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I Her eyes speak thousands of waters, From ancient drops of the celestial soul,  Down paths of willing sweetness,
Paths strides in curves  Time tours in curls God birthed Paths and Time  God is infinitely feminine. 
Fine taste of life wakes in palms daily  Full seasons soon explore their chance to purpose 
To him these are strange and darker times of anew, akin to the rare viewpoints there can be found a few, whom understand the complexities of humans and emotions, but for some these are hard to handle, it’s a vast ocean,
  A man can learn all that he can, Can know so much he need not plan, Could see it all, across all worlds, And yet he’d be but half a man.   With sight Omnipotent he has,
the breeze feels like feathers against my skin and laughter suffocates me but i can still breath.  two beers shots shots shots shots shots  dark souls filled to the brim with inebriation 
I) The never ending first dimension,
There was another reality
I had a dream that I was floating Towards a world unknown. Everything around me was frozen As if time had ceased.   A voice approached me From an unknown location "You are destined,"
Staring with dimensions in their eyes with a plausible breaking in the sky brazen gazes ostracized from the dimension. floating in disaster trespassing the break
Upon this day hence forth I decree The clarity of life set through eternity Unsettled , torn, weary and worn The aspects to creation settled and born
Unsettled beyond the flow of time, The creature stirs in its prime, Clawing and clashing unto the Veil, With sights blazon and a destructive trail.
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