Temporary Completion

Tue, 04/03/2018 - 02:15 -- smalls

Temporary completion, I took it so personally

It was something I was craving for an eternity 

I was so desperate.

I craved something so real and profound

Where I can drown in endless love and feel as if I’m sinking into the ground to the sound of pure happiness.

It’s true. Everything takes time, but I feel as if it took mine.

I feel like I’ll never find what my soul deeply cries out for.

I just think about the time I will finally run into someone that instantly intertwines with my thoughts and makes me feel like I am above it all.

The feeling of completeness and protection.

I’ll never for a second feel neglected.

If I ever feel alone will you answer the phone

No matter the time 

No matter the day?

If I ever want to try the craziest things and just have a nice sip of life, 

Will you be down to do it with me. 

When will I find this perfect match of mine

Where the friendship flows and never dies but revives every second and we can never get enough of each other’s gossip.


The thought seems so silly, for every time I try 

Someone steals the feeling away from me.

This is slowly killing me.

How do I escape from what feels like an eternity.

I know the right one will come along.

but the timing intimidates me. 


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