2015 Bullying

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Every phrase to secure a uncomfortable situation, "It's okay." There's a limit to what you can say. And that limit is not to lie to your friends when your emotionally hurt, "It's okay." Or to your family, "How's school?"
I'm sorry for not being the friend I could, If I could do everything, I swear I would. I'm sorry for being afraind and shy, Sometimes you make me wanna die. And others I love you as a friend,
A day taking degenerative disease
I can no longer hear you yelling at me words in my head have become an issue all more violent then usually you scream and my thoughts get dark wish it was all just a bad dream with every remark
Punched, Kicked, and Bruised. No, they had never put a hand to me But their words were like balled fists waiting outside for me after school Balled fists that told me to be ready for a beating at 3 o'clock
Today I decided to wear as short sleeved shirt.Today I didn't care if anyone saw.Today I stood in the middle of the crowd instead of the back
Dear Bully,        How do the clothes that I wear and the way I look effect your life? Does it really change the world that I'm not "model material"? Why do you care?
You know
I'm a freak But not meek  Not weak  I am what I am  You see I'm me I'm not scared to be Please You can't hurt me Oh oh no I express my self creatively No stopping me
There will come a day
When did everyone's problems become mine? A week before, I was just a friend and not a counselor I was a kid with a smile and shoulder to offer
Last week someone told me that I shouldn't speak Because I was a monster not by design But by the way I define myself Because I was found in Christ They said I wasn't a lover but a liar and a hypocrite 
      Do you know what i'm about to do? As I bend over and tie my shoe.
Treat others how you want to be treated, or thats how it used to be yet now we're blinded by pride and snobbery. Step back. Look what the world has become, full of hatred. Where is the love?
Yo soy a boy Who is known for being gay But that's not me.   I'm diverse, I'm strong, I'm smart I'm also a "sexier version of John Mayer" But that's probably a lie And obviously I'm a Narsacist
I used to love you,
Today is the absolute worst day of my life I will never say that Hope and care does exist Through violence and abuse Cowardly people's injustice speak As evil dominates the weak
The tears fall down my cheeks, The wounds will never heal. It burns, stings, tugs, The pain is so surreal.  
Me. Its not as simple as most people would think to define me.
Why Are you mean
Do you remember When you were a young, innocent caterpillar,
Beep* Beep* all around me there is light, I see a hovered table full of adolecent duplicated faces peering in with judgement and vile 
I don’t see why people that are gay or different from the "normal" or "avarage" person gets treated as if they were an alien or something.
You got a message from  Former Best Friend.
So many times he sighs in his dreams, Feeling every awakening pulse, the pulse he always thinks about.  They do not know the blade in his flesh... Those in the classroom.
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