"The Hate U Give Little Infants Fucks Everybody"

As an infant, their eyes are filled with happiness 

their head is filled with innocence

their heart is filled with gold.

As a toddler, their eyes are filled with curiosity

their head is filled with imagination

their heart is filled with love.

They befriend everyone in their sight

and they love everyone around them.

But once you share with them the hate of the world,

their thinking starts to change.

You've revealed the stereotypes they have to believe and follow,

the rules of the society. 

"You see them? 

Look at the color of their skin

That one is probably dangerous."

"You see her?

All barely dressed

She's probably dumb as fuck."

"You see him?

Look at him with him

He's not even worth your time." 

Now your children starts to change.

As they grow, their eyes are start to judge

their heads start to narrow

their hearts start to close.

Is this what you want your children to be,

To never be able to understand what the world needs is what they had earlier?

You are telling them to be themselves

you are telling them to be the society

you are telling them to isolate everyone including themselves

including their friends.

Now you're slowly losing them.

As they mature, their eyes start to clear

their heads are learning what's right

their hearts are mending each other.

Setting aside the differences,

they're loving and caring,

they're growing and learning.

So the hate u give little infants

it'll fuck everyone up

But it turns to a lesson.

A lesson learned right.


This poem is about: 
My country
Our world



Great Poem. This quote is mentioned a few times and your persective, and how you explained it make it very understandable . 

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