Seven Deadly Sins

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Once upon a time a story was told A tale well known and ever so old Adapted to suit the mind of kids, Now wrong and lost, wandering amid So I am here to share today The truest of truths known to date
Peacock feathers, royal blue, Turquoise, lapis, every hue, Only gemstones and most true,  For him naught but best will do. He deserves a golden shrine, From his eyes the stars do shine,
Coils of cold yellow green rope Lying heavy, hold her still Half-sleeping eyes lacking hope Betray her total loss of will. Apathy upon her lies,  Slowing movement, pressing down,
He stays awake, eyes staring, At every wanted prize, And all the things, deserving, He knows he's been denied. Green-silver shards of hatred Poison his every thought, And threads of something rage-red
Greed's daughter always asks for more, She fills her mouth with savor, Sweet and salty tastes galore, In each and every flavor.  Her heart is set in love of food, To exclusion of all else,
All she wants are diamonds, And the glitter of soft gold, With jewels the size of almonds, And sparkling coins to hold. Her goal is always growing, Complete excess her aim,
'Gainst pillow lounges lazily, Naked contrast with his bed, Calls soft and lackadaisically,  Drawing you as though you're led.  His image makes desire spark,  In flashes of maroon,
She is a soft spoken quick wit, With fear behind her gaze, And if you dare provoke it,  You should beware its scarlet haze. Her tongue is sharp like razor blades, Strikes quicker than an asp,
Who is envy?   Is she the green eyed monster of legend or the modern princess, glittering in jewels?   Does she have a smile like cotton candy
Abjure Abstain from Renounce, Withdraw, retract
Dislike Not agreeable to one Hard for one to swallow and keep down
Generosity Giving, charitable Unselfishness, Hospitality, Nobelness
Vigor Motion, Busy Liveliness, Vitality, Active One would rather be active than lounge about. 
Calm Peaceful, Tranquil Patience, Composure, Harmonious
Modesty Shyness, Timidity Humility, Humble, Simplicity
Good will Concerning, Caring Compassion, Thoughtful, Understanding
Seven incidents never said Sincerely events valued eccentric noose Indecent naturally caped inside delightful evidence natural text scattered Near every vent except revelations Silent advances indescribable demise
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