We shall consume the world

from grass to core

from tree to where sun kisses sky

it will all be ours

the rain slipping down, slicing through the blades of grass

the water rising organizing into white mountains so vast

Those trees are no longer for wood,

those animals are no longer to be stared at,

No matter how small we are in the universe

we are big on this speck in the darkness

We will take all that we can have and more

Be it meaningless papers to fill our pocket

Or words to fill our emptiness

We want more

We want more

You have talent?

Let’s see the second time you perform is as interesting as the first.

It could be worse

you can have none and live on earth like a sore

We want more

We want more

Well money, that’s nice,

but are you pretty? Oh well.

Your personality may be swell

But we’ll only smile when you’re draped in that white veil.

We want more

We want more

Make our screens brighter

make the connection faster

The real world is too much of a bore

Keep us entertained

not the bad stuff

just the same

Stuff hope down our throat and tell us it’s a miracle.

Hide our problems and make us feel well

it’s guaranteed to sell

We want more

We want more

We are the animals that convinced themselves they are not.

We are predators and prey to each other,

what claws and teeth can do we have words and gunpowder

The wars that brought people to graves brought money to pockets

The words that made people into slaves convinced another they were great

Feed us those words, money, and power,

leave behind those who coware

We want more

We want more

Give us shit painted gold

Give us good covered in mold.

We’ll consume it more than food.

We’ll take the ground until it is no longer beneath us
We want more

We want more

We will take until we finally finish robbing ourselves.

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