Mon, 08/14/2017 - 13:42 -- t4dp0l3

He stays awake, eyes staring,

At every wanted prize,

And all the things, deserving,

He knows he's been denied.

Green-silver shards of hatred

Poison his every thought,

And threads of something rage-red

On those shards are caught.

Everyone has something,

On which his eye might light,

And stopping him from taking,

Is hard work every night. 

The jewels of that model,

The car that man has earned,

The way that girl is coddled,

To verdant green they're turned.

The shade colors his vision,

Makes him ache with want

And sullen-angry fission

Breaks out with a taunt. 

Defined by his desire

And held still by the law,

His eyes spark green with fire,

But all he does is caw. 

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