The Freedom of a Woman


United States
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In this life all I need 

is the freedom to be who I am as a woman, and not who society wishes me to be.

A woman of strength, dignity, and intelligence,

not hiding behind products that read: Unconfident.

With the ability to speak 

words that make leaders tremble in their seats,

not the hush mouthed girl who sits properly.

But the one who stands in front of a nation,

and preaches peace on earth between all of the races.

Or to have a heart that travels across vast lands,

to feed the poor dying in hunger and exercise goodwill to all men.

All I need is the ability to achieve all that I dream,

for as a woman there was a time where I was told I could not do anything.

But as society evolved and feminine pioneers stood tall,

I gained the right to choose which path I will take, if not all.

All I need is the courage to face all who are against me,

and wish to tear me down because of my genetic identity.

To prove that I am more than just a pretty face,

I hold a mind so educated it is hard to keep with my pace.

So if there is one thing I have that is timeless,

it is the right to be a Woman, 

which is ultimately.. Priceless.










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