Elements: In her were iconic lovers Each love invariably nexus with the other

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Her eyes speak thousands of waters,

From ancient drops of the celestial soul, 

Down paths of willing sweetness,

Oh, what luxurious beauty and sensual passion. 

Fluidity sings flooding songs of trickling excitement, 

Every detail a fragrance to thrust heart by heart

Beyond embrace of a lover, life, light, and art

Down energetic elixirs, bliss by peace.



Oh love you smell like clay 

Ravished in moisturizing rain

Oh love sweet gain each day

Oh, love rays as fresh bails, barleys, bloom.


Crust scheduled at the crest 

Beneath souls aids 

Free pays laid in wealth, health, and wisdom

Molded magic and marveled miracles.



Her whiff calls as a wife

Sweet bloom for biota

Her ways unconquerable in sweet comfort

In Memory of volunteered songs.


Sweet call of will and choice, every edge, beyond barriers 

Propelling close involvement 

Reliably fragile in comprehensible unfathomableness 

For values, virtues, venue, ventures, and vial.



Sparks her eyes bloom each second

Oh my heart down wisdom’s breaths

Brought in texture and colourful tastes

Ravished in shaped sounds, enriched in fragranced feelings.


Fine fiery lines of mystical blazing spectra 

Oh darling friend of my cosmic core and spiritual self 

Aligning perfection, instantiation, and instantaneous gems 

In enriched balance and mastery of infinite vibrations.



Oh I love her four falls into me for all of me 

I love her risen reality beyond all to see sire

Oh I love her my world beyond board

Oh my love I gained all the bliss of your wonder.


Oh love sit at my table among these treasures

Have kind moments with me amidst new days

Oh love in hour of your honour and love 

Fulfill my yearning eyes to learn you above measures. 

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