Proserpine; An Old Tale of a Misunderstood Love

From the very first second I arrived

I spied that glare in your eyes

And Eros from me hath taken

Any sense of moral direction

With winsome impatience I grabbed you, I kissed you

And your stoic farce crumbled, your mask it was felled

And a sensual power in your face I could tell

I touched you, I felt you, and all fell away

Separated from my mother’s warm embrace

Like moving walls of sand that blow in Egypt

Mother’s winter grief tore the world to pieces

But you! you kept me from feeling the cold

Your dead body exuded a magic unknown

I saw, I lusted for your paragon of corps

While outside winter air scratched and swore

Like a knife’s cut and glaze was the snow and the hail

But our passion fueled fire warmed us down to tail

You were, I know, by Amor’s arrow stuck

Inspiring in you an impolitic lust

For me it was better, greater, more!

Than anything I’d ever felt before

For it sprouted in you something animalistic

A biting strength not matched even by Cerberus

A power stronger than swords of snow

Numbing and biting at fingers and toes

Our bodies were one, earth and death combined

And if I could I would be enough satiated to die

Cyclones of snow outside cried and roared

A dangerous orchestra yearned to be heard

But it was you, you, you! good lord

With roar of lion leaving me dumbfound

This fear in me I grew to love

It birthed in me woman’s sin of lust

On your lips I tasted the most potent of wines

Your scent left me with a clouded mind

But one thought prevailed, a conjecture, a truth

That in a few months I’d return to the land of my youth

When snow melts and rain falls and crops reappear

I’ll leave your touch for next half a year

But goodbye is for later, not now, not close

Right now, in the cold, you warm me the most.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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