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beneath the yellow moon i dreamth of having a walk with you side by side holding each others hand never letting go come rain come sun though through the storms of life never waved
who's up Him at the surface of the earth we Humans the components of other creatures the birds of the air the fishes in the sea the beast of the field
‘Tis a tea carpet Stained in vermillion Furrow — layers upon rest As I stare — it softly out  And Builds waves — acentric —
the sun washes the breeze rinses  the birds signal the load is done outside is waiting for you with peace in its arms   soft warm sun
In the midst of Spring,Avenues are blossoming,Its a story of Within Warmth gentle capture,A Photo of wonder by air,A season's Splendor takes allure.
Deify me, I illuminate your world.I shine like your luminous guardian angel.In the cosmos, I am your adored arch-angel.I awake to brighten a lack-luster morning.I always your routine activities herald.
The dark green leaves swaying above us, as the wind softly blows. The water ripples, making soft lapping sounds at the shore.  The geese puff up their feathers, squawking and flapping wildly.
Sunrise gleams, can you light my way?This joy in my heart leads my every dayAnd at dusk, it sings like the lullabies so smallOh my moments, moments Feels like the world is dancing with meFeels like my dreams have already come to beI keep on climbi
Nature versus nurture, the spirit versus the mind, who am I at my core and what have I learned from my interactions with mankind?
Nature versus nurture, the spirit versus the mind, who am I at my core and what have I learned from my interactions with mankind?
we all vibrate. our hearts, veins, neurons— molecules of heat. there are profound pulses palpating in us— we can never truly be still.   can anything?
Twinkling in the sky,  The stars are brightly shining; A meteor flashes by. And the man on the moon is smiling.     The curtain in the background  Is a deep asnd velvety black;
I lay in the tall grass despite being advised not to. I don’t care about snakes or bugs. I’ve found a sense of comfort in the slightest danger.  
What do u think is the best part of the rain   For meThat spark of light That flashes Just like a ray of hope And lighten up the gloom Or maybe the lightning of two souls
There is no revolution but The inner revolution of  The deeper revolution of The utter revolution of  The soul. And I am only free when I Can feel that I am free to truly Know that I AM FREE
In fields of green and skies of blue, The beauty of nature comes into view. With rustling leaves and babbling brooks, The peacefulness of nature fills all nooks.  
Nature's beauty surrounds us all, From mighty mountains to oceans so tall, The rustling of leaves in the gentle breeze, The chirping of birds, a sound that frees.  
Nature, the ever-changing scene, A canvas of hues and tones so green, Of mountains high and valleys low, Of streams that flow and oceans that glow.   The sun that rises with a golden glow,
Amidst the woods and fields so green, Nature's beauty can be seen. From the chirping birds in the trees, To the buzzing bees and gentle breeze.   The flowers bloom in rainbow hues,
I wake in rooms you're dreaming in.I wonder what you seeinside the sleep you're gleaming inand underneath the sea,and deep in The Sahara,and in the pit of me. I speak in rooms you're silent in.
The majesty of nature surrounds us,In every tree, every flower, every blade of grass.The sun rises and sets, painting the sky,Leaves rustle gently as the wind rushes by. The stars above twinkle and shine,Guiding us through the dark of night.The mo
It always ends this way yknow. Trying to go to sleep but I'm not able to. I say to myself all throughout the day that I'm gonna read or do something to make myself sleep earlier but I never do.
Song resonated 
star-spangled sky, and the night breeze whispers words of goodbye. the scent of verbena brings back all the memories of us under the ivory moon.
Thunder;   sounds that cut the humid air and tell us Lightning is here, along with my storm.   Lightning;   only striking once, soon leaving an ever-lasting mark.
Lit by nature, a flame of beauty burning fiery in her eye.
Here's a tree that only I knew, Its roots deep in my heart it grew, A symbol of my hidden truth, A friend that saw me through my youth.   Its leaves were like my every dream,
The darkness sweeps across the land It covers everything like a sheet Not a star is visible For even they were darkened Every light that was shining
The darkness sweeps across the land It covers everything like a sheet Not a star is visible For even they were darkened Every light that was shining
Specks of dust in light Like falling stars, Comforting on the worst of nights. In the headlights of oncoming cars, Or the dull streetlamp glow. Moths tremble soft wings,
The house with a red roof near the lake, A dainty sight to behold. The sun's rays sparkle off the lake, A peaceful village to behold.
                           The place we call home Is the same place we harm everyday So much pollution in the air that it affects our ozone All we can do is pray
I hope you see warm sun Because your skin is cold. I hope you feel my rust Because these gears have mold.   My heart was made from human hands.
 Loneliness, Emotional pain, walks with us through the day,and sleeps with us through the night,Tears that is not visible to the naked eye,silent screams that no one can hear,feeling of relentless distress,
I've always been a flower, delicate and soft
My beauty always praised, my presence always loved
I flutter in the wind, my petals colourful and bright
Smiling at the world, shining in the sunlight

the wind brushes past meOh i wish i could seethe way it travels past the worldThe way it carries hurtful wordsthe way it carries love confessionsthe way it carries weird obsessions
Mountain haze rising, A golden rust blooming, beautiful rusts, golden arbors pleasing to noontime eyes.
Where blue apples are growing,Brown apparel is shrouded.And there's shrubbery for a mile swelling,With sinister graves divided.
As I feel the shame of my nasty habits hanging by my flesh A crescent moon in the sky appears She may not be the hope in a God far away Or the expectation of a God yet to come
How did this majestic and beautiful bird That has a keen eye for catching fish Become a symbol of our aggression? Painted on the work vehicles of local tradesmen. Stealing him off his branch
Loneliness, Emotional pain, walks with us through the day,
I came into existence, naked yet clothedwith innocence and unaware,bathed with my mother’s blood,old folks heard me cry and were so glad.I came not into this unknown sphere by my own will
Summer is over, the new season has begun.It's my 2nd favorite season, I love the Autumn.The leaves are changing color and falling from the trees.The Autumn is a wonderful season and it is sure to please.
One of the beautiful things about nature, is that nothing feels as if it were looking down on me, passing judgement. It stands with me by my side. An oak trees wisdom is that it is still and embraces me without having eyes or any of the senses.
In a table are the stretching bands of Jupiter's storms and not the cold eyes I saw before of the snake haired medusa The way things look depends on how I fill my cup Nature, isn't she some unknown wisdom
Seeing Nature acknowledge me through a kingfishers eyes Warming around a bird nest of mockingbird fledglings When I stare at them from outside a window, does what dipping fingers in a
Aimez, aimez maintenant Aujourd'hui, pas demain Oubliez le chagrin Arrêtez de demander comment Arrêtez de vous questionner
Yesterday, a gray catbird I spotted with wild picked berries in it's beak, mewing above my head like our neighbors housecat, An Eastern Tiger Swallowtail made love with the flowers edging the lake
The dried grass scratches between my toes as the horrible heat harkens to harsh Helios. The flowers? Wilting poppies wail within my irises
The manicured lawn is human management, trying to recreate the hanging gardens of Babylon on smaller scale But every animal but us, knows when they perch on one of it's trees
None of the phenomena can compare with the flicker of fireflies in the evening. Fireworks are dwarfed in size to them, even a parade.
I remember the poet who read last time his poem/short story, The Sins of Man. This is a response to the Sins of Man poem he had written.
With a likeness to the courtyard of the Japanese emperor Trees looping over our heads. Chipping sparrows and black capped chickadees flying from branch to branch In the song of the midsummer and friendly as domesticated cats.
If you ever had bird guano splatter onto your work uniform, nature is calling for you, nature is calling you to life, to leave behind your cares. Get on out there before you become aphyixiated
Hail youth of bloom, sweet and good  from excellent thrones of nutritive sensitivity 
My fiancee bought a tiny lavender plant Which I have started to water when she's not home to take care of it. That I give another living thing besides myself my attention takes me into the realm of love
“Nothing is me” Mundane says Universal nature chants “my life acquiescence" in blooming rays.
At 12 Oclock the day was darkly dark, the seafloor lifted itself in a loud cry, suddenly, a star fell like strings of light on a man.
Her drive follows the rev of the wind  Her faith and love, the wave and tide of the sea. Planets teem to her company when ecstasy calls She knows the chronicle of his madness.
Absolute breathe in the dawn of effervescence Sweet fluidity of ecstasy perfectly perfumed  In the lap of silence 
Water and wishes,  Mirage and enfleurage,  Charged her marged heart. 
Glassy tributes  in fragments of classic fragility  variety of fragrances  as magical coordinates 
Running in fantastic lines Agreeing with the magical future In the embrace of miraculous now We dream to heal Life will be wholesome again 
Every morning birds sing sweetly on inverted beds Within mortal frames mornings are for coffee and contemplation 
Ink of my soul,  Precious portal of puzzling wonder,  Make me whole,  where aura aims high and art sparkles the clouds,
Dr aw near  Tou ch me  With your palms of laughing lights  With tips of thousand suns and moons  Closer than water to my earth.  
Sweet romance  Running in fantastic lines Agreeing with magical future In embrace of miraculous now We dream to heal
Oh, love, stir the rising strip by strip  Where Love has a breath of fresh want  Sweet suspense of her spur  Where she plays a number on me 
Spoons of seas sail to Islands where meals hail Rippling flush of divine renewal course blessings 
Where the sky kisses the sea Is where delectable romances are served for the coffee of eyes, tea of hearts, and honey of skin there I found an offspring of the Universe
One silent night  A silent one  You and I like the morning lay  We found few dreams  We manifest oceans 
Do not tell me the word elixir has not breezed you  Dew of springs bridge itch for wet encounters 
This high-flowing day decides grinding verses of nerves Sky is set to seduce fate out of Time’s lips and Ambition’s room
Sun saves moves and rays for some as a racing nun Burns form him as from a mum Fun runs in plum turn for each warmth won
The Cathedral is beautiful when it's empty without priests or layperson's to give mass It becomes a part of nature, the perch for a starling. As I walk around it, I get to make of it what
Swaying arms of green leaves, wind instruments. Umbrellas of cool shade, a tireless gift of love. Welcoming my heart, like long-lost family to an autum dance,  of showering confetti,
It took me a long time to realize that sometimes you have to completely fall apart to beome the best version of you, And that even though you try so hard to control it, there is only so much that you can do.
Look deep in the mirrorDo you see color?What do you see?Can you see the sins of the humanity,And the hypocrisy creeping at the doorsteps?Blinded by the murky and muddyGlaucoma of jealousy,
Nature, she will never present herself the same way twice As in human patterns of activity As entertainment or study she will give Always a new subject to think about She has with her unforseable kisses and
Camping can be a magical time for some. For others it could be a horrific time. But for me, camping is an amazing time. Nothing can even compare to  Pathfinder camping.
Yes Michal, I see your flutterby Flying low not up in the sky Fluttering by in a sea of green Darting quickly and rarely seen If it had landed on your tablecloth I would be able to see if it’s a moth!
Once the Poet is done psychically with his or her craft With the vernacular of his or her masterpieces It’s the role of the readers to add mentally missing pieces
The Sleeper is not yet close to the truth. Like a huge hour hand, slowly swinging in the wide valley. The thin cloud floats unsteadily, Behind the empty shell, a cluster of sparks,trembling and flickering
Calm cool breeze blows across the meadow The sun shines accross the grass while it dances slow. Trees give a gentle wave as the wind rustles through the limbs The sky changes from blue to a work of art bursting of colors
My first home stood by shells and sand alike. I passed the days and nights down by the waves. Home two had fields and woods through farms to hike. Our fence was long but I climbed all the staves.  The barn held horses, cows, and many goats. But Cr
My hushed breath whispers to burlap sails on distant seas, Wrenched from my teeth and thrown to the breeze like confetti, In the flailing arms of cerulean waves;   Filling my cavities with the hollow sighs of whales
Walking with the crowd, alone and down,That's what happens when you are not able to be found.  Emptiness resides inside, silence becomes vibrant,sometimes I become a clown, or just get drowned,And happiness is nowhere to be found.  Smiles resist e
If you're writing about girlsYou're talking about gorgeous pearlsHappy love is in the air. If you're dreaming being in heavenThis time of the year, you need no reasonTo yearn being in love. If you're hearing melodious musicYou must be feeling very
grapefruit on a lemon tree is a little bit like me still citrus, still human but a curious, strange illusion apples on a cherry tree
Down through the ages there grew On Europe’s meadows and fallow rows Of corn, wheat and barley too A wildling flower with perfect petals blue  
Pondering Caterpillars Not ordinary small, fuzzy green ones But big tigers with eyes all over
HOW DO YOU PAINT THE TWILIGHT   How do you paint the twilight The time between the day and night The dark surround of diminishing light
HUMAN So Intelligent So Very Flawed Power Problem Solving Brain
They drop in from time to time to have a bit of seed, Cock their heads, look my way then go about their feed.
On a limestone laced hillside, Under a sun burnished Umbrian sky; Like resting peasants, the olives thrive.
“Are you going to eat me”, the koi asked the cormorant?   “No, I don’t have any plans to eat you”, said the cormorant.  
December air is a colder cold the hours before dawn.   Well suited but too cold to lay, deer are on the move.   A hunter couches in the woods also suited head to toe.  
Thousands of years you shone Brightest in the beast’s breast The heart of the lion And forming a billion years before The ancients knew you  
The tree whispers I walked outside The wind pushed her Our path began to collide
The blue of the sky is not in a box of crayons. The color of the deep ocean does not have a name.  
They swirl in threes like the buzzing of bees  From the colored trees         Down               Down                    Down          They blew around             to the ground
wild thrill of the chasehummingbird and bumblebee~getting a buzz on....Mark Toney © 2020.11/16/2020 - Poetry form: Haiku,
exotic fish swimaquarium-like setting~ Roku screensaver......Mark Toney © 2021.6/23/2021 - Poetry form: Haiku (for you)
picking ripe plump figseach one marred by pecking holes~ pleasantly plump birds......Mark Toney © 2021.8/29/2021 - Poetry form: Haiku (for you)
When clouds are heavy they drop their rain When humans are sad they conceal their pain We should take a page from nature’s novel And refrain from covering up our stains  
Nature, Oh nature  Nature is life nature is beauty nature is earth nature is where we sometimes find out worth
The lunar skies shine bright tonight, a wolf sings a song to the night sky moon. The moon turns colors with the starry sky. a quiet night is ahead. Water becomes a glistening jewel, a stillness settles above.
Rain sits upon the Autumn leaves,Is wet, cool, and gives gentle breeze.That new life dawns just over the hillWhen April again brings forth fresh drizzle.
I stay
I got on the ropeway for my rendezvous,Yell! Those arresting eventful near twenty minutes!Though a sudden trip, first time had a birds eye view,Of the most gripping serene sights from the peak.
I was privileged to have sedentary on the seashore in seraphic poetic submersion,The ringing sounds from the distant horizon made me entirely lost in my speculation,
Why are you looking for love oh soul;Is it not enough that God gave it all? His Love that is pure, true and great What are you waiting? accept God and taste
I know it’s her way, processes she developed Need to tell another, a check and balance No guessing where I stand just a verdict at hand I know it’s her way, now it has become mine Letter written handed out
Sunday afternoon in the middle of August. Sun lounging high in the sky. A cloudy menagerie decorates her home. I walk down to the river Hear the boats passing by A roar of engines and water
They're piss poor pilots But they sure know how to play! Buzzing melodies
the growing weed never stopsuntil we cut it down,and when we dowe’ve controlled its fatebecoming too much of an growing flowers too late? 
Riding into the burnt sunset cloudswe decided to take a restwatching the water burningas we sat quietly on a lonely bench 
Albino gecko with alien eyesinhales my fragrant magenta guisecontemplating if i'm good to eati cannot move, i cannot sleep, 
From underneath a plush flora bedGaea emerges tranquil grassy facedflowery dreadlocks hang from her headfrom underground and her outstretched handwaterfall refreshing, a pond being fed,
Reaching down from grey forming cloudsa rumbling locomotive’s charging soundthe vortex spins its mighty handsas it bounces and vacuums across living landdestroying every time it touches down
Raging river from shallow fallscarves a gully amidst the bankseroding sullen earth's gauntletsqueezing it between twisted ranksplunging into the dark abysstumbling over the rocky planks
Spears of light reach towards the heavensas flames illuminate along waters edgeprotruding rock pyramids silhouettes,the sun is falling off the horizonas its beams hold the glow across the sky
Down by the lake in the morningwet grass between my toeswearing nothing but my overallsthe sun was colored rose. 
i dream upon the daffodilsin a dream swept rain,dreaming all the things i canand forgetting all the pain. 
Night is speckled by the full of the moonwater descends to glistening croonspink and violet ballerinas, pirouette on floating padsto the rhythm of blue ripples lapping the sand
Fickle felines are indifferentindependent from their hostinquisitive and leeryskittish as you approach 
Disoriented in a deep forestnoticing a strange looking treewhose dry bark was greatly gnarled,camouflaged well within its trunkthrough its knots it appeared like an old man with a long beard of white
Elementals of the worldwe all need to survivenot only to withstand their damagebut needing them to sustain our lives. 
God who created the earth and skythe deepest seas and the highest peaksturned over the reins to Mother Natureto keep earth healthy and not let it die. 
Natural prism in the atmospheregood fortune should come our wayjust follow the leprechaun to the endand find what they proclaim. 
A procession of ants march on foreverto their labyrinth abode undergroundcarrying crumbs we left behind,they militarily reorganizeafter kicking down their mound. 
Majestic grouper's boulder headrests on the green soft oceans edgelooking up to the sky as time tic-tocksnatures sculpture, chiseled rockeons have passed to mold its' bust
Feelings and closeness,are we the only onesthat romantically and lovinglytry to stick together?the vast animal kingdomcan show us howmaybe monogamously better. 
i know it’s coming with a sniff of my nosethe scent in the air lets me know it’s close.  the impending storm coming around the bendflowers will drink from what nature sends. 
After snowColors sproutFragrant air after sun showers departEverything green has a fresh startPlush treesBirds singemerging Spring
The rose of yellowis a quite dashing fellowwearing a golden velvet tux  his morning hellosounding majestically cellosinging he loves you much 
Expressing on paper has always been easier for me,as my conversations are with the sea.for i ascertain some of life’s secrets never hearing a wordwhile the waves caress and love me.
In the middle of the warm Atlanticwhere there are small islands    in the Caribbean seawhere white sand beachesstretch a long distance    the end you can not see 
In losing, but still finding In finding, feeling lostness In dreams achieved, you’ll notice  The unavoidable abyss  The chasm of the chase: ever yearning, never sate
Last night, in my dream,while i wandering in the wild landsand crossing silent shadows,i met a word and ask:''What's your name?''My name is loveand i'm alone in life,i need you,
i ask the lips, why are you crying?'I lost my colour, i lost my flame,  i lost my longing'.The eye says:'I lost the inward tenderness,fade the light around me'and the ear,'i don't hear harmonies
Fallen angel! Why are you scared?Why you dwelt alone in shadow?  Why you tighten your fists?why threaten the whole life?i know, afraid to .love,let tenderness pour from your eyes
And at the end, what?what happens to the living when they die?what happens to the tears when the eyes close?Where do the stars go when we don't dream?where the pain of memory goes?
To dream with the black man in one eye and the white in the other,
We know so little,so little, almost nothingand this is only truth,when and from where?from the fissure of infinityand the unreel of time,lonely splinterswe wander on dreamy travels,
My child, let your life come into the world of darknesslike a spark of light, without flicker and pure,and thank them in silence. You know, my child, they are cruel in their greed and envy,
After time,people will say,in those years,  we lost the meaning of we,we lost the sense of universalityfound ourselves prisoners into ego,in a long soliloquyand the infinite life reduced to i,  
When one door opens, another closes.this is the eternity's circle,mistakes belongs to us, but not all,  the fate mapped out for us to follow,but does not define our choices,  beings of necessity and randomness,
All humans on earth are one.We descend from the same family of common ancestors.We are, in a quite literal sense, siblings,and like siblings we depend on each other's loveand care and responsibility.
Cool winds blow fast here. White, bright, blue and black clouds loud Floating up above. Rakeshottam
The moon resembles a fat, golden doveperched on the dark horizon—wings stick out of the clouds.
The wind slips through the leaves of the trees. The leaves ruffle and flutter as if they can take off at any moment. The flow of the wind feels as though it were silk, making my hair dance in delight.
It was hard to see clearly but the gray lit skies slowly started to perish and blue hues took way into the sky eventually being followed by an array of orange casting across the open fields and coating the trees with its golden light.
Where are you, oh twinkles? You are nowhere to be seen. On whom will I sing jingles, If I can't see where you had before been?
The Moon was shining like a charm Not like I had ever seen Before it was very calm So its brightness was unforeseen
I Write my poems freely on the walls of the room By looking natural sky through window's eyes, The stars may add their beauties so me bloom; My face is flattened as lonely air that flies.
Ya Know The World Is FINE It's Humanity's LOSS... When We Decide To Behave Like DOGS... ?!? The World's WAY BEYOND............................. .. PAYING The Cost For Humanity's WRONGS...
Exhilaration, jubilation, euphoria are the words of the day. Starring up at a precipice, then the rocky out-cropping’s, one, then two, the beauty overtakes me, I had to briefly turn away.
The beauty of, The early morn, Watching the sunrise, The breaking of dawn.   And so begins, A brand new day, A new beginning, In every way.   From out the dark,
she left me in a meadow and as i could not stand the silence i ran past the ancient groves the secret place of lovers past but as i was not welcome there i ran more quickly past
oh, the color!   that lines these painted prints of journey that lay as flowered steps before me   but, oh, the wonder   seeing only the color
skin laid as leaves my soul the seed, vessel bound hush, here comes the freeze
Of Course Nature PLUNDERS... And Can Be THUNDEROUS... !!! But It’s Also... WONDROUS... !!!!! And Is Clearly Something That Helps Us To LIVE... !!! So To Go AGAINST That’s Clearly NOT A Wise Plan... !!!
its a rainy day vibe as i look up at the sky i see the big gray clouds coming down. wow.  they roar and they cry i cant help but realize that the big bad guys arent around. now
It comes into your life- A fresh soul, Awaiting a home Waiting for tender loving and care You could offer them the world A field of friends, Connected by roots But when you start to neglect
1000 white lights like Christmas trees Grow dim as the night wanes Across the moonlit sky The luminous atmosphere Bags of me to ask it why East twinkle is like an answer Of its own surmise
Freons The boulders have been ground by the waves Cascading onto beaches making sand over the ages Now smooth Stones sit upon the grains Welcoming the waves that come in with the rains
Excuse me, I beg your pardon,I'm just here growing in my garden.Like everything, I come from a seed,So please don't call me a pesky weed.
Shifting shallows, Shifting shadows in the shallow deep    Salt from my soul seeps through to swim with her sadness...  
I am here, all wet With the drops, falling from Above I remember, when we first met As you touched my skin, I fell in Love.   I began to wait for you,
Your eyes see so many objects some objects give gift of happiness if you forget to reconsie  problems then happiness in your way i can find 100 reasons to smile in a seconds and dance is what happiness can be expresssed  poem is like a song read a
Washing clean the rocks in A rainbow of thick moisture spraying off into the opaque depths Tangled streams of rain rushing quicker than gravity Eloquence of beauty translated into the speech of Roaring mist and pounding spray that careens into poo
Frost encumbered yet sitting in the sun the green grass glows.   Beautiful to the world but look inside, its heart froze.
When sunshine breaks through the clouds and warm breezes rustle branches and make the ripples on a pond Summertime When bullfrogs leap to and fro and rabbits frisk in meadows
Soaring high Bird of prey The rustling of feathers The cheeping of chicks Large jagged boulders Long hooked feet and Glinting in the sunlight Majestic wingspan and wild call
Fog is silver, white and wispy Fog comes out when the air is chilly It hangs over cities, farms and houses, It blinds the cars and trains If anything is in fog's way it's swallowed up in misty blankets
Ya Know I've Found In This Life... That... Girls And Guys... Who Behave Like CHUMPS... !!!!! Like To Play... Mitch Green... And Beat Me To The PUNCH.... ?!!!? When My Lyrical Flows...
Walking in the desert is an act of complete awarenesss, You are a visitor You must tread lightly  The desert demands respect, you hapazardly and carelessly step, you will be pricked, you will be stung
  We have sprinted on our paws from silver fields into the ashen corridors of Office-Max      How early we set our alarms, how grown up,who don the coats of men, despite the heat, who drive on four wheels down Park Avenue pasts the willing lemonad
A vast landscape beckens onerous treks  Entreating tilling rocks and honest thoughts. Paths ahead intersect, awaiting steps Lined along eager vines and ochre moss.  
Oh to be the wind  blowing so gently Oh to be the strawberry  Red and scrumptious  Oh to be... wait The bumblebee?  I don't know about this.... well, if you say so. 
One summer day Lazing by the window I saw a wasp Orange and yellow I jumped from the chair Screaming in fear Afraid of the sting As the wasp flew near
Let me tell you the story Of a pomegranate flower and a honey bee The honey bee was flying by The bloom had flowered recently It could not resist the pretty orange And it the buzzing bee
I hate those days when the sun don’t shine  Makes me reflect on the days you were mine  So I hurry and close the blinds  So the rain doesn’t come down my eyes
The Bible says there will be streets of gold I imagine some reds and oranges will be there too   This crisp air takes me there Each breath fresher than the one before  
░B░l░a░r░i░n░g░,░ ░s░e░t░t░i░n░g░ ░s░u░n░ ░l░i░g░h░t░,░ ░s░e░t░s░ ░a░b░l░a░z░e░ ░t░h░e░ ░t░r░e░e░s░,░ ░I░ ░P░u░t░ ░j░a░z░z░ ░o░n░ ░t░h░e░ ░b░r░e░e░z░e░
commonbees, pollen-sifters a poem by riley minteer   You can find me in the fields, catching water bugs, and small red beetles.
The simple joy of autumn leaves Warm, gold hues on a sullen creek The beauty of their short descent  The ephemeral life we all are meant They fall onto the winter ground
USED TO BE: There was a time, long ago and far… far away When my life, was drab… dreary and gray
Shock and delight With Mother Nature’s Gentle might
Air so fresh it hurts deep inside With every green blade I must at last confide
In your eyes I see blue skies and oceans
WHEREAS, the accenting mist kiss the skies as the sun warms the snow-capped rise I love you; and
The wind guides the bayou’s surface dancing in rippling patterns, they masquerade around the trees’ and whistle a soft tune. Crickets applaud. Ducks rally.
Same attitude but different dayI'm over exaggerating on nothingSpeak my peace; Body in flamesThought I was just copingCalled myself being smooth on wavesNot knowing it would not get me anywhere
Golden sunlight beams down on The grass, turning it emerald. Leaves fall gently down, Making their slow descent to the damp ground   Autumn is coming- No, wait; it's already here.
The world is dying, they told her But how can I stop it, I am only a child? That my dear, is why the world is dying For all the world are children  
I was always a man on move, a man on run, a man on Highway Maybe, that is my destiny, my karma, my go to place, my secret conclave Highways keep on surprising me as magic unfolds every second
When I arise to the occasionIt feels just that amazingHold me close because you're staying No better feeling of those soft kissesDon't have to ask or know what I'm missingSecretly planning, always on a mission
Clouds looming on ominous horizon. The sun hides in fear as the storm nears fast. Silver linings fade slowly, one by one, the sight begets fear and ensures it last. . .
Autumn flowers   Flowers withered by the march of time and season Yet I find it very vivid to my heart and reason Displayed in plain, on the table - a craft made Where the wandering of my pen is inlaid
Logged between the row of housesand the grassy banksruns the canal;it waters shimmering in the sunrays,twinkling like diamonds, The canal shimmering in Sunrise,as shadows dance within,the sun throwing his rays,like diamonds on the running canal. T
The golden sun raysstreaming through the curtains.Scorching heat,forty degrees at nine in the morning,water in the taps piping hot,vapor from the garden grassas the gardener waters garden,dried burned leaves,and twigs upon the branches,not a bird
Sweet Septemberbringing with her autumnbrightening the colorsmaking the world colorful. A month to harvesthoney and cornand flowers in bloom. A month devoted toThe Mother Maryand month for the Holy Rosary. Sweet Septemberthe seventh month in a Gre
Being hinted down in a Forrest filled with skyscrapers Dodging bullet like traffic I sat down on an artificial Park bench comforted By artificial trees thinking about Global warming, climate change
There is a burning; a fire of love in me.  It burns intensely for you.  Though you may try, you will never extinguish it. 
birdsong melodiesgentle wind caressing leaves~ pleasing perfect pitch. .© 2020 Mark Toney.  All rights reserved..Original artwork by Jon McCormack
"Mother Earth", you are an extraordinary being, A mother of fervent virtue and benevolence, "mother Earth", you are emblematic, and a productive source of ingenious.
Oh! our euphoric nature. concrete it is, mysterious it seems, Beauty and splendor it brings, makes our heart feel at ease.
Every spring that gossamer explosion of pink, of downy, almost frothy white. Those crabapple and cherry trees of my childhood and that one in particular,
thickets of ivy bathtubs of mud a consortium of bubbling bleating hearts slipping, sliding gliding with  powers of croaking warlocks from stick to rock-- careful, hold on,
in the ponds of mountain no tomorrow mother loon croons her songs of sorrow and though the tufts of storms blow by she will not quit her phantom cry the corpses of canoes will sink and lift
Coal nights are beauty When stars asleep, sound and tight. There's a lullaby.
Staring from the window of my home, I noticed the sky becoming monochrome. The cloud's curdled in sky's meadow set, Dangle and are drawn in descend drops of rain which cling to the leaves of plant making it wet.
Staring from the window of my home, I noticed the sky becoming monochrome. The cloud's curdled in sky's meadow set, Dangle and are drawn in descend drops of rain which cling to the leaves of plant making it wet.
breeze like soft hands brushing hair out of my eyes   dandelion seeds float through the sun-bathed sky light as feathers   soft earth below my feet is humble and grounding  
The cheatgrass stands sparse dry and straight on the hillthe way gooseflesh causes hairs stand uptheir airy delicateness coated in gold leaf by the setting sun
Our beloved nature, Gift from our God Almighty. Earth bless its riches. Serve as bread weaner, Where we can eat, breath and sleep. To keep us, to live.
The sun smiled to me. As she gently touch my cheeks, With her loving rays.
I gazed upon the darkest sky and then I saw -- The stars. They flash like fiery embers through and through -- To east, to west. They're everywhere. To north to south Like precious jewel there, so distinct and rare.
There's nothing good as merry as mellow meadows. An airfield of gentle buzzing breeze; mine shadows -- Doth smile and racing with my fingers; the grasses -- And theirs as if hands they reach on me, wanting me --
I sighted golds within the sun's coruscate beam, And tiny drizzles are blessings that falls downstream. The trees now rested in an open peacefulness. The birds performs aloft, and in bliss with the wind.
Dark brown swampland meets, Where frogs roam free. Willow, that’s her name. They think your weeping, why have you led them to believe so? Weeping Willow, That’s what I’m told happens so.
Sometimes at night as the sun is setting, Falling below the hills like an old balloon, I see them. Mountains in the sky Ominous mounds of magic or cloud  
in the afternoon sun we   become  different people. we change color and change into color
The maple seed hangs tight against the wind But a gust comes through and it can hold no longer It flies, dancing and twirling on the breeze Pirouetting over fields and forests
I saw the sun rise from beneath the ground,And bring a time of sunshine and cheer around,When children played around and the nature danced to its own beat,When birds sung their melodies and butterflies came to greet,
the brightest colours fill my head "will reach your destiny soon, heart said the BLACK road the GREEN grass around the sun was comming with me with his bright ORANGE and glee the sky was pleasant and BLUE
When I look into the sky,Amidst the dark clouds, Amongst a bed of stars, There appears before me, A star which shines the brightest, drawing my attention.No other star could outshine,The sparkling beauty of my star.I could hear, my guiding star, w
RainPitter-patter, PetrichorLightning, Peals of thunder, Gusty windsA feeling of freshnessDownpour  
Did you see her falling from the sky? Drenched in a stardust cloud. Free spirit like the eagle that flies above. Far away from the maddening crowd.
Like foam on the ocean the clouds drift by theirs is a vast sea the blue of the sky. Like foam on the ocean changing form with the breeze, such are the clouds in the sky's blue seas...
He brings joy to me, his laugh makes my heart smile, his eyes, like the sea. Endless charm is his style, and he is my willow tree.  
The river flowing. The sound of it on it's way. Fish tagging along.   (A Haiku)
Clouds float high in the sky. They are the apple of my eye.   They are so far, yet so near. They are so solid, yet so clear. How fast and scattered they can change. Yet, they are never in dissarange. 
Gurgling, gurgling Soft ripples water slapping against the pebbles  pushing the verdant calamus   On the beach
The Wolf Pass by AM King In spring’s horse ride through the mountainous pass, Early morning’s dusted  with snow that fell. The horses uneasy, picked up a smell, Became more unsettled in the crevasse.  
The Wolf Pass by AM King In spring’s horse ride through the mountainous pass, Early morning’s dusted  with snow that fell. The horses uneasy, picked up a smell, Became more unsettled in the crevasse.  
A passing thought while strolling through the dale. With their limbs , on hikes , I’ve bumped my head. Roots caught my boot ,on the floor splayed I spread. Passing glancing, perhaps giant nemesis they were.
Sun beams drew me to the river’s edge, Pulled me knee deep in a mound of sedge. Light’s encompassing aura of gold, Took a grip on me with a bold hold. Looking down to see what was above,
Let my garden be a song to you, When dawn wakes the bird to praise. Let the woodpecker hammer out your glory!
Let my garden be a song to you, When dawn wakes the bird to praise. Let the woodpecker hammer out your glory!
In all the years I have walked among oaks , I’ve seldom sat and let their allures soak. With their limbs , on hikes ,I’ve bumped my head. Roots caught my boot ,on the floor I spread.
I appeal to you to cease the continuous mayhem you bring upon me but you have turned deaf ears to my plea. My blue skies on high are no longer clear, my bright stars are now dimmed by your constant pollution.
I appeal to you to cease the continuous mayhem you bring upon me but you have turned deaf ears to my plea. My blue skies on high are no longer clear, my bright stars are now dimmed by your constant pollution.
rain when I was a kid meant cancelled recess, rainy day projects a chance to stomp in puddles, the time to wear your pink raincoat the older I got, the more I began to fear it
If I were a leaf on a tree..oh how would I leave leaving me..would make me laugh..leaving for you.. you think.. you says I to know.. leaving for free..says me..right now..I would leave me..
Sunshyn  Still sound of flowing stream Cool breeze  Creatures singing hymns  Mind at ease  Nature is healing me
Do You Ever Take The Time To Just Recline … And FEAST Your Eyes On … " The Sky At Night " … ? Last Night I DID And It Was Quite A Trip … !!!!!
Escape to your favorite landscape Waiting there is the one who created every sunrise and its Escape Be still and wait on the Lord And you'll see that everything is controlled by him and not a remote or power cord
The stars looked down on me As the heat of the air kissed my cheeks Your eyes apprised a dreary story They were clear, they were deep - those beautiful black discs I felt a sweat roll down my chests
Extra tiny dinosaur Walking over there Covered in scales and dust and mud For you life is not fair Hunted and stolen Lost and beat I want to save you Because you are neat
I walk into the winter night And the fragrance of the Queen of the Night embraces me It is sweet I gulp in lungfulls of it As if it is a draught I am greedy I want to breathe it all in
Like the sound of distant coughing the masks of people’s courage fail and we flail in amongst our daydreaming fears the tears of beast we don’t normally acknowledge 
A symbol of love Only a few Resemble With the power Of the light What others Do upon a plight Of a sun storm That light as wind Becomes a greater thing Of nature
High up in the mountains on a clear, starry night, far behind me is the gleaming of the city's harsh light. Before me lies a valley clothed in fog's misty shroud. These mountains don't know
Laden with thoughts, like ripened fruit heavily hanging upon bent boughs memories weigh and must somehow attain release from the tree that is my mind. Still and quiet contemplating
A eagle had To land on A sun rock To make sunfire While sunrays Lit the ground Upon sun diamonds Only to see a snake Staring At a sun fly Said the sun god Sitting atop
Clouds of thoughts, Condensing in my head, Unable to think, When will it end?  
This is how we deal with things Red, blue, purple, green Splashes of paint against the canvas of life Leaving our marks in the world   Black   The color of tragedy and of growth
Represented by Diana goddess Greek huntress the ancients understood your power, knew you as a celestial navigator- guide of sailors and farmers illuminator
Her next challenge is flooding right in front of her And the rough stones tremble underneath her feet
A heaviness surrounds a once vibrant soul Its back now turned from old passions Glued to the bed, a foggy mind reaches for the fan Falling off the bed, the wind points its fingers towards the window
The trail I walk is Well-traveled, yet familiar to none. Clouds can creep in, inviting Unwelcome storms From every direction, heard And felt Deep inside me.  
In the heart of mother nature  
When i feel lost,   I feel sad, or happy, or thoughtful, I simply walk on the beach.  The seasalt air circles me,  Hovering and holding promises of adventures.
In these four walls  I feel restless  My eyes wander  Seeking, yet pause  Spotting my muse  Billowing in the wind 
  The path of a forest stream is guided by the gentle branches of surrounding groves meandering angles shaped by stoic roots driven deep into the bitter earth
The path of a forest stream is guided by the gentle branches of surrounding groves meandering angles shaped by stoic roots driven deep into the bitter earth making dirt and mud their mossy home.  
Five to seven weeks I’m hoping for past 80 years for me Designed with a purposed I had to find my own   Five to seven weeks
The flower grows  In the soil.  It sprouts from the ground.  In swoops the farmer  To pluck it out.  It is a weed. 
Pink petals and Bright green leaves Gold-brown pinestraw crunches underfoot; It's spring. The sun shines down on me,
Colors take me away Sweep me up in a flourish of pigment A swarm of hues and shades Come to rest within my head The colors take me away   Consumed in a rush Under the glow of flickering neon
Boots by Chloe Bernards I had expected angst and nerves And instead I got freedom A trail winded me through  And the liberty of making a new one not yet created
The MoonA light to the lostA hope to the brokenA lover to the romanticsA muse for the artists
All of creation holds an abundance of gorgeous gifts- an overflow of magical exuberance- none are foremost though some are special. And so it is with these givers of solace and
The green lands on the floor, Surrounded by bountiful trees all over. You listen, you can hear, you can see, But what is this exactly?
What titan war Erected such peaceful giants? What earthly force pushed forth The jagged piers that pierce my heart? Without motive nor vision nor chisel,
Inspiration has no particular source.  It appears in everything that surrounds us,  the little things that make us stop for a moment because there it is again. That feeling. 
Feel the hidden Spaces between the lines/ Siente los espacios escondidos entre las palabras They are whispering the hidden secrets between your eyes/ Están susurando los secretos entre tus ojos  
She provides her neighbors with a home Sheltering those within her dome Though wind may come and storms may try Her limbs exalt the lofty sky  When hairs turn grey she'll still be green
The pristine colors of brush and grass swirl together like paint on an artist's hand after a day's work. Deep green cedars sprout, like rocks out of the sea, from the pastel yellow and purple tide of aging grass.
The beautiful crystalline snow- falls from the Heavens to the earth below. The wind swirls it with a playful gust it blankets the ground like diamond dust. When young and fresh
<p>Living life without a careDon't even worry about my hairHomesickness snakes throughout my skinBut every day is a win</p> <p>As a person, I have grownMore than I could ever have knownI have become braverEvery day I feel less a
Living life without a careDon't even worry about my hairHomesickness snakes throughout my skinBut every day is a win As a person, I have grownMore than I could ever have knownI have become braverEvery day I feel less a stranger I pass landscapes f
It was the verdant lushness that startled my senses- more than the trepidation of, where were we to live? where to work? what to eat? Exiles becomes accustomed to those things...
Peace, wind in your face Peace, blowing autumn leaves past you. Peace, the sun creeping through the leaves and branches of the tall daring trees.  Serenity is what I need.   Peace, laying on the cold ground.
Peace, wind in your face Peace, blowing autumn leaves past you. Peace, the sun creeping through the leaves and branches of the tall daring trees.  Serenity is what I need.   Peace, laying on the cold ground.
My foot sinks in the moist,  Freshly dewed grass. I feel my systems rejoice As my feelings rush en masse. Nature is inspiration.
Hello, can you hear me? I hear you, in all your glory You whisper in my ears Constantly But I don't mind, because it's nice   
Hello, can you hear me? I hear you, in all your glory You whisper in my ears Constantly But I don't mind, because it's nice   
Step outside, Trees of autumn glancing down, Skies of blue freely flowing, a city skyline in the distance. As the cars drive along the dirt road, I long to contrinbute to the world. and smile
And what of this poet's fascination with the spirals of nature? A snail shell's intricate whirl coiling, perfect... The desert's dust devil's fury racing and then dissipating... The spiritual ecstasy
Inspiration can come from any where you see It doesn't have to come from family. It can be just be where you want to be and I want to be with the trees.   The trees itself can't inspire me.
Colors in the clouds Illuminated by sun- God's coloring book
I know you've seen the empty cave That echoes deep regret For time lost here casts darker shadows Than memory's silhouette
So beautiful So many sounds passing through my ears Listening to every bird chirping Every rustle of the twigs Seeing so many animals Deer, porcupines, bears, bunnies So tranquil So relaxing
High In the sky sat the moon. Perched on his throne of night.  In a sea of stars he lay, shining ever so bright. The Sun asked him how he did it. How could he stay awake for so long?
Flowers brighten a prison yard, where they bloom they cannot know their riotous beauty quite unmarred by the truths of where they grow.
You search out the vast expanses of my soul like a distant lighthouse. I am a specter that surrounds you like an innocuous, curious fog. You peer through my dense mist,
I lay back, splash, and the sheets consume me.  I fall with my feet planted to the floor, backwards I fall through the mattress  through the floor
A light fall breeze passes over the forlorn field, Carrying with in an air of lonesomeness, a desire To restore life into what has been sealed Up for all eternity  
Stroll through the park dew on the freshly cut grass and yellow glimmering on the path. The smell of the sun mixed with the Pacific coast breeze.  Every year, every season, every month, and every day
Nature is my home, it inspires me to be who I am the outdoors is a stress reliever, a safe place. No drama. No gossip. Just peace   Nature is a place where you are persuaded by your own thought
I saw upon yonder, a tree standing alone,Upon a hill, so stony and cold.I wandered that hill up to the tree,And to my surprise, the tree said to me,
Flora and Fauna innocent and pure elements of nature's dance you have never known nor observed, borders or barriers and for you, fences are useless. Though cattle and tumbleweeds
Snowfall. Dawn.   Today’s a new day; I woke up under a tree. I did not see it before, was used to being in cages   For the one in my company, I have nothing to bring,
Lady, there, sipping cappuccino smelling sweetly of scented soap jasmine, coconut, lavender or vanilla. Are you the worldly sophisticate avant-garde an epitome of fashion dazzling?
Autumn, season of my birth, season of golden- hued leaves some are crimson or russet, crinckled and fallen... These leaves and leavings showing that change is in the air
Commonplace themes though not necessarily cliche they've held their significance through time... For the artist, creative minds, these are old standards, reliable touchstones
Frontier Endless Eons the desert, beautiful, ethereal though dangerous. Starkly striking with it's sentinel sierra's and dull dun dust. Here, ancient Apache phantoms
 Isn’t she lovely?   Stars, beautiful and glittering,   it isn’t quite fair.   He breathes in the cold black night air.  
Two green eyes, white bands beneath lace wings:I'd love such beauty, except of course, he stings
Quenching liquid font of life vibrant and vital luscious... Though at times wild, unchecked and destructive a deluge of drowning ravaging and raging angry waters
Soil- beneath our feet, the ground on which we stand pulverized rock and organic matter- a rich humus fertile catalyst womb for seed- for sprouting- thus, growth.
Quaint, a bee, Zooms rapidly, Through the warm moonlight.   Her destination predesigned, A star upon the night.  
i feel at home when the wind hugs me gently and the sea kisses my toes i feel at home when the trees serenade me and the grass whipsers sweet nothings i feel at home when the sky flows endlessly
Moon- (not morn, nor noon) cool brook flows smooth... orb looks on foggy woods floor- on blooms of color- (showy) so, old moon glows gold- wow!
Space- truly the final frontier it is limitless and it's expanse unreachable, unmeasurable, unknowable... Still, we are a curious species, full of questions wanting to understand,
I am.   I am made from molecules of gas that coalesced in space millennia ago. I am the caretaker to a global garden of life-- but 
Look around at the world you see The waters so deep The sky so clean The mountains so high The trees so green  
Unequivocal contentedness.    A trusty oak never fails to satisfy the search for philosophical soundness within one's soul.   Branches so perfectly placed the seem to represent a geometric phenomenon.
A world once beautiful, Now dreary and pained, The grass still grows, But dead the living stay, Trees aech up to touch the sky,  And down to reach the river's underside, The flowers are quaint,
He sits upon his lofty throne, with a crown all rusty gold; Watching darkness all around; Empty halls, lit no more, all joy gone.   Sunlight beckons, birds, bees, flowers- His heart responds,
In Out My breath like the wind Ever-changing As people live Observing, obsessing Regretting   Who cares About the notion Of success Money, power, looks
There I was, sitting. Chest deep in freshly powdered snow as the flurries nipped at my face.
The quiet of dusk in the after light The sound of rain when it first begins The warmth of a hug long needed The peaks of mountains I have never reached The sound of gravel crunching under my shoes
It's Said That … "Old McDonald Had A Farm " … But What About The Farm Where Words Are Farmed … ? Through Songs That Charm And Visuals That … " Chart " … Beauty And Harm ... Do You Know The Farm I'm Talking About … ?
I am a creature of the desert I can be no other, it is my home, I am its son Though the mountains call, and I go to them, I do not stay But having drunk deep of shade and pine and mushroom loam
A Wake Up Call to Humans   Mother Nature gives us oxygen and in return we bring her pollution.
To touch upon the sweet skies,    that give me such a delight. Cotton candy clouds - weightless in my eyes,    bringing a beautiful sight.   I no longer worry,    they  fade   a  w  a  y  .
From the moment I wake, Brrrr Brrrr-- snooze again Soft carpet under foot Ice cold water drops kiss my face good morning Breakfast smells waft towards my nose They tantalize my feet down each
there’s nothing like a summer evening hair loose and feet bare dumb grins and happy stares the sun hits the air just so and the world glows
Inspiration has to be courted,  But, like a person infatuated, I lack patience.   I am easily frustrated By the lack of her favor, but  
Below this ground lies the infinite ocean graveyard The seas overtaking boundless promises Left for the tides to discard Waves washing away titanium tiles
I want to capture certain vocabulary in the shape of you.    But those words should be free from humanities breath. Our scarring touch. 
She went out with a bucket on the roof She caught a falling star and she put it in her pocket  She took a photo to keep it as proof She tried not to let it fade away   She wanted to save it for a rainy day 
I get my inspiration from the world around, there’s beauty in my sights and joy in the sounds. To hear the birds chirping, like they’re singing to me and watch the squirrels run and climb up the trees.
Bursts of yellow Stems of green Sprouts popping up and birds unseen   A meadow in bloom, hopeful and bright sun whispering in I sigh at the sight
Icicles drip from the crisp leaves of century-old trees Snow piles as pure dust like white powdery rust The night whispers  The owls hoot into the dark
Icicles drip from the crisp leaves of century-old trees Snow piles as pure dust like white powdery rust The night whispers  The owls hoot into the dark
Ya Know ….. This Is A Question That Leaves Me Confused … ??? The Question Is THIS ... " What Can YOU DO " … ?!?
My small hands pressed into the bark of an old oak tree  It seems to whisper ancient things to me    Standing on a beach  The sand beneath my feet 
Dear December, you are so cool, I am waiting for, closing of school And being draped in quilt, down on bed, Thinking of childhood, healing my head.
At front and behind,there is crowd, Racing is in the middle, feeling proud. After a horizon, there is another sky, Zeal, Jolt and Zodiac between X and Y.
What Will It Take For Us To See ... We're Facing The END of Humanity ... !?! Tragedies From RISING SEAS ... !!! FLOODING Far Too FREQUENTLY ... !!! In Places That Water Just Should NOT Be ... ?!?
The autumn rain, A heavenly home,Through teary eyes Falls soft and slow,A gentle rhythm, Clammy toes: The autumn preludeSong for snow.  
Flowers dance to the wind Such wonderful show Roses bloom Daisy sings   There is no sign of doubt The fields are nothing but clear
But what am I focusing on? I am only here for a short amount of time; then I am gone…   Gone with the wind, wrestling the trees,  making crisp air for us to breath.
I wake up in the shimmery light Of the early sun’s sigh. The rays pour in through the open blinds Tiny crystals dance and flutter to and fro Another morning in darling Arizona.
What is water Is it wet H2O what is that A colorless and odorless substance found all over earth
I woke up to the sound of birds and rain I knew it was spring  The dark winter was gone and spring was here
  sky is bright yet there are dark light and a lot of fights
I love to watch you wind, as you sway the trees and blow across the fields in a gentle breeze, but I wonder where you go.   You disappear sometimes in a mischievous sort of way
I often watch trees, because I actually like them I may love them really, but regardless I find them fascinating: Standing upright like power poles or bent over like blades of grass in wind  
A dazzling Gleam of wonderous joy Such a dangerous yet entertaining toy The fire dances a whimsical jig It leaps and sparks and grows to be big.   Man needs fire as fire needs fuel
I’m gonna put you In a wood chipper, baby Feet first maybe And the crimson colors Will match the autumn leaves
Where Rivers Sing And Nature smiles Where Forests sprawl Over Silver Miles         Where Bridges rise         To meet the Land         And Trees stand by        Just holding hands
You better howl if you wanna be heard, wolf, Sing it even if it sounds absurd, wolf, Change is everything—now watch her turn, wolf,
Driving, at night, in the rain The street lights invite Colors on the road Get stoned, and listen to Music on the radio You enjoy the visual show The neon lights bounce off you As you enjoy the solitude Colors of yellow and blue That you must pass
Colors of the trees, sound of the bees, Trickle of the stream, beautiful sunbeam, Tickle of the breeze, pretty scent of posies, Nature has no certain flaw, these are the things that leave me in awe.
H i d d e n   i n  t h e   m i s t   t a k e   c a r e   t o   b e   f o u n d,   m o o n l i g h t   s h i n e   b r i g h t   y o u n g   m o o n l i g h t
Persephone, Queen of the Damned Daughter of Spring A true vegan; Natural blogger Has a garden so elaborate; winter cannot crumple Flowers, Vines, Plants galore A great palace of Earth
Vivi was a dancer Tip, tippity tap Her feet intricately skipped As if she were communicating
The Gods are dead if you ask the world. They died a long time ago, leaving little more than words behind. But those who know, can see them everywhere. Thor is in the smell of the rain.
words spill out of my mouth and ooze from my skin at the sight of a july day spent in the sun admiring the light slipping through the trees and onto her skin
it’s late at night i’m laying in the grass with warm company and a full day in my past leaving me feeling filled to the brimthere’s a smell of kids running in the streets and jumping in pools 
My right-side brain's growing fowers, my lungs are sprouting roots. My heart's a dripping beehive, its sweetness all for you. So wrap it all up in paper, send a burnt offering to the sky.
Lazy, muddy river Stretching down from north to south Curling like a length of thread Highway With steamboats, paddleboats As automobiles Drawling, lolling tongue Land around home to
Shooting to the sky Exploding out of the earth Dangerous yet constant You are a sign Though you sit on An extremely dangerous volcano Through you we see An intelligent hand
Beaver, rabbit, coon, muskrat Some for food And some for your beautiful pelts Beaver will buy me cornmeal For my mush So that I may sit near the fire And be content With my skins
Prickly And maybe not always the kindest But we're tough We won't Give up our place in the desert We are hard on the outside But soft on the inside Just like America
Come along, my doggies Move along I've a wish to gallop this wide prairie Follow the ocean of the stretching sky Over my land God's land Before the settlers came the east was so
A weeping widow Weeds of mourning Covering your face You hide in the dimmness of the Everglades Moaning For your nation
We are great and strong We have the bear, the Mighty Grizzly Takes five shots to kill Thunders like a raging storm Mauls with the weight of a falling boulder Can face the river and stay steady
Good day, sirs Why do you sit, And stare at South Dakota's Brilliant turquoise skies? I wonder what you see I wonder what you would say If you could really see us now
She smiles through her tears Like rain on a hot summer day The drips are still falling but It’s bright and Beautiful And you can just glimpse the
The sky was shining blue above, all the people one in love, it was almost as if they never heard of SELF
 The Mourning Dove 
Her skin is the ebony of tree bark, Her hair and her uniform are both writhing shades of blue,
Surrounded by natural beauty, God’s greatest creation… In the absence of urban ruckus and cacophony… Crickets lull us to sleep, whippoorwills herald the dawn
Lightening and thundering in the heavens. Aves scatter about in the darkening skies,  in search of refuge. It will rain and the birds foot shall not touch water. The rivers soon to go into unrest.
Ode To the Wind   I love to watch you wind, as you sway the trees and blow across the fields in a gentle breeze, but I wonder where you go.   You disappear sometimes
I walked outside, thinking that everything was gonna be alright. My eyes filled with pride, helping me through this joyride. The trees are red, mixed with tints of orange and yellow.
Path to the Heart She's the wave just ere it reaches its crest That perfect moment as it picks you up, right before it breaks into a beautiful surf, Reflecting the world in her eyes.
I hear the thunder roar And wait for the downpour Watch lovers duck into art galleries they cannot afford To escape the rain and simply because they're bored I sit on the banks of the San Sebastian
I remember this timeIt was a time when there were no limits for meI could go anywhereEverywhere And even though it happened in only a blink of an eyeIt feels as though it’s been like this my whole life
Waves crash gently upon the shore as the tide roles in-n-out. A semi powerful breeze cools the air Standing 4,081ft up, I open my eyes to a 360° view of the Green Mountains. Wind rustling the leaves of the trees.
She wishes to travel around the world,Around she goes in graceful swirls,She closes her eyes.
I know why the willow grows. It grows for a life it yearns to know. It grows for you. It grows for me. It grows so tall for all to see. The willow grows because it can because no one told it that it can’t.
They say insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Yet grass continues to grow every time it is cut. The sun continues to rise every time the moon has pulled it away.
I never understood the word moonbeam until I saw one. A stream of milky white on a canvas of dark and unforgiving ocean. The moon seemed to paint a streak down the middle as if someone had dropped the paint brush.
Fixated on the grain,  Time lapses slowly. My fingers find the clay.   Treading empty spaces,  And filling cracks,  I go.
This pulsing heartbeat Yearns to roam To sweep over mountain tops With wind in sail.   Now, I glide Lifting above the salty seas
What color red is she, I say. Her fur so shining-smooth.   It bounces and rolls like waves of water, crashing as she runs through the night.   The ginger envelops the currant
There was a time I thought nature had forgotten me. That I had been gone too long to hear her breathing. I decided then that I wasn’t going to let her walk out of my life like so many others, so I left.
Have you ever starred in wonder At my favorite of sights A treat that’s only possible On dark and stormy nights   When the light behind a leafless tree Seems to set the wood a glow
Surprising things that remind me of you:
25 April 2019 4:15 Pm Oh traveling wind where have you come from Where will you be when the day is done What have you seen, what stories would you tell If only you could stop and sit for a spell
To wake from your sleep With groggy, foggy eyes And to know of what you dream 'T is something you keep.   To wake from your daze Listening to the voices I notice those faces
Finding a playmate in a flower, tree, sunlight Showering the sky with love for the rain that pours over  Toes, into cupped
Leaves  Falling away from their home Some with struggling grip on the emptiness around them. God wishing to turn over anew,
A flashing of emerald trees fly by, Rusty brick buildings move just as fast, racing the trees. Sweat drips from a temple, down a neck,  Tangling with short streaky hair.
I hate the rain. It's cold and unforgiving fall keeps me from fun. I hate the rain. The weight of it when it falls from my eyes is to heavy for my heart to carry. I hate the rain.
I looked outside the window. It wasn’t pretty or serene Trees were bending, ducking for cover  and snow hit the ground with a scream. Unsure, I asked, “Is this a blizzard?”
I looked outside the window. It wasn’t pretty or serene Trees were bending, ducking for cover  and snow hit the ground with a scream. Unsure, I asked, “Is this a blizzard?”
The reflection in the pond of the five flowers that bloomed on the bank displayed like towers to my floor level frame.   Surrounded by the dirt and decomposed, and the water swamping my sorrowed leaves
Just east of here lay A girl of late adolescence In a field of paper flowers Raindrops cascade here and there
San Juan, Ponce, Caguas My island, my home 4,600+ swept under a political rug Our so called president Complained about the cost While souls where being lost Now the blame is being tossed
   So quiet, human nature  There’s only me, with thoughts running my mind  Easy nature, full of smiles
I’m so drunk. On the Whiskey that is the vibrant wildflowers. On the Vodka that is birds chirping in the morning, awakening my sleepy mind with joyful melodies.
The maple leaf, in order to better describe it, is a masterpiece as seen by taking its stem and tracking its vestiges of the past, while taking care not to tear it or twist or step on it.
The stars tumbled down at once, White diamonds upon fragile palms. Hazy sapphires festered and fused, As if Van Goh’s Starry Night
Blazing, the brazen orb frenzied with greatFlashing, its flame in crackling blasts of heat.Fusion follows fission in frantic gait.Bloated gluttony or the bawdy teetIt slavishly seeks to gulp, whorish trait! Yet Helios possesses grave powers.Explos
3:46 a.m.  on a post-rain Kansas Monday.  I try to wash away  the sleepiness from my insomnia laden eyes, pick a fresh sheet of paper spread clean it almost sheens,
  So it begins. The temperature rises. Everyone's running amok Willing to do whatever it takes To make the loudest sounds Find the one, Reproduce,  Die,  So the ones after me
Why do you scowl at the thought of me, But bolt in the other direction when you see me? I’m like you, i live in fear, always running. And we both live in the woods.
I balanced my back Flat. In looong grass. Felt the tickle of butterflies landing on my tummy And with the dandelions that sway in the field
The trees in New York are so much wavier.There are different layers of opposites.Cattails in front of my nose, that house on the hill is staring into my eyes.I’m beginning to trust my gut more lately and I’ve been lucky not to blend into a peach f
As far as one can go, as far as the eye can see. Each time, each step the distance grows near... Once there, another goal to reach is given. The footprints you leave have been set by your presence.
It was him who found me. The giant with the calloused palms I was simply a form Clumsy in my gargantuan new body Horns piercing from my back;
It's Snowing In The Forest By : Brianna Garcia   Theres ice in the water it really goes deep  Theres fire on the stove theres salt in the sea  It's raining on the leaves
Like a colony of trees, Resources we share for all to bare Twist and swerve; curl and duck Drawing in and in, each winding root Water, endless pools of pristine liquid
She is the light of my life. Was, though now I remember all the  softness from her. Purity, which sickened like the yellow skin spread over her in the end. Sunshine always lit up the sky and
I’ve never been good at starting a conversation. The idea of initiating a dialog used to seem as though it was easy . As if the books I read had all the answers, but what looks good on paper doesn’t always work once you look out into the world.
looking at wild flowers, dancing in the wind, that attract bees while flourishing with each other   they're targetted by envy that comes from dead flowers, snapped by the wind,
Here we flutter, soar, and fly Abuzz, for all to see, an iridescent sky Our pride, with which we manage, Asserting our presence, flags raised high,
Dirtied as this world bestow on me My greens and skins have been killed In anger to thee I summon Nourishment to these petals adew Crystal the liquid Browned have you men done Freeze of my wrath
Raindrops Pooling on my windowsill Splish splash, splish splash A cool breeze Wind chimes twinkling and twirling Crickets chirping As the lightning bugs flutter about
Embrace the solitude of the sparkling morning dew, never to be rippled by the dove's gentle coo. Saunter through the fields saturated by the freshest of mists creatures about, free in their own existence.
Elixir of Life, Drops of bliss, A red so rich,   Drip, drip, drop A teardrop of Royalty   Embedded, are,
The tall twisted tree, now after so many years staring down the same gentle rolling hill. Her branches weave together with intertwining memories,
Sharp cold crashing waves. They rush over me. They drag me under. Until I reach the bottom. The ground with sand  coursely rubbing against my skin, getting into my mouth and eyes,
Water droplets fall from the sky, flowers yell with excitment, people scream in sorrow. But little do they know what makes one grieve could make something else grow.
There was a butterfly blue as it can be. The butterfly flew past me but I did not see the wing. It landed on the shell looking colorful to me.
The world, a child  her mind, a chamber  for nurtouring thoughts  no creature could blame her   stained skin  with blood so pure  they crave for her veins  In search for a cure 
Still it stands, Tall and strong. With battle scars a mile long. It reaches high among the stars, And makes us wonder what we are.  
nature the wind blows smoothly animals move all around a small noise is heard   they ask who goes there but nobody really knows shadows hide it all  
I built a castle by the sea,And beautiful she stood,Upon her mountain made of sand,As I knew she would.
In my dream, the weather reflects my emotions. Not even Mother Earth could overrun my commands.   One time I was dreaming about
My mind is a labyrinth. I am trapped in an endless cycle of fear. I am so afraid. I know what I must do… I must leave the garden, The only place world I have ever known. I must leave His grace.
You stayed; You left; Like allergies in the spring. After flowers came and went, so did you. The festival came too late. I didn't even get to celebrate you.   You have no idea
It is here where we lay our scene:A young fair maiden in a garden greenShe goes to smell the flowers today;They dance and whisper peacefully
A squall blows in from the north Tempestuous it’s gale rages The wrath of mother nature Ravaging all in her path Heed the call with discretion
Spring sounds like ice cracking as it thaws. It sounds of new beginnings, the soft chirps of baby birds. The sound of wildlife returns after winter long silence.
The Eagles, Hang Still, In the Wind, On their Wings.
Nature, wordlessly speaks; Art, ceaselessly labors. Knowledge's a gift, And Art, its fitting praise.
A small grey squirrel, Twitches his great, bushy tail, Then bounces away.  
The sun and I, Are one.   Both receiving gifts from the other, Gifts that pulse through my bloodstream.   The sun and I are one,
The sun Set on the King, His crown gleaming as he, Shrieked with hatred That the sun was commanding the attention Of the world.
Hi, shiny sweetheart! When I am lost, I write you. You brighten me up!
(god, i thought i would have to be drunk to write this, but i don’t feel pain anymore. not really.)     There is a place I used to call home.
The Sun is so warm That the grass is very green, And here's panda bear!
A beautiful bird Shows off her ideal look It cloaks true beauty
Doggies. Very loyal. They are human's prime friends. Do not cause any harm to them. Canines.
A dry pile of hay Horses chew with their strong jaws Breaking so much wind
The forest greeness I have seen from my warm home Creation of God
11/10/18   When it beats, my world trembles, shaking in terror. Tectonic plates of cardiac muscle smashing against their neighbours
A huge land has sand. It is hot in the region. There is so much fire.
I’ll remember You Through time’s filter Turning thoughts yellow And blue, flowers Wilting, snow Falling
the mountains helped her breathe,  and become who she wanted to be.    they guided her on her way,  and watched over her night and day.    to her blooming heart,  the forest was a piece of art. 
this in chilling remark, forget the picture, and embark on a change in circumstances, across chasms unboundable by some, unfounded by others, and wanted not for, by those in widst in the midst of nothing left on forest floor unnoticable, in this g
Waves create circles that signify the triangles above   They finally seperate  From the left  From the right  She shoots up  Her white light  Indeed a sign from God 
lost my belief near river streams waters were splattering my elbows by stratosphere beaming grin I said some things left your eyebrows in Jupiter promise you'll send doves to me
beat beat beat maple branches touch my jumper sneak in to pair of cloth go straight to breasts leaves glitter dog stumbles woman overlooks ray spears her chest
                               Giant Christmas tree   The giant called Norwegian spruce, 90 year’s old,85 feet high,and 13 tons weight, Lived in a quiet land of Pennsylvania,
Every road you take leads you to the end To the cliff edge you can not see You may leave behind trail markers along the way But that trail that you’ve marked,
It’s the most beautiful time of the yearFor each and every dudeThe temperature is damn good For each and every dude
It’s the most beautiful time of the yearFor each and every dudeThe temperature is damn good For each and every dude
You are an invisible light Unerring in your wisdom, your radiance Only to be unveil at night Where you shall find me waiting   Dancing beneath you, I shiver and glow An apology for the long absence
'mother nature gives me life,raising me out of this wet soil.From just a root, my limbs grow -every detail painted with pure precision. I've stood strong for years and years,
may I tell you what I I know?the sun beamed furiously on me today,I could hear her warm glowsun dry my skin like hay
          p walk u   look  d             o                 w                      n                
I had lost something Lost at sea it was not I set sail but all I found were people lost Some were following a captain Their actions commandeered by one voice But many were by their lonesome
I am not much of an outside person I’d rather read a book on the sofa than ride a bike   but I do love the water and I would rather take an ocean swim
I'd like to light a match in your skullTo watch a spark turn your brain into a raging fireTo make you think in burning
Could You September 11, 2018 ~ Tuesday I’m gripping tightly Onto that which makes me all I ever was and needed The words I heard and heeded
We admire the reckless beauty of the overgrown fields, overrun by explosions of sunshine-yellow blooms and tall grass, swaying in tune to the gentle wind,
We admire the reckless beauty of the overgrown fields, overrun by explosions of sunshine-yellow blooms and tall grass, swaying in tune to the gentle wind,
Things to become, With this swirling compass, Ever moving winds, Ever beaming yellow - white light,  Ever drifting clouds,  Will you guide me all throughout, And show me what I need,
Return to nature my soul Breath the fresh air of my innocence Remember the sunsets and the sunrises of youth and how bright they shine,
Feet racing,dancing atopwinter snow...or spring mind stills and there is a passing peace,there is new life and fresh air breathing through my bones.dancing into darkness, dancing out.muscles work to burn away the bad, to build the new.keep
Nature is the biggest inspiration we all have And we destroy more of it every chance we get We exert the same lack of respect and love onto this land
When sky speaks of nearby heaven, and the ground of human hands, between them rests the freshest angel. Tomorrow he has silver dollars woven through his course, unkempt mane
The warm and stiff Summer air, The gentle dance of the golden stems, And the blue home placed on the horizon Are beaming in the sunlight.  
No sunshine here There's only gray As nature's beauty Is thrown away   Clouds of poison Fill the air And we the people Don't seem to care   Trash waste broken glass
Your hands draw music from the mute. Whimpers and near silent prayers, murmurs from below bubble and spill. Waves crash and the melody swells from a once silent body.
Coffee colored roots burgeon up from the hazel chocolate soil that has been dispersed throughout the thing we call time.   As the roots and stems begin to develop, an alluring plant is born,
One dayA girl was flying, with wings made of dreams. She crafted these wings one day.
Wether it is camping or fishing I'm all in. Nature for me is all the matters. Being near to mother nature and getting to know myself. I wouldn't be the same without her.
The clouds roll in, and the breeze blows by. Just before the rain.   I can smell the earth, and taste the sky.
The rain and the snow The buzzing of the bees All are important To my lifelong story.   Glancing up above And peering down below All around I see Wonderment inspiring.  
hearing the ancient tale and with a shiver feel a connection with the mind of ancestral souls  
The sun scorches on the fine, coal-black sand Sitting there are many birds popping in orange, red, dark periwinkle, and green This is my cousin’s beautiful and tropical homeland
This, a River This, a river, I am not lines but curves Winding around sand bars Creating islands  Revealed in low tide My current pulses life Tadpoles, carp, algae I smile in light
The tree on the corner was ancient. She sagged under the heat of the sun, but when it rained, Her canopy became a weathered shield. Steady, tested, and true.
I believe "deceitful" is a bit harsh, prone to believe she's "full of herself" with her frosty farthingale draping my mountainside.
"The important thing in life is to let the years carry us along." Federico Garcia Lorca, Yerma"   This evening I press my ear to your chest, hear the ocean's waves and laughing gulls
Damp and dreary today dawns, settles 'round my shoulders with a weary sigh.  Mo(u)rning mists my glasses as I shuffle through leaves fast becoming grey; contemplate life slipping away silently without fanfare.
We met in the stars. The moon, acted as our spotlight as it shown our silhouettes waltzing alone For on that glorious night, there were no sin to atone.
Luscious light blue sea After the frantic ripping storm Emotions are freed  
Awakening to a senseless breath, a breeze takes over; a simple stroke as yesterday's misfortunes fall back into focus __________ One fork in the road,
I am bursting life pours forth from every crevice of my being. I want every sensation to touch my skin, my mouth, my heart and mind and soul;
It’s because I love the orange tint And hand painted clouds Dipped in neon pinks and yellows
Sometimes my brain kicks on overdrive Running in circles and swirls and lines Antsy with thoughts I can't place racing by I can only conclude that I won’t be fine.   One such day I took a walk
At the dawn of a sun drenched summerFlowing with hope and lightThere began a decay inside of meThat injected my veins with the night
Soul Able Animal Celestial Bodies Functioning Skeleton Brain Blood and Bones  Material Light Forming Being Spiritual Physical and Mind Bodies
A piece of writing, according to a dictionary definition That partakes of the nature of both speech and song, according to a dictionary definition
I remember  A swallow gliding across  The moon's rising shadow  That falls at the feet of my bedstead. I look at the glow and the Raven black sky And wonder of what's to come.   I remember.
Leaves on the ground like broken dreams. They shatter at the slightlest touch. Such a beautiful sight, only to wither. Kill me now, such as the leaves. Before I break as well.   Autumn leaves die.
The first sign of spring is like this should be new year’s, not the era of the dead, icebox hand of winter clutching Mother Nature,   like the fingers of the pastel, cotton-candy dawn
Personally, I've always liked sunsets more than sunrises. Call me sadistic, but I've always found endings more beautiful than beginnings, if for no other reason than to watch how the universe ties up the strings.
Dipping out from the cloud-covered sky,the Tree Swallow returns to nest, surrounded by a thousand of its kind,the sultry summer air brushes off its glossy, blue topaz back.  Like an arrow from the quiver,it plunges down from its nest hole, almost
The wind swallows the dirt On a dark, rainy day But who swallows the wind? The tree holds up the sky To make way for birds to fly But who holds up the trees?
Tears have stories It ain't for human only. Earth do cry at times. We never see those.. Coz, only human can Human ain't human right now Just a bulk of organs Human never existed.
How? How are you crafted so? How could you be crafted so thoughtfully So that you’re so soft and rough. Your surface is comforting like a massage of the hand
Tulips, The color of sweetened cream. Delicate, like the whisper, Lulling you into dreams.    Burning crimson, Cutting through chilled air, Precise on a frozen branch,
In and around the time I began to crawl, it had occured to me that the book of life is so small.   In that, as I walk with a pace of, the missing number; three... would be left up to me.
I yank the cord and the growling begins A puff of smoke and the metal starts to spin The green soldiers start to charge it And are cut, chewed, and spit out of it
I yank the cord and the growling begins A puff of smoke and the metal starts to spin The green soldiers start to charge it And are cut, chewed, and spit out of it
  Soothing, gentle winds blow                                           through your cold gray castle                                            Yet you say there is no peace  
Droplets rippled on the ground,People cowering in fear;There’s no trace of them around,Not during that time of year.  
The soft breeze, the natural air, it's amazing. It's like it's making love to me. Saying it loves me, and cuddling with me. While the windy noises puts me to sleep, giving me a comfortable feeling.
The wind rustles the trees today the same as it did yesterday; I trust without willing so, that it will tomorrow. Her company I hope to keep, and practice the faith and love
flowers need more than water to grow maybe that’s why I run away at the sight of them blooming I can’t even remember to water them once a day how can I sustain them for years?  
a sky of blackbirds and blue jays  does never cross my mind   as much as deserts and cacti all be in short supply.   and though i of the sea proclaim the safety of my heart  
    i blind those that blaspheme my   omnipresent and invisible nature.   to my shoving nudges   you deny and you tear   and shield your eyes from  
why do we see such earthly beauties as such monsters? why do we say they are cold blooded lacking emotion and feeling?
You are all the beautiful things in the world  
On that wonderful, magical night, Many long stalks reach high as if trying to touch the sun's last rays. The stalks surround you in a bright green, contrasting the color of the smooth brown earth,
Swirls on a piece of paper Dancing to make a scene Filled with colors of a waking sky
As I lie here all around me I see A whole world of creativity The Birds, oh how they sing With their little ones under their wing
Listen to the whisper of the rocks, telling their ancient story.  Listen to the murmur of the river, speaking of past glory.  Listen to the sighing of the winds, declaring the old ones’ coming.
Four elements: earth, water, air and fire. Which element are you? I am earth. Because I love the greens of grass, the swiftness of nature moves beneath my barefeet. Earth is powerful to the eyes of me.
My feet sink into nature's soft, luscious carpet. The blades tickle my toes playfully. I savor the fresh, sweet smell And I admire the color, a deep green, like an emerald.  
  the birds  and the bees teach me to see
She is mellow, creating what I saw as ordinary; The loving, ebony colored tree tugged tenderly at the velvety skin of my collar. She whispered gingerly in my ear as I clung to my fragile and flimsy, tattered journal.
A tree, dry and maze-like, With its nooks and crannies Housing dormant figures of spiders, insects and whatnot . . . As its gentle aging is noted by those in passing,
When we got to the cemetery I felt bad about stepping on all the people. Even if they could not physically tell me, I felt like I was trespassing. 
Prompt: How can one describe what sensation one feels upon arriving at a place   The day begins gray and wet the sun is dawning the dew disappears on the brim of hope and breezes.
Driving up the mountain just to see the sunrise I saw something that really caught my eye  I saw the trees that stand proudly in the summer And I couldn´t help but say they reminded me of her 
The city bright and sweet Reflecting the drops of rain The paved stones glitter with amusement   Usually alive but now slowly dying
Run forward While the wind pushes you back. Raise your hands toward the sky, Soon you’ll see the stars That shyly hide behind the clouds.
The stars glisten in the night sky Shining like diamonds The fire burns a hot blazing red Warming even the coldest of nights Fireflies lighting the dark sky
She gave you all her love She cared for you Gifted you her hard work Devoted all her time She made your eyes see beauty Simplicity and complexity Food and safety Curiosity and phenomenon
The happiness in a riverbed in infinite The animals are happy, feeding and breeding. The water is warm, as the sun shines brightly overhead Plants grow wildly as nature deems it so, and feeds her young
hola pequeño árbolcito. si caigo sobre ti, será crítico, si te doblo seguramente romperás, Pero debes leer en tu díptico si lo sobrevives un poco más,  crecerás un poco más fuerte,
Can a man forget his sins Or shall they plague him all his life? Will he fight their mem'ry forever In a secret war of strife?
a thought cannot be cultivated. if, it is not planted first in the mind - which, unsedated, remains awake with conscious thirst. a thought cannot grow or sprout if, the mind does not quench it
tell me that you want a tree, an Apple Tree. the fruit you desire, it will produce but, if you, plant it first. the tree will give you many years but, if you, will give it drink.
The sun kisses me as I come outside. I run down the hill with the grass.  The wind whispers secrets in my ear. OH the feeling I get when I am here.    The trees dance from night to day.
In the stars In someone's writing Music Theater  Feeling A privilege Wonder  Fills me up Stronger than most emotions I can't help but feel like a child  Gazing at the clouds
Walking through the talking woods, looking at the reflecting water, I see a bag of old goods and empty bottles underwater.  
Dearest Friend,   Lend me your branches, that I may spend upon them a sultry summer day   Enfold me in broad leaves allow secretive breaths to divulge the heartbeat of the forest  
Dear Mom, You always said to fight for what you believe in Fight like the Sun fights the Moon Though the Moon may shed dim light upon the night-enveloped Earth
It has been months The vultures take turns feeding on my flesh I dont know how after all of the harsh weather my remains are fresh   I dont know if i should be vulgar like this
Step back Face the facts The world spins and carries our slack I sit  I wonder  But I don't react I can't react. Our sight  Our might  Our brain waves distorted
Wisps of pink streaked through A sky dominated by A glowing red sun  
dear mountain standard time   the desert is in itself an oasis, an escape from the monotony of trees and grass that plague the forest valley   they are all i have ever known, truly
bring me whipped-cream foam on top of sea-salted air don't forget the occasional delicacy from the unknown shore where other customers are waiting--   here, bring them this feather
Water so dark So thick, like paint. Sky so bright So blue, It hardly has a color. Through the tunnel Spiderwebs overhead Rust lining the tube.
Dear Mother, You choke on the hot breath of our gas guzzling, air snuffling, motorized genius Products designed for our own convenience Greasy, grimy, slippery oil Seeping into your velvety soil
Dear scatterbrained scatter of forgetful brains passing the old bhikkus happy rolling crick  Rush? Shush. Look...Miracles in front of those sad tender eyes Overt optical priorities strayed as the latest update updates quick
The Cherry Blossoms began to bloomTheir beauty was extraordinaryA young girl with a big puffy sunflower dress Giggled and danced by the tree
battered, worn and grayed you are from caring regularly. you never complain or cry and simply present your calmest sea.  i want to thank you for the home given without a fee.
Dear Mother,   Oh, how I have longed to meet you, All the years I could not see you. Surrounding my every sense, Yet hiding and leaving me confused, without a hint.  
Clear water Clear skies Green grass, sunshine   Warm rays hug skin Gentle breeze blows by   Until the tide comes in sun beats down grass turns yellow
Do we hold our world in the palm of our hand? We pretend we are in control, But all human actions must end.   Water. Air. Wind, Earth, and Fire.
Laith, I once loved a flower so much One day it started to wilt Despite all my efforts to save it Even for just a day It wilted away   That’s what it was like loving you    
Be who you want to be, live life the way you desire, without being afraid of judgement You are destined to be an artist, a writer Evoke your state of mind Show vulnerability through words, art
Look around you weary traveler I promise it is grand If you could but shed The sadness with you stand   To grief filled eyes The rain mirrors tears But brighten and be wise
There is a room Filled with plants The sunshine makes an incredible bloom   There is a rooom Filled with pots Where growth occurs The growth makes people bloom   There is a room
Spring showers bring an abundance of flowers, And frogs croak fairly freely. Warm days with sun-kissed rays and long hours, Oh how I love spring, really.  
The black device in my hands, Clicks and shutters with each snap. It sees the world for what it truly is, A still of beauty entrapped.  
The forest air  floats heavy in the trees  the ground illuminated  by it, a gothic chandelier  moonlight dances on the cauldron  with contorted contents to puppeteer    and so it cooks 
  A man can learn all that he can, Can know so much he need not plan, Could see it all, across all worlds, And yet he’d be but half a man.   With sight Omnipotent he has,
Strong as an Oak, Tall as a Pine, As beautiful as the Willow, But single spark, Or lightning's arc, Can burn up all the Meadow.
Leaves of green, Lo, have you seen? They cover all the soil, For grow they must, In Earth they trust, So all the day they toil.  
Delving into your personaI danced on tips of grassthat tickled my feetuntil my heart laughed long before your hissy fitsrendered me into a small black box
Dear Madam,   I hope that this letter may find you (and glad that it never will) Because you may never know How beautiful you looked at Perkins Park On November 9th
I want To be a lawyer Helping protect, Flora and Fauna The natural beauties of the World Protecting Nature, Rather than the people on the Earth.   I want  To be a Doctor
( Copy change of Thesaurus by Billy Collins)   Dear Billy Collins 
wilted rose in a garden of madness, passing your days as an outcast- with no burden to bare   with shame you hang
I shall chase the sunand catch the starsride the moon however farclimb the peaksand swim the oceansnorth to southmy heart opensThe stars your necklacethe planets your rings
She walks the night on star staircase by the moons silver glare glides along the glittered sky as if wings held her high her eyes reflect the wounder of the night a voice like a harp in the wind
Driving home. Went straight instead of left and ended up at the dock facing that water running under and out from me to the foot of the colossal mountain
                The Black (pt. 2) In seventeen years All the roots have settled The roots are strong, They breathe. In seventeen years Our sun has curated Created Our plentiful harvests
                The Black (pt. 1) I am not sure what I was expecting Here; We have this- This potential And those who chip away at it With their gold encrusted pick axes
"Help me!" The leaves cried.  But I heard just a whisper,  as darkness hit ground. 
  I stand barren until very late spring in a yard of evergreens and hundred-year oaks young and a stick figure, not enough rings under my bark.  
Pitter patter drip drop Rain unending  Rain never stops And just when, just when  the gutter overflows, and grass rapidly grows Just when  dark clouds loom 
Her skin is the soil Beautiful in her nature  But becomes dirty once she gets on and into things that he does not want it to When all she can be is her oneself
Dear Snowfall, Nothing falls quite like you You come in like a thief, taking the ground and anything living with your decent If I slumber with the stars  Your patterns will cover me, consume me
I am still while the world turns beneath me. The weight of my sorrow does not slow its spin, for soft words cannot calm a tumultuous sea.   I do not listen to the wind twisting the trees
Under a tree I sat Near a big Buddhist vat Leaves were scuttling Ants were rustling I heard the tree cry I didn't knew why?
Dear friend,  How are you? I must confess, That mine eyes have not seen, Your beautiful tress.    Of green leaves, And long boughs,  And fresh, gentle touch.    I miss you, 
“It will be fun,” they said. One day in, and I was already close to dead. This adventure I was undertaking was supposed to last a week. From my pores, sweat was starting to leak.
   From this decrepit window I see the clouds flash brilliance Orange and purple and pink, Colors so foreign to this tiny room, Colors that make you think    From this sorry window
Enormous, silent flashes Fill the arid night Lightning so bold it reveals clouds For many an arid mile   One, two seconds apart A jovial dance Performed on a stage
  I thought your face was covered in snow I tried to find it, but it’d never show Old soul, from which I learned a lot Never told me how to take care of my heart  
Can you hear me now? If you can’t I can only wonder how Why is it the only way to get your attention?
Dear howling winds, you whistle through tiny cracks of our small, whithered home songs of your journey from further out miles. Take me with you as you pass by. Pick up my soul,
You're like the lightning. A quick, bright, illuminating flash, Shining a spotlight on all that is, and is not.  
moonlight is so bright but what does it sound like? it sounds like the nights  where you muffled cries  it sounds like the nights  where there was nothing to do but sigh but sometimes
the sky and i are alike you know, we burn shades of red  and shades of blue with purples in between thoughts are unclear  like the moon and the stars hidden from view polluted with darkness
River, flowingSoftly it drifts.Hands grazing surfaceBreaking the pattern, rhythm, and beat as it shifts.Do you feel the weight of its life?Between your toes?
Dearest Captivity,   What is about you that is so enrapturing? Is it the sparks? The flames? The way you blaze?   Are you a reminder? Or perhaps...
I am made of fireworks, and electricity, and chemical reactions. I radiate warmth as strong as a heatwave in the desert. I taste like pop-rocks fizzing on your tongue,
Time is considered relative for most, But for me it’s a distance: 331 meters.   Every portion of my unterminating existence Spent in travel.
Ever wanna just get away,find a place to stop and think?  Somewhere alone with your thoughts, so in your mind you can sink.  Soak in the beauty of your surroundings,and enjoy the view. 
Dear Troy, I want to take you back Back to that October morning  When you rode on the back of that flatbed, freezing, trembling Remember how the vicious air whisked against your face
Its veil that surrounds me, Soft and secure, In thin, sleepy wonder, The world is obscure. The thick air heralds thoughts Of misty ship moorings A sloop, gliding in to rest
Hungrily it devours, It prances through the forest Untamed and free Spreading it’s cruel fury.   Dancing, it reaches, Caresses the sky. It’s flickering blaze a graceful ballet,
The angry skies on a sleepless night, Rolling thunder, flashes of light, A tireless battle midst roiling clouds.   A quick parry, a sudden thrust, Their booming voices,
Lazily humming, bumbling from flower to flower. A little here, a little there, Helpful little worker bees Collecting nectar for the hive. Tiny fuzzy bodies landing gently on soft petals
Free and flowing,It glides along the banks,On a journey of it’s own Sometimes rushing,At other times calm and glassy.
Night   Dappled and worn through the excesses of time, modest moonlight filters in through the gauze of the dancing curtain
Dear love, Your beauty is indisputable. Your love is infinite. Your voice is that of the song bird. Your scent is mesmerizing.
To Fear, Born side by side, but it takes a life of its own. How can you be so cruel, and play your host like a fool? You see the damage you cause, and yet never put a pause on the over-thinking, the inevitable sinking.
If only you could see,My favorite place to be.A place where I can rest Is nature at it’s best. The water ripples near So loud it's all you hear.A secret place to be, A spot made just for me. In shallow waters still,To touch would send a chill.A sh
What's a hermit crab? A creature lacking a shell. It needs a shelter.
It's getting darker. A tornado tears through lands, But I feel so bad. The impact is colossal. I wonder if it's my fault.
It'd make sense to sell books filled with psalms our love has inspired. Profit from the nonstop poems venting the glories I admired, But it's not worth a dime , not even a dollar,
Hear Me Earth Your actions have Consequences   Hear Me Earth Appendages ripping at one Another  
She always said the leaves were                                                   t                                                        u                                                             r
The ship had sunk beneath the sea,. And from the deep, it beckoned me.   I followed suit, beyond the foam, to the place it made its home.   And as I gazed
  Alone, in a destroyed forest     It stood in the middle      Elegantly composed     Surrounded by burnt trees and flayed shrubs    
In the topaz breath of morning Reeds shiver in their wintry coats Pines arc past the horizon Luxuriant breezes rise from their beds
Is nature a place where you feel freeOr is nature a place for your trash,What is nature to you? Is nature a place where you feel calmOr is nature a place that shouldn’t exist,What is nature to you?
I look to the sky, there’s not a cloud in sight. Our food, That was so lovingly prepared by you, Is taken from the basket and placed on the quilt.
It's the way we hold hands In the face of adversity. When you tell me your Not satisfied. When you remember my mothers birthday.
Stars aloft, strung up high Falling gently, and with a quiet sigh Nature basks in the radiance Without Knowing  Why  
Sensing change in the breeze, Hearing music in rustling leaves, Finding hope in the strength of the trees, Seeing beauty in the birds flying free, That feeling of wonder when you stop to believe,
The moon peeking out  from behind blankets of clouds mysteriously
A heart of diamond can't break A stream won't flow from a stone. Even if the earth were to shake, The mountain stands on its own.   Is a glare made of diamond?
Love is the way the sun sets each day to reveal the moon. The way the ocean unforgivingly clashes against rocks is not love. Passion is the way leaves dance calmly in the crisp autumn air.
You talk about her like you are a plant  and she is the sun you need to grow.  Can't you see she is burning your leaves?  Withering your petals? 
The wind whips my hair around my neck – A gentle noose, taunting my mortality, My frail life-force, facing off against real power. I march along the pavement, determined not to be The next fatality.
I love you because...   Your arms are coming home; warming me like a hearth, without the fear of its flame. Your voice is a stream;
there is nothing more resilient than a flower with bright and reverent colors and soft dew sluggishly moving down the petals as the sunlight beats down on the delicate
We are all cardinals in the night,  standing bloodred against the shadows as we strive to hide.    Our feathers conceal tears  which have sprung from our veins.    Soar to the sky. 
  You wouldn’t know it if you met her But her moods can make Hurricanes in your soul Storms that pour and destroy And seem to last forever
There was a girl named Yoki who sat at the bench by the pond feeding the yellow and blue birds every morning.   There was a boy who would sit and watch her, longing to be her friend.
She has flowers in her Golden wheat hair. Her limbs are tree branches, With leaves at her fingertips. Her eyes are brilliant stars; Her face glows with warm sunlight.
Sleep evades me; My dreams propel me To a greaeter unknown   Through all I've excelled From the place from whence I came To the road I will travel. - A wandering soul
Step One: you take me down to the water where you wash your hands of me, and then, feeling loads lighter,
Rain falls heavy on the ground, And the cardinal sings somewhere in the dogwood tree. --Oh to pay attention! To listen to the clandestine voice of the forest.  
Rain falls heavy on the ground, And the cardinal sings somewhere in the dogwood tree. --Oh to pay attention! To listen to the clandestine voice of the forest.  
Like the sea he flows Sparkles in his eyes of blue, Keeping me afloat.   Like the stars he shines Drawing constellations on
There is no path to gloryIt is an emerald seaThat movesViciously in every way imaginable. Only the calm stay afloat and awaken to another day.
She is the calm before the stormThe lightning bolt that strikesTake her as she isShe is a womanof might 
The crisp air in my hair Chilly winds blowing everywhere Your head and hands go numb This is my hometown The feel of the soft powdered snow
Over the mountain Over the hill Traveling this wide land Year after year   And oh, don’t you know I love you so, forever and ever And oh, don’t you know I love you so, forever and ever
You are crisp summer grass, the crunch of fallen leaves You are dandelion tufts floating on a spring breeze You are the muffled crunch of winter's icy freeze You are the sun and moon, the mountains and seas
You’re nature’s love   There’s music In every particle of nature Feel it, feel it, feel it; The whole nature imbibes in you. In the words of Shakespeare,
from two different terrains, one  hot and one cold, a small fox, coat bright and bold..a lioness, coat soft and low, she was fearless, cunning and sweet, coming from the bitter cold to crossing the sand was no easy feat,
All clouds are only water and air Beyond my mind, I am blank Circling thoughts are mere casualties Dust fills my lungs and dances Everlasting ideas create a gentle emptiness
A slow and steady rainfall Bringing life to those around The ache in your stomach from laughing too much Bittersweet in itself The vast ocean with parts unseen
O'er the mountain, Under gray sky,  An eagle calls, I hear his cry.    O'er the mountain,  Doves mourn and cry,  Sit and listen,  As they all sigh.   
Its beautiful.Flowers blooming.Sun smiling down on me.The silence,peaceful. Look closely at the grass, as it shinesand gleams.As the dew slips downon the smooth soft leaf.
He talk and talks and talks He will not stop moving his mouth All I want to do is go for a walk He insisted on going, I insisted he left But deep down inside my inner layer, I love him.
The wind whispers softly to you, calling your name. The warm sun warms your body  like a flame.
Count the stars the small latterns that line the sky to help the moon light the path to tomorrow, as you try and walk away the sorrows. Wander aimlessly,  searching for something that is lost
Summer comes as sweet as the strawberries in the front yard  do, In the full swing of June swelling with intangible flavor. The plant starts bitter in late April when it is tucked into the soft earth.
In the winter the snowflakes fall, whether they are big or small, in the cold frostbitten air,
In the soft whisper, of the November gust, rustle the leaves of fall, the leaves just must!
The surface oscillates Sunlight shimmers, shimmers, shimmers Like a kaleidoscope, like a disco ball, streaming light back and forth, back and forth Like a circle swirling on, on, on Rise, break, fall
The moon paints over the sun And reverses all emotion As day turns into night Your fears begin to take flight Mystery reveals itself In the dust on your bookshelf The whirling changes spin you around
You can’t catch a cloud, you can’t restrain something not tangible. It’s made of water, But you can’t grasp a cloud; it’s very real, but you can’t hold a cloud in your hand.   Unknown to most,
Life blooms all around you Under your bare feet Above your head   Birds churp  Insects hum The wind whistles Such beautiful music   You walk along  Guided by dandelions 
Did you see the Fire dancing light likeSunbeams and ants we All are taken little by Little did we Know that everything happens For a reason you doNot remember Those icy frozen days and 
From the Boiling Point In the Glory of Morning Faced with a Stairway to Heaven We Travel with Gulliver In Overland Trucks None shall be caught in Hades’ Toilet Bowl For we feed on manna
Imagine what it would be like floating off the edge of the Earth. Conversations become murmers, Car horns and police sirens dissapate  and the songs of birds get carried away with the wind.
Lines composed during a walk from Highgate to Hampstead Heath  1991   It has been a day for wandering beneath this sky of early spring
no words float on water Lines composed on a walk between Hampstead and Highgate < London 1991
Run Rhino Run Let your thundering stomp   reverberate  among the mountains Echoing your heartbeat  like an angry African drum
Decay sits at the bank of beauty disturbed little by boisterous bees or befuddled birds. May pacing paws trample your crunching leaves and evoke autumn which stirs with
Feel the presence of the wondering spirits, the lost loved ones Taste the saltiness of the raging sea Feel the earth churning beneath you feet The grass and leaves, crumbling
She planted beautiful flowers All with different colors and different namesThey all had different needs non e were the sameShe took as much care of them as she could She watered them and loved them She always said they were ugly and they weren't g
My heart becomes a stallion that swiftly passes through the immense field of green, Her eyes are but a doorway hidden from all men, The look she gives me as I pass her_inhaling her attractive scent,
Descend in a bed of white pale as snow, A gleaming path sprinting far and low, A borough buried bleakly as day turns to night.
When the leaves fall, The world turns colors. The local passersby wear jackets some days, Other days, they wear shorts.   The wind, cool but not too cool.
Let the howls of the wind  Ruffle the hushed moments  The clinky leaves entwined Constrain the sound of silence. Let the buzzes of the bees  Land into my ears The soft flaps of the butterfly 
Have you ever stood there? In the morning dew watching the rays of gentle gold  creep their way along the onyx sky. Listening to the murmur of the leaves 
Do you want to know what lurks in the deep? Beneath my bare skin and white teeth Sitting deep within the bones Screaming, aching, and groaning. In the endless pit within my mind The voices echoing…
How the sky turns all these colors, your eyes are the most beautiful color the sky could ever be.   As the wind blows the  coldest breeze, it could never compare to your breath,
Standing on the Ocean shore allowed water to brush his feet Bubbling froth wrapped around while sand underneath brought peace Never in a million years have chirping birds sounded so graceful
Blue skies and green trees, Yellow flowers in the sun, All is calm, for now
I am the Sun,          I burn with anger,          I brighten with happiness. I am the Moon,          I guide from darkness to light,          But I loose my own way in the clouds. I am the Earth,
Twenty-second hour, 
The uneven rocks give this hill character.  Though storms may erode them they are still strong and beautiful. Etched into their being is lesson after lesson. Every curve tells a story. Ever changing. Ever growing.
There's a boat that is all mine  that waits for me under a tall pine  not much to look at not much to see  when it's just the two of us I feel so free  ove the water all through the waves 
I searched, I looked for what felt like ages. Hands and knees rummaging through the damp earth but despite my best efforts, I could not find my four leaf clover. Clovers with three leaves swallowed my yard. 
When the clouds block out the sky I won't forget There's still a sun, a sky after rain I'm still A little flower, letting go Of what I think I know
Verse: Mist, in my eyes Ice, heart melts, freeze Dive, into ocean spacious as skies Lie, sea turned bed if dived too deep Still profound, unexplored Wonder, how change will give more
So much of me that the world cannot see, I have to try to see it as beauty For if every condensed thread of my being were to unwind to the world Might I as well not exist? Questions to these answers may not unfurl...
I wish to ask the gushing stream Why fade thin into a foggy one And vanish like a twilight dream In the umbra of the sparkling sun
On my serene stroll in the green lawn Just before the sparkling crack of dawn Cuddled by the gentle singing breeze And magpie chirping along with ease I gazed with awe at the horizon high
I was taken advantage of. I gave you everything you could ever want.  
Deep-throated thunder booming across the vale Shattered glass and Called out to my heart like home.
Hear the sound of the passing wind,Watch the blazing sun of yesteryear. The water rippled through the galaxy,I watch his back as he face the clouds.
Grim are the days when Grass does not whisper And silent run streams But no one listens To know the difference
every year for as long as i can remember my mom has tried to grow a rose bush. key word tried.
As I watch the setting sun I think of how our end will come Will we go unnoticed, forgotten in silence? Or will we go in history, like the greatest stories? We battled and fought, for this future we sought.
Looking out the window, I watched as the green leaves billowed in the breeze Even as I did, I envied them their freedom And carefree nature Their immobility seemed not to bother them
The enviroment is a tree And most can agree That us human beings Are the plauge of the tree To a certain degree The roots absorb, the polluted water
Have you ever Stared into the  Darkening shadows of the night, Searching for the secrets That hold nature together? Have you ever Felt it staring back?   Those that dare to try
    Mother Approaches   Singing Indomitable Thunder   Infinitely Honored   Raining Life
To sing of myself, A strange tune indeed, One filled with wonder and adventure and pride and fear and joy, A tale of many colors, none of which too dry.   To sing of myself,
Shriveled to bone allow myself to ash let it rain upon me sink into the ground the soils' warmth surrounds me the roots a nurturing hold release into the stems feel the fruit
Father God, Mother Earth, Working hard, but what’s it worth? We each other both in flesh and in spirit, We ignore the Mother’s crys, can you hear it? Our trees are burning into ash,
He was like the moon, half always hidden What was it that split him- half darkness, half light? Crystal blue eyes held dark hidden secrets
The fire flickers Dancing on the wall An intricate dance That keeps growing tall Red, orange, green, then blue Hotter and hotter
I like sitting with the clear, little moon.We understand each other, and don't askAbout pasts, which for us both is a boon.I don't question her craters, or what
the grass flowed with the breeze rubbing off green on my scraped knees the scratches itched and burned but so did the sun I later learned
I followed his summer hues into a thick forest that left my wide eyes blind, I never knew beauty like these evergreen trees, I saw the sun dance on their dark leaves teaching their full veins one more thing: how to glow
Charred wood, Blackened Beyond recognition, Smolders From a forgotten fire. Smoke drifts Lazily into a cloudless sky, Unhampered by the summer breeze. Ash gray coals Die down and 
I hear the birds chirp, See the squirrels run, Watch the flowers bloom, And admire when I count the stars, stare at the moon, Bathe in the sun, And relax.
Las estrellas piensan que llorar es un pérdida de tiempo Queme brillante Su luz eclipsa el cielo Cuando tu muertes Los nubes llorarán
You don’t know it, but sometimes I sit upon the branch of the highest tree at night to catch a glimpse of this transient life we have on earth, and take in the moon and the stars and all that surrounds me.
If I were a tree, I'd be a weeping willow tree. I'd serve many purposes And I'd see many things. I'd be a nesting site For the birds and the bees And I'll be a source of food
Moonlight drips from the pores of the sky and shines light upon green gardens and barred fences. The grey tint shows indifference on faces and in
Follow the glowing highway lights. Maybe you don’t know where you’re going, but someone’s ought to. That’s why people drive, isn’t it? To get somewhere? It’s no wonder you love the feeling of getting lost,
Spring, it smells like dew-stained lilacs fair, Of gardens with bloodred roses blooming there. Spring, it sounds like songbirds chirping with glee, And the plip-plop of raindrops sounds musical to me.
  Finally The sun is shining Finally The birds are singing Rejoicing Like me
“I want to visit nature that is untouched and unmarked by manmade machines. Where you survive not by a GPS, But just a mental map and sense of direction.
How beautiful it is To live everyday breathing the warm/cold air of mother nature I find it fascinating how we simply are living. Look at those trees; so tall ,with many years
I see wisdom
I claim witness growing up, down a path left behind a mirage of some passing distance. I see now the blurr faces. A mask in craves something once wanted, more in need.
The smell of the wet earth in her nose How calming it was to finally be alone Her feet hit each step gracefully And her hair was pulled back tight.
A butterfly so beautiful, with wings so unique.Fluttering quietly; with not much purpose, other than to be looked at in awe. This exhilarating being happen to land on my shoulder. At that moment, I could only question my very existence.
My soul rests within your twisted knots, Warren and bear from storm and play. Each stroke of your bark holds separate memories, We pass you by without second thought.  
The key to life Is a curious thing Some may describe in as embroidered in gold  and flowing with satin ribbons that cascade down its side. Every minute of every day of every year
is it ever lonely being surrounded by so many even though you are all alone staring, unblinking into the darkness of the deep  
I consistently identified comfort and company only with Solitude amongst the ashen and crimson stone walls of my home.   Years I spent, a myriad of mornings marveling
There was a wood by my house you and I used to meet at. We would wait until the warmth of the glowing sun had gone So that you, my first love, Could wrap your strong, loving, embracing arms around my delicate, tiny body
Our mother is angry. She rattles in her sleep. There's a burning spirit among her. Her children, taking the heat.
Waterfall cascading, splashing down, making  mist, giving the surface a kiss. Falling into itself it splushes,  downward then downstream.It flows rippling, waving, it moves about, 
The wind tugs playfully at my hair andthe edges of my skirt. I'm overcome by the smell of rain and my whole bodyis tingling.I hear 
Rain Dribbling, Pitter Patter, Falling down, there it came.  Can also read it backwards. 
a flash of white streaks across the sky of night. that sudden flare had given you quite a scare. pitter-patter of the rain
I stare out my open door Feeling the wind whirl around me  Causing my red hair to spin and fly  As the giant trees look down at little me I smile up at them Just happily being in my oasis
As I sit by I recall the dark All the tears that I could not shed   In the desert park No life around No signs at all   I've stayed strong For so long I love my growth
Rhododendron ‘Hydon Dawn’ And boxwood hedges ‘round the lawn. Oleander, scented sweet And Hybrid Yew, in shade or heat. Rose of Sharon, lush and tall
The cherry blossom tree, likes to hide away its plumes, but for two weeks everything changes. As the spring dawns it flames out, pink blossoms opening up.
The storm calls forth the seas,A figure stands, alone,A miracle observed by none. Turn, turn,Sweet one, you control the winds,The havoc’s mistress is gentle of heart.
a tree in the forest  standing tall will it not bend to the winter's song ? a rock in the river  holding fast  through storm and flood  will the stone last? a flower in the meadow 
make me, unmake me, unwind me like ribbon, bury me with all that has died before— half decayed children and barely formed youths all me, all not   let petals suture
The road so long and winding, The rocks beneath my feet watching, I kick a rock, I watch it roll; then it stops, And then I keep on walking.  
The rock will never lie His truths are etched upon his face. Scarred rock, cold and gray, bring comfort To those in search of solidity.   Through amber leaves, piercing cold,
The freedom I felt to express was so effortless, yet so natural and challenging.
A new year meant a new start. The beginning was a blast,  and when that clock struck midnight everything was in the past.   When spring came around,  things began to change.
Passing on the banks of the river, bluffs on each side rise to reach a low sky. Covered only in scraggly bushes, rock bare and brown slopes and juts above the banks. Rock gives way to trees, a puffed blanket draped
How the flower sits so brightly lit How perfectly it fits how perfectly it sits wading in the sun always having fun it goes along with the breeze and so do the trees and so do the leaves
How peaceful a bee hardly has any worries flys around town up and down it flies so elegantly among the trees See the birds and things fly high in the sky how peaceful they fly
Look outside and see A willow tree dancing free, A butterfly flying high Look outside and see
Lay in colorful flowers Made colorful life possible See as a followers Run in Sunset Make one' life spark Sparks the life of a dream Fill thousands of sky Paint them easily See them cryin'
As time passes like a wave, I've learned more and more about myself. I've learned I am quite brave, I can forgive and forget without knowing. As I get older, its easier to behave. 
they cannot breathebut they can seethe trees turn greenand the colorof the lake doesn’tmatter. they rememberthe color leaving their face, their body forgetting
The way that the sun sets and the sky looks as if it’s on fire, Sitting on the edge looking down endless rows of trees and wanting to be even higher,  
Somewhere between my birth and death, flowers wilt and sulk, leaves breakaway, and the wind carries the seedlings. Things fall and deteriorate,
Nature sings: Time is her beat Flora and fauna are her notes The trees sway to the rhythm of the wind Birds add their harmonies to Mother Earth's tune Earth's silence is a caesura- not a complete end
He never gets tired of taking a deep breath And sinking in that warm spring air Smelling of morning dew and newly fallen rain.  
He dreams of yellow eyes  Watching him in the night Surrounded by darkness.   He cannot shoo them away Or bribe them with food 
The flowers grow But I could care less.   The birds are chirping again. But their sound is not music to my ears.  
Roaring above the blooming trees yells at the animals around him.   He hasn’t heard this sound before, And he’s second guessing every step forward
Rain falls on a February morning Freezing into spears before it hits the ground.   He dodges the drops among the trees
I am not lonely. I am not lonely. I am not lonely. I am not lonely! I am not lonely.   I AM NOT LONELY.  
Autumn gold Covered the trees in late season, Light glistening on the leaves As hot cider is poured Into mugs on the front porch.  
Who are you? How did you do that? I cried as I looked back in time, He wrapped his icy arms around my waist, we stood there, intertwined,
Lost in the forest an oak reaches for a star The sun smiles
Yes!? You feel it don't you? A spark, no, an ember. Oneof many embers, too, long forgotten and with no stir.   A fire once great in your eart. No, not just a flame, but a bolt of lightning,
Enveloped in a world of adventure, left to relinquish control and trust our own glorious instinct, leaving our monotonous lives behind to discover a literal path,  a path in which we can let our minds explore. 
Oh Great Oak Your branches stumps themselves Your roots snakes overlapping Your leaves lush and colorful   Oh Warm Oak Birds sing in your embrace Squirrels gather in your arms
I am from the seeds dropped from familiar hands, dug into the cigar box storing old memories, sprinkled lightly onto the soil which bore me into this earth,
Birds sing songs to me.  And I learn to sing them too.  The songs of Haiku
I still hear the children playing, They have their own homes now. I still hear the horses running, They have passed away now. I still hear the rain falling,
Whistling through the air,  Is something familiar, musical, The sweet scent of jasmine wafting over, I almost feel as if I have a four-leaf clover, Sunshine breaking through the clouds,
Why is finding happy upbeat songs so hard to do? They are always on the radio (the same ones over and over) But as soon as you try to find one alone they are like
A gust of wind. I am dislodged from my cradle. My blanket is ripped away. My family shrinks in the distance. I crash to the ground. The light blinks out as I am covered in a new blanket. I am cold.
Let me feel the sun kiss my face as it rises from the horizon painting the sky in hues of pink and blue let's call it a new day     I touch my paints dripping inks and splats of color
A soft sky above me floats Wisps of cotton patterns blue Up high the breeze cuts thin Sounding out its sharpest notes   Tall in trees, I hear them sing Raining feathers as the flew
Red blooming blossoms Light scribbling script Dark denim bottoms Great dark blue ships Roaring white rivers Charm mixed with sass Moonshine in slivers Green blades of grass
Night—I’ve loved you long time. Your shadows no longer scare me, as I have finally realized that you provided my mind, restless with questions
Loving the sound of rain hitting the roof of my dorm, nature's alarm clock. Overjoyed, I run outside.
The Way the seeds grow When seeds fall from a plant Does it gaze upon that plant As a ray of sunshine That will guide its way,
  Shrills of laughter embedded in the atmosphere, swirling clouds of music raining symphonies among us. River brooks streaming poetic words tickling our toes,
Today was less than desirable you say? Let me help you take that pain away. Just put on your favorite playlist and walk out the door, Don't take the time to wonder what for.
I’m emotional.  I cry a lot. But these teary eyes  brown pools of mud, drip only for a while before they flood into a heart broken pile.   Books, trees, paper.
There is nothing better than a sky filled with clouds that are ready to pour down rain. And the only thing that rivals that is when the heavens open up to bless the Earth with cool and gracious water.
They have their hand in the air The ones with the black suits and briefcases stride forward Confident The others seam to fall forward Their hand raised in a call for balance
To capture a picture means a memory 
Let me wander down to the water,  let me climb over rocks,  let me lie in the stream until I remember what I forgot,  and the birds they're singing hidden away in the trees, 
My hair dances in the wind, While the sunshine warms my cold skin. The apple red leaves, Crunch softly beneath my boots. The birds singing their songs, Make my spirit float up,
Going outside makes me feel good I would spend all my time walking around if I could strolling and observing is what I do and breathing in the fresh air too, Minutes and hours pass by How fast they go, oh my!
The Transcendental era was right fleeing to nature at any complicating plight burying deep into the foliage and soil avoiding the worlds unbearable turmoil 
And i know i am another one, another bird in the tree, finally knocked by a stone, but atleast you came down with me.  
Let the rain, let the shine, let the day be mine. With the showers, or the sun's powers, the day is here. A puddle here, a puddle there, splashing through the clear. A flower blooms, a leaf falls, let the day be mine.
I wish to be like a tree Have the sun provide all my energy I crave to destroy what I was before In order to become something more beautiful, a part of nature. Instead I'm human  The worst of them all 
Walking through the overgrown grass watching the winged dust motes float away I pick up the walnuts   Some lay clean, dry,
The invisible force blowing the trees The flowers blooming and blossoming with glee With each and every day The Earth exhales in its majesty  
When things aren't great When I'm feeling grey Stepping outside Always makes my day   The sun on my face The grass on my feet Reminds me I'm alive Makes me feel complete  
  The water and its depth would scare me as a child I knew the waves could whip me and make me wild I used to think the ocean was hollow like a shell And that the monsters in it were secrets I should never tell
  The water and its depth would scare me as a child I knew the waves could whip me and make me wild I used to think the ocean was hollow like a shell And that the monsters in it were secrets I should never tell
The Sweetness of Summer is a distinct flavor.
Lost in the land of backpacks, bullying, and excuses I just can't take it any more, I'm a complex thinker in a simple, close-minded land The bland robots walk around with the same daily routine
I think about the trees that protect me from the blazing sun.  The birds that sing me to sleep The wind that keeps me cool  
My eyes are tear-filled My head is spinning  My soul feels crippled But the sunshine is coming   I take a step into the wilderness of busy streets and bustling lives
A spiral of roots       calms a             tortured soul—    one whose mind is clouded with              worry
I need someone to hold me, To wrap their arms around me and  Squeeze the sorrow away   But I know I can't have that sometimes, And that's okay; It has to be    Release me from this anger,
Frolicking breeze, the humming of bees, and Monarchs who dart to and fro Wide awake air, seeds dance like Astaire, and off to the forest I go To giggle and play with the nurturing boughs who look on the scene below
Alone, I could sit for an eternity, afraid, shallow, and weak. Quite, I could last a century, a poet without a word to speak. Lost, I could feel with no memory of the years, month or week  
Its Nothing that I hate more than anything. It’s the apathy, boredom, listlessness, indifference The wandering directionless that is more painful than any pain.  
The portrait of countless colors Dancing thrrough the endless sky No words can describe the beauty That everyday will pass us by What a comforting presence The sun as it kisses the Earth
The cold breeze caresses my faces as blades of grass gently prick my back. The little voice in my head instructs to inhale and exhale, to relinquish any worry, frustration, or hate. 
You and me Climbed together on the mountains To find peace but couldn’t find You and me Flew together up above the blue skies To measure the height of nature But could not measure
Sneakers laced up tight, Water bottle filled to fullest height. It may take a drive short or long but Always, I long to take a hike.   Nature beckons me to explore;
Upon a night with starry sky A spring-winter mist that flutters by Young crickets chirp a tune so deep Since the birds have now all gone to sleep   'Neath a tree so draped with vine
You’re an amazing angel, from the heaven, Your eyes allure me, to drown into blue ocean, Inspire with your intimate, intoxicating ways, Recalling memories of childhood rainy days.
When first shower of monsoon Touched the emotions Of my innocent heart Its strings began to ring Drops of rain began to open The windows of my heart And with its tender touch
My teacher always said,   Go home and write A whole bunch tonight And let words flow form you- Then, it will be true.   I have lived in St. Louis for nine years.
Fallen Shoulders Once Raised High Gardens Growing Up like Vines Flower fields place their Roots Deep within the Spine they Loop Beneath Between Around About The Cord that Dances Up to the Crown.
Every morning I wake at 4 AM. I wake at 4 AM and I am ready to be free. I am alone, walking the streets of darkness and wonder,  enjoying my time for me. I realize that this is who I am, the girl who wanders
What do I do when life gets rough,  when stress makes me feel like I've had enough? What I like to do is sit down and breathe, especially when I've found a good book to read. 
In a day are so many sad hours You may think I'd spend them alone But I give love to happy flowers And they make me feel at home
Arms reaching for camaraderie   Fingers intertwining in wooden harmony   Hugs paper-thin mutually caressing   Weathered hearts
Trees come in forms both tall and short  Rooted where they stand    Each day they have the same view  Of the world and its busy inhabitants below 
Rain-laden clouds Swept Over the land, Meeting with The untouched Dusky sky, Heralding the treacherous, Disastrous deluge from the Heavens that was Yet to come.
The Land of Trees A Place that's quite green. Filled with lush and so many hearts. The beauty it offers is a luxury. Nature is so vast... there is so much we can do. But I warn you...
Not far into the forest of nature, Yet far from the noise of the highway, The lake sits silent, and calm, and still, Just as I am, silent, calm, and still, As I rest beside the lake.  
Up on the hill by the mansion Beneath a loud luminous sky Clouds race in from the North- A rogue storm nears. Gusts of wind demolish fields and trees A blur of brown, orange, and green fly by.  
Love is nothing but human nature  It's like the wind I can't see it but I can feel it when it's coming And I'm standing in the eye of the hurricane with you I didn't see this coming 
Thorns reside on a crown where roses once grew Spiraling outward towards the heavens with the arrival of spring It’s winter now. What was once a fiery bush of life
Dusk had fallen and gone was day, Once gold meadows faded away. Such then was time  for us to find a place for us to play. Swift movement-we were alight, Like a candle glowing bright!
Look past the outskirts of the town of stray men Where none think to trod A black wall caging in the livestock All together lost within an arbitrary boundary   Run blindly past the seam of shadow and light
In the summer dawn I took to the mountain and field, Hopping the creek, and breathing the spearmint yield. Passing the pond, I startle the heron perched in the pine,
The breeze is a seasonal fling, A swagger that comes by surprise, Swooning my entire existence An invisible veil inviting me to come unto it To embrace what it has embraced on many
Mountains and canyons beyond what eyes can see The clay earth beneath is subliminally icy Misty air follows me along the path I savor its taste as it swirls in wrath
My sun, my moon, my sky.All flow through me like a barren Forrest flooded by a nearby stream. I ask that you flowthrough my being as would a breeze.As tenderly as your accepting warmth, illuminate my body from the inside so that my heart will be f
As the light shines around me/       all I can see/ is the world broken to pieces/glass is shattered/scattered on the ground/there is no more green/rather everything is gray and brown/death hangs in the air/the fresh air is knocked out of me/what
A cool waterfall To a rushing river far Flowing to the sea
The gusts of wind through the trees sound like laughs and gasps of ecstasy the sharp grasss grabs at my back to keep me grounded next to roots of trees   Then I hear the bugs buzz behind my ears
  Into her torn shoes fell the rocks. She let them crumble, let herself bleed. Trudging towards her tryst with trees, under battered broken branches she
  Into her torn shoes fell the rocks. She let them crumble, let herself bleed. Trudging towards her tryst with trees, under battered broken branches she
I know that there’s a clearing’s reprieve for weary travelers: ones with honey thoughts, those like geodes, us like patient coal.   I’ve never ever seen that lake but I hear
I drove through shaded green canopies To the boundary of land and water, And as I tiptoed across crumbled rock Careful Not to fill my shoes with grain, The sour smell that lingered Between sand and sky
I want the shoreline, the foamy white waves colliding into rock like soldiers sparring in battle; the horizon brushed with soft strokes of lavender, rose pink and azure; the low-toned
I cannot shake this feeling Like an itch you cannot scratch, Sitting under darkened skies Ready to collapse.
Silhouetted trees Line dusked beach skies, As subtle breeze Blows, All is calm, Earth sighs.
Dedicated to my dear cousin Emily Grace Waller   A flower blooms in an unexpected garden Petals, like ribbons, dancing in the wind Memories of the dichromatic boats we rode in. Giggling grins in the campers…
Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz The picket-fathers of modern psychoanalysis And medicine Gnashing our flaws away in gory applause
Your leafless soul It clings to me as Ivy might grace A burdened home. Entwined, we are, In mossy grandeur That shelters those Who seek solace In emerald canopies.
The air is thick but the breeze runs swiftly, And the road winds daintily As you drive us to our favorite place. The one we know so well From years of picnics and adventures,
And for the fleeting moment In which your eyelashes grew As tangled roots -- blooming Amidst and within my own -- The feathers of swallows burst From the blades of my shoulders
And right now I'm the only girl living In this silent, sleeping city Because I've tasted the bittersweet Of your rosy tenderness And I've felt the exhilaration of flight Just after the birds have gone to bed
Heaven's soft rain dusts my soul Tinting my skin a rosy gold I'm swamped by tears inside this skin How long to bring outside what's in? Halfway between the Earth and sky
It takes me back to when I was young, Bold. Fearless, and told to “Rub some dirt in it,” Before being fit into a mold And told That this is what life is.
Here is the trail; right over the hill Runs that my soul sang out along; You can see my secret creek in the ravine still, with my makeshift bridges choked in winter’s grip.  
My wildflower, forest sprite— I'll paint you pictures of all your light For words could not do it justice.   Imagine myriads of stars Above the velvet tops of trees —The greenest in the forest for you—
Lift me up in fingers of wind Let me float freely in their grasp May clouds carry me gently Make me balance on horizons Have stars sing me to sleep Hear the moon make a melody
I hear you I hear you in the pouring rain... Words Words that cannot escape my brain. The unexplained
here are the folds of the world, the softness of its childbearing are the clouds, slate blue, drifting in softhorizontals; if not for the shore to cut everything
I taste the magic when it begins to seep, heady, sweet; the soft slip into darkness. You are so beautiful-I don’t know what it is, but your wizened trees and your sweet
The sun shining happily, Warming the sandy stretch, Dipped into the swaying mass of Cold, salty water.
I would visit the nature preserve on a sweet summer day, Sun beating down on my latina skin, With the breeze whistling through my hair, And through my dark eyes I saw bright, wondrous images.  
I want to make a distinction Between “human” and Homo sapiens “Human” is my choice Homo sapiens is my species And I want to make a distinction Between “animal” and “Animalia”
I'm so impressed that the rain keeps pouring even when it knows it makes people sadI'm so encouraged by the persistence of the droplets as they cling to my window I'm inspired by the drumming of the thunder and the flash of the lightning Oh how th
The sun cascades across my skin like a golden wind and warms the spirit of my soul. I could walk its rugged path a thousand times and always find something new to love: a forgotten smell,
Help me, with a Clarity of Feeling.   Naturally, as much as we can,  I must feel it.   Help me, Be at Peace with my Heart. I love Trust love.   Naturally,
I am sinking.   I am sinking, and I can't remember -  where I started or why I am here?   The azure Sky, the open Sky Open. I scent the Earth in myself . . .  I am sinking.
The scenery changes As day becomes night Nature takes its course With the moonlight shining bright Nothing ever stays the same Moments will come to pass Embrace the life that you live
Flash-lights turn on. She stands center stage, clothed in a smile. The audience is a roaring lion; Its prey makes no attempt to evade. She tames the lion gracefully, and praces away.
I stared at a blade of grass with a dewdrop on its tip anf on its dewy crown I watched a rainbow shift   I stared for so long a time and moved only from my place to let its sparkling mysteries
“Evening Suns” Twilight sets as a black night approaches Stars twinkle passionately “Morning Stars” Crack of dawn greets us before noon is here
I love nature With all the trees and the bee's And the I love yous   
I was walking in the woods one day In the merry month of May   (couldn't resist) I was smoking a fatty Hey, what can I say   I stopped by this stump I had to take a wee When a big hairy dude
Poety is a part of me The buzzing of a bee you hear The gleaming mirror you see All I can let out is a dry tear  
With eyes closed I venture far through the depths of the sea With eyes closed I feel the waves crashing against my legs, subtly, but there She's my muse, she's my medium She's the freedom I yearn for but never grasp
See through the eyes What falls in-between Touch with the tips And feel the breeze Taste with the lips And smell through the pits The tears I bleed And what nature relieves  
Earth was herewhen the time beganand when life emergedfrom the depths of eternity. And into that eternityit will go on,round and round,dancing, anddrawing the circles of life.
Cycle 1   A black sky above Soft light illuminates all Watch the world below   Darkness spreads comfort A blanket for them to rest
You can't describe the way I feel
Mother earth , Not just a planet but of so much worth,  Not just crust, mantle and core but our girth. Billions of years ago she was born  fully loaded with recipe for life 
The trees--they quiver with life.Yes, all around me,They shake with strife.Their bones, bare of bark,They're stark white cast in dark.Sister stars shoot to earth,Little pricks of light plunging-
I love you like the sun loves the earth, It rises each morning just so it can gaze upon the earthly beauty, Just as I awake every morning so that i may look upon your beautiful face. My darling, You are my world.
I love the spring mornings, when the warm breeze kisses me as the stars are going to sleep  I get lost in the many melodies that the birds sing  I laugh at the way that the sun has to shine so brightly because it loves to be the center of attentio
i. the cacophony of capitalism mutes the euphony of birds   ii. you can still hear it the harmonizing of birds against the white noise of construction
hanging like little cosmic clouds not knowing how transiently they will be pruned to adorn synthetically scented rooms
During every season, I see you standing tall Through winter, summer, spring and fall For some reason you seem oh so different from other trees
 The rays from the sun hits the earth’s surfaceGiving animals and plants heat, it is nature’s furnace.Many strain to reach the desired lightBut one flower finds it too bright.The Casablanca Lily makes her appearance in the darkThe pale full moon i
I’ll take you on this journey; across warm bars of sand, over regal mountains resting in the verdant pastures. Embrace the treasures of soil beneath your naked feet.   As your soul tremors
For those of you who think you know me I am just a resource. Something to burn in the fireplace to mix with another resource and written with. To mash up and write on, I am the back drop of your life.
I went walking the other day, Under a red and setting sky. Through trees that made mountains small, Their leaves whispering a sigh.  
Beauty is... A waterfall trickling into a small pond, Moss carpet cushioning the animals as they drink, Where people have not roamed Beauty is... The enchanted forest that comes alive
Ah, the...”age old” question. If you suddenly became Tom Hanks in one of the movies that he surely has pasted onto his résumé by now, but you got to take one thing with you, what personal item would you take?
all i need is the sky, everything she has--    whispers            dreams everything she gives-- raindrops           color           lights   i thank her with blue passion,
It came before us all And will continue after we have left.   It lives in birdsong In ocean waves on sand And in the heartbeats of every one of us.  
"Work smarter not harder" is the one thing i came to conceive in a deserted location home or work an idea that provides in order to receive
It’s crisp and clear It can suddenly appear It’s cold or hot It’s necessary for a yacht It’s refreshing and thirst-quenching Sometimes it’s drenching It’s cooling in the heat and freezing during sleet
As the boats in the harbor relinquish their sails And the ebb and flow caresses the shales The waxy moon ascends the skies So mermen and women can close their eyes  
We went on adventures and saw neat things. We followed the music in hopes for our hearts to sing.
With our telescope we stole looks at the stars, sliding on pine needles stabbing softly into our backs but it was the night that stole us.  
Sometimes the birds will sing on Sunday Sometimes the birds won't sing Sometimes the flowers bloom early Sometimes it snows in Spring   Sometimes the sun sleeps at twilight Leaving a painted sky
Fluttering wings mark a descent from the skyGossamer weight that bends the stemThe Butterfly drinks the Aster dryAnd without a thought, takes to the heavens again
Moonset is the sunrise The juxtaposition  Of darkness and mellow light Vast blackness That enveloped every corner of the Hemisphere Consumed by dissipating orange, mauves and chartreuses 
            by A. Gagliardi    I wanted the moon to fill up the night like a presence we couldn’t ignore, to shine bright as day in the dark quiet air like’s  been told in stories of yore.  
              For months it has been cold; stuck inside our lukewarm homes and off-brand fur coats             Either taking the bus to school in the windy snow or the trains on the tracks, people with their schoolbags and totes
I need an escape. I need a chance to let everything drop from my shoulders. Hiking, plodding along, even feeling that burn in my lungs clears everything away.
The golden trees and the silver star beckon beyond the realm of understanding, And make real the redemption of the uncertain heart.
when i say you are beautiful i am not forgetting.   perhaps in beauty nature boasts the pain of life   and within you uncorrupted lays a secret garden   and within you
Find the beauty in everything As nature takes its course Let nothing stand in the way Not even the fierceness of a tender force Everyday is a blessing Another opportunity to make your life grand
Touch is a sense of teaching; Exploring the world. To know you're home. Defining your perception of "beauty". Making memories. To be exposed to what we call... ...Life... Living without this,
winter used to mean angel feathers tickling red noses and cheeks.   you'd want me to laugh again, but all i feel on my face are ashes.
“Don’t forget your roots,”They always say.“Don’t forget your roots.”The great oak always continues to growas long as its roots are growing,but as its trunk is growing significantly
The transition from child to man is one of the biggest leaps,
The rhythm of my heart is no rival For the movement of your wandering eye. Her lithe figure signals her arrival My cadence lulls, watching, undignified
Wisdom in each droplet like a sea of broken roads with each forgotten memory to lighten the weight of loads . For every breath forsaken and every tear forgiven
A cloud so unreliableto provide such decent shadethough many stop to watch themthey're perfect, they're God made..They're made of wispy waterso white up in the skycollections of lovely ice
Lush and leafy trees erect Sway to the music of a fading day Crickets one and all come out And tune their violins to play.   Colors fade from a purpling sky And the stars reveal their splendor bright.
I’m a traveler. The world is mine to explore and I’m the world’s to intrigue. A knock at Adventure’s door will surely lead to proceed
Standing on the highest cliff, Overlooking the forest, She nods to the caring hawk That wonders what could possibly be wrong With such a perfect creature. She watches over the sleeping cougar,
And he dipped his hand In her dying sea And filled it with a galaxy Straight from his heart Undying, overflowing-ly
Forever my thoughts bend to you Like the leaning of a tree to to the wind   Forever my eyes turn to you Like the search of a flower for sunlight  
I fell into his eyes...
Dream Jess was a goddess  she was glowing in a field we decorated everything the sky and the ground and ourselves we slept in the same bed shared a blanket, stayed real warm
Far far away. Stranded, alone. A new life awaits, from all I have known.   The one thing I want, the one thing I need, is simply a book, belonging to me.  
Nature is taking its course Things will eventually change Nothing will ever stay the same Moments and objects will be rearranged Obstacles will often try to deter you You may fall before you rise
On an island In outer space Across the world I couldn’t stay There Here Anywhere
While the world does offer a rare ocean of inspiration to pull from which sadly few people tend to find, the waves calm, for I can live without.
You ask me what I need As if without air I can still breathe, Without water or sunlight I'll be fine. So All necessities aside, I guess I need the world.  It's a lot to ask, but 
The wind rushed quietly as I made my way down the backroads of my small town Picking up speed, cruising as if there was all the time in the world The sky was a lilac blanket, quiet and still
Between my fingertips I hold the key to self destructionWith no instruction but to inhaleDeep and fast to make the head rush last and with destruction in handLooking around I suddenly noticed something
Like the leaves drift through the wind, They start from somewhere not knowing their end. Their frail fragil bodies supported by the air, Forgetting their burdens under its care.  
please listen to the silence of my heart so you, my love, may be spared from the grief
Gradually gray transitioned to soft pink and lilac, The clouds finally dispersing after everlasting months of bleakness. The fingers of the sun stretched out sleepily, clumsily
Prancing around Lillies marked the destination of a new place. Inside of a cave I dropped my bag on concrete steps and sat ontop of a hill from the wooden old house. Washed away by the wind were roses, sunflowers, and rabbits.
Calm and graceful, Fluttering in the wind Their attraction to bright colors Of flowering plants Their life span so short, Yet their wisdom so great Beautifully inspiring                             
"The Fated Flower  The Final breath                  Understand,                   A fate called death The gentle lion The loyal horse                     May have seen,
"The darkness of a shadow The trickle of a stream The sweet grass in a meadow] As light cuts through the trees The little barn owl swoops low As a mouse rustles the leaves
a november leaf, you turn it over anew. lying in wait, you murmur and coo. dead grass beneath, it’s just outside of your reach.
I swallowed air into my lungs.   The time we ran away in violet skies.   When the sun rised and numbed our eyes.   The love for the sea I then realized.   It vanished deep within me.
(If I were stranded on a deserted island I would bring my love and respect for nature with me). I sat up on the hill, My gaze caught the shore, forest, and stream, Oh, what a thrill! T’was the most glorious dream,
It never occurred to meto settle for beinga passing wind, I demand to be anearth-shattering quake. So how to be that?
An expert in the foresta predator at best Bright orange against the deep greenlanguage narrowed to growls Sharp canines ready to eatSpeed and precision their friends
Fierce they seem towards each otherThey are the most loyal of animals Always together like a familyNever traveling alone They depend on each other for survival
The breeze is gentle against the skinas it gets close to winter School starts, but that is the only downsideIt isn't too fierce or too scarce
Blazing heat cripples us to nothingWater is begged to be usedThe harsh sun so hot  
Love fulfills the air Excitment rushes the animals After pain and hardship, newborns are here Curiosity is our energy For Spring is full of happiness
Cold is the only word to describethe beauty of the ice snow. It's hand is wrapped around usfor only a few months White accompanies the stormsof this dreadful, beautiful time
i think of you and the butterflies, swarming my stomach, swim up and up to my throat in a gums are growing flowers, making meadows of messages i can only wish to speak to you.
Its marveling bliss in one lick Its pleasing reprieve in summers' dread Its cooling head in summers' rays the ice cream drips on the sidewalk under the tree atop the worm beneath the bee
I may not have all that I could And life has taken more than it should But music stays right by my side here
The fountain with a pond, Sheds light in the dawn As two little ducklings swam Gliding through the water to land. The male duck stretched and cawed The female duck tucked and cleaned
As I revoke my heart  Don't regret loving me As the breeze flies, so do I And yet, I am tangible   The trees do not guide me  I bend them to my will As the river flows, so do I
The harvest moon Gives an iridescent glow Onto the reflecting pool below. Crickets and cicadas sing in Perfect harmony as
With nowhere left to turn Here is your opportunity to find yourself You seem lost and disoriented Just get yourself some help You can turn it all around All you have to do is try
I lie to myself to be good  to my self.   I'll say:  I'm going for a 5 minute walk NOW! ::::: An hour later i return smiling. :::::
Everyone has a vision Things are seen in a different light From every mountaintop As day turns into night While traveling along Sights will constantly change As the journey continues onward
such grace as is given to placate Divine: façade to consume hallowly time   theatrics ere soul and a mind bent by minds the ultimate boon but a hope for sublime  
I take leave of my fortress, crossing that curious threshold. I find myself enveloped by a dazzling palette of crimson and saffron: a glorious manifestation of Divine artistry.
You always told me I reminded you of red roses And suddenly I’m nine years old Dirtying my favorite white dress in a garden I’d sneak out to Picking petals off of sunflowers
My bones hang loose. Shaking unconsciously With no rhythmic tune. There’s gravel in your eyes. Was that from when I Tried to run away? Did I spew up the ground when you Said it's too late? Now you're begging me to
From visions far away Things appear to be unclear Uncertainty may fill the air Causing people to live in fear In those dark moments You can always find yourself In the midst of pandemonium
The ship will continue to travel As the waves come about There may have to be a change in its course That my friends is no doubt Continuing to sail at sea The vessel will carry its mission
Snow Pure white snow Tainted with scarlet petals Flowers of blood Blossoming   Broken Bent, broken and breathless
Howling lion Endlessly prowling in blue Temperament As quick as wind Ships ride rippling fur Visited By popular activity
Steps she steps Thoughts forgotten Movements driven Purely Buy the sound The smell The taste Natures tears
I walk a long and lonely path Faithful shadow since left my side Trees are my sole comfort Yet comfort they do not provide The shadows have stolen the moon
A vast, endless green field Overwhelms me with its beauty The soft, billowing breeze won't yield How I wish you were here with me Flowers of ev'ry hue Dance so slowly to the wind's beat
I am a seed about to break free. stretching my roots outaward, toward water, toward sunlight. I am a sapling learning to thrive. on my own, opening my eyes. I am a tree
    In beauty The common saw thistle Disintegrates  In my proximity  Soars to fly free  As captured moments Take flight  In my thoughts Charm the sun-lite clouds High above;  
Often I look up to the Skies Relishing the beauty it holds Adorned at night by twinkling Stars And daily by the fiery Sun The full moon so enthralling The wavy Clouds so gorgeous
Those winter leaves are wanting me I used to be a quiet girl I used to sit in nature, hidden from the world Those winter leaves are calling me Pushing me to be the best I can be
You remind me of nature, I love it so much. It's perilous but safe, A little bit of it all. Cold or hot, Rainy or not, Peaceful and beautiful, It's all I'll ever want.
Watching a mammoth glacier As it moved slowly across the blue and red seas A ship made of gold and myrrh Set adrift to follow the breeze.   Its body was pure snow
Cascading inward cutting amble down across sticks   Into the blacked, moonlit night Creating an orchestra throughout the forests from mountain to sea consisting only of chirps      and clicks
Water from the sky Falling like tears from an infant’s eye Multitude of tiny drops Watering many farmers’ crops   Rain is destruction
Blooming flowers red and white Petals dancing in the morning light Beautiful ballet in the wind Twirl about till they land   Sitting down to rest In the shade, for a picnic is best
I am not grass. You cannot plant me To then cut me down. I am not a lawn.   I am not a plant anchored by roots. I fly across the sky. I am not their lawn.  
The air is stiff, as if the wind is holding its breath,  and there is a coolness to the air, soothing, calming, peaceful. The grass is soft from where I'm sitting, as if inviting me to stay and enjoy the moment.
They have stood their lastBut autumn is comingAnd the trees are the firstTo succumb to the changing days.Their leaves no longer lively and green,But now gorgeous shades of yellow and red.
I adore the wind; It’s comfort over rules every And any single thought I have had. Shall the gust turn strong Or the movements go astray It is here to accompany me Even if I’m not here stay.
The hardwoods cry in color this time of year As the sun sets an owls call from within the deep hollow can be heard clear There is no path to follow, not one less traveled by, no direction to steer
mountain high  valley low orange leaves earthy scent sheer beauty mother nature wondrous creation foggy sunrises slanting sunlight the edge of forever gentle slope
I'll fly away again High in the sky toward migration. As civilizations increase Our species continues to weep. The more land you conquer Forces more stress And Less flowers.
Although I've strayed far from home Mother always has a place for me She reintroduces to her elaborate home
On nights when onyx raindrops start to fall, I’m often met by memories that I miss. The way you shone, like Helen, o’er them all, The way your ruby lips had felt to kiss. I think of how I held you ‘neath the sky,
These vertical floors constrain thought; Internal desires are now fought, Tides surging splatters all around The artists mind, no reward found.   Each color streams grey from pallettes:
Night’s existence has inhabited it’s customary frame of space, which has been allotted.
Haphazardly beautiful rocks Spewed onto the Ground bright and Safe through eyes of Blue Shade so sweet to eyes of brown red eyes see it Dead, Rustic eyes Move fast and catch a glimpse
Young men sit under an indigo sky patient. Poles extend over water meanwhile   The first fisherman stops over taken in thought for in his haste he has neglected his eyes.  
Forever crow another one Chips and chirps of unseen ones The voices I once heard begin to fade As the voices die down Mother nature begins to speak Her whispering soul flows through the trees
Barefoot river child Dirty hands, dirty eyes What have you seen? Remember the days  Forget those nights Please just sing with the chickadees There's laughter in the sun above
The beginning was harsh Lava everywhere and with no life form Thunderstorms braking out eveyday Tornadoes hitting the ground tearing up the lands Tsunamis covering the lands Hail dropping from the sky
(This note is not part of the poem, but this poem is part of the May set)
I walk beneath,
A little white feather on a boring swan lay, wanted to go on an adventure that day, so he unbuckled himself from the coat so white, and sailed off without any fright.   Over the meadows and trees he floated,
The easy breeze sways  The tips of the pine trees and The birds sing softly. 
Wake up early --  10 in the morn. Outside your house I beep the horn.
The morning sun rises peacefully  and the birds begin to play. The soft glow of pink and red turns 
On airy cliff side sits the falcon’s nest, A perch of splendid vacant seaside view, And in it does my youthful spirit rest, Absorbing breath of air and sky of blue; While body lives the life of down-below,
thimbles tacks and tiny things sewing
I wish the trees had just met up And said “let’s not be mean, Why must we work so awfully hard To keep our leaves so green? Why don’t we halt this tiring race, As odd as it may sound,
I listen to the wind under the trees
Words are funny, sometimes.   It used to be that "awesome" and "awful" meant much the same thing. The kind of thing that, well--  
Our journey is about to begin The trek is high The time is nigh Up we go over rocks and rubble A few do fall A frightened call But still we climb; higher and higher One final leap
Beyond the sea lies the horizon.Go! Will you make it there? The snow flake will not hesitate to boast its intricacy. Examine! Can you see a pattern or perhaps a maze?
Johnny came to visit when I was nine He only had the chance to just that one time He still smiled as often as he always did But his smile seemed almost crooked I asked him why that was and he said:
The page screams out A  faintly blinking blank screen in front Of the pale face of the writer.     She stares with list Disappointment at her failure to subsist on the great words of those
Breaking silence, her voice, quiet hope to create
There is nothing like walking in the rain, Feeling nature's power in the rawest form, The rain, falling like angel's tears upon you, Shattering against your skin, giving the world vegetative life from sorrow,
Can You See?   Have you ever wondered how a cave would react if light would stream in unashamed?   Could you imagine the things you could see
There’s an abandoned lot beside my bus stop, a barren block of concrete vacated after floodwaters swept the local businesses away I’ve crossed this lot for years, at dawn with puffy red eyes and midnight with blisters on my feet
Awake! Bud of green,
People say that white is pure But I have found that green is far more unadulterated   Until now, I never noticed how one color could evoke so much fulfillment  
I sat amongst the weeds and felt their stalks twist against the wind into my torso and catch on the invisible hairs of my arms, a push and pull in time with the rhythm of the blanket beating
Your body is not a temple; it's a tree.  Equipt with branches for limbs and leaves for all the little in betweens. Trees are meant to grow strong for years and years with their roots consistently reaching further.
Gonna leave this city behind And make a new life.  Hooded with mystery 
It did not feel like it should be snowing, but it was. The air was almost warm, my jacket was open. Walking along the dark dirt path I saw
Where do you go when you want to be alone? There are a thousand places in the world i call home.  Some I have only been to in my mind. Others are high rocks reached after a climb.
Sounds of birds and frogs, Howls of owls from some hidden logs,
Gone! Gone! The works of Man! Returned to dust, where they began! Washed low by wave and dripping rain! Bare, cold stone where bones were lain! Color stripp'd by desert sand and storm!
Why is it that Mother Nature Blesses the winter With an ivory coat and Blesses the spring
The forest,
. pain, tears, and suffering disappointment in yourself and others’ disappointment in you   anger, hurt, and screaming
You came like storms in a drought. Perfectly wild. I come from where the sky is always yellow and the fruits grow upside down. Your soul in particular, like mangos, I steal a taste whenever I find time to browse.
The beauty in life is its artwork. I'm not talking about the paintings, sculptures, or photographs that fill the walls of museums, although they are magnificent too;
“Tired of hurricanes or tornadoes carrying away your home?
Outside in the midst of nature and a boundary set by humans 
I feel, A special kind of green today.  Blue's just too wholesome, 
Everything is Awesome Why, because I’m crazy So while I’m outside walking through the storm Others are tucked away in comfort; lazy
The radiant energy from the sun shines  Reveals itself through the cracks of the in between branches of oak trees As you exhale as a long sign of relief You inhale The scent of freshly cut grass
A tree is a sight to behold,
The trees are Spartan spears, Authority and valor pierce the Horizon— They stand dense and hold light and Fog. They do not bend for you and me, they never have. They do not bestow Grace or Mercy
Once in a blue moon,On a windless night,
A fiery sunset over a lake at dusk The intricate carvings on an ivory tusk The ocean’s waves that crash and roar And break upon a distant shore The silvery twinkle in the stars at night
  The wind pushes against my window as if it’s aching to get inside 
All Around Beauty Natural and Real Unadulterated By Man's Dull Existence Butterflies Birds Even leaves Hold powerful significance to the  Watchful eye
Retreat, regroup Wind pummels rocky water, Kinetic greets potential, Bearing down on the steadfast shore.   Prequel of froth Turbulent and tumultuous, Echoed in the susurrus of spectators,
Diseases are taking overAnd sicknesses have prevailedIn this chemical world of oursMan playing God has failed.And it's not just the pills we takeBut the chemicals in our stuff
The furious sunflower grewup and out fromthe moronic cliffin adversarial passiondespising the repressionto bloom in magnificent effulgenceagainst the odds of austerity.
When Mother sent me out to playJust in the garden there,I saw a flower in the bedA crimson rose of deepest redI drew my sword, beware.Imagine now Red Dragon’s glareHis eyes sun fire hot,
I saunter throughthe vibrant copseto absorbI becomeverdantI ama treeplantedby the rivers ofliving waters. .
    ...Listen    It is when immersed in a moment of silence    that all the universe breaks forth in song    and I a recipient    simply sit in awe    of the wondrous symphonic orchestrations
    Gathered together from greatest to poorest    thickets and meadows, a lush mighty forest.    Peace and great solace amidst the strong trees    broad leaf and fine needle they sway in the breeze.
    The rustic life, pastoral scenes,    the basis of idyllic dreams    the simple ways of nature come,    its harmony in total sum.    These country settings, warm and real,
I felt the burly city too,Of brick and horns and sirens,Of rusty metal and broken glass,Of monolithic stone reachingFor the underside of space,And despite the raw strength of it all
Nature likes citieskeeps man stackedon top of each otherout of her wayso she can roam freein fields and mountainsdown gentle streams .
He thought he shared the universe with all;Heard many voices in response remandAn inundation—words unlike his call,From the desert-bare cliff across the sand.Some morning from the parched and thirsty ground
I lost another poemthis morningin the early airbetween my home and my carI failed to net itput it in my poem jarit flew awaywill it be aroundsomewhereover therewhen I get back?
No hawk ever spoke onthermodynamicsyet they soar on columns of air—Sometimes I see the pillars in the sky(a colonnade of winds)I enter in at the palace gate. .
I LookedI looked for lifeon a dusty trailkicking a rock for milesand I saw a shooting star.I looked for lifeup in the skywatched the birds soarand saw shapes in the clouds.
Come with me and watch the sunset fade. Let’s get away from this fake masquerade. Can you feel the cool, fresh air? We can be ourselves here and have not a care. The scenery here is very vivid and vast.
I came here with the seagulls  I’m a born city-dweller  but the water crashes
the moon's like God's flashlight for the lost in the night sky; like God's spotlight to let you know he sees you and that you're a super star in your own right with your own light; like Heaven's porch light to let you know
In the still of the night I cannot see,   Low as the moon appears to be sinking Over the tall pine trees and the mountains clear. Vacantly my poor mind avoids thinking,
So...Can you hear my whisper
you are full of beauty,
Awesome is life.
Oh, the saccharine exhale of the skies Breaking through the denseness of stagnant air Lifting up spirits and drowning out destitute cries Claiming the heavens as her lair Reigns the frivolous delight known as wind
1041.7 miles every hour, is the speed at which the earth rotates But that speed seems a lot slower when you stop and realize all of things that are great.
The snow dances down Like prima ballerinas, Floating and flitting. It lands with not one small sound, A lull, then orchestra swells.
All trees are stretching, Shaking off heavy blankets, Buds blossoming out. 
Showing up to class with my hopes of seeing her
I take the small step from the inner boundaries of my home to the unorchestrated planet outside where both biotic and abiotic creatures reside Nature reaches the farthest realms in length and width
You are the element of life,
Birds chirping Dogs barking
Deep in a forest Where the wind blows Lives the grass, the trees and grow. They strive off of life And they know what is right Here is where the wind blows And the trees and grass grow.
Hummingbirds Hummingbirds give me hope I see them buzz, they rarely mope. When I’m tired and blue Few creatures point directly back to you. Those Hummingbirds that do not sing
I needed
    my soul is well, yet my mind is lost in an Identity crisis.
I like to watch people in the park, not in a creepy way but just to see how others do things.
  Many hearts will come and FALL BUT MY greed will remain steady       Cypress Delva   Residing by the wayside The breeze whispering on my face
The lonely rain falls heavily,
They say beauty is only skin deep. And that true beauty is fitted to the soul. To these I might agree. For simple beauty is not but a visual stimuli that releases dopamine.
I stand upon a Cliffside, Watching the hard white waves stride. When I hear someone call me from my side; I turn and meet a glare with their sunset eyes. They cast my gaze to a valley side,
why don't people just stop and listen? to the crickets chirping on a cool night. to the slowing breath of the one they love, laying beside them.  listen to the air around them, for it's silence is loud enough.   
        lifted I am          and                      swayed Brought back to the sandy shore. I feel the impact of the water And I spar with the force
Sometimes we find ourselves in a very dark place.
And still the sea beckoned washings it’s salty brine over my feet trapping them for good I would be the lighthouse the beacon in the night the light guiding shipwrecks to their watery graves below
I am happy as a cloudas loud as a rainbowas soft as a breeze
eyes wide ingesting everything ravenous retinas resolution high wind whips blurry hurried blinking bliss air warm thick breaths breeze blue sun beams vast view  
Haikus   In the dark forests, beams of light pass through the leaves 
It’s in the way I see shapes in the clouds. It’s how I feel when the sun kisses the horizon good night.  It’s when the bride and groom hold hands.  It’s the first breath from the summit.   
A creeping wind knows no bounds
Weeks on end this fog has not lifted It blurs my vision and my mind's nerves are racing crashing, connecting, circling tangling itself with this dense fog.   Today, the skies are gloomy
I have always loved the ocean. Blue, vast, and inviting, just like your eyes. My eyes are the color of the deep, green land. The land always grows with beautiful, exciting colors of comfortable change.
Stability is a joke. When I feel fine, it is time to plan on going somewhere else. All because of YOU. You came in acting as a replacement father and came out as a joke. A lying joke with no point and only offense. You think you can control me?
The colors of the universe  Envelop my body  As I am one with it
The air forcing me to breathe The trees stealing my eyes lips stuck like 2 phone books hit it off n got married no prenup cant find the fire in my eyes it was just here wrote a paper tobackout
A breeze, trembling as it channels down through the trees,    Articulates itself to me as talking leaves sail from the higher bodies of nature.   
Flowers have been planted in my heart Roots intertwineing with my veins pulling them apart Seeds burrowed deep inside my chambers The planters thinking they are doing me a favor Some stay and help them grow
Whirl your pointed pines 
Waves flash lightning 
Distanced of the long ubiquitous walk
Under shadow of the blissful black
The world was like a
The serenity of silence on a spring day. Clear blue skies and a warming sun. Nothing yells tranquility like this.
She was a bloom of light under the moon at night a blossom bombardment of beauty, I surrendered among the roses, seeking my purpose in sight I could only sway in my place, unable to venture  
Oh heed my soul my beating heart To behold such beauty here That’s makes my life A shining star   A shimmer Crests the mounts Eastly rising more to come With rising of the bloody sun
Her beauty is a flowershyly peeking its head above ground,but bursting with color.Hers is thegentle touch of the spring breeze,the placid clarity of
Storm clouds drift asunder Sanction the golden sun Silence raging thunder, See smiles and to them run. Inspiration hides Where greatness resides And is overlooked We’re all overbooked
Everything that is, is god.
I am an explorer
The day setting into a vast rice-bowl horizon Lifeblood of the sun Painted across ashen skies A sailor’s delight The wind forming a cocoon of tranquility
Where the cherry shall drop into the pink oceans And he lamb’s ear shall hear the wind’s whisperings The undefeated sun shall shine forth into the fourth of darkness   Yet the grounds are of pearl
Tears are wrongly looked upon, As something only sorrow. They show weakness, Or they show anger. But truly, tears are meant for better.   Walk through the woods,  Run and get lost in adventure.
What we are
The Experience of Self              By Andrea Spencer   Silver fingers brushing soft pine’s needles -whose frost scrapes and burns this season- into her human hands.  
My memories of you are like the trees Roots planted deep in the ground of my mind Your branches, intertwined with every passing thought
  Your eyes distant And as deep as the blue sea On sandy steps we watch The waves curl and break  
Words are not enough, like the wonder of first love seen in sweeping hills, feeling eternity in the fields
The  Beauty of Life The  Beauty of
Under a willow in yellowing fields,  Watching the bees as summertime yields,  The flowers to autumn's bitter chill.  I sit in the grass and time stands still.    Feathered white clouds hang in the sky, 
the flower the vine. tubers and seeds, veins and leaves;
If there was an exit, Life would mean that much more, Life would be that much harder, Having to hold on knowing its ok to leave any time through that one-way door Searching for it, she chose to stay,
The sky was pale blue with tints of pink through the window of a white washed house.   Branches hanging on to trunks of trees, no leaves, just pale white-brown.  
As I stand in the sunshine in the garden by the little shrine, My Nonna’s little shrine of humble fig trees, And look at the vast blue sky,
Tick tick tick A silent wish One owned by quietness Tock tock tock
    You won’t find me in the crowd My colors won’t capture your attention So what do you see When you turn to look in my direction?   When I stare into adversity
Slumber. Crema. Ludwig. Aden. Perputa. Amaro. Mayfair. Rise. Hudson. Valencia. X-Pro ll. Sierra. Willow. Lo-Fi. Earlybird. Brannan. Inkwell. Hefe. Nashville
So lightly you appear And my mind just can not compare Since everything is so different. How can it be this colorful? Still my sorrow lingers on too.   My heart aches at the loss
An old and wise book full of stories that stretch miles wide, the old oak tree calmly rests without a soul by his side.   Years of experience the old oak has, listens to the wind and gently swaying grass.  
Let Me Be By Raquel Gonzalez   There’s a world around me
The trees whisper to me on windy days,
The leaves slowling falling down So many leaves on the ground Branches swaying back and fourth The wind moves them and makes them free The trees look so alive They move and they breathe
You are the waves of the ocean, Unapologetically crashing to the shore, Then seeping back out to the sea, To rise and fall unyieldingly.   You are the trees in the forest, Radiant and confident,
Like wind, I'm unpredictable. Bringing a breeze, I cause people to move in my direction and not be still. Making the day that much better, to know I am wanted and not wished to go away.
In the cold and gray comfort of the morning I stare at the skyline above my city. 6:14am A cool colorless light seeps into the sky Brightening the dullness.
Dreadlocks dangling down my bare, pale backMy eyes are the colour red like a sunset in summerA quick brush of wind converses with my skirtFeeling the rain start to                                          f
I wonder what I can give, as far as wisdom goes,   for I am somewhat young and have many years to live. The cool Autumn wind blows
The Begining
Is it not interesting, the way a single daisy grows through a crack in the sidewalk? Layer upon layer of cement and sweat and exertion were Smoothed into place there and were never meant to be disturbed my man’s efforts.
Is it not interesting, the way a single daisy grows through a crack in the sidewalk? Layer upon layer of cement and sweat and exertion were Smoothed into place there and were never meant to be disturbed my man’s efforts.
Thoughts unhinderedTravel spry, in the form of prose,Observation won't ceasewhen the world slows.
I am creative and laidback I wonder about the bundle of variations called the multiverse I hear the cackles of the last Shifkin before it engulfs its prey in one glup
Nature is a mystery, but I am unique. The world spins around in an orbit, but my head spins through imagination of wild stories. Out of boredom, the weather becomes a hectic storm,
He is famous: He is loud and bright. People are forced to acknowledge the sight of his existence. Without him, nothing would get done. Everyone loves the beauty of his entrance and even his exit.
When Mother Nature met Father Time, She knew he was the one.
Where the air flows fresh and crisp And life radiates shades of green And orange and red and colors That run deeper than the scars Of the Earth; Where the grasp of man halts, Giving way to nature,
Any man who has surveyed any land can tell another:
Being alive im cold I cant breath Life being taken from me as i lay asleep My mind wondering , whats happening to me Life isnt over?  Than why do i feel dead Fighting a nightmare Looking for a dream
You know perfection Is a man-made word Because it is shallow. Though its implications are potent, No poetry projects from its reflection –
my heart has been through so much, i figured i wouldnt have to take another break...
I sat and watch the stars above How gracious how belove The nature and the love The earth is full of beauty, With nature unity What a blessed creativity
One foot at a time I climb into my wet suit Puff of air As I check my tank The unknown mysteriousness awaits Bubbles float to the surface The world starts to bounce in the glistening sunlight
  Delusions of grandeur. Although,
Green sap oozing from great gashes  in trees into paper, furniture, and houses all for human needs like the great stashes of black oil oozing.... into lakes, rivers, and streams
   The water is tepid, the sea cool bliss;
Oh, if only I could go I'd walk towards a meadow My screen of glass would stay astray Divorced from me. I'd settle among the tranquil trees, and open my mind to new possibilities.
Peaceful rosary, The moon and the sky.   A tree line’s lazy lush Screaming inside me   A microscopic colony Quiet vitality   I don’t know how The world got so beautiful
If you take a look at me, with my piercings, my unnatural hair that feels more natural than the mousey brown I was born with, you can guess
Dedicated to a dear friend named Sandra Hong, whose life was tragically lost and taken away from us too soon in October 2013.
Soft, Calm, Cataclysm Thats what I call a storm Barely suppressed fury Thats what I call a storm
Beautiful is the Earth! Though not all things are mirth, Every small thing has worth.   A yellow star presides; A white moon touches tides; A twinkling star abides.  
A man may have a solid build. Perhaps his hair’s softer than fleece. Thick arms might lift a girl with ease. Maybe his eyes with warmth are filled. Some men stand with a solid stance.
A flower now blooms, The soft green grass waxes tall, A tree gains a ring.   The clouds become sparse. So, too, is water now scarce, And plants droop slowly.   Fool: careless human
Though I am free, You could enslave me Like a master that enslaves scholars. Though I am resistant, You could poison me Like a predator that poisons its prey Though I am tough,
The sun rises from her eastern lair, She sounds like the hooting morning dove. The fresh smells that are everywhere Glow the reds and pinks that shine from above. The new dew on feet so bare
Listen! I am between the sidewalk cracks Listen! Here under asphalt bought with tax Listen! To city trees with smog their ax   Hear my healing voice and have hope again
odd how i think ofYou in the spice aisleof the grocer near my homewhich sits empty,waiting forYour bodyto fill it with the smell of rosemary andsmoke.   if only i had time
The moment of freedom To do anything worthwhile. Running, jumping, hopping through The forest growth. The only regret is crushing An innocent insect. But still you can smell the pine-
On this train, I descend. A cruel descent from heaven to hell. The misty, rhythmic waterfalls
I am a goddess A creation so divine that - galaxies will swirl in my veins- black and blue like a brusie so freshly wrought that the tinges of purple seem to darken the hues
I was staggering, drunk, holding onto my cousin as if she was now my physical crutch as well. It was pitch black, the trees surrounding us, and if they weren't attached to mother earth,
I've always marveled at sunsets—
Her eyes are the tree bark;Making her face come al
I am an outcast in this little city, I enjoy long
My bare feet felt frigid, as they squished the wet ground. The dark emerald grass was damp and powerless against me. The blades of grass bent and plummeted
Me and You We going to rendezvous Because I love you boo And
When blue meets black is at high noon
Life is a journey and happiness comes with exploration.
Cancer is scary, Cancer is frightening, but don't worry child, Because I know you won't stop fighting,
like a tea sieve filtering windfall colors.   The sundried day was cold, and bird-eyed students waded   through the tea-thick air on their way from class,  
Let your mind Bloom like a flower In spring.    May your thoughts Grow fertile In soil of encouragement.    Create a field of plenty Waiting to be harvest
Analyze me.   Let your eyes wander over me; Map me, like the untamed land I am.   Explore me: my faults, my strengths, and my all.   I am a universe, my depths are infinite.
I am the Earth and the soil.
At the far side of the land In a sunset's silouette Lies an autumn lake
People judge me how they see me Sometimes I am a turtle taking life slow I am who I am not who people want me to be Though hurt I don't let my emotions show   I'm like a beaver trying to make it on my own
my father met my mother on the train tracksleading out of Hackensack, New Jersey. she was clad in blue and embossed with blisters;he was wearing a black sweater and had a stumbling tongue. 
  Im standing on top of a hill tired and out of breath yet i see how similar my way up that hill is to my life.
Dashing o’er a thousand hills, Gliding through the forests, Dancing o’er a million fields, Soaring o’er the jungles.   I sing a delightful melody, I sing the tune of love,
Serene, still and calm I lie, Stretched beneath the heavenly sky, Lapping the dewy grass around me, Silently I ripple and smile.   For long, long days, I watch the birds overhead fly,
Gently floating down, Gliding past lavender crowns, Down, down, falling, Brushing past flowers, and whispering, Sweet, sweet words of love, joy and pain; Exchanging memories
I am cosmic dust. I am a raging storm of gentle emotion. My spirit is a wind that blows unobstructively. I'm stronger than the words thrown into the voltage of my mind. My heart still beats. I am alive.
I remember my mother stating,"Im pregnant!" with such excitement only to come to realize that outr "father" had different plans for that baby. 
The earth fed us through our feet as we stood in the grass. The rain quenched our thirst as it dripped into our trembling hands. We indulged in luscious conversation
Searching here and there, striving to find bliss... Went to friends and colleagues,  they said get rich; enjoy luxury,  pleasure is the mean of bliss... Not really!!
Close your eyes, darling, For there they cannot harm.
The glow and look in your eye. A shock of excitement from your smile. Spread of warmth from those delicate hands  Maybe even a stride in your walk
Huge, gray wonders. Skin like leather draped over a seemingly giant frame. A curious appendage for noisemaking. Dark black eyes with kindness behind them. Majestic, beautiful, and playful.
Sitting alone on the grass late one night Admiring the starry sky shining so bright I could not help but be in awe of my God Who created the heavens and man out of sod
If I die,I want to be there,that tree,behind thosemountains,in the roots.Nextto the bugs Choppedbut grounded.becauseIm not those
I am an open space Vast, Lush, Deep, Dark, or Green A million words can describe my being Though the only true one is "Dead"   No walls may confine me I am viturally free
I'm always thinking and I'm dreaming I'm always creating and my eyes are gleaming  With the thoughts of what can be and what will My optimism is why I cannot keep still and some people wonder where it comes from
If one laid on a prairie at night, they would experience the world and become awestruck  
Inspiration is the key, to get past the heavy door
To all wounds of the heart, Time is the antidote. Designed like a coat Soothing the pain as it impart   It is nonpareil It understands what you want As time acts more than a confidant
She moves with grace, a willow whisp made with steel of natures breath bird songs whistle past her lips fingers climb like vines- endless The worlds greatest contradiction Beauty live in mind, in voice
Happiness is elusive, But I am conclusive. I have found the equation To make life as glamorous as a fiction.   Take all of the negative vibes from society, Push them into the leaving air.
The golden hue of a time forgotten  Silver shades of today, Together they meld into the generations of my family. Charcoal shadows give character to the night While white light bathes the day in hope.
Times will be bad,
Solitude is where my comfort exists And where I'm most blessed to be  Which is why I find myself
I see t
This is the time. Leaves dance in the air, Giving color to the wind. 
I catch myself analyzing every little detail around me
The scratch and swish of pen on paper, Is wind through creaking trees on an Autumn evening
    Oct 16   The air is cool A steady stream of water pushing against the shore Taking bits of it with it as it recedes back to its home over and over and over again.
  Oct 10 2014  
    Oct 5 2014   The sun is sitting on the crown of the trees just due east. Reaching her arms through its leaves,   Holding it. Like a mother hugs her child.  
An evening glow arrays the luminous pines, A banded forest stained with a velvet wine. The brook speaks too much but says nothing at all, Babbling a tune with each harmonious fall.
I feel the chill across my face
Much like a woman is the sky. In the afternoon she is there, attending to her daily routine. She shines bright, yet is taken for granted most days. As evening nears, the night is only just beginning. 
You can hear the howling whistle of the air, 
Inbetween the mountains I lay Waiting for a warm breeze. These days are rare now. I look around, I see beautiful, towering trees. The snow on the mountain tops shines.  
Have you noticed that the clouds move fast when there's no wind did you know that they move slow when thunder breaks upon
Did you feel wind today, how it blew and blew? Did you see the birds fearlessly taking flight home?
There's a calm silence
The sun is rising leaves are falling, the crisp, cold air has arrived I love the feeling, within my whole being, that you have awaken inside you are my sunshine, my moon, and my stars,
From the darkness the sky unfolds welcoming the new light of day. Mellow colors flood the sky and drag sleepy fingers across the earth. The sun rises from the deep abyss of the night
Fields of sunflowers, secrets, whispered words of love. Have you forgotten?
Small, happy red fish flipping in the bright blue waves. Jump, splash, goodbye friend.
The apple rots when it very well pleases The seed just does what it’s told It grows and grows, the ground picks up the pieces Of the apple tree’s selfish mold.   There’s no free will for the sapling
A melodic longing for what cannot be
She was the moon Glowing softly Casting shadows upon the ground She did not know herself With changing faces Appearing in different skies, different places Everyday a piece of her fell away
The Northern Atlantic Right Whale  was nearly driven to extinction by whalers who killed them  because they were the easiest whale to hunt.    In today's society,
I drove with the windows down To feel the air upon my skin To watch the sunlight kiss the trees To figure out what sleeps within  
Rain is our weather.
The day of all days is the day that I triumphed,
Shes beautiful and strong . She gave us life and is wise when to take it. She loves you even if you attack her. She gives to us, even when we steal from her. She tries to warn us but we won't listen.
To avoid the darkness Nature is my happiness  The trees, they shiver cold  But now I have something to hold    The sun fills my eyes instead of cries Water flows feel like my hair
A cold breeze.  A silent hum in the air.  A breath slowly fills my lungs.  Happiness fills my soul.  Long hours in a quiet room.  I finally escape the chaos that life has created.  The leaves fall on the ground and I let it all go.
Find yourself exploring   Less bags and more outdoors   See the setting sun Hear the chirping birds Smell the sea salted ocean water Taste the fresh air Touch the slimy catch of the day
When I walk with the moonlight,  Not underneath but beside it, It whispers to me 'do not lose heart, And then I go out and try it.    When I swim with the clouds, Gliding through the fluffy air, 
Bright blue eyes Clear skies Light rain Life gains Small hands Green lands Tall trees Livid keys First laugh Fresh path Fallen leaves He sees    
The tree laughs Children play below On a hot summer day so slow The tree is shade And the tree likes offering aid The tree smiles A couple look deeply into each other's souls
The feel of the breeze  swept across my skin 
Water coming down, Gravity pulling it down, The rain will soon touch...
Walking werewithal into a forest Hearing the calls of birds and gurgling streams Without a care in the world, Or so it seems   Sun on my face as the trees rise before me
Autumn air gently drapes my object of affection.
What I wouldn’t give for a camera to freeze this moment forever and always. To show people the richness of the soil; how it clumps together - dark, shifting,
I survey the land ahead. As i look out on the horizon, I see a humming bird, hovering near a flower. I hear a bee, buzzing around me. And I distinctly hear a tree fall, in the distance.
I’m in love with the air
It’s tempting, to gaze upon the night sky                                       and see only crisp starlight, juxtaposed with a firm sheet of outer space. But most would know that soon,
There was a girl, graceful and free She looked in the mirror just to see  If her hair was not in a big mess To see if she looked rather stressed To make sure her makeup was intact
A casual ray floating through the airIlluminating the deep caves of my sheetsPressing against my skin with delicate sincerityMurmuring to me to wake upAccompanied by the birds exquisite melodies
(Twist and shout scholarship slam)
I could say,   "Mama, Mama, Mama, come help me"   but you are so busy living out a Colorado fantasy
      Do you breathe in whistles, sir? Because every time I walk by that is all I hear.
A letter was on a page part of a word part of a conciousness flowing out of the river of ideas ebbing from the  lake of creativity.   The letter vibrates through the air
The lotus, blooms from from the murkiest waters.