Evil Queen

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                                                                                                      The Good Evil Queen   The beautiful queen cried As her younger sister died Wondering what she might become
once upon a time  our lives were intertwined the right way the love we had so sticky sweet rich like batido de mamay* flower garlands  lockets  locked hands
Once upon a time I tried to kill my daughter, I know, I’ve read every story I’ve seen how it goes   “The evil queen with an envy filled heart Would try to kill Snow White without even a start.”  
Once upon a time in suburbia not far, there lived a middle aged women who lived on a hill.
"Why am I so feared?"  I ponder this ages. I ponder this for years.  I am the "Evil Queen," they say.  "Snow White, the poor girl!" they say.  I wasn't always this way...so obsessed with beauty and such
I once wasn't so Evil you see. I once wanted to be happy and free but it was too late for me,for you see. No one could love an Evil Witch like me.   They threw rocks and spit at my feet.
Once Upon a Time there lived a girl, a happy little girl with a heart made of gold,  a mind full of intelligence and a beautiful soul.But it wasn't her heart, her mind or her soul people saw. It was the mask she
They called me a monster, They called me a witch.  They called me a hypocrite,  A bully, a snitch.    They called her beautiful,  A sight to be seen.  More beautiful than any,
Once upon a time. . . There lived a princess called snow white.Her skin as pale as snow.Her hair of ebony glow.Her lips as red as blood.Yet her beauty was still shunned.
It’s been a while now. Your horns of fire and blood
Push and pullBring me closerAnd furtherFrom deathAnd life.I have neither.No life can be happyWith the thought of an endNo death can enjoyAny aspect of life. 
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