lost friendship

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Dear broken heart, The comfort of childhood friendships ripped away by the appeal of high school recklessness and self discovery. As you seem to find yourselves,
Winter has whispered it's gentle song, above and below, like an ancient tongue.   The streets are frosted, much like her eyes. I can't find her, not even amidst the blue suburban skies.  
"Broken bones Broken mind         How could I           Be so blind Broken hope Broken staff         I though you Once had my back  But it wasn't true As i onced belived 
I want you to see all of my happiness I want you to see my friends And my grades I want you to feel like you screwed up Because you did   But I forgive you  
sometimes i wonder what things would have been like if i had forgiven you a little sooner if i had kept my mouth shut if i hadn't fallen for the wrong guy
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