Looking Older Than You Are

I went to a musical, Heathers

It was reccomended for sixteen year olds

And up, and I'm only thirteen

It was my only chance, though, Mum knew that.


Heathers has some 'heavy themes' so there were

People from Youthline, and the woman there

I think she thought I studied at the place

Where it was put on? But I'm thirteen?


I'm thirteen years old and I look a lot

Older, and sometimes I kind of like

That, but other times I really don't?

Because I think like I'm older too?


And sometimes, I don't want to

I see people my age who look

Younger than they are, and they

Also act a lot younger than they are.


Maybe if I looked younger, I'd think younger

And maybe if I thought younger, I'd have more

Peace of mind, maybe I'd be fine, maybe I wouldn't

Think too much? And then maybe I wouldn't cry?

As much?


And maybe I wouldn't know things

That I don't want to know?

Places in my mind that

I don't want to go?


And if you look younger, you think younger

And if you look older, you think older

Is that because we copy, we copy our bodies

Or do we change our bodies to look like what we feel inside?


If you look a different way, you lead a different life

And you become a different person, and maybe

It's all because people treat you younger if you look younger

And vice versa, maybe that's the cycle


That makes everything so different

If you look a different age

And maybe it's time for the world

To turn a different page


And just treat you the way you are?

And not assume your age?

But that's a pretty hard page

To turn, because you don't just ask


Everyone about their damn age?

Everyone you meet? And people assume

Age to ask I.D, you see? It's confusing

So maybe we should just live with this effect?


I don't know.

I'm confused.

I'm going to go 

Right now.


And make some people think I'm a

Year Thirteen now, instead of a

Thirteen year old.


If there's anything good about the 'effect',

It's that it's fun to fool people.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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