A Taste of My Thoughts

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Sitting in my 6th grade homeroom, 11 year-old bored of the pencils and the notebooks, Fiddling with my hands and fingers Wondering how long this boredom would linger
8 Months ago... That's when I first met you. When I first saw you. I didn't notice you before, but your divinity and your aura brought me to you.
I Am Baseball   I am the warm and humid summer days I am the cold and rainy fall days I am the short perfect grass
I went to a musical, Heathers It was reccomended for sixteen year olds And up, and I'm only thirteen It was my only chance, though, Mum knew that.   Heathers has some 'heavy themes' so there were
Him. A three letter word that titles my biggest distraction. My largest secret.  My most unfiltered thoughts.    I don't know how these feelings and excuses came to be titled Him,
My body is tired My eyes won't stay shut My brain won't sleep How do I strip down my own personality? I don't even know what's underneath  
Late night thoughts music pumpin through  my veins The only chemical that'll make it to my brain And though things are different, these nights will stay the same
A poem is- nothing. Why does a poem matter? Because a poem is a piece of the self   Even a comical limerick Yes,
Its crazy how you can lose yourself, trying to find something you THINK you need, friends, love, belonginess, causing you so much stres. The laughter, the memories, never thought it would end this way, ya know
Sit and think.   Thoughts flow like a needle through tapestry. A tapestry tinged with yellow thread Yellow, like my contentment.  
My mind is a scene of nature.   Waking up, It’s a barren desert. A place waiting to be filled.   My thoughts manipulate the landscape. Sometimes they’re fires raging through,
Snow drifts and Sand dunes are impossibly the same. Delusion and dissolution
The dark night of my soul Please save me If it takes hold I don't know which way is home I'm lost and it's oh so cold I hate how I'm so alone
Wide awake 
Everyone keeps a part of themselves Locked away In a place where sometimes, They don't even know How to bring their real selves out.   I am one of those people. There's so much darkness
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