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If tomorrow never comes and I’ve still not found a way to do the things I’d like to do but failed to day-by-day, I just want you to  know the dreams that I possessed, the hopes that kept me going,
Colors take me away Sweep me up in a flourish of pigment A swarm of hues and shades Come to rest within my head The colors take me away   Consumed in a rush Under the glow of flickering neon
The star shine is bright, blinding sparkling blue and red and orange and yellow so she has to squint. The contrast of light against the  total black of the night sky is nearly unbearable.  
Wording, words, thinking think-Pulsing backwards, concentration and circulation continuing,   but pulsing is all I feel.Everything turns fuzzy, my mind, my life, my eyes, picturesque moments begin to fog up.
A quiet morning resonates a soul like stones dropped in clear water.
The Stream Life is like a stream
  This ashtray is all astray
What is it? Why is it? How? Lunar gone loony That Jamacian wants bacon My atlas is torn and all I can do is watch some porn and I slide---
There once was a river that flowed downstream, It wished and it washed itself into a dream, It wanted to make itself into a clean, Huge flying aircraft machine, It was impossible to say the least,
Little stream through the woods How sad and lonely you must be Tired too though many can’t see You fight and fight to make it through And one day when you finally do In the big ocean you will be
The trees, hid her from everyone around The water, flowed beneath her tiny feet For nothing more beautiful could astound Like the pleasant river beyond the street,
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