April 9, 2013


United States
40° 52' 49.9332" N, 124° 5' 14.91" W

To think
I was never
Going to find you
I thought
The world wasn't
In our favor

Until that party
Where our drunken words
Spoke something intellegent
I leaned in
To kiss you
You moved back

I was sober enough
To be offended
I was sober enough
To walk away from you

Months later
I sit at a table
And you were there
Our eyes locked
We knew we had met
I knew you recognized me
I could see it in your eyes
A small glimmer was all
I needed

I couldn't let you
Just walk away
I wanted you,
Now and in my future

And when you kissed me
You took my heart
And my breath away

Now in the mornings
When I awake next to you
Trace your face with my fingers
Twirl your hair
To gently wake you
To see your crooked smile
To hear you alluringly breathe out
"Good morning"

To think
I was never
Going to find you
And now
I wake up to you
Every morning
Lay in your arms
Every night

All because
Those drunken words
At the party
Spoke something intellegent
Even though
You moved away
From me then
You only seem
To move closer now


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