The Modern Queen: A twist on the tale Snow White

Once upon a time in suburbia not far,

there lived a middle aged women who lived on a hill.

She was a quiet one but she polite when spoken to

and an upstanding member of the community.

The only problem was that she was alone.

To her, the years were getting harder to bear

because the days seemed grey without anyone there to share the days with.

The colorless days were stretching out with no end,

until one day there were two new people moved into the neighborhood

and color bled into her life once more.


The neighbor to her west was a younger women of modern beauty.

Black hair that shimmered in the sun swung past skin as pale as the fresh fallen snow.

Her face had a red smiled painted on it as she greeted every new person she met.

This new woman was one of two neighbors

and not the one the elder women had wanted to meet.

The one that caught the woman's eye was her neighbor to the north of them.

He was man that was younger than her by a couple of years and twice as beautiful.

He bought grand house and could have lived like a king,

but this man was kind and put the feelings of other above his own.

With luscious brown hair, sea green eyes, and a smile that spoke of kindness.

This man was a king or at the very least a charming Prince in her eyes.

And she wasn't the only one who thought so.


Her westerner neighbor with pale skin and red lips saw this Prince and fell just like she did.

This girl made it her challenge to get the Prince to like her before her neighbor.

Introduced him to her foster animals and told him about her job.

While the older women looked on,

in hope of getting a scrap of his time, and failing.

With her heart slowly breaking she devised a plan.

She would throw a party and and bake all sorts of desserts for it,

and woo the Prince with her ability and charm.

Her greatest creation would be the centerpiece.

Ruby red apples dipped in caramel.

The women always put her heart and love into these apples but this time was different.

Her breaking heart and bad thoughts about her western neighbor changed the love

into a poison made from sadness.


That night the party was going well,

Everyone was enjoying the food and having a blast.

Even her neighbor’s seven miner friends from the town over.

But that was until a caramel apple was chosen by her neighbor and resulted in a sickness coming over her.

Her sickness stopped the party and everyone was concerned.

Especially the Prince.

He stayed by her side and helped her through it all.

In the end, the women’s party where she had hoped in getting the Prince’s attention,

Only served to bring her neighbors together.

All in all, the so called Queen on the hill with her two new neighbors and her amazing dessert

party wasn't enough to get her the new love she had dreamed of.

Maybe next time she will win the heart of a Prince over the beautiful Snow White.



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