Chaotic Rifts


United States
36° 28' 20.208" N, 87° 21' 40.3956" W

Unsettled beyond the flow of time,
The creature stirs in its prime,
Clawing and clashing unto the Veil,
With sights blazon and a destructive trail.

Plumes of blight cast their scourge,
Upon a world they crave to purge,
Hordes of beasts many and strong,
Darkened intent set out at first dawn,

In such times of chaos few will to fight,
Many without hope, reason, or light,
Few shielded by will or minds long past,
Energy cycles beyond simple elements are cast,

The forest held now hidden but kept,
Cherished by those in fear that wept,
A barrier failing and a tide unbound,
A chaos and fury with unfurling sound,

In the cycles of creation there is little cause,
To contemplate beyond eternity's laws,
Few know this well and understand it whole,
Even fewer are aware of the might in their soul,

As the lands are ravaged and the populous fades,
Archaic insights are unsheathed from their blades,
Realities of self grow whole and true,
Vessels and mind awaken anew,

What tides of future protect one's cries,
Which fates are guided beyond the skies,
A war full set without bearing or mind,
A war through creation without strain or bind,

Behest the world to heed this tide,
Awakening the sights of your dormant side.


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