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I had a smile to give you but I hesitated I waited until you looked away and then all the sudden my smile snuck out of the back door of my mind and then there was nothing I waited
                                                                            Slow down. Look around.                                     Think hard or think soft.
                                                                            Slow down. Look around.                                     Think hard or think soft.
since seeing is believing, i close my eyes,  when i hear lies, because seeing is believing...
You sit on the concrete slab in the hot sun. You live there, it is your home.  
Last night I was perched High up on a tree. The higher I was, The more I could see. How great this view shines Way above the ground. But I could see more. How great did that sound?
                A human being, sentient and breathing, cannot truly live without seeing.                 If eyes are windows to the soul, then all you know comes through your pupils.                 But count the eyes first.
The clouds part to reveal the stars, but the clouds themselves are also beauty; black grey grotesque scowling at earth crying furious but beauty - and the stars are overlooked, shining dully and ignored glitter, for clouds are the beauty expected
a true blessing they are they upgraded my eyes no more silly glasses to hide me from the outside   although they may be costly I do love them so for I'd choose sight over money
To see clearly Would mean to look about you
Authenticity - A Life Unmasked     Tall
Beauty is more than what is seen with the eyes, what I have is hidden. More than just a beating heart with a pretty smile, i have a free spirit too. How could you ever tell,
Catch the sun Catch it before it sets
What would I Change?               That Question of Old, It follows, it nags, begging to dwell,               In the center of your mind, "Think of me, Think of me, All the time!"
Thin Thick Fat Small Large As I read these words normality comes to mind Our society has brainwashed our minds to think that skinny and thin are the new perfect
Everyone wants everyone else to look at them;
some days we are both ghosts,for we see unlike trees.the earth falls asleepand still I spin the globeblue and grey-greenflickers of light and shadowlike a stargazer trappedin life.
Am I guilty of falling down? Because I feel the same. Can this be different than before? Difference is only an Idea. Everyone could feel this way. Feeling only what I’ve been constructed to feel.
Seeing is to believe Believing is to follow blindly Follow blindly… Blindly… Blind… The Blind cannot see Seeing is believing
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