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How can any one person have such bad luck? I fell in love once, But then she left when I needed her most. I was born with the gift of intelligence,
Remember when you broke your right hip? It came as a shock to me. There you were, the picture of health, And only eighty three.   Of course, you were most disgruntled.
Sometimes I look at you and wonder how the world made someone like you.   Sometimes I look at your life and wonder how you have remained so kind.   Sometimes I don't know what I did to deserve
salut, mon petit! that's how i greet you since we're both french minors and we're both multi-ethnic and we grew up in the same hometown and we were born 11 days apart
Dear Luck, You know I am always thinking— hoping— for you. Everyone is.
A taken picture, attempted, failedCalled but a dreamWhat then comes of it…After the fact?My focus, my heart, perhaps the subject
Remembrance dark, a shadows faceA name, my name,“Jason Grey,”That name,A bitter tasteRolling off my tongueWho is he?I just don’t know
I made a rope bridge Out of Broken shoe laces And Mirror shards. I know... It's just my luck. But love, Love has just about flipped it. My bridge was meant to take me From here,
Fingers too dry to be tainted by cream sugar dripping,  held on by a seam. Milk a jumble that's the way the cookie crumbles.  
life and all its colorful catastrophes i walk head down searching for a penny for my entity i walk head up searching salvation for my soul   a sudden crash loud and clashing people running  
When I was three years old, And admittedly, not yet very bold, I was given a pink Powerpuff Girls pillow by my parents to hold, It would give me magic powers too I was told,
YOU   You are the one that my mind will not stay off of; you are the one whose smile pimples cheeks nose eyes I cannot stop staring at; when our eyes
After 23 years, the eyes seen so much, trying to keep up in life, but its always in a rush. High School flew by, Undergrad did too, struggling to get by, while my bank account gave me the blues.
My words are MY power, MY Strength and wisdom I make these words sing off my lips to utter them to another time in HISTORY From knowing My time in History.
 The odds of surviving might be rear But when instinct kicks in you would know it is near God in his tending power and care  Would never leave you to snare The clouds might be dark right here
White walls. While I sit on my bed and look around the room, Wishing I could clean up all my mistakes with a broom, Wiping my tears knowing I’m going behind bars, What was my reason for stealing these cars?
Poems are useless for those who aren’t writers
There are times like these
Lady Luck, often spoken of but never heard, often felt but never seen. She drifts among the shadows as the people walk in the light. Placing her hand here and there, changing outcomes everywhere.
Wedding love--rare depth Uncommon variation Sought four leaf clover
A quarter on the street - tails up. Good luck? I forget which side belongs to her, For I am always the last to receive her Fortune. Free Will is only so free, Before she intervenes.
Luck sits watching the world, She along with her mate. Serious he sits by her side, The all-seeing Fate. And below them both, Their four children dance around. Chance, Destiny, Karma, and Fortune Occasionally stop to glance down.
She glances at the clock, As it flashes eleven twelve. She sighs once again, As she places another notebook on the shelf. Through another clover patch, She searches for a wish. Her efforts to no avail,
lemon sweet magnolia sticky melting in the trees. wild abandon in a dark forest, sunlight slots on a soft, mossy floor. kisses without care. wet raindrops on soft skin, cooling hot blood.
Days filled with choices, days filled with outcomes, days long, days short.Luck is what we call choices made, with favorable outcomes, or non-favorable days.Days we notice, days we cannot see, luck is what we do or do not see.Good or bad luck, tho
To think I was never Going to find you I thought That The world wasn't In our favor
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