The Impact of SLAM

Sitting in my 6th grade homeroom,

11 year-old bored of the pencils and the notebooks,

Fiddling with my hands and fingers

Wondering how long this boredom would linger

A blunder of thoughts and conflicts going on in my mind


Mr. Wolf said “The slam poetry contest is coming up class!”

He showed us a clip of a girl doing slam poetry,

A teen like us,

A teen like you & me,

Speaking with such passion,

Such vulgarity


Suddenly the notebook felt like a land

Of wonder

To wander around and make something grand

I wrote a few words

Of my thoughts, my mind,

My life, my beliefs,


I showed it to friends thinking I under-

Achieved, wrote down a mess

A blunder

Of lines

But they thought otherwise

They said “You could try this out!”

I felt pity and lies

But when Mr. Wolf read it and said I should do it,

I felt confidence and thought I should go through it


Then came the night we would see how great it really was

I went to the mic and said my blunder of lines

I just said those lines that were on my mind

And the people that listened wanted to listened to my mind

They listened to my thoughts

They listened to my life,

My beliefs


And all these people appreciated what I had to say

And they listened

To what I had to say

And they wanted to listen

To what I had to say


For once these blunder of lines

These blunder of thoughts

I kept to myself

Were heard by others and appreciation


And SLAM gave me the opportunity

To let people who wanted to hear it, hear it.


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