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She speaks to me in seafoam.  Born beautiful, she kissed my eyelids and gave me her love of everything.  Her fingertips are callused from centuries of knotting heartstrings. 
I love you as I love a dandelion bright thing If you are paper I will fold you and lock you in a drawer
she comes in winter lapses with her golden hair in waves she comes with wilting flowers singing on of summer raves   he waits in summer months for his love to return
I rise up from my comfy sheets Light peeks out from the curtains like a playful child Almost like my little Persephone   I gather up my supplies
            Since blossoming from the florid queen of death herself,there has always been an exquisite beauty in aesthetic variance.The floral goth contrast, the inharmonious perennial dance with darkness
The countryside whips past On the other side of the glass. I already miss it, yearn for it- The earth, the smell Of blooming apple trees. Finding a corner in Mom’s orchard To draw and be alone
 Persephone By: Cheyenne Green   I was picking flowers in a vast field, Suddenly the earth gouged open and did not yield.
  Where have the Old Gods gone?   Athena walks around college campuses Books in her bag And a switchblade under her tongue
Persephone, Queen of the Damned Daughter of Spring A true vegan; Natural blogger Has a garden so elaborate; winter cannot crumple Flowers, Vines, Plants galore A great palace of Earth
5 people from different worlds They teach us as their universe swirled   The 1st guided by the strings of his guitar He fell for her from a far He turned his neck to see her fade
they told you i was taken. stolen from my honey paradise of flowers and sunshine, dragged six feet under and buried alive.   they told you i was forced.
  In the spring, the newborn sunlight glistened through her partially bleached hair. Her eyes sparkled in the warm daylight, as they glazed over the fiction novel she rented from the library.
She’d caught his attention at a football game Somehow, from the back of the stands And he stared without shame.    She liked him too And he was happy like he’d never been
Sweet Persephone, Skipping through the hallway with a flower crown atop her head, Her curls cascading down her back like a waterfall Naïve Persephone, Unaware of how many aim to make her their girlfriend
As night falls I must return Before I scare my mother silly And yet I cannot pull myself away From this coffee shop called "The Lilly" Oh, how the city lights glitter The wet pavement so bright
Wandering the dim, Hades searches.   Dancing through the light, Persephone considers.  
She's the midsummer's flowers, The prolonged days hours. My reason I search for an immortal diet Just for a glimpse of her eternal souls quiet.
She tells you that winter will fall the day you give a man your all. All of the late night texts and wondering who'll say "I love you" next... It means nothing to her until it means something to Him.
Myths and legends are alive and well all around us.   Apollo lives  in the steady hands of a medical surgeon In the voice of the newest, hottest star
Flowers fill your hair, the smell of pomegranates fills the air. I don't know why you talk to me or give me the looks that you dare.   Your mother hates me, no one can blame her for that.
Click, Click   The flash of the cameras light up their eyes The Death King,  The Spring Queen The It Couple   Black suit, black shadow, Flowers in her hair, 
From the very first second I arrived I spied that glare in your eyes And Eros from me hath taken Any sense of moral direction
Hark! they whispered, those dryads in the trees And all throughout the woodlands I felt disease. Plucking little white flowers, I twirled them between my fingers
They robbed her of her darkness Gave her ebony hair and an apple to bite Made poison her downfall And a kiss her salvation They forgot what was real Now she sings songs on Broadway
    Persephone  He was so nice when we met,  Until one day he would let me leave. I was given a pomegranate red and sweet, Six sweet seeds I did eat. Now I’m his half a year, 
Catch quick a cold, succumb to a fever Latch quick to a lover, create snowflakes in the ether That's how winter came to be She, a farmer's daughter in August He, an executive in Necropolis
Hades, You were never a saint. And yet still I remember your tears streaming down my face. Abducted, in this deceptively, beautiful place. But darling you were no saint. Voices echoed dripping with disdain, as my family felt the gravity of my pain
Persephone President of the gardening club She cares for every seed she grows in that garden It’s a little hard to have other people come join But it’s okay
A godess known for external beauties A godness known for unseen beauties A godess known for bringing life A godess infamous for stoning life
Lips as ripe as roses a crown born of bone A woman may master both extremes if she wishes to hold her own   Let your smile be soft
May my words reach their intended end,   My dearest mother. I am so far away,
Goddess of spring Jewel of Demeter They say you were walking In a field that was flowering And that Hades stole you away
Across the realm the Princess roamed, Feeling, as ever, completely alone. The Shades all around had nothing to say. She desp’rately missed the light of the day. She discovered an end of the world, never known.
A Thought, indefinite and young, rolled among meadow grass and spring flowers, flashing with light.   A Thought, pooling and unwavering, grew in lazy night and cold passion,
i am not the story
The farm was so far away.
Flowers prance, Sunshine gleams, Air whistles, and Animals dance. Skipping, hopping, hair caressing the air, with Mother and I. Anticipation ascends, tear drops descend
here she lies, a maiden stored, bound by a twisted cord dragged into a shadowed world to which, against her will, she was sent.
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