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I've a devotion to share It's long overdue I've a patron always there And he's everything true This special patron fills my air He came to my rescue He helps through all despair
Temporary completion, I took it so personally It was something I was craving for an eternity  I was so desperate. I craved something so real and profound
Trust. Must be earned! Must be showed! Must be given! Chances are taken. Trust is Proven. Trust is Kept. Connection forms. Bonds Last! FOREVER, Never Broken!
We sit around the table While the fire dances in the air Silence filled the room like a swimming pool filled with water Eyes connecting Hands grip tightly on one another waiting for something to be spoken
You protected me when noone els would You did the unthinkable to keep me alive You fed me when you couldnt feed yourself My love for you will never be broken Your bond with me isnt just a token
trigger touch  to end a life  throw a punch  or grab a knife  but why tell me why? is it so you feel alive? or is it because you hate goodbyes? well look me, look  into my eyes
Born and raised in a glory-hungry west, where a mad king now lays However, under the care of a beloved royal family, whom shall fight, love, and care for you; even up till the rapture
There are places that can never be trasversed There are ideas that can never be spoken There are emotions that can never be expressed   directly.   But every moment is a passing, 
From dressup with mom’s clothes, Dancing around like popstars, To now doing one another's makeup for prom We are FOREVER SISTERS,
Upon the island of no escape, Dare I go without her take, She to me, to kiss my nape, Never dare I to forsake. The island is but a prison without her, All I am; Crazy about her,
All I  need is love when my heart is cold All I  need is love to get me through the snow although my heart gets old this love for you has grown All I need is love when we fight
I just wanna be loved/ held by a nigga that understands and excepts who I am and who I once was/ touched by a man that's not scared to get deep/ that's not scared to remove the mask he has for the world and unveil a unguarded human being/ I just w
The hooves pound My oh my do they pound  On that hard, frozen ground The wind through that beautiful mane The wind through the rider's hair You can see the connection You can see the determination
Let me hold you.  Let me hold you, expressed the flowing river. Let me lead you around the twists and bends. Let me expose you to the eb and flow of my waters path.
Deep in the mass of mystical thoughts,
She carried me within her for nine long months
Stretched Bands             Grinded to sand,             Softened by oceans,             Brightened by the sunlight,             Being baked ripe.            
Some sing a song Some dance to a tune Some pick up a flute Or bang on a drum But in that way, they all come together As musicians They can make a tune together And have a common bond  
My name is Alyssa and fourteen years ago in March something complicated happened that changed my life forever.
Life. It's a journey. Journey. It's made worthwhile by love. Love. It began with a friendship. Friendship. It's a strong bond. Bond. Time together that you enjoy. Enjoy.
You're my sister, though not by birth I've chosen to love you We've grown together and learned together Our bond is something true When in peril, we're reliable  Just call and I'll be there
When darkness falls he raises his head. He's free, not a servant of the light. He ventures to paths no-one has tread, Keeping the night obscure and bright.   Is there a reason for irony such as this?
It's been two years since my father passed away. Your battle is now over, no more tears flowing down your cheek, no more pain, no more suffering, now you are no longer weak.
I depend on this pen and paper like a crutch, Hoping to clear my mind cause my thoughts have become too much Only wanting to smile and be proud, but happiness is something I can't seem to touch
Believe in you Believe in me Believe in us Believe in we Believe in the bond between us and God Believe in our love to last forever Believe in me being here for you and you here for me
You have a castle for a mind and those flags They don't bear enough welcome Put your drawbridge down We won't all hurt you how some have Call off the guards and stone walls
Fire is RED Flames are BLUE When I am in physics class Im thinking of you
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