Hopeless Princess

"Why am I so feared?" 

I ponder this ages. I ponder this for years. 

I am the "Evil Queen," they say. 

"Snow White, the poor girl!" they say. 

I wasn't always this way...so obsessed with beauty and such

I used to not care very much...at all, actually

Then the world changed. 

Life was no longer about living life to the fullest

Life was no longer about being true to yourself

No...the laughs faded into silence, and the smiles turned into dust

"You must be presentable," they told me, "Have those around you envy your beauty."

They forced my being into a skin-tight mold, draining the life out of me

Now, here I am. 




...and alone.

I lost everything to be beautiful and then here comes Snow White

Blessed with the gift of beauty. Born with the wings to fly...Soar even.

I am not cruel. 

I am not evil.

I was made this way. 

An innocent child made hopeless princess.

Long live the Queen.




This poem is about: 
Our world


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