Bullied by me

Punched, Kicked, and Bruised.

No, they had never put a hand to me

But their words were like balled fists waiting outside for me after school

Balled fists that told me to be ready for a beating at 3 o'clock

Balled fists that hit me in the stomach and made me spit up blood

Balled fists that made purple bruises on my body for weeks.

Those painful words never seemed to leave my stupid head

For weeks they screamed at me

The repetition of those words ran through my body and took a hit at my confidence.

But later my confidence became conscious again and fought back

It wouldn't just be left for dead

Because my body knew that I deserved to be confident.

And my confidence knew that those hateful words that they had spoken weren't true.

See my confidence was smarter than me,

Cause I took all those words to heart and let them define me.

Then my heart became polluted with dislike

My confidence kept trying to tell my heart I was beautiful but it wouldn't listen.

But one day it decided to let my confidence in

And they had a good talk

And somehow they decided to agree

They agreed to call me beautiful and I agreed to believe it.

And now I don't have to wear a jacket to cover up the scars they had given me

Now I can get up in class to throw away my trash without fear of someone mumbling and cackling when they speak of me.

See now confidence has taken over me

And those bullies who imprisoned me took the handcuffs off and set me free.

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