
If sin and Beauty became as one, What astounding creation would be done? Would it not befuddle the mind, A thing of beauty and transgression designed? A flawless child meets the eye,
Who am I? That is the question... I walk around, in a ghost town, in a world were I feel unheard, "Nobody is perfect" is what I hear, yet we all strive for perfectiion.
They are what make us unique, What makes us learn from our mistakes. Everyone has them, so how can you say who has the better mutation? These tiny imperfections are what differentiate us from one another.
My dad said once That flaws are what make a woman beautiful It took me eighteen years to believe it  
I wish You all could see The small girl behind the facade.   Behind the facade That does nothing but show off And try to prove to everyone that she is a woman.   When really
The beauty of love, Is that it cannot be sought, It cannot be tracked, It can only be found, Sometimes in the most unlikely of places
I am who i am, idenpendent and strong minded. In today's society beauty  and perfection is all that matters. If im not skinny enough, pretty enough  or perfect enough then that means i'm not good enough.
I may not be my mother, tall, strong and bold but who I am is who I am and that is all you need to know
The glow and look in your eye. A shock of excitement from your smile. Spread of warmth from those delicate hands  Maybe even a stride in your walk
What is beauty? Everyone has different opinions about beauty. But what is beauty? Beauty can be big, Beauty can be little. Beauty can be light, Beauty can be dark.
The world is full of hate drenched in the cynical behavior that we come to know women are starving to achieve the level or perfecton that photo editors create children are bullied
What do I see?
There's been something weighing on my mind; you see, girls are supposed to be these pretty little things, with ditsy little brains, but what has society's image done to our self-image?
You say that you need all that makeup to look "pretty". Well, I know how you feel because I fall into that trap, too, but don't let that CoverGirl cover up the real you. Because you are unique. Whether you're LOUD or quiet,
As pretty as a white rose
A fake smile she pulls, The weight she bears rips her soul apart, The words, the rejection, the hurt, She sits alone, In the dark, Crying for someone to turn on the light, She tries to please them,
Birth of Dawn   look down, breath's thick in your mouth,  drifting out like dragonsmoke. the grass beneith your feet,  damp with the crisp kiss of false dawn.
I'm not perfect no one is  but our flaws makes us who we are  flwaless is perfection in the works
She's stepped between worlds, conquered her fears Left home behind, dried all her tears   Full of  beauty, and grace She's brazen in her chase   Her road's just beginning
Put your makeup on, go to the beauty salon. Get your nails done, my dear loved one. Curl your hair, keep it slim their. run an extra mile, keep your smile Just so they could like you?
I am beautiful, inside and out. From my waist to my hips to my thighs, I am satisfied. A full-figured bombshell that oozes confidence in every stride. I challenge you to say I am anything but beautiful.
When I blink it blinks using the Same eyes to see that I can't I live up to a better reflection of me. 2 years apart but miles away while she received praise I received Bullies and Pain.
Who knows what goes on behind closed doors?  A little gilr doing her chores. But she is a sad girl., but only she knows. She stares in the mirror with guise and hate. Wondering who would ever take her on a date. 
I hide behind a mask of insecurity, a mask made of makeup. When I put on my foundation, I conceal the batte scars. The ones that come in the form of dark circles underneath my eyes.
Im not a pefect girl; Never have been, never will be. With this statement,
Broke a vase and crashed a car, Told my Daddy I wasn't going far. I choked on stage Tripped and fell I am definitly not hollywood, Oh damn well. Got a drink dumped on my face 
To think such beauty could emerge from the dirt To think she could withstand being tread upon To endure the mental and physical hurt   No, this is not the treatment she chose To be treated like a weed 
#Hi. I'm trying to act like I'm invisible because I know that you can see that I'm not #perfect. But I know that if you could see the real me that is not my blotchy skin or curvy frame, you would be #shocked.
I once knew a girl in Junior high , With pretty eyes but kind of shy, her voice was sweet and smooth like butter, But when people saw her they thought nothing of her; She had one friend who she met in elementary,
Thoughts of humanity stir ins
You can't tell by my physical appearance, but I have a chronic disease.
This is my peom about how I feel, I never realized how hard itd be to peel, back all the visual standards to better reveal. My inner desires, thoughts turning my wheel. Well here I am, and this is what I'll say,  
Look at me What do you see? Young, black, short, mean Somewhere in between?    I look in the mirror You know what I see? A queen Staring back at me   Not the tallest
When I wake up with it, It kisses me good morning.
I am me  You are you We are different in more ways than seem true  You are not perfect, and neither am I, You are thin, and I am wide.  But while all of this is true,
They told me that every scar on my body Was just another moment that I survived. That every stretched valley  was a sign of The struggles I've overcome. I didn't believe them until now.
I am beautiful. From the roots of my hair to the soles of my feet. 
Flawless Anyway
As she gets dressed she looks in the mirror
I don't wear makeup
I'm not the best of sons, and it's hard to miss my family when everyday they're part of war. I live with scars that just won't seem to end,  but you know what?  They're my medals and best friend. 
Nobody is ever PERFECT, we all make MISTAKES I’ve CHEATED on my boyfriend, I’ve LIED to my mother I’ve TRIPPED on my own foot, I’ve COVERED my face in make-up I’ve CURSED to fit in, I’ve CUT my own skin  
I am young, I am Naïve, and I am gullible. I am old, I am jaded, and I am a realist. My traits contradict each other at every turn I take. My hair is ratty, with multiple dead ends.
i am your whisper of strength in the battle cry of your demons i am the promise of a beginnnig, a phoenix  i am the end so long anticipated bittersweet, empowering  
There is beauty in the folds of my skin and the crease in my brow Underneath my matt of hair and freckles There is power behind my quiet voice and my timid thoughts Seeing past my unsureness and doubt
Im not afraid to show it, I dont care if people know it. I love myself. Ive taught myself to think it, I live, breathe, drink it. I love myself. Mirrors use to make me cry, now I dont even have to try. I love myself.
I wake up looking in the mirror Brush my teeth My horrid breath no longer existing I change into an extravagant outfit No longer feeling insecure I put on a mask of powder and liquid Feeling perfect
The swallowed voice, that wallows from the pit of my soul, Speaks in the desolate ancient tongue of Sultans,
Depression, comparisons Oh no you're wrappped in Who is that girl Who sends you in a whirl She has the dainty features While you stand in the mirror looking like a creature Thoughts race, you cry
Flawless. Why, because I woke up like this. 
Flawless is not true Lawless is the virtue I seek Awless is what these spreads on PAPER magazine make the men do        Less is what makes the woman's world bleak with the deadly streaks of no mystique  
i write and i write but how can i describe the feelings that i have yet to experience with words i can't even begin to know the meaning of?
My personality never lacking originality formed intricately by the different motives of my ancestry creating me to be, who I be no matter where I go, it always comes along with me I love it
People are like flowers, really. Some are fragile,  some have thorns some look broken, some look torn. We all need care, and rely on many things the warmth of the sun, and the colors of spring.
I search for a shadow to be my safe haven I’m condemned to be a lawyer, a doctor, or maybe an engineer, Filled with the hopes and dreams of my parents, I spill blood over the paper because words are my safe haven,
As a child expectations make us. Growing up we feel them break us. the expectation to suceed. The expectation preasure is to much. The preasure is felt harder and harder. Expectations build our struggle. When we struggle we learn.
The Girl In the Corner, Yes the one all alone, The one who is in the pouring rain, She has had a troubed past, Cuts that are like sleaves going up and up her arm, Her parents both gone,
Beauty holds no true shape or matter. It is not tangible. One cannot measure it. It cannot be tasted. Who can define beauty? Beauty can only be created one can choose how to define beauty.
I am not just your Facebook Friend, Not a profile picture, Not another one of your precious likes, Not a tag in a post, Or a name in your chat box, I am a living, breathing person,
Rhyen Williams ***FLAWLESS Poetry Slam November 17, 2014  
One day I woke up Thinking I had had enough This world this life was filling me up with lies that told me I could never be enough But when I looked into the mirror thought about how those words made me feel
There are so many great things to live for, When the leaves turn into the shades of fall, When sounds of the ocean sweeps on the shore, When one waits for an exciting phone call.
I like to be me thats what I figure I am smart my knowlege gets bigger i am appealing to the eye not a fast girl so don't let dudes just touch on my thigh
The wind of my hair, My hair on my face, My face a tint pink From the weather that does stink. The snow comes down, down upon my feet I look up to the sky knowing I will defeat.
The kid only wanted to be understood by his fellow relatives and friends. Problem was that everyone else expected to be understood first and forget about his thoughts. So he did what he taught himself to do,
In this worldWe all competeDo you look good?Did you run a mile?Sometimes we forgetTo look beneath
Who wins you might ask? Well of course, it's up to you. Wether you keep the mask Or be true to you   Life is a game No one wants to play And the only two things that can be quite left
No one can take away persons body or mind I beleive my mind can create the world i want And my body can produce the people in it 
Dear Artists,   We all have 3 common grounds of expressions   I. One common idea to keep our feets grounded while the rest of our heads wandering in the universe Because we artists are the universe
I’m driving to the store. I look left at a stoplight; A girl is applying on mascara on her already thick lashes  In the limited time frame that we have and I think of
They say Dijah you'd be a baddie if you only lost a couple pounds I'm not going to dit around and act like I ain't thought about it A perfect body is more appealing but it's funny how
Short I am Short I've known this for long time but I just don't undertsand I am Short But I'm tall in spirit   I am short
a daisy on the side of the road dust blowing in my face trying to move but my roots keep me grounded is there purpose, what is identity, what sets ME apart form the others? flowers dont move;
Once a friend said: "Your eyes are always smiling" That was one of the nicest compliments anyone has given me. My eyes are not anything to "ooh" or "aah" about,
The corset is now off, Putting all the guard down. What if they should flout or scoff? Sea of shame, go ahead, drown. Fabricating to care, Pitching bad self esteem. Yet they gossip and stare,
I am the giggle after a dirty joke,
I lived on people's shooulders during parades or tours or anything really important to see. I was always (and still am) in the front row for pictures.
I wake up and look in the mirror To red marks and scars on my face and body I cover them with makeup and whatever I can find But what I don't have to cover up is what makes me FLAWLESS
Why does the wind blow on the other side? Feeling as if I'm trapped in my own of forgetfullness
I woke up like this
I look at your glowing face in the sky And wonder if you feel what I feel. To be ugly and surrounded by unbelievable beauty.   How is it like, up in the sky, Surrounded by a sea of stars
I chose to be in this world of dark and light. I put on a mask for the bee, for a future that is bright   This is no natural beauty. It takes work. It is my personal duty
I don't wake up perfect and my teeth aren't white but if there's one thing I'm proud of
I used to let beauty define me…..As I gaze at my reflection, I wonder how my life changed so dramatically fast. I went from being one of the popular kids to one of the “losers”. But the funny thing is, this new label does not bother me.
What beauty is to me is not what it is to you Beauty is not measured by the amount of makeup I wear Beauty is not measured by the clothes I wear Beauty is not measured by the sizes of my bra and rear
I have flaws  but so do you my flaws make me perfectly imperfectly your flaws do to I smile at my flaws with my crooked smile Because I know  I love myself  Flaws and all
You know... Who wants to be flawless? Not Me Now, imagine a world of perfect people.... Life would be incredibly bland. We were born with flaws, can't you see? It's the little imperfections that give us a reason to stand.
Hurt is not an emotion. It is a growth that multiplies with you as you age, spreading like cancer to your heart, and hardening it to the point of never wanting to feel again.
I never was the girl who had it all Hell, I was the one who had nothing at all. But here I am, I stand before you proud and tall. No money nor connections, just sheer ambition