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Red droplets on the pavement Still bodies in the street The stench of putrefaction Whenever opposites meet   Ebony and ivory The contrast oh so stark The monster claims another
Step One When you see flashing blue and red lights behind you, do not panic! (Unless you are black.)  If so, run through a mental list  Rapid-fire
  When I thought of the loneliness In a kingdom full of insecurities Once I sat engaged and soling Once upon a midnight splendid
Hands ache as the cold metal cuts in deep Pressed unyielding to ensure obedience No resistance to an entrenched position of power   I can't breathe   Back is bruised and full of tension
Moon like a dinner plate Cleans him of his shackles Sets him free of worry and consequence He is beast Grinning with pearly fangs Laughter shakes shaggy fur Claws crack concrete
One day our time will come; We will never say that Our lives were well spent Have never truly known love We can't say that we
Admiring his handiwork, he stood Before the wall drenched in paint. They compared him to Banksy; they would Claim he could draw anything, without complaint.   But comparison to anyone was degrading,
Black people are always getting treated like dirt Someones getting shot or ends up getting hurt We try hard and fight for justice so this can stop
African American Not even supposed to be American Stolen Bought Made to be property You laugh at the fact I have no father
Walking through the store, i feel eyes on me, surprise on me, despise on me,  like i stole something from them. isn’t it funny how they stole mine we all know a good home is hard to find 
I hate you for what you did... You ripped my true love out of my arms if only we were white, I suppose you would have warned him before you assumed  
As an infant, their eyes are filled with happiness  their head is filled with innocence their heart is filled with gold. As a toddler, their eyes are filled with curiosity their head is filled with imagination
Haven't you heard?The minorities are still the majorityYet the majority still aren't flourishingParalyzed, trapped in poverty, jailedWhy is that, you askHaven't you heard? Did you watch the news?Another black person downNot by another young foolBu
This is for all the brothers and sisters that fell before their time. Laying on their back because of another's crime. Time to open our eyes and step out our cage.
Let’s stick with the facts we don't want any one getting confused  In this world of different colors, why is it me I'm getting accused? Not just that, at the hands of an officer I'm facing death 
From cotton fields  To bloody spills. From metal chains To metal clangs. We still can’t escape  Discrimination.   Started out with  “My color, Is better than yours.”
This video was created to transmit disgust with incidents of law enforcement officials relying too heavily on violent measures of interventi
My People talk as if we still are free, the media scoping and molding our mentality.
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