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racism a violation of the right to e q u a l i t y in other words the color of our skin determines our lifestyle   skin is skin
Decades of depression, in America We have been preyed upon, With the slashes of whips on Our backs, stripped Of our human and civil rights
Visualization is all I see I visualize us of being free Tears and shawdows of all the dark dreams Maybe I just want us to be alive and free. Being who you are and remaining true 
  So many people want to be black but Don't want to know what it feels like [1] So many people want to be black but Don't  want to know what it feels like   So many people want to be black but
Little brown girl we have a bad rep, Of having an attitude and snappin’ our neck And when you don’t feel accepted by the world, Just remember we are God’s precious girls
You wouldn’t see me solely as a slang bearer that doesn’t know the difference between euphemism and an idiom Don’t think too hard about it
Thot, thot, thot. Hear that shit everywhere I swear. Thot, thot, thot. I’m capable of getting a nut, giving a nut, but not of tender loving care.
Hold on, stop! Let me get a moment to myself. Give me just a moment…. can I get a breather for myself? Okay... okay, I got you after I get this for myself pleaseeee.
A horse is a horse o corpse, o corpse. So why are you molding kids  into work machines? Or did you not realise that some schools are Mac and others are forced to be PC. Painfully characterized.
Brown skin, Kinky hair deep dip in that upper lip. Honey you are exactly what they aim to be.   Don't let the cultural appropriations strip you of your identity.
What can i really say anout society I mean there's human but there isn't really humanity We are all sisters and brothers We just each come from different mothers I get on my kness and pray every night son
Carry your family like burlap sacks of rice   Gather your history with calloused palms like cotton   Prick the tips of your fingers on the splintered pine of your family tree
We got the law taking the innocentLives of some men and even some children,
As I contemplate all I know  There's one last thought that wants to grow   Who am I friend or foe   Knowing myself has never felt so low....      
Can I Get A Story I am Black and American Yet I am labeled as white And not because I bite
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