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I took to ecstasy  I found everyone missing the point  To find paths that were not there Beyond a dream, dear me.   
In tidings of Christmas  Round bound of luminous senses, soul and spirit  Whirling In hypnotic insanity is a wing insect 
See lips and tongues walk  in voice steps of their words  They perform what legs and feet  couldn’t do now 
New births each day  beneath the oceans Gracious feast and luxurious moments.   Spicy existences 
Talk to the sadness of your garden. Give the old tree a young blossom. The moon on sky is like dead statement. Go to the top and make it fine poetry. The fire of yours, has spread and its wild.
'I am' as travel as howling wind; As free from prison at nightmare's night! After had many years of torment glint! As quell the people their torrent- fright.
Dear, does old things hurt you? or your scars are already healed. Do you still want to turn back the time, or you're fine now? Did your knight came, or it just happened in movies?
street;a place full of lessons . one should test for him/herself no need to mention.. but let me tell about it without any tension.. the experience is hard and one must have a never give up kinda heart..
Where is your Agenda Africa? (9/7/21). Africa where is your agenda That is going to replace Dependency syndrome With self empowerment?
I wanna stare at you Admire every bit of you I wanna see you smile Brighten my heart and bloom it with love
  To start this I'd like to leave some insight into why this poem and my username is the way it is. I am not good at writing poetry and my writing style has been refered to as like an idiot Dr.Suess. Which hurts, though i dont know why.
I think he knows I’m alive, having come down The three steps of the back porch And given me a good once over. All afternoon He’s been moving back and forth, Gathering odd bits of walnut shells and twigs,
She had seen this play before   He wanted now and nothing more. That made it kind of easy to let him have his way . No use pretending about the coming day .  
So at 1:37am the lord thought it would be fit to take you home... I tried to write you this poem, but I couldn't get the words off the tip of my tongue... You were loved by a lot...
My world is becoming cold like a tomb All my dreams are turning to be just illusions My faith on life is slowly draining I'm now lying between rock and a hard place Searching for light from the darkest caves
We climb every mountain Drink all pain and sorrow My moment now holds you in Who cares about tomorrow.    There I see you at the top And me cheering for you in the crowd
There is no lines Nor tune or rhymes That express the work of salvation Done by divine orchestration Jesus fashion out the work of redemption Created a new evolution Of sons through new creation
Ms. Nancy the greatest gift in the world God can every give anyone is a mother without them it feels like the sun won't shine the moon wont glow as if the world stop completely.
Have you ever been rich Have you ever been poor Have you ever lived a life feeling unsure So sure that you know you ain't sure Use to the feeling of having less not knowing what is more
Thy say you were not the girl meant for me Thy say our love was not meant to be Thy dont know what a sacrifice it took for us to be
And just like that The world became quieter  Hearts grew heavier People's privilege shone a little brighter  And the great big tide Kindled humanity's desire to be kinder.  
It's time to heal, my friend. It's time to heal the wounds that you kept poking. It's time to stop creating more wounds in case you forget what it was like to be hurt. You being broken will always remain a part of you.
Lullaby Singing Droplets Of Water Screaming Loud For Help Murmur Of Chats I Whisper To You The Message And Yet With All The Noises You Didn't Notice The Pain
Be you. you are beautiful. you are you and no one can change you. it doesn't matter if people say your ugly just know that no matter what you are you and you are beautiful.
The desire to be struck by disaster, Or it’s just a thought. Nobody knows what the story of my mind is, Something that even makes me haunt.   The impulse of being in a plane crash,
There this boy he is really hot. I got a crush on him don't know if he likes me back. I gues its time to find out. Hey boy, i gotta tell you something I really like you. Do you fell the same about me, I just gotta know. so tell me.
There this boy he is really hot. I got a crush on him don't know if he likes me back. I gues its time to find out. Hey boy, i gotta tell you something I really like you. Do you fell the same about me, I just gotta know. so tell me.
Texas.don.g.nutt59.poem.very me very very me from the.way to the style to the smooth its my smooth groove very very most at the table the sipp the drink the glass clink from the upmost of the playas toast my name it rang it sang they say very very
locked in a padded cell and I cannot find the keys reading lips is not as easy as it often seems dependence on the senses leads you onto darkened streets serrated heart and lungs from cuts deep in the flesh
He says, We will wax this wood,  And Green Grass will Grow, And all will be amazed; They will be saved!
Racism. The racial rampage of rancid words, Never to be heard. Our souls reflect over the recounts of how our ancestors were were raised, As the black slaves.
I’m in kindergarten And everyone makes fun of me  Because my tongue sounds unique compared to theirs
This four walls suffocate me While my roof begins to fall For my head is the one who is in charge  Tormenting me with the color of red And why was I born at all
texas,don,g,nutt,59,poem,g,thangg g,smooth in the game you know my name xrated from the hood leyts get this nation wide crip ride understood from a g to a key its the g,thang in a big homey like me poping off slugg after slugg its the deffinitiona
texas,don,g,nutt,59,poem,ghetto heaven high up above blue skys gangsta walk gangsta talk ghetto heaven up above this one for the hood for the thuggs is we welcome to ghetto heaven up high is god beleived to forgive sin ghetto heaven hear our natio
I am tapping out time near empty corridors hung with pretty pictures although old. No one comes. The code is out. It escaped like snow which is too, cold. And binary, you know, the code? But hey, you have gone.
Older? How did I know that I was older? When I could no longer walk alone, Without a grown  man’s shadow hanging over my shoulder. Feet a size ten with a height slightly over five,
When I was a kid at Christmas, I’d sit at the foot of the table on a piano bench with my sister. I am the youngest— my birth displaced my brother to
When I was young Mama said I “got a light, Let it Shine.”   I was bright and optimistic, But darkness crept in my mind.
If there is a future there is time for mending - Time to see your troubles almost ending. Life is never hopeless however great your sorrow - If you're looking forward to a new tomorrow.
Studying unti you get a job. Working until you die. That is life now? What's happening to the happiness f the world? Laughing? Exploring? Slaves to thi earth.
You don't miss something until its gone, You don't love something until you set it free - The same could be said about my childhood, It was gone in a second, long and drawn out, yet still a mere instant.
The day I turned 16, I got on my knees, I prayed To pass my drivers test, And complete the plans I'd made   I wanted to be a man, no longer under mom's thumb. I wanted to drive by myself,
The day I turned 16, I got on my knees, I prayed To pass my drivers test, And complete the plans I'd made   I wanted to be a man, no longer under mom's thumb. I wanted to drive by myself,
I've heard the stories And i have heard the cries The evening howls are deafening
I wonder why What's on my mind I'm nothing else And can't do anything I'm just being me This is what I want I truly write To be exact I'm Inlove with writings
One day when your cold chains no longer bind me, I will soar away and be liberated. One day I will be just reckless enough to fall, just morose enough to break,  just absent minded enough to run, and just horrified enough to scream.  One day will
People everywhere asking and pleading 
Life  doesn't get easy but you make the best out of it, You  can't force your love ones to stick around if they dont want to but as life keeps on moving you keep moving forward too
She is a beautiful rose, and she doesn't even know it. Her eyes are like stars that twinkle in the sky, and when she smiles, I can feel her sunshine. She doesn't laugh enough; she cries too much
I am a puzzle looking for other pieces to complete me in this puzzed world. With lies i tried to cover my eyes, but look at them, they are just cracked window pains and tranparency betrays  me by showing you that i am empty.
I remember your brave face through all the pain The day you told me, I tried to remain sane.   After that news I cracked I felt like a car hit with sudden impact   Somehow you had such strong will
“Society” Cars honking People passing No one stopping They see the needy They don't care To share a penny
I cry only beneath the waterfalls so that not even I myself; can tell the tears from water. It all washes away and there are no tracks to be traced back to the eyes which weep.
women of pride,women of town tend to walk around  with their borrowed clothes leaving their sick husbands in bed exchanging men like clothes yet they go back home with pride dancing side by side
A hopeless romantic, a hopeless dream That’s what is real, and it’s all it will be. To crush false hope at the source of its seam.
I may be on a wrong path but I wont let myself long on the track I may fall in the deep well From the top to the dark soil I may fail in my dreams But I wont let it go with useless screams
I may be on a wrong path but I wont let myself long on the track I may fall in the deep well From the top to the dark soil I may fail in my dreams But I wont let it go with useless screams
There comes too many times In life when  A grave mistake has been made Intentionally or un- And it seems nothing can be done To correct the wrong.   Voices build up at night,
No such thing as nothing We are all made from something No such thing as nowhere  Everywhere is somewhere  Why do we persist To belong in this eerie existence
After the mourning of the beasts until proven ghost, The guilty until proven dead, After the mindless melanin wars
Weights in the shape of hearts pin me to the marble floor Lives at stake, and I cannot articulate one syllable.  A child screaming as their skin melts off their bodies, but I cannot form a word to stop it.
  I AM A WOMAN!!!  So what?I get into an argument with a man, he slaps me, I feel the pain, yet they tell me I provoked him. I should have been quiet, I should have been patient.
Dear Depression,
I want to dream.    Purple skies, fireflies with lights like stars up in that lavender sky.  With too much light to disguise shadows and monsters and evil and You.  
This is to those roots which plant her firmly on the ground,  and to those ugly, harsh, and wild  feet which make no sound as you carried her across  the worn and broken floor. 
to my best friend, call it whatever you want whatever this was it was us two stubborn teens stuck in this cycle going back and forth
Inhale... The pure richness of blood itself Cuts deep in the veins sharper than loneliness The shock of urge yearning for someone To see the true emptiness you hide
Mind-racing mildly. Moving swiftly, Moving gracefully.   Adrenaline racing. Heart flutters along to the beat. Feeling complete, Expressing with feet.   Soul soars,
With every road There often leaves a trail Some are led to darkness Whereas, others prevail We as people, must put ourselves In the right frame of mind If we are not cautious We may be left in a bind
Apply. Cry. Repeat.   Apply. Cry. Repeat.   Applying to college, Seems so awfully trying, While I’m whining, About something that seems, So distant.  
There comes a time in our lives when, we will meet someone who tries to tell us their own definition of love. They'll try to use "love" as a way to manipulate you into doing things for them, and staying even when they don't deserve you.
I love you because you make me feel safe.  I love you because your my best friend. I loeyobecause you hold my heart. I love you becaue you are you.  
Powering my rage - I am walking down the street, Summer evening light, Still warm Dozy, disgusting, disheveled From the day and the drive, And I hear THE COMMENT.  
  Becasue I Love You I Will Never Hurt You Because I Love You I Will Never Make You Feel Less Than Because I Love You I Will Never Leave You Because I Love You I Will Never Hit You
Love is like smoke, it can never be tangible. You can never hold on to it, no matter how hard you clench your fists. You mistake the musty bitter stench for the sweet taste of candy.
Life is...   Life is passion Life is meaning Life is the sun’s shining rays. Life is a game Life is complex Life is the musical sound of laughter. Life is running
O how the world has become uncaring as time goes on, As the water becomes blacker with not a thought forgone. And the ground grew ever worse in the world,as
  O I remember how it used to be, When the country was good and free. When the sky was blue and the grass was green, But the the war came and the world was
What's really at stake when you're having fun?  God is a pit boss and we've bought in to play all night, pretending I have a choice. When it's my turn I'll always roll.  
Humpty Dumpty was not an egg. You may believe he was an egg As long as you must  But trust me when I say- Humpty Dumpty's name was  Henry Evans, And he was as human as you and I.
Pay your respects don't disrespect it's bitter days my mind astray your silhouette drawn by the bay there on the floor
You made me shine Though you are my top line You will not be my deadline We will be fine That you will be define As my One and Only Who I truely love Will always be Mine -S.Y
The environment, it is our sacred right; We live it, we breathe it, but we don’t acknowledge its might.   Burning ourselves alive, we don’t see who’s deprived.
America, the almighty and great indeed Whip lashes across our backs Shackles around our hands and feet   Make America Great Again? Fought and died for freedom for the future with no recognition in history
If this country isn't great today It is only cause we made it that way.   This country has the recipe for greatness- Freedom. Rights. Religion.  All of these were hard-won
I loved my mother I still do Even though she six feet under I still feel she is six feet above Her memory will last forever Her image is engraved in my heart And its still vivid like a magic spell...
Listen to my voice when i am talking to you Remove those earplugs and let me show you the life you can brew
Teacher told me I'm worthless, then I believed herI was in AVID, but really I wasn't eagerTo be the student, so studious with his features Dropping out like loose change cause I don't need her
Icy like mint
The one thing that ignites the light Which excites my mind from day to night Is the delight I feel once I write All my focus is on the trains of thought All I notice is what I jot on the spot
There are more than a few things Which I am pleased about, that wash away my stormy days, and cleanse me of my doubt.   Sometimes they are big things and sometimes they are small
Life is joy and joy’s in life, but joy’s a waiting game. and without joy there is no life, they mix, they interchange. learn to love and love to learn of all the eye can see.
Clock is ticking, Ticking, tricking Night to day and day to night Sun is rising, I’m despising Pain ahead, the same old fight  
drop of blissful notes resonates, through eardrums, in soul; silence; serene
                 Oh lord, let these people thats doing wrong open their eyes to the bloody storm                  Oh lord, make them realize whats really going on                   Oh lord,I don't care what you do
“I’m seeing someone else” July 18th 2016, I’ve never felt more pain.  As you send me these words they stab like daggers, My heart drops to my stomach and I suddenly feel nothing.  Memories of joy and happiness flee  and I am left
Poetry is my sunshine My gateway to heaven I couldn't go a day without it Not ever cooncerned about if it rhymes My poetry speaks values It gives me a sense of importance Like I never have to wait
And for the fleeting moment In which your eyelashes grew As tangled roots -- blooming Amidst and within my own -- The feathers of swallows burst From the blades of my shoulders
And right now I'm the only girl living In this silent, sleeping city Because I've tasted the bittersweet Of your rosy tenderness And I've felt the exhilaration of flight Just after the birds have gone to bed
Nothing has been pretty since I switched to contacts, since I stopped picking petals for love, but rather to roll and inhale them once they’re dried and tinged
I see with sounds Words a MIXTURE Of thought and outside stimuli I write to bring peace to my mind Link the emotion In my music with word in my mind Rooted in pain Of youth
This weed got my consciousness tripping imagination hollousanation blurred vision was I put on this planet to Finnish a mission or am I stranded in this poor condition.
It was love At first site   So vulnerable So resilient So powerful   She has my eyes She has his smile She is rain On parched earth   She has his wild temper
I came into this world, not knowing who I was. I could here your cry of joy. I was 5 and admired your smile. I was 10 and you taught me how to cook. I was 15 I was a rebel.
My heart beats in 8 counts. Big bows and Nike pros, Stunting and jumping, Smiling after crying, Success comes with my family. Rolling out the mats,
My tongues so far up inside who you are I can taste the things you like and i like the things you are                 Savage & Sincere , Aggressive & No Fear
It's like I'm lost in an ocean blue as can be without a map in my hand or a single home to call mine I've been looking for answers looking for what's true but when I look for love
It's morning It's just like any other day but yet somethings gone What it is it? Where is it? Why can't it be found?! It can't be gone It's frustrating Why can't it be found 
she looked at him with eyes  so suprised that his being could hold her whole world to feel his skin against hers in fear she'd ruin the anatomy of the stars
This is me, the girl who covers her face, and locks her heart with a key. This is me, the girl who likes to wear black, because its her favorite color, but who lacks to defend herself,
Roses are red, violets are blue, your dress is white and my tie is too, sense we match will you go to homecoming with me.
I wish I couldI wish I could N if I got the gift from God or a curse from Satan then with it I would But I can't right nowDon't have a plan right nowStill growing up but the fam need me to be a man right nowBut I'm not a man right now not successf
Our time hanging here has come so quick as we hang from the train bridge just to feel the adrenaline rush as the train passes and see who let's
If it were offered, A real second chance, Would you sign on, For a backward glance?   To correct your errors, Clean up the mistakes, To avoid the costly pitfalls, Every one of us makes?
Myself Bring back the music which I know who you are, Bring back those times when I wasn't far, Bring back the life I once lived, Bring back the memories that once held joy,
  Im lazy Lazy because I used winter as an excuse not to go outside Im lazy Lazy because I used up summers precious time Im lazy
Cacophony, n. harsh discordance of sound; dissonance: it's the sound of a coffee cup clattering rolling on the tile of a classroom floor the anxiety of the ACT bolded, capitalized, yelled across
Never forgotten is the past Passing past memories is what keeps our past alive Knowing where you have come from determines how well you’ll last The world is sick with wicks of wicked people waiting for you to dive
I am indecisive. I am incompetent and careless. I am helpless and weak. I am not worthy and I am a coward.   But how did I get to be this way—
I'm not the athlete everyone wants me to be, but I AM SOMEBODY, I'm not the smartest guy in the school, but I AM SOMEBODY, I'm not good looking guy girls want, but I AM SOMEBODY,
Who am I you may ask? That’s a good question. I could be a teacher, a painter, dancer, or a mother. I could be lots of things. But to answer your question
I Am someone's hija . I Am someone's hermana. I Am someone's nieta. I Am a lot of things when it comes to other people's opinions. But most of all, the details that make of me are what defies me. I Am an attentive person.
I Am someone's hija . I Am someone's hermana. I Am someone's nieta. I Am a lot of things when it comes to other people's opinions. But most of all, the details that make of me are what defies me. I Am an attentive person.
This world tags pigs with lying notions Makes masks to cover true emotions Fools the wise, “this is right, that is wrong,” A painted beauty, twisted all along.   But, in the rare cases, we can find
Mute me not
I am an outspoken Yet heartbroken masterpiece you see An art filled canvas A total mystery I am a card game on late nights Or a morning prayer if you want me to be
As virtous men pass mildly away And whisper to their souls to go Whilist some of their sad friends do say "The breath goes now," and some say"No"
In the vast distance, there is a strong resistance, where an empire stood mighty, as it crumbled one day. With our backs to the wall, darkness will fall, ending life as we rule it all. Hey Mr.
Life is so sweet, Everywhere we go people stop and see, Radiance and positivity reflecting off of me. Making grey skies blue, How you choose to see the world is all up to you.
I remember sitting on the swing, mid-summer With my head in my mother’s lap And a slight breeze tickling our cheeks As the cotton candy skies faded to a navy hue
you think he's the one, and you think your done, but you would've never thought. that there is an evil, behind those eyes, that he could hide. A lie, A sin, but I continued to fall in.
Because the gate is so narrow
Carbon molecules in line notation stream Into my eager ears, and their names form Straight tree branches that tip and teem  With hydrogens. Substituents adorn 
Sweat lines my dusty brow. Heaving lungs alternate as between billows, Each surge breaking my glassy lens.   Far off, that distant cry... Brother against Brother in that field of daisies.
Drift my darling to a world of wonder Chase away the storms of today Fall fast asleep in winds that are whistling Winds that blow your worries away  
And there is sadness and regret and remorse Uncertainty There are times when it feels as if your world is collapsing on your own two shoulders.
The dark side attacks with rage.   A beautiful friendship forsaken,  fulfilling the dreaded myth of "love."   Quieter as depression holds her, expanding.   Cutting to feel something.
The past is what is said and done The pictures that I used to take weren't for fun It is hard to believe because you can only see the outside Where I can use filters to cover up and hide
A Power pulls From know sources, Holding my nurturing For years and years.   It now reveals a True emotion, Unseen by youth, And held by fears.   The past and present
The feeling of blood on your finger tips, Numbing everything as it drips. Your vision blurred with sweet tears, Finally erasing all your fears. An innocent mind is now gone, Leaving with no consent.
Dreams of midnight sonnets have passed away
rocky downs is a poet to show it, i want to show the people about the poets of this time. i want to be the poet with the npeople mind in mind. i wanmt my poetry to be find. poetsa have to show it and you have to believe.
lets not hate but be great and establish a great american state and worldly state, put the weak hate down and make the people great, put down hate and be great.
My family used to have a fish tankfilled with cute little fishiesthat were more of a hindrance than a convenience:clean the tank clean the tank clean the tankmy parents chanted, a laborious prayer
Apparently, the only socially acceptable answer to the question "are you okay?", nowadays, is: "I'm fine". Even if you're not fine at all.
family should show love love from god above, family have to be real to each other and show the love that god taught us above to show love. family should be here to help each other and to love each other.
Adults always tell us that they know best They have more experience, and time, they'll attest They feed those words Into our brains Inject that message into our infant veins
I run into ethereal flowers Of her
I like to think that my words ar
"Filter" a word used to hide, a word used to cover things up. Filters don't show how you look inside. They muffle screams, and shatter dreams. Making it hard to decide, who you truly are.
I aspire to inspire desire Call it a will to spit fire in my poems Name me Alduin, Eater of Words Call me cold blooded and hot headed But first, you will call me dreaded For my words are poison
We need to be more careful with the words that we’re articulating ‘Cause up til now all these rhymes have been self-deprecating All the girls obsessed with “depressed” and self-harm,
Devoid of behavior deemed unto decadence,
Yes I know I'm flawless Wow look at that confidence  I look at others so pretty and petite But only wonder why they do not eat   I love to live and live to love
I'm so insecure, I put on a show. It's quite obscure, but no one will know. I try to hide behind, my fake smile. Slowly losing my mind. Been like this for awhile.
Broken bottles cut and hot ashes burn The already empty souls and numb hearts Tired faces leave and never return Their eyes drained of tears, crying from the start  
I just want to be an inspration To those with a dedication To become better then what they were yesterday only to realize that your most important days are the day you are born and the day you find out why
The life for me is fraught with unknown, It's an inner aggression with a boisterous tone. One half desires to thrive and succeed, the other wants to only exercise a good deed.
You live in my cavities 
What makes me flawless are my own flaws and mistakes There is no better way to learn than to fail My biggest quality is my persistency Wich I wouldn´t have if I hadn't failed before
My last pay check how will spend it?  I look at my last pay check I know I won't forget it.  Because it's my last check and thoughts of how to spend. 
Twisted lies and teary eyes These news titles on the rise Wrong perspectives, strong objectives Activists are the real detectives Police brutality? Our reality? Families surviving on calamity
It’s the end of Winter break, and I’m chilling at home, And I’ll admit it’s been about 10 years since I’ve written a poem. But sure, I’ll take a stab at it, why not give it a shot?
                                                 Daily dose of happiness is what II see,                                                       The sun smiles back, right at me,
He who deserves That of a pinch or a glare
You may not see what I see I see good
My bare feet felt frigid, as they squished the wet ground. The dark emerald grass was damp and powerless against me. The blades of grass bent and plummeted
Do you ever get that feeling? That no matter what  you do, you can never live up to the expectations? The expectations that are set by your parents or your friends or the society around you?
Put on make up, do your hair, wear nice clothes, be gentle and fair   In order to be flawless that's what you have to do. Here's what I have to say to that Fuck you  
No one cares about me. Where I come from everyone disclaims me. Nowhere to go, no one to turn to I’m out here on my own. From people claiming to be your friend, to stabbing you in your back who is there that I can trust?
Gazing at the long mirror that attaches to my beige dresser  I have a serious, yet soft look on my face Three hours of getting ready
  Sweat beading on my forehead  Words beating in my heart  This nemesis paralysis  Is taking back this part  So give me no more answers 
  Freak  twisted, strange  disturbing, unnerving, disgusting  demented, insane, fantastic, beautiful  thrilling, amazing, dazzling 
Doleful, limpid eyes importuned me with questions, Prolonging eventide's closure, our pathways in digresson. Seldom averse to evening repartee, my departure halted
Why does the idea of perfection exist,
I struggle at school
Fear paralyzes me From the wrinkles of my skin to the crevices in my bones. She leaves me in a  s t a n d s t i l l  Helpless, desperately hoping For some Messiah or miracle cure
I'm the girl behind the curtain,
I cannot say "I know how you feel", because I don't. Everybody has been through a lot. Just look around, see the people?
To be honest, I am wrongest, When I pretend to perfection. I shouldn't say "I'm quite okay." When it's not true anyway. I'd like to be To ev'rybody The person who I ought to be.
There once was a lady and gown One morning she ran through the town She kept on the jog Right into a bog That mighty fast lady in brown.
I look in the mirror and I think of all the negative comments people have made to me. From talking  about my big eyes, to commenting on my fluctuating body weight.
From the hallways to our classes, the bathroom mirrors with broken glasses. There's little to do with our curriculum Always seems like these teachers are on a pendulum. This is why it's up to us students to fight!
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