Vogue It

Mirror mirror on the wall, 

you make these girls feel very small.

Megan Fox and Brittany Snow

the faces we all love and know. 

Everyone loves a size two,

how come that isn't you?


Mirror mirror on the wall, 

you make these boys feel very small.

Channing Tatum and Alexander Skarsgard, 

why is this so god damn hard?


You take a look at magazines,

these people you will never be.

You nip and tuck and work so much

but its just another stupid crutch.


The thing you need to really see

is what you are supposed to be.

Your name isn't Brittany, you aren't Mr. Tatum,

so stop trying so hard to be them.


Mirror mirror on the wall, 

you're the best friend of us all.

You show us our reflection

and remind us to go in the right direction.

You're beautiful as you can be,

you're the best you, and I'm the best me.

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