Deep in the mass of mystical thoughts,

Wonders, prodigies, and miracles

Embed my own physical being

Inside the core of their complex, abstract construction.


Indulging myself in the freedom

To give direction to these dreams and ideas,

Great power gushes outward from my heart and mind.

Motivations erupt and urge me to materialize the images conceived in my imagination.


Suddenly, the need to express these concepts inflames.

I'm burning with pride and glory!

My surroundings appear to be redefined.

The completion of achieving a powerful intellectuality fulfills my desires with great satisfaction.


Now, before me, a superior of mine

Approaches me in a gait that I admire greatly.

Although I fear to disturb his peace of mind,

I crave to share my thoughts to spark a supportive reaction.


Step by step, I neared to that "boundary" line.

Closer, closer, somewhat shaky,

Will he support me? Will he be kind?

Will this end with an inspiring interaction?


Here I am, and he appears to be supine.

He sits on the bench, and I ask him plainly,

"Would you be bothered if I sat by you and speak to you about what's on my mind?"

"Of course not, but hurry. I am about to leave to see my physician."


Words flow from my mouth with an inspiration so divine.

I can only hope that I won't drive him crazy.

But as I near to the end of what was on my mind,

He gives me a smile to indicate his affirmation.



The day has come to an end, and I'm filled with immense joy!

I desire to speak my mind openly to many others.

An itch of eagerness keeps me awake throughout the night

As I set my mind on tomorrow, thinking of the admirations that I'll receive.


The morning is fresh and alive!

I'm feeling slightly tired, but the never-ending urge is still prominent.

With great and wonderful things coming my way,

I'm certain that I will make people believe what I have seen.


Out in the world and with people all around me,

I can imagine how my wisdom will inspire other men and women

For their minds will open and enlighten brightly as the day!

It's difficult to think that they will not believe me.


A few acquaintances are walking by, and they seem all right

For me to come along and have a drink with them.

Just as I did with the man I had seen yesterday,

I ask if they would like to hear something inspiring.


They accepted and gave me all ears and sight.

I begin to express my newfound wisdom.

I wasn't expecting for their attention to go astray.

They tell me my ideas are uninteresting.


I'm flustered; this can't be right.

How could my ideas lead to their boredom?

Suddenly, they tell me to go away,

And now I am walking as they laugh at me.


I still have hope, and I continue to fight.

There are some individuals out in the park; they shouldn't be like those men.

I know that my ideas need to be displayed;

Otherwise, I will not succeed.



Finally, I have arrived at this peaceful place.

Children play as the adults converse with each other.

I walk towards some people that I had met long ago.

God, let their be light before me and help me become influential.


After giving me their approval to sit by their side,

They recognize me from our last encounter.

We begin to speak with each other,

And I wait for the right moment where admiration is potential.


It appears the moment has come.

I change the topic and begin to explain that I have discovered something extraordinary.

They start to engage in this topic, and I wonder

If they will criticize and be judgemental.


As I feared, they tried to find every nick and scratch in my ideas.

I gave up and left, and they thought I was insane and filled with stupidity.

I feel bothered

By the growing number of people that consider my ideas "ornamental."



I return to my home.

I lie in my bed.

I rest for awhile.

I think of what happened.


The moon rises above the horizon as the sun sets below.

I try to understand why there are so many people that oppose my beliefs.

With the remote in my hand, I turn the television on,

And now my mood is beginning to madden.


On the screen, pictures of contrary and corrupt objects are exposed to my eyes.

I notice the speaker is advertising messages that everyone I met today seemed interested in.

The commercial switches, and another persuades a consumer to use a product that I felt shouldn't be relied upon.

Everyone else didn't seem to care, and I can't stand it!


There are so many people in this world with closed-minds.

They reject everything that doesn't appeal to their group and leaves it to die within.

So many people stick with their own food and songs.

No one is willing to be with others who aren't blessed with their own special group and become united.


But wait, there is someone I have met before that had an open mind.

That friendly man I talked to yesterday was there to listen;

He was there to see the light of my own ideas even though I was afraid I was rambling on.

There must be more people like him.



I stood from the chair and came to a realization

That I must begin with the righteous and worthy individuals

Before I continue to spread my beliefs toward other groups.

With the power of a growing population which accepts every friend within as a kin,

The possibility to have others accept this strengthening group rises.

And soon, almost everyone may become united,

And they will refuse to be let down by others who will continue to reject this group's beliefs.

One must search for special friends in order to thrive.

One must expand his passion and beliefs by forming strong bonds with others.

One must be active and learn great persuasion.

It takes time to achieve this, but I am willing to embark on this journey.



Some days, I have a great idea in mind, I drew something I'm really proud of, or I was amazed of something I did or recognized. Many times, when I tell others about this, I get criticism or they say something about it that really hurts me deep inside. However, I've noticed that some people do appreciate my ideas, but it's hard to focus on these positive reflections when I continue receiving insults and discouragement. Nevertheless, I know deep inside me, as there is with other people, there is something special--something that I feel is worthy to be expressed. I feel it will thrive some day, but it's still hard facing other people when they only want to put me down. I have begun to realize that I need to find more friends that are similar to those who are supportive of me. I can only imagine the wonders that a great and powerful group can do when they can share the thing that is special about them and put it to use for the better of the world.

In the poem, the first two stanzas have a last line that rhymes (most of the time, the other stanzas will end with a word that has a similar sound but don't actually rhyme). The second and third stanzas' last two lines rhyme, and the third and fourth stanzas' last three lines do the same. All of the lines in the fourth and fifth stanzas rhyme, and the next stanzas repeat until the part of the story ends (indicated by the extra space before the next stanza). The same structure repeats, but the last stanza doesn't rhyme at all and has more lines than the others. The last stanza ends with an inspiring message. I did this to build the emotion slowly at each stanza, and I realized that every time a part of the story ended, the person speaking has encountered a new realization or has learned something he has never experienced before, hence the reason I titled the poem Realization. I hope whoever reads this poem will find it interesting.

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