Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover

In public

She smiles

She laughs

She jokes around

She is happy


Or is she?

In public

She is never sad 

She is never angry

She Is always so happy


But is she?

In public

She helps everyone 

She is innocent

She is an angel


But when out of sight

She is quite the sight

Cigarette in her hand

Pills in her mouth

Alcohol on her breath

Blood on her wrists

"I'm Fine!" she insists

"I'm just a little tired, that's all!"


She suffers

Did you see her wrists?

Have you seen her thighs?

No. You have not.

Long sleeves

pants past her knees

Hiding the unseen


She is always happy

She may seem happy

She does not want anyone to worry

She is dead inside

But on the outside she is smiling


Laugh like an angel

innocent like a child

Scarred by her own fingertips

Depressed and suicidal

Daybreak comes

Back to being happy

Back to laughing

Back to joking


She Is Depressed. She Is Suicidal.

"Impossible she is happy"

"She laughs with us"

"Her, depressed? Liar"

"Depressed people wear dark colors!"

Don't judge a book by it's cover

That sad boy over there?

His mother committed suicide.

That happy girl?

She has tried to kill herself last night.

The Class clown?

He is glad-masking.

His family is falling apart.

The girl wearing black?

She is wearing it because she likes black.

The girl with lots of make-up on that is always happy?

She is being abused at home.

The Guy with scars?

He cuts too. 

The quiet girl?

She had a bad experience

The pregnant girl?

She was raped.


Oh that's a lie. It was her fault

Is screaming help, Is struggling Consensual?


That is what she did.

See those marks on her skin?

That is from being tied up.

Still think the rape is her fault?


You don't know what happens behind doors

The girl with to much make-up?

She has been beaten

Her mothers slaps her

Her father punches her

Is that her fault to?

She wears make-up to cover up the bruises

She isn't a slut

She doesn't want to wear the make-up

but she loves her parents

she believes she is worthless.


You haven't seen their past.

You Don't know everything

You don't know why they do what they do

Never judge a book by it's cover

Because looks are deceiving.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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