Perpetual Intimacy

Mon, 01/18/2016 - 20:51 -- Akeem44

  Breached bodies searching for common ground, Jocking for key positions your arms touching me now,Fully clothed no rush, Our minds are just on lust, Intimate sex, and trust,We get together...*shush, Her finger over my lips, Warm hands on her hips, Those eyes like an eclipse, I sink into ya abyss, And slow jams assist.  Your body perfectly smothers me, Your scent alone pleasures me, rendezvous is bellum, And I am your secret casualty, take me down and unravel me, Girl you often baffle me, Skin slapping my Persian sheets, Nose taping,  And fire please, Temperatures rising constantly, Eyes shaking like bumble bees, Winds thrusting the oak trees, Something just went over me, Thunderstorms in Overlea, Pushing deep in ya ovaries, Thoughts have taken over me, Searching for the synergy, Love is in the inner me.  Contemporary afflictions, Leaning thinking bout diction, Girl you are my religion, Lips look mine fit in, Pulling all of your air in, Body Wet as an ocean, Your Touch Is extremely poten, The circle begins to open, The circle begins to closen, We move in circular motions, Your breath brings our devotion, You are mine in this moment, What we have is golden!               

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