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Allow meto commentateon the world ofstucture
Lead hands, Too heavy to move, I would have built you a mountain. But I no longer care.   I just have one thing to say.   “Fuck you.”   I was bleeding stripes
The conquest of bread Is the journey of men Of mankind, to elevate Not to discriminate   For what does it matter What tongue you speak,
Some may fear the damage Of a shattered window and a burning car But glass is not flesh And cars are not people   My life is not property
No gods, no mastershere. From none according toability tonone based on need. Free at last.Who could survive without hope?
I am Junk Light your butane lighter I am the lifeless husk
New Mexico dreams can’t shake the salt from the icy New York streets, and I might need glasses ‘cuz I can’t see straight. Too many empty glasses, ‘cuz I can’t see straight.
Come all of you poor workers, good news to you I'll tell. Of how that good old union has come in here to dwell. We are starting our good battle we know we're sure to win because we got the gun thugs looking pretty thin.
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