Car Accident

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  This Fragmented Hate  Written by Janeiry Cruz (​A.K.A Dorky Jane)
Tires skidding Metal crushing My scream echoes.   I jolt awake Blinking in the Darkness, haunted Breath heavy, the drive.   My leg aches.  I close my eyes:
These bed sheets are arms, Holding me, Eating me alive. They moisten with the pressure of clandestine prayers, Breath a ghost, The ghost of you,
You ran wildly through fire. Mesmerized by the flame,     I ran too. For the shadow that never left my side,   I'd die too. Caught in the crossfire again,
It was slow, The crunch of the metal, The small throbbing glow, It made my eyes start to settle.   Most were just screaming,
A lot can happen in a year,  New places to go,  Fresh ideas to consider,  People to meet.    Some moments are filled with joy,  Others bring heart-ache,  Most we forget, 
if you asked me to write down all my trivial thoughts i remember on a daily basis, there wouldn't be many. maybe a melody of laughter with friends or blurry faces brushing by in the hall or
will They find the body? will She care? Finally. I can't get the smell out of my head The lights dance, faltering like they did over the shattered glass
It all end with a bang It all end with a bang—more like a crash, After then my life, felt like trash, Because I was no longer a kid,
I don't quite remember the whole visit;  was it even all real?  I was too high on narcotics, too tired from lack of sleep, and in too much pain to care.
I dreamt that I was witnessing a war Not in full action But of its ancient history   Looking at the artifacts of someone else's life Wondering who'd they'd been Where they'd walked
I don't know how it happened How you dissapeared One minute here The next Gone You hit the person in front of you We all assumed you didn't do it We made up stories
A kiss so sweet A smile so bright She leaned over to me and whispered, "Good night" Little did I know that this was her last Litttle did I know about that crash She's still in my dreams
Someone please call 911 I think my heart is beating abnormally. My lungs feel like (gasp, gasp) oxygen is taking the final exodus out. All I want to do is BREATH can anyone (gasp) help me??
I hear gunshots, people screaming and they all are running and the heaven gates have opened so the angels are coming. It all started at a party on a wonderful night, there wasn’t an argument not even a fight.
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