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If I told you that the waves of that deep blue ocean were hand-crafted...Would you believe me? If I gave you a grain of sand, would you believe that He can count every cell in that small little grain?
  Hiding in the light of darkness
39 Strikes of paint on a canvas telling me to, Never Give Up Never Give Enough Never Give Up Never Give Enough Never Good Enoug- Im Never Good Enough . . .
These things are running through my mind God's path for me is hard to find. It's true, there are things that I do wrong Maybe sing the dirty parts of a song...
I shall repent? I shall forgive? Woe is me. God will you listen please! Don't let it be. Don't shy away, have you seen what sin has done to me? There's a hole in my heart where hell has been bestowed upon me. Forever and a day...
For all you who thin
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