mental disorders

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I suddenly have difficulty breathing as my throat begins to close, Everyone around me is looking at me, but no one here fully knows. That being in an unconventional environment is a trigger for me, 
I thought you were doing fine, I didn’t know what was wrong, I thought you'd push through it, that you were invincibly strong, As a friend I should have supported you, helped you along the way,
This white porcelain bowl I’m kneeling over it The cold rim I grip with my fingers. I am white knuckled Tears are running down my face,
A thousand words can mean a thousand things A thousand thought can make a human being  A thousand words locked in my head A thousand drops of blood down my hand A thousand people in a room
Know how she feels Nah you don't You just see the smiles Not her cries Dyslexia is not fun She feels stuck Sitting in class she learns nothing She feels dumb She has issues
Chunks of his face fall away.  Her figure of ash disintegrates.  Your breath is toxic.  Don't you see you're a killer?  Stay away.  Stay. Away.  They turn to stone that crushes their life. 
Broken heart, broken lies, suicide Beautiful butterflies with wings torn by silver thorns The white rose turns red by the color of her blood The stars fall with her tears As the sky fills with her worst fears
America   Land of the... Oppressed Minorities, Sexualized children, Free Caucasian Males.   Home of the Bigoted, Racist, Perverted,
I'm filled with laughter and I'm filled with hate. Bipolar destruction that's not so great. Stuck with depression urged by perfection, a smile that's desired and a cry that's gone tired.
Living with depression it's taking a tool Every day is's draining my soul Go to sleep tired waking up still Pop open the bottle taking a pill   Alone in my head and no where to go
The air reeks of the forgotten Slowly sinking, wasting Among them stand one One not just one but two One fades out the other fades in It looks like it’s one but its two   
I am nothing to myself,
If you see me as I see myself, Then I’m so sorry. A constant cry for affection Can make you deaf, you know. If you see me as this world does, Why, that may be even worse. The darkness in their hearts
I can look you in the eyes And as you leave I find my hands shaking I listened to you talk I lost where I was   You touch my shoulder And I feel myself blush 
it's only stress they tell me. it will soon be gone when your life is figured out. but do they understand that stress is no longer healthy when it leaves me lying awake at night on a pillowcase soaked with self-doubt and anger?
welcome to the world, darling. here's a list of expectations:you must turn yourself into the perfect temptation.the general population is counting on you,they'll be watching and judging everything that you do.
today marks the day that my mistakes make me bleed. i know, i know, the confessions feed. this pressure makes me fear the world "be pretty, nails painted, hair curled"
I blackout in the room again a static mess of where I've been I wake up in the classroom and dare not bother asking why all I see are faces, staring, judging me  
It's too late I'm dead inside, Body's cold, Eyes are wide. Soul is sold, One last breath, Take it in but nothings left.   Floating here it feels so queer, No sensation,
The tides of life take me high and low,One moment I can dip deep into the abyss or into the heights of the sky.
The voices return every day Without cause Yelling, so much yelling I try not to listen But they're so loud Voices, voices, voices Always returning Never dying Trying, trying, trying
Thank heavens dear doctor, your schedule is free!  Of course my child, now what shall it be? I see you suffer from OCD, Take these two Paxils and same time next week. Dear doctor, dear doctor, what fevers what chills!
It must have been cloudy -- for this pain in my chest is heavy. And as you speak, the rain begins to fall, soaking my skin; sending shivers to my spine, with every step you took.
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