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YOU COULD DO IT You'd do it as long you believe you could. And because you could doesn't meant you should. Be good you certainly would. #c9_fm
I-I-I-…, 2013, by Unknown Pressure in canvas, Sweat on skin   I sat in my classroom for what felt like days
No: life isn't horrible. No: life isn't terrible  or terrifying. No: I cannot stand silent anymore. Yes: I will stand up for  what I know is true  and right. I may be only one voice.
Love is not saying three words for reassurance nor is it insecurity.
There's a key, that could open a lock, that could open a door We wouldn't live feeling hate anymore No time for ignorance Everyone could be free All diversity in peace and harmony
How much certainty can I? Remembering intelligence that is another. How much pride can I? Remaining humility that rests inside.   Am I so right that they're so wrong?
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