A woman's worth

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Beauty impossible for just one to obtain Roots so deep Branches both long and graceful Facade hiding what’s inside
She had golden hair and bright blue eyes, she spent days cleaning with her helper mice Cinderella, cinderella, with a beauty so fair dreamt of the day a prince would save her
Wonder rib of manWorthy HumanBeautifully made, that's the woman!    Female childFeminine EleganceOozing intelligence, that's the woman!  
woman engrave their rights too straight white men and somehow they forget the men in the east the ones that are portrayed on the advocacy the ones that will not give a woman a book to read
Maybe, just maybe We might all be able to come together Disregard race, religion, gender, age and social status
Didn’t you hear? Up is actually down, And firm no’s… actually just mean yes You can do whatever you want,
I am a woman of weakness.<br> I will never believe that <br> I can succeed at anything<br> And because I know<br> I am a failure and a waste like people say<br> I just don't understand how<br> I can be brave and
In this life all I need  is the freedom to be who I am as a woman, and not who society wishes me to be. A woman of strength, dignity, and intelligence, not hiding behind products that read: Unconfident.
She walks with strength and beauty She never fails to do her duty  Tired she may be but filled with endurance is she  Not defined by distasteful words or what she has heard But by who she knows she is 
  Breached bodies searching for common ground, Jocking for key positions your arms touching me now,Fully clothed no rush, Our minds are just on lust, Intimate sex, and trust,We get together...*shush, Her finger over my lips, Warm hands on her hips
                  Questions Are The Answers                                                                         By: Wardah Elghazali   Who am i? Am I the person you wish to be?
I am woman.  I'm not proclaiming it
Maybe I'm not good enough. Maybe I'm not what you need. Maybe I will never fit in. Maybe that's fine by me. The girl who'll stand up on her own. No need to come comfort me. Maybe i'm just that strong.
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