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1)The living shall worship 🛐 thy Lord as the Angels adore Him on the throne. 2)Off their faces with their golden crowns 👑+ bowing down.
And I'm well aware Nothing remains the same You might even forget Tomorrow, to call my name But when you say, "Let's soon meet up there" I've not disdained, believe Your worship, dear!
Let God be praised and let Himself praise Himself. Let His people joyfully praise Him, and let the whole world and its hosts and the firmament and its bodies laud Him praises,
Prayer is powerful; for it is direct communication with your Creator, your Creator who knows you inside and out.  The Word is your weapon; for it fights off the lies and accusations of the enemy.
My soul echoes praises, In the most inopportune of times.   At a sneezing in my  face, In the checkout lines.   Praise is a compulsion, From my grateful heart to the divine.  
We enter your home. The Lord in Spirit , Inside my beating heart, And wish you peace. The troubled world surrounds us. But we have and advocate, He has overcome the world.      
A hospital waiting room, clean and bright A melody of cheers in the middle of the night Sweet honey soothes my soul   A birthday cake, sugary and lit A chorus of celebration over it
Sunsets  (variation on a theme of Hölderlin) I 
a feather at one’s nape:amidst that cocktail ofsound   sight      scenthis piqued some part of me;wafting, it beckonedand stroked my core.
I pull myself deeper as my mind is a weight that pulls me down into the ocean where all the strange and ugly creatures make their home in my abandoned temple worn down by the hands of 
Worship is a fetish. Worship rocks, worship animals, worship planets, worship stars, worship sky, worship ground, worship man, worship mind, worship everything you can wrap your brain around and then worship everything you can't.
God, move your peopleMove in this placeThe Lord's name is powerfulForever God you reignYou call me cou
Again  i hear the word in my heart     falling  like generous drops of peace          flowing through my grateful core
Shout for joy to the Lord, and worship gladly;Come before Him with joyful songs, asserted grandly;We belong to Him, He made us, pasture of the majesty;Enter his gates with thanksgiving, fervent and radically.
Quivers overtake me.  My mind can’t seem to slow down - Shut down, after a loaded day of A load of mess A pile of heaviness I tried talking to Mary Jane, because She was slow- paced.
I read a pamphlet that asked if religion is dying, it's almost dead.Religion may be gone forever in just a couple of decades ahead.Religion is important to me because it's what America needs.
The Egyptians made a golden calf and worshipped it.When the Lord learned what they did, he had a fit.They stabbed God in the back even though he saved them from being slaves.
To worship you, God I live to worship you In spirit and in truth I live to lift you high In love and adoration I live to love you fully Convinced of your love for me Eternally encompassed
Timeless Stone             An ageless face             Carved under sunlight,             Ripened by moonlight.             A tasteless taste  
I would love my job if were to become a professional musician and play with a professional Worship and Praise team. Currently  I am the leader of my church's Worship and Praise team in East Los Angeles.
The life of light is sweet,           The still of dark is not           As I sit here and weep,           My heart begins to rot.           My life without a smile,
The life of light is sweet,           The still of dark is not           As I sit here and weep,           My heart begins to rot.           My life without a smile,
They Offer No Absolution If we’re born sick But we love it, Will we ever change? If we wanted to confess our sins Without fear Of them sharpening knives To cause pain
I was presented a dream. 
As I look up in the sky,
A blue and grey feather Floating down the stream Lying on its back Head towards the sky.   A boy, just a few yards beyond Sits by the flowing current, slow Letting out the tears
Worship without focusIs simply a blissful ruckusI can stand before the throne of GodEyes glazed over, I stand a fraudHe will not allow me to stand like this longHe desires my whole, for me to sing HIS song
Lord, you're with me every step of the way. You call my name and I call You friend. Reach up my hands to You, I give You praise. Every minute. Every second. Of everyday.
God with us God with us, I’ve heard it said before But what does it really mean to be with the Lord?
Mercy I’m lost in the midst of this storm Can some body come save me from what I’ve become I’m lost at sea, shipwrecked upon this lonely isle
Like and Unlike
Went before the judge and left with the guilty verdict of worshiping with moist lips but a chap heart.
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