body confidence

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My "Phat" PSA thank God for loving me this way.
my body is not a monster. it is  torrential  terrains. hold me carefully, from me  oceans pour. my body is not a monster. caramel dripping  land of gold be cautious of
i think in poems when i see you four lines stanzas that all begin in how beautiful you are… and how cliché that is   in my metaphors
Wanna know how many dudes I’ve banged? well sit down take a biopsy of the inner walls of my blood pumper my blood thumper wait what do you see? oh I know little tiny letters that read “we’re sorry for the…”
  My feet may be a bit long and I may not have a thigh gap, but that doesn't mean that my legs aren't smokin' hot   I may have love handles and a muffin top, but these curves are more than your love can handle  
I have to avoid mirrors.. It's not that i want to, its just that i legitimately have to because if i dont the only thing ill be able to think about is that sinking feeling of "if this is what i see, everyone else sees it too".
I'm that brown eyed beauty hailing from the ground in which you threw me.   Singing all the blues of nothing coming through me.    I'm that brown eyed beauty  sliding in between you 
Every one tells me how beautiful the stars are and you tell me when you die  you want to be a star and watch over those you care for, I look down and laugh a little.
What does it mean to see a rose growing Strong in the garden  Radiating with such potential It means Confidence a word so overlooked yet, holds much more Meaning.  
Let’s get something straight I’m prettier than you You’re not prettier than me And that’s how it’s always going to be Insert Hair Flip Here Oh I mean {Hair-flip}   You don’t like that?
I came today to solely pick up the milk and eggs But leave feeling queasy in both my head and my legs. This is such an innoent and frequented place But all people suffer, unless made of lace  
If I could change one thing it would be the way people see themselves. Short Fat Skinny Tall That's all anyone ever sees.   But you know what's also there? How their eyes light up
I would change myself my hair, my face, my life- Or try to at least   Shoot for perfection when perfection is warped and pretend. The clown mirror hangs, glaring at me   Taunting me,
He came at me with pain, uttering my name If only to remind, that our names were the same I couldn’t look up, towards such disdain For it was me in that mirror, that I wanted to change
I would change your perception, My perception, I would change the perception of the world, I would throw out all the bad: The diet pills, the steroids, the magical items that don't work,
Mirror mirror on the wall,  you make these girls feel very small. Megan Fox and Brittany Snow the faces we all love and know.  Everyone loves a size two, how come that isn't you?  
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